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Big Sex Abuse Problems in the Presbyterian Church

The Premise
Multiple Sex Abuse Scandals

Seven Men File Sex Abuse suits

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The Premise
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The Presbyterian Church has a lot of thing going against it. Its ultra liberal, with Scottish Origins ( I got those, too, but I chose God. Worst of all, it has a huge Satanic cult abuse controversy surrounding it that had taken place in Mansfield, Ohio. And its not the only thing I got going on in Ohio, either. And this will give Hoaxtead something to write about, too. I'm going to start right off with the big SRA scandal.

But this article will only concern itself with Sex abuse scandals in church functions and its other related "Humanitarian" activities. These are similar to many claims and suits filed against the Roman Catholic Church in the late 80s, maybe, or in the 90s for sure. So its not just the Catholics or even just religion that is guilty of using their activities, particularly those centered around children. Daycare centers and Nursery Schools are wildly popular with those who worship Satan or make child porn, or use kids as prostitutes. Non-Profits with Children's programs. Even government public schools attract teachers who have a thing for under-age children. Various sports training facilities and coaches an those who give lessons, too.

But for this article, we focus on Presbyterian church. Why? It leads to Big SRA activity in Mansfield Ohio. and that is not all that goes on in Ohio, either. I will be making a part 2 blog that will dealt just with the Mansfield Ohio case of SRA. This ought to keep RD busy. Sometimes he has trouble finding a good subject. So I'm lending a hand.

But most important, what I am going to be covering is going to lead all the way to the Audi commercial that Alisa and Gabriel were in. Stay Tuned!

Multiple Sex Abuse Scandals
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The New American

Monday, 03 January 2011        Written by 

Presbyterian Church (USA) Hit by Abuse Scandal

While liberal do-gooders have found it difficult to hide their satisfaction and glee over the priest abuse scandals that have plagued the Catholic Church over the past several years, a similar humiliation is unfolding much closer to their own doorstep. The Presbyterian Church (USA), one of the most liberal of the nation’s mainline denominations, has found itself in the middle of a scandal over sexual abuse of minors that occurred for a number of years at overseas missions facilities run by the church. The most high-profile instance so far involves a California man who is suing the denomination, alleging that he was molested by an older boy in 1988 at a church-operated boarding house in Africa, and that church authorities on site allowed it to occur.

In the lawsuit, Sean Coppedge, whose parents were Presbyterian missionaries in what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo, charges that although those operating the boarding house in Kinshasa were aware of allegations that the son of a Presbyterian missionary couple had sexually abused another boy at the facility, he was allowed to return to the house, where he later abused Coppedge as well.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Louisville, Kentucky, where the PC-USA is headquartered, states that the denomination had received reports before 1988 of alleged abuse at the facility and that it “knew or should have known ... that its mission children were vulnerable to sexual abuse.” Coppedge is seeking damages for emotional distress, lost wages, the cost of counseling, and other injuries.

The charge by Coppedge is one of many detailed in a 546-page report that represents the findings of an independent panel commissioned by the church. The panel, which spent several years investigating charges of physical and sexual abuse involving the children of missionaries serving overseas from the 1950s to 1990, ultimately named nine individuals, including ministers ordained with the denomination, whom the panel determined had abused children.

A similar investigation in 2002 had found “overwhelming” evidence that a Presbyterian minister and missionary had sexually abused at least 22 girls and women over a 40-year period, both in Africa and the United States, and, additionally, that between 1968 and 1970 a male Methodist missionary had abused children of Presbyterian missionaries at the same Kinshasa facility where Coppedge says he was abused.

In all, the most recent investigative panel looked into 85 allegations, concluding that 30 confirmed instances of physical and sexual abuse had occurred at PC-USA missions localities in Cameroon, Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Mexico, Pakistan, and Thailand. The panel concluded that scores of other allegations lacked enough evidence and information to substantiate.

According to the report, many of the alleged abusers of the children were teachers, house parents, and peers, and many of the instances of abuse occurred at schools and boarding facilities where children were supposed to be safe and protected. “Children in boarding school felt vulnerable,” the report related. “Was it the separation from their parents with whom they might have communicated their fears? Was it the code of silence through censorship of letters home or implicit messages to not worry busy parents? Was it the loneliness and abandonment they felt? Or was it feeling they must be bad?”

Victims interviewed by the panel told of the impact the abuse had on their lives, citing ongoing guilt and shame over the incidents, as well as depression and difficulties in maintaining relationships. To this day I do not fully understand why I did not cry out as he attempted to rape me,”  one victim told the panel as she recalled her own abuse nightmare, and “why I wanted this crisis solved without others knowing.”

Truth1: Sometimes victims feel shame when not speaking out or say no. As a result they suffer with guilt and confusion. But disclosure ends up helping them to heal and in time, get past a lot of the burden. Being able to tell others their experiences with people who will listen, has always been healing for abuse victim, who could not disclose while being abused. Support groups for abuse are often very helpful, not only in having people to listen them but also in being comforted and knowing you were not the only one who went thru this stuff. Healing requires expressing and telling to hearing ears. Taking to one's self is not that effective. RD of HX would have us believe the entire opposite that telling what happened to you is harmful, shameful, humiliating. but the Truth (which I specialize in) is that only those covering things up that were done to children, experience harm, shame, humiliation, and fear people learning the truth. And there is always that outside chance they night suffer prosecution, though it is a long shot for Satanists are well protected as Satan has been allowed, for the most part, with only a few exceptions, complete control of the earth. <<<T1

Linda Valentine, executive director of the denomination’s General Assembly Missions Council (GAMC), noted that over the 40 years that the abuse occurred, thousands of children accompanied their missionary parents to far-off places, where some of those children “were abused and traumatized,” and where “the church did not protect these vulnerable people.... On behalf of the church, I grieve with those who suffered and who continue to suffer because of this abuse. I hope that they will receive some comfort in knowing that the church has already implemented many procedures to prevent such abuse in the future, and will continue to develop and refine procedures so that no child is placed at risk again.”

The PC-USA, which boasts some 2.2 million members and an estimated 10,000 congregations across the nation, is one of a handful of mainline Christian denominations that has witnessed the liberalization of its doctrines and accepted behaviors over the past several years. In July 2010,  delegates to the denomination’s General Assembly meeting in Minneapolis voted to allow the ordination of non-celibate homosexuals, while temporarily shelving a proposal to expand a church-wide definition of marriage to include homosexual couples, a move that would allow clergy to “marry” same-sex partners. <<< End of Article

7 men file sex abuse suits against Chicago Presbytery
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>    Contact Reporter      Jan. 22, 2015,  10:06 AM


Seven men filed suit Wednesday against the Chicago Presbytery and related organizations, claiming they were sexually abused by a now-deceased minister whose trail of allegations led to a multimillion-dollar settlement.

The plaintiffs, three of whom filed one lawsuit and four who filed the other, allege that they were abused by Presbyterian minister Douglas Mason, whose alleged sex abuse led the Presbytery to settle with four accusers in 2007. The settlement was confidential, but church officials told the Tribune last year that the amount was $11 million. Mason died in 2004.

Seven men filed suit Wednesday against the Chicago Presbytery and related organizations, claiming they were sexually abused by a now-deceased minister whose trail of allegations led to a multimillion-dollar settlement.

The plaintiffs, three of whom filed one lawsuit and four who filed the other, allege that they were abused by Presbyterian minister Douglas Mason, whose alleged sex abuse led the Presbytery to settle with four accusers in 2007. The settlement was confidential, but church officials told the Tribune last year that the amount was $11 million. Mason died in 2004.

The three plaintiffs say in the suit that they didn't remember their alleged abuse until they read about details of the Presbytery's 2007 settlement early last year, when church officials voted to sell a campground in Michigan. That vote came as the Presbytery was navigating nearly $8 million in debt. The head of the local Presbytery at the time wouldn't say whether the two were related.

In the second suit, four men now in their late 30s allege that Mason abused them while they were part of the San Marcos Youth Ministry, which served children in kindergarten through the 12th grade.

According to that suit, Mason began sexually molesting the plaintiffs in the 1990s. Mason also paid a portion of the plaintiffs' Catholic school tuition at St. Gregory the Great High School, according to the suit, and would routinely visit and check them out of school about once a month with the sole purpose of sexually abusing them.

School administrators knew he was checking the students out and did not alert their parents, according to the suit. This happened through their high school years, according to the suit.

In the second suit, the four plaintiffs claimed they did not realize that the Chicago Presbytery bore any responsibility for the abuse or knew Mason had sexually abused children until the February news about the Presbytery campground sale.

Both lawsuits name the Chicago Presbyterian Church, the Presbytery of Chicago and its Church Extension Board.

The first also names Austin United Presbyterian Church. The second suit also names the Archdiocese of Chicago.

The Chicago Presbytery said in a written statement that it had not received legal notification of the suits and could not comment on them.

The Archdiocese said Wednesday night that it hadn't seen the lawsuit and couldn't comment on it.

So its not just the Catholics! In fact, most denominations in the USA have renegade churches that actually operate as Satanic cults in secret. What that means is that it will not be obvious and not likely even be caught, except when a child or two starts talking against all odds. For every Satanic operation in a child care facility, or church or the like, there are probably a hundred or more that do not get caught and may never get caught. People trying to hide what they do, usually in secret, hidden or remote places, will be very hard to catch. Its been going on steady since humans began.

However, there are tell-tale signs, that if more knew what to look for, would reveal many more SRA operations. They have patterns like everyone and everything else does. Find those patterns and you will soon fine a hive of sick cultists. Some day I will get around to writing on it. I will be showing some suspicious things I have run across on the net, myself. In fact, one is coming up in the Mansfield Ohio Account to follow this one.

A Satanic Cult Operation in Mansfield Ohio, will be the next blog (HX#16) subject. It may be 2 or 3 days. Ya just never know!

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