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The Mansfield Ohio Satanic Cult - Part 1 of  3

The Premise
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The Presbyterian Church has a lot of things going against it. Its ultra liberal, to the point of violating many Bible rules and principles. And it now stands that it may also provide harborage For Satanic cults. That is today's lesson, boys and girls.

As well, Ohio seems to be a hotbed of Satanic activities. The following radio presentation was broadcast in 2013. I found it very informing and inspiring for some of its info. It has opened my eyes to more patters and things to look for in day to day life that might indicate Satanic activity.

SATAN IN MANSFIELD OHIO abuse under the rug

Russ Dizdar radio broadcast    Russ has a website:

Tom Dunn from Prayer Watch and Project Josiah will join us tonight as we reopen a case of major satanic ritual abuse, the abuse of kids and the destruction it causes     This all occured in Mansfield Ohio

Broadcast in Spirituality   

Truth1: I transcribed this radio broadcast. I sometimes rephrase the essence of what is said, to make transcription easier. They would often pause and be silent for 2-5 seconds and repeat things, too. I would skip some repeats. But for the most part, I take their words as they are. I list the times elapsed so that any part can be checked by any wanting to do so.

This broad cast focuses on the Mansfield, Ohio Satanic Abuse Scandal that took place in the First Presbyterian Church in Mansfield. << T1 end

This broadcast reports more than the Mainstream Media articles. Children allege that they were taken into the woods to perform child pornography for video. 

Mansfield and Ohio is a very dark area. Lots of SRA & MPD. It's One of the largest sexual predator prison places in the USA. The old Prison there has now turned into a "ghost prison" where all the paranormal groups go to.        (T1: Where there is smoke, there is fire.)

7:00 to 8:20 Every city has psyche wards. Ask them about DID, MPD, DSM3 and DSM4 definitions. "They got the victims!"  

Truth1: Think about it! Every city in the USA! They all have psyche wards. And they get plenty of patients with DID and MPD recognized under DSM3 & DSM4. The scale is enormous! How big is this secret stuff that its obvious manifestations show up in any psych ward in any city in the USA? Its everywhere ! ! ! Its all around us. Of course, RD say otherwise. But he denies his kids are miserable, too. But most, if not all, who saw the RD Ebay video or screen snaps from it, believe otherwise. But mind control activity and its always accompanying SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) it is done very carefully so as not to get caught. Yet we do see some of the results but we miss many more. << end T1

The host also said that Mansfield is a major Satanic hub as well.  Lots of SRA victims of SRA/DID in Mansfield and treatment of those.

A number of church adults were accused and parents wanted them charged. They were not charged!  Sound familiar?

These are the notes I took listening to this link above.

14:00 background of SRA. A claimed group of underground folks connected to the Satanic underground and allies all got involved in the coverup. Behind the scenes, things were swept under the carpet, issues kept away from everything else. So began this process that also involved Counselors and Law enforcement. 14 year and 10 year sentences for the 2 scape goats. A Larger group also guilty, got away with it. Interview with: "Tom Dunn - Prayer watch"      "Project Josiah"   50 were children abused in this affair. 

20:20  There was Physical evidence and Witness evidence! 1st allegations. 21:10 A small group was bought into the church to begin SRA. 21:30 Two teen boys molested over 60 kids. And it was said to be all over and finished in 1992. The children said at least 18 more should have been charged. Grand Jury found "nothing."  "Pray for God to reveal the evil as He did for Ezekiel." The "satanic" part left out! 

"Programmed to Kill" by David McGowan was strongly recommended here as well as later. There is a consistency of children's testimony all over, reporting this stuff; popping up all over the country and world.

"We can not discover it by human means." T1: I agree we need God's help. But I do believe we can do better than we are doing at present. Not enough interest, or fearful to investigate, and many are too busy trying to stay ahead of bills. Too many want a far great lifestyle than is needed for a more fulfilling life. <<T1 end    Sexual abuse is real and gets punished but when SRA is invoked as well, then the coverup begins. The Satanic part is often left out by DA prosecutors.

25:00  A book, "Programmed to Kill" (McGowan) said by Sandy of the San Fran police dept. "The info present so distasteful and bizarre, but this type of stuff is surfacing all over the USA and Canada."

26:00 "the similarity of these victims and these crimes give credibility to others who report the same or similar."

"Additionally, the psychiatrists and ( ) in treating victims, the consistency of these stories and explicit details revealed, convinces the therapists and police, too, that these accounts from the children are factual and authentic and really happened. This was from a partial letter of an officer from 1985.

"They are popping up all over the country." "Kids without the ability to network in anyway, are saying the exact same things.

> Truth1: Amazingly, RD and HX say the entirety of this scope of reporting and investigating is all a hoax. the volume and scale alone refutes the absurd nothing of a hoax. Surely a real hoax encompassing so many over a huge geographical area would be so easy to expose as a hoax, if it were one. That the so call hoax has so many participants not known to be professionals or intelligence operatives, would make exposure that would lead to conviction, unavoidable. Vast as this supposed conspiracy is, no one ever gets caught and convicted of fraud and deceit.

So it looks like HX and RD are the real conspiracy tinfoil-hat wearing types who see conspiracy everywhere. I guess the cops must be covering for all these parents. The government protects them, too, right? RD, you are total Joke with absolute zero credibility. SRA being carried out allover is way beyond the possibility of conspiracy on the part of the parents. And there is no change of anyone making money doing this, either. Show me the evidence, Angela, I mean, Rick (RD) But continue if you like, because you erode your credibility more. Hey, how bout we all Rick, Angela Ricky! A perfect match if ever I saw one. Mr. No Evidence, himself. Rick, would you like me to forward your address and number to Angie so you and her can hook up and share non-existent notes. Just give me the word. I'm sure Angie will be thrilled. This is destiny calling, Rick. Don't pass up Destiny. Oh, and one other word of advice. Stop smoking that California weed. They lace it with really weird things out there. I know I don't need to tell you. You'll  thank me later. << T1 end

27:00 Said in Mansfield, said in Australia, that children were made to say devil chants, people wearing robes with hoods. Same thing happened in Canada and Washington State, Nebraska. We know about the Franklin Cover up, that's connected to Kansas, California. We could go on and on. Europe!

28:00 Russ adds Ireland, England, we have been working on this stuff for 30 years, digging, etc. Its up to some of the folks to show discounted reports of abuse to explain why (T1: in view of the overwhelming evidence confirming it).

29:00 In some cases there is no question of the pentagrams, the hidden robes ( T1: or cops looking the other way) Russ recommends an old book, "The Satan Hunter" by Tom Wedge. Another officer who deals in forensic evidence and lost evidence, Tony Kail: "A Cop's Guide to Satanic Evidence and Cult Crime."

The Satan hunter Paperback – 1987 by Thomas W Wedge (Author)
A Cop's Guide To Occult Investigations: Understanding Satanism, Santeria, Wicca, and Other Alternative Religions Paperback – November 1, 2003

6 Used from $350.00     2 New from $791.73   Very pricey, which means it has valuable info that Satanists fear getting out.

Tony M. Kail (Author) of above        By contrast: The Satan hunter Paperback – 1987   20 Used from $10.22     Tony Kail wins!

30:00 Jeffrey Dahmer brought up. Tom Wedge is from Matamoros, Texas, brings a lot of files and pictures from the Dahmer Case. Dhamer had quite a bit of Satanic paraphenalia, books, and an altar made from human thigh bones, etc, that never made it into the public media.

Truth1 >>   Setting aside the Satanic aspects coverup, a prosecutor needs to establish a credible motive. Sure Crazy comes to mind. But even "crazy" has methods and reasons. Surely, a person murdering and eating young men, along with evidence of Satanic worship would suggest a very obvious motive. What else might explain a serial killer? A bad hair day? "I don't like Mondays?" "I missed the latest Truth1 Blog?" That one might work, actually. Prosecutors are NOT doing their job when they leave out the most dominant feature in the actions of a serial killer. Why is this important? Are you kidding me? These types of cases will often lead investigators to similar crime and help create profiles and things to look for in similar crimes and the motives behind them. So this is a nasty sort of coverup on more ways that one. << T1

31:00 People found and led police to substantial human remains. You see massive ritual abuse, the way ones are used, the symbols, there's quite a few cases listed in those books that show convictions and demonstrate the common types of things found in ritual abuse or mentioned about in ritual abuse, back in the 80s, and this is important. Has law enforcement found ritual sites across the country? The answer is YES!

32:00 Ritual signs, pentagrams, things carved into chests, tongues cut out, We've seen all of that. There are pictures galore. All in crime oriented books put out. It used to be the crime scene photos that we would see in the police academies. Now that's at the end of the 80s and into the 90s. But I want to go back particularly to the victims. G. H. Estabrooks, hired by the US military explains How to do Mind control.

33:00 Now in those 2 cases they don't talk about the Satanic side. When we come to the stories, though; try to nail down all the drug wars, all the Mafia, all the things in government in places, when we hear stories that smell like smoke, here is what we have learned. If its a real story, we will be able to find some level of credibility, for example, in the 80s and this is important, that in those days, nobody knew how to go after this, to look at the signs and symbols, to listen to the stories," . . . Russ gives an example of what typically happens or could happen had we not not known anything prior.

34:00 and they tell a story OK? We can sit back and say that is bizarre! That is just crazy! Go the the psychiatric ward and take some pills! Is that good investigation? Well, NO! That's like talking about Auschwitz (describes the horrors) He states: Nobody believed that at first. Everyone thought that was bizarre at first. So I agree with those who want evidence. Good News is, we have found evidence along the way. More evidence is coming! and if anyone wants to go after the evidence,

35:00 evidence can be found. What were some of the rumors on the Satanic side? Tom: There was a lot more going on that was not being told (to us). 1st time we heard this was when it come out in the trial that one of the boys said a small animal was killed in the church bathroom. This is what they called opening the door to rumors, to come out.

36:00 I got some things highlighted in this article, these are some of the things the kids were saying, during the trial time saying that they were forced to join in human sacrifices in which babies were chained to walls, locked in cages, tied to trees and thrown into fiery pits, the children were taken to a house where there was a room full of dead bodies and body parts, ah, they were wearing Satanic robe/hoods, who sang prayers to the devil while dismembering corpses and, you know, we heard the same story all over and these tings began to come out, and of course, the parents are listening to the children, they are talking to their children, and kids at this age . . .

37:00 don't lie about these sort of things. So these are what psychiatrist after psychiatrist said, when it comes to the credibility of what is going on here. So, obviously, lots of "rumors" and what we have been talking about is verifying what is going on. Recently you and I have met and out of that meeting, we have a new lead, of things that we are going to investigate. Things that we are going to pray and continue to expose. Share real quick:

NKJV  Hebrews 4:13 "And there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account."

38:00 "That does not mean we know about it, but nothing is hidden from God."  Truth1: Tom Dunn expresses a wonderful confidence in God, the Father and almighty, and that He, Jehovah, has much more to reveal yet, even though we do have a lot of info already. If our efforts are in harmony with our prayers, our prayers have a good chance of being answered. My opinion would be that God wants to totally expose this all, before the great choice we will all have to make, that will bring about the dividing of the sheep and the goats.<< end T1

The names are up on an FBI billboard now. Out of Alliance, Ohio.

39:00 One was Sarah Boehm. A 14 year old taken out of Rochester, Pennsylvania. The  other was Kathy Menendez, 16. (1994) Both were stabbed brutally a number of times. Sexually brutalized. Both were on Satanic ritual dates (holidays). One was Satanic rebels. One was deep in rebels. Both their bodies were found. Both of them, on their bodies, were ritual marks. I saw the mother of Kathy had the books and opened them up and showed me, the Beaver Brown detective showed me, the unbelievable pictures. Again, you can look at the evidence. They are all dead! Did they find symbolism around? They did, somewhat, later on. Did we engage the person that did this? Yes we did. Did he get interrogated? Yes. Was he a multiple? Yes! Was he like Jeffrey Dahmer? Yes!  memorial

40:00 the issue is, Look how long Dahmer got away with what he did. He had human meat in the freezer. Look at the Riper case in Chicago!

41:00 Go to the in the left hand corner, under courses, Dark Rituals, Dark Powers. Its part of what we use in our approach to not only find the victims and find the spots, then go after perpetrators. We have had no problem going to law enforcement and turning over State's evidence.  I want to question the questioners! If you had a child that came home and said my privates hurt, and there is some redness or blood in the underwear and things like that. You take you child to the doctor and he says your child has been molested.

42:00  3 factors about memory. Dumps on FMS, founded by 2 CIA agents versed in Mind control.

43:00 In memory, everything gets encoded. There are big and small memory imprints. Big ones last and have huge effects. He describes a typical abuse scenario. Either somebody did plant this . . .

44:00 . . . and drilled/rehearsed it with a number of repetitions, and say "we'll make it so bizarre that no one will believe this and make them think the kid is crazy. So here is what I want to do. When I am listening to a child, 3 factors in a child:

1. Does the memory have emotional impact?

If somebody is telling me about a rape, or Satanic scary stuff, they sliced up a rabbit and the rabbit squealed, is there any emotional impact?

2. Does the memory only go so far?

In implanted memories, or suggested memories, like saying, Oh! Depressed feelings! That must mean you have been sexually abused. Oh! You have blocked memory when you were 4 years old so you must have been sexually abused. So then they repeat it and say yeah, I was sexually abused. OK, yes, I was sexually abused. >>Truth1, it sounds like he is describing UK police interview tactics: You say Abraham hit you!? A: "Yes and he kicked me real hard." I'm just saying << endT1.

45:00 But then they can't continue with the history. Anybody that plants something say, ahm, a paragraph, that's as far as they can go. If its real memory, more can be added, more detail, OK! What day of the week was it? Where was it? What does it smell like? There were trees there, it was a Sept. night . . .  this is what we had to do. We collected a team behind the scenes, that would prayerfully go after the story, obtain the location, out in the woods . . . there was this grave stone or some other identification or unique circumstances that could be verified. Is there any credibility to the memory? The emotional side can be there. The screaming, the crying, the abreaction . . . can hey

46:00 . . . the pain, the hurt. Then Beginning to look for evidence to verify specific features claimed in their narrative.

>>T1: Like the house of Hollings, Rick? Or those tattoos? The missing lab reports? << T1 end

47:00 Or they just stop and go blank with nothing more to say. The 3rd thing is this. Beginning to look for credible evidences which might be a lot or little or nothing. Details related should be able to be verified. That's what we are talking about. The last thing I want to do is be lead on a rabbit chase.

>>T1: I think Russ covers this later, but just in case (my brain not so good), while searching for evidence is proper, Satanists are well known for getting rid of evidence, to destroy the credibility of the young accusers. This, too, is a well established Tactic as proven by the aftermath investigation of the McMartin pre-school trial. Even idiots are not going to leave evidence around to be found. << end T1

48:00 Memories have to be verifiable, confirmed, in some way. If its really real, here's what what we found . . .

49:00 . . . or you go after it! If we persevere and pray, the evidence becomes more obvious and plentiful. Russ says the evidence of Dahmer and the ripper eventually yielded their full evidence with persistence and patience. There was always resistance to overcome.

50:00 Russ then takes some of it public, and then cultists and Satanists sometimes show up, to intimidate and threaten. Russ: I care more about the victim. Some try to insist on more and more evidence, as if it were merely discretionary and always possible. It has limits. Some cases yield more than others. But the victim comes first. Lets imagine a 5 year old is taken by dad to threaten the mother with Satanic crimes accusations.

51:00 and his emotions are not really in the abuse claimed, and no history then it never happened. The kid might be being used in a custody battle. Tom, what else ya got. Tom: I just think we need to use logic. either this is going on all around the world or there is a conspiracy to plant these ideas in kids' heads/minds, all over the world. Its just ridiculous! Russ: and that would be a crime, too, causing

>>T1:  This is very relevant to the Hampstead case. Alisa was very passionate in the emotions coming out of her in the 1st police interview. She was non-stop and willing to keep going. The wanted to quickly put an end to it so they could plan the stealing of Alisa and her brother. Gabriel, too, brought up many things, without being prompted at all. "the kids in school pick on me all the time." "they stick "willies" in my bottom." and then he goes on to describe the sizes and colors of the "willies." The Cop was not expecting that! << end T1

52:00 causing hundreds of millions of dollars in the insurance industry, lets go after the perpetrators who are implanting the memories and lets have the evidence of false memories planted. Somebody give me the evidence of false memories planted. Tom: I can't recommend "Programmed to Kill" enough. I've just finished reading it recently, and if you want to talk about evidence, these are cases everybody knows about. They were front page cases. But what they didn't know about, was the Satanic connection to the cases because they never talk about them, they never put them out there.

And as you said many times before, the police officers are "don't talk about that" and "we don't want to create a panic," "we don't want to scare people."

What do ya say, Angela Ricky, the no evidence, go-to guy? Got some evidence for us? Ah ha ha ha ha. I know better than to expect that.

This concludes part 1 of 3 parts. The project was a little more than expected. But it will be worth it.


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