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RD runs from Truth1 Challenge

This is about LTV's coverage of the Ebay video staring RD and his 2 kids. The Comment screens went wild. But this gathering of comments illustrates the many lies and distortions of RD says I. Of course, the commenter denies he is RD or EC, But we would expect that from him. Subtlety is not one of his strong points.

I named each thread with a number and spaced some part in places So that I could comment on them. They are also numbered.

This is video LTV did of the Ebay commercial where I get all the comments from.

Hampstead: Ricky Dearman Resurfaces With Children

Each thread will be set off between 2 horizontal lines so as to avoid confusion.

Hoaxtead/RD (I allege) threat made a serious threat to me; and My challenge/response to RD, if by chance he is behind it.

I say CatChair... is RD. and he is right in that I do not believe any of his accusations against Abe and while Abe might have employed some tactics that any government wanting to cover over what the children disclosed, would blow out of proportion the actions of Abe and completely ignore his motives as well. There also exists the possibility that Elle might have been under contractual obligations with Mr. Draper to not disclose any thing to his son or about his son or about any cult activities in order to receive Alimony payments of significant value. So any disclosures would have to come from the kids, not Ella or Abe.

EC of Hoaxtead revealed that there was some sort of agreement that prevented Ella from speaking of it. I Called for EC to get a copy of that agreement from Mr. Draper and tell us what was in it, preferably thru a copy of that agreement. This is all explained in my HX blog #9. But he as gone silent on the matter and was rather stupid to bring it up in the 1st place. Now we have another smoking gun. And no doubt, that if Ella was given a settlement by the UK, that Ella would have been required to maintain complete secrecy. No one has hear from her or Abe, since.

Just blow, I make my suggestion to RD/EC as Diligence Integrity, the only name I use on youtube at present.

I am not a good typist. I am sure you noticed. I get excited when I write, at times, and do not check carefully. RD, if he was telling the truth, that the kids were fine, would have nothing to fear from the kids speaking and give a few brief words of what they have been doing with their lives. Of course, they would be coached in advance, as most accused and witnesses are in a normal criminal trial. Now lets see what "Honest Abe" Lincoln had to say about it.

Is it me or were those kids looking either very drugged and depressed in Alisa's case, or the suddenly very thin looking Gabe (is he being fed much?) with a very superficial strained smile as I see it? But RD (says I) says the kids are happy. I'm sorry, but I am not seeing that and my glasses are working just fine and my monitor is only about 5 months or so, old. I must say too, that I enjoyed who I perceive to possibly be Mr. Shurter and his making a few jobs at the Vile one. You will also notice the real nasty threat of "RD." Not him?  Then why all the anger? The amount of hate rage does not seem to match a mere person of concern for his friend, maybe. It sounds much more like the guy who had the kids and did the crimes and is furious with me for exposing him day after day on my blog.

Mr. D can dish it out real good but he can not take in return, in the least. Shame! Shame! He is a one way street, is he not. Not to mention, I don't Rupert Q. making any threats as serious as RD had above, if that is him. If he serious? I have every right to take that seriously since there is a satanic cult clearly operating in my general Neighborhood. Not question about it in my eyes. It would be easy to take me out. But telling anyone would do nothing. God will have to be my protection and I think that is the best protection I could ask, anyway.

Byut I think the tone and nature of the reply clearly points to it being RD. You can decide for yourself.

My reply follows:

End of thread 1

Thread 2
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So RD says the girl in the Ebay is not the one in the Audi commercial, which is a total lie. In fact, Not only is Alisa in it, but so is Gabe and Rick. How about that! Further, how ridiculous to suggest that any of us here who all really genuinely care about these kids, would say or do anything to hurt them or make fun of them. I would not dream of it. RD loves to twist and invert everything. No one anywhere seeks the misfortune of the kids except the for the hordes of shills  such as Jackie F..., Kris "the liar," Costa Penny (its the most she has been offered so far) and her sister in crime, Sonya Van Welder, Nathan "shill-face" Stop-al-men, who disparaged the case about a year back, as did so many others shills.

And the two shill sisters never even tries to find even 1 frame from the Audi commercial that could possibly be identified as Jessi Giaco-nazi or something like that. Now EC/RD is making the same claim as all the other shills and like them all, he can not show one frame that has Jessi in it. But I got something coming on all that, too. Its bound to please.

Rick, where is your evidence, Mr. Truth-not? You do believe in evidence, don't you? I supplied all kinds of evidence for my assertions. Why, I am going to have to start calling you Rick de Angela, who never gives evidence, though really, I slight her in saying that as if it was only her. All the shills neglect to offer any evidence. Its their trademark and yours, too, EC/RD or whoever.

Thread 3
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Just below, note the name, Lisa Krsti-c. Its the sock puppet Kristi C. (Costa) and she is always praying for the children and their mom, while denying they are with their dad and denying they were in the Audi commercial. It has every appearance to me of her supporting RD of getting away with the kids that were supposedly in foster care. With supporters like her, who needs enemies. I think what she meant was "help dad abuse the kids."

But now I direct your attention to my comment after Lizzy Borden.

I pointed out that I alone, had always maintained the kids were not in foster care but were with dad and were in the Audi commercial without question. Of course, now that the ebay spot came out, there is no question I was right all along. Boy, does LTV sure look stupid, huh? But he always looks stupid, doesn't he?

But anyway, that post of mine above, can only be seen by me. LTV has made it invisible to everyone else. You can see directly above, but I will be you can not find it on your own. Try it. I can't see it if I sign off from Youtube or get on another computer not signed in to youtube. Nathan did not want you to know his obvious shilling and selling the kids out. Why don't you ask him about it. I also did an article on this tactic that youtube enables.      MGTOW channels have now admitted this ability, too. Its fairly well known about now. I discovered it in late 2015.

So if you needed evidence of dishonesty on the part of Nathan Shillman, you got it! Ask him about it. Watch him ignore you and put your comments in the "cornfield", too. This speaks poorly of youtube as well.

Thread 4
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Well, well, Its RD replying to me again. You know, I think he likes me. He just forgot to express it. Notice he insists Ella/Abe lied. Well, someone is sure lying but my money would be on RD and Hoaxtead Research. And what he calls harassment if nothing more than me trying to get word out about how those 2 children were done such a horrible injustice and would appear to me to still be suffering at the hands of dad. And its not only me, either.

Street Corner recognizes the threat directed at me. But RD does not reply. What could he say, really? But you will note that he has done a lot of threatnening over the last year or two and very recent, and often aimed at me. Was it something I said?

This great evidence that RD and Hoaxtead are the ones that threaten the most. Its OK for them, but not for any supporters of the 2 children and many more children all over the world. I would think that it would be clear that HX is up to no good, 100% of the time.

RD thinks he is fooling someone. And He is! He is just fooling himself. Jehovah is well aware of Mr. D. His day is coming.

I would have thought that if RD was sincere, the chance to have people see that his kids are OK and happy.  But we all say the girl was not happy, and the boy may well have been scared to show anything other than a forced smile. You can not lie, Rick. Denying us the change to hear the kids speak for themselves as to how they are doing, is only evidence that you would be terrified that they would not be able to fool anyone. Your letting your best chance pass you by. You and the UK are GUILTY as charged! Let this document be evidence of that fact before the court and judge of all heaven and earth. It can only be a matter of time.

I got at least 3 good new exciting blogs coming next. Its a busy time for me, but I'll be giving it my best to get out at least 2 of them before mid-week next week, if not earlier.

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