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Mansfield Cult Articles  (& Malibu Presbyterian , too)

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Newspaper Articles

Tales Of Satanism Divide City Months After Baby Sitters Convicted

AP , Associated Press        Nov. 29, 1992    4:37 PM ET MANSFIELD,

OHIO MANSFIELD, Ohio (AP) _ Authorities say the case is closed, but dozens of parents believe two baby sitters convicted of sexually assaulting children at a church were part of a larger satanic cult.

Children told of witnessing murder, cannibalism and mutilation of corpses, but police say they have found no evidence to support that, The Plain Dealer newspaper of Cleveland reported Sunday.

>>Truth1>> Ah, the old (very old and tired) "No Evidence!" Claim of police. Why? They could not find physical evidence of corpses, cannibalism, or murder. No kidding! Why I was sure they would just leave all that stuff hanging around for the police. Wouldn't you? No? You mean you would get rid of it all? Well, I would, too. I'd call all my satanic buddies, which is considerable in Ohio, and get it cleaned right up. And if it was too much, I'm sure the police would lend a hand, if not the National Guard. Satanists have lots of friends and allies in government, big business and local business. Non-profits, professionals and more.

And what about the 30 kids who testified to all this. That's 30 witnesses. In any nation, in any community, in any time prior to the Industrial Revolution, 30 witnesses would have been enough to convict any number of of people of anything you can imagine. But in the 21st century, eye witnesses mean absolutely nothing. This is the problem. Law has thrown out nearly anything that used to quality as evidence. And who are the primary creators and regulators of laws? Governments!

And who owns and con-trolls all governments according to the Bible, Jesus, and the Apostles? None other than Satan, who offered all he had to Jesus for an act of worship. Jesus refused. The nations were Satan's to give. God, with few exceptions, turned the earth over to Satan to try and prove his points. So little wonder that laws and courts have all most nothing to do with real law and real justice and due process. Modern courts are all about covering up evil, wickedness, and extreme perversion and obscenity.

So, of course the verdict was "No Evidence." But 30 witnesses says it all! Guilty as charged. << T1 end

Lt. Marijan Grogoza, who spent nearly two years investigating the case, said about half this city's 50,600 residents seem to believe the children's remarkably similar stories, while the other half of Mansfield is unconvinced. T1: the other half were all Satanists or Freemasons. This acts as a good precedent for estimating how much of the population is corrupt and willing to side with the devil. 50% Another serious  Daycare center scandal, a Little Rascals franchise, in Edenton, North Carolina, remains severely divided  about half and half to this day. This was right on the heels of the McMartin daycare center in California. Everything was always covered up. And Child witnesses are not considered evidence of any kind. <<T1 end

The case came to light in February 1991 when parents told police their children had been abused by baby sitters in the basement of a First Presbyterian Church while the adults attended Sunday services.

Lawrence Rohde, 19, was convicted and sentenced to 14 years in prison on seven counts of gross sexual imposition. Scott Butner, 17, pleaded guilty in June to five counts of rape and five counts of gross sexual imposition and was sentenced to five to 10 years in prison.

Parents of about 60 children pushed for charges against other church members. County Prosecutor James J. Mayer Jr. sought more indictments in August, but a grand jury, which heard testimony from 30 children, declined to indict anyone else. No other suspects were ever identified.

The first public hint that satanic rituals may have been involved surfaced at Rohde's trial, when a child testified that a small animal was killed in a church bathroom in front of several children.

That helped fuel rumors of satanic murders, and Rohde's mother, Mary Rohde, said she was eventually forced to leave her job as a Sunday school superintendent over allegations she was a satanist. She said neither she nor her son are devil worshipers. >>T1: That is what they all say. Hang her!<<T1

Meanwhile, children told police that hooded people in dark robes had taken them from the church into a park, then forced them to chant prayers of praise to the devil while infants were stabbed to death, dismembered and thrown in pieces into fiery pits, the newspaper reported.

But Assistant County Prosecutor David Mesaros, who handled the case, said police have not received any missing-person reports that could be connected to such crimes. He said the case is officially closed.

>> T1: These same things have been said by children all over the USA, Canada, Europe and the the world. So it not unheard of in 2018. There many thousands from all over with the same basic stories. Its beyond contest! But most always get away with it. IN all of them, what you will find are the District Attorneys, (prosecutors) Grand Juries, and police are always in on it. And any eye witness testimony is not seen as valid evidence. How did we get so far off the track? << T1 end.

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Truth1 makes claims to "rights of use," based on the "Fair use" clause of the Copyright Act. This is in the public interest, welfare and security of all US citizens as are all matters pertaining to justice and the execution of Justice or its failure to be properly executed. I also publish this in obedience to my God, Jehovah, whose commission to all His followers is to tell the truth to the world. Any interference with my work and duties to God, may be seen by my God as an interference with Him, personally. I would advise not getting Him angry. He has quite the temper!

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Man Who Raped Kids at Church Denied Parole

By Mark Caudill
Mansfield News Journal
August 22, 2013

Scott Butner will serve his complete prison term.

Butner has been denied parole. Members of the Ohio Parole Board interviewed him last Friday at Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville.

In 1992, Butner, then 17, pleaded guilty to five counts of rape and five counts of gross sexual imposition in a child molestation case. He received a concurrent sentence of eight to 25 years in prison for the rape counts and a suspended 10-year sentence for the gross sexual imposition convictions.

Butner was a volunteer baby sitter at First Presbyterian Church, 399 S. Trimble Road, in 1990 and 1991 when the abuse happened. Richland County Prosecutor James Mayer Jr. said there were 18 victims between the ages of 4 and 10. He said seven of the victims contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

The abuse occurred from the summer of 1990 to February 1991. Butner and co-defendant Lawrence Rohde were convicted of sexually abusing the children in church bathrooms, classrooms and in nearby woods while the children’s parents attended church services and other church activities.

Members of the parole board said they think Butner is a threat to re-offend.

“Offender Butner has had good conduct for many years and has engaged in some risk relevant programming,” members wrote. “However, this does not outweigh the serious nature of the instant offenses. The board by way of majority vote has determined that release at this time would not further the interest of justice and (would) place the security and society in jeopardy.”

Mayer applauded the decision.

“The parole board made the correct ruling, no doubt about it,” he said. “Scott Butner is the worst sexual pedophile I’ve seen come through Richland County.”

Rohde, then 19, took his case to trial and was convicted of seven counts of gross sexual imposition. He was released from prison in November 2000 after serving about nine years.

Butner was considered the more culpable of the two. He originally faced 37 counts.   Some of the children described satanic rituals, including the sacrifice of animals and babies, trips to a private home where they saw dead bodies stacked in a basement and other cases of molestation and abuse in which they were threatened to keep quiet.

Authorities found no evidence to support those claims. T1: who is going to keep corpses in their basement? They made their attempt at scaring the children and then got rid of the cadavers. But there was evidence of the kids being credible in that 7 of them had sexual diseases. Now how did that happen? A toilet seat?  << T1

T1: We never did get a report from the UK NHS on what diseases or not,  Alisa and Gabriel. Nor the test for various drugs, I think. For sure, no disease report. That is a mistrial. the case should have been thrown out.<< T1

One of the victims, a 27-year-old woman, said she has suffered because of the abuse.

“I’ve had a lot of problems in my life,” she said. “I try not to use this as an excuse, but it’s made a deep impact.

“I’m still working my way through it.” 419-521-7219

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Conviction List: Ritual Abuse Cases:

Two teenage babysitters at the First Presbyterian Church were convicted of sexually abusing children while the victims' parents attended church services. Lawrence Rohde, 19, was convicted in 1992 on 7 counts of gross sexual imposition and sentenced to 14 years in prison. (Boyd, 1992). Scott Butner, 17, pleaded guilty to 5 counts of rape and received a 5 to 10-year prison sentence. (Trexler, 1992).

As many as 50 children described being sexually abused and taken from the church to wooded areas where they said they were forced to participate in child pornography, infanticide, and mutilation of corpses. Victims' parents demanded that charges be filed against adult church members who allegedly were involved, but only Rohde and Butner were indicted. (Hobbs, 1992).

Here is a link for you:

Presbyterian Church USA - Writing a Satanic 'Israel Free' Bible (Ichabod, Apostate Church)

Presbyterians join groups with widening rifts

Protestant group becomes the latest denomination with growing schism

updated 10/12/2007 11:20:46 AM ET

LOUISVILLE, Ky. The Episcopal Church isn’t the only mainline Protestant group shaken by open conflict between theological liberals and conservatives.

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is facing similar trials, with traditionalist congregations planning to bolt and a conservative denomination preparing to take them in.

About 30 of the nearly 11,000 Presbyterian congregations have voted to leave the national church since the denomination’s national assembly session in 2006, according to The Layman, a conservative Presbyterian publication that has been tracking the breakaways. Denominational leaders say they could lose an additional 20 congregations as a result of this latest rupture.

The Evangelical Presbyterian Church, a conservative group separate from PC-USA, has voted to accept any of the departing congregations. Presbyterian conservatives are meanwhile organizing themselves through groups such as the Presbyterian Global Fellowship and the New Wineskins Association of Churches.

Presbyterian leaders emphasize that only a fraction of their congregations are leaving. But any litigation over church property could hurt the church’s reputation and its bottom line. And the departures come after years of dwindling congregational membership and recent budget woes.

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is the country’s ninth-largest Christian group, but its membership has shrunk from about 3 million in 1986 to 2.27 million at the end of 2006. The denomination last year eliminated 75 jobs at its headquarters amid budget cutbacks.

“It is not a split down the middle of the life of the church, but it’s serious,” said the Rev. Clifton Kirkpatrick, chief executive at denominational headquarters in Louisville. “It’s always painful. And it takes a huge amount of time, energy and emotional pressure.”

Kirkpatrick, who has been a target of criticism from Presbyterian conservatives, is stepping down next year after more than a decade in office. He said he was leaving because it had become too difficult to juggle two time-consuming roles, as the Presbyterian stated clerk and president of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches.

‘We choose not to subscribe to those changes’
The split could also cost the denomination some of its oldest and most vibrant churches. In Baton Rouge, La., the 180-year-old First Presbyterian Church plans to vote Oct. 28 whether they should split off. At least three more of the 66 congregations in the Presbytery of South Louisiana could move toward leaving in the coming months, said the Rev. Alan Cutter, the general presbyter. In the Midwest, Gashland Presbyterian Church in Kansas City, Mo., recently voted in favor of leaving, but needs the approval of the regional Heartland Presbytery.

Like other mainline Protestant groups, Presbyterians have been debating for decades how they should interpret Scripture on salvation, truth, sexuality and other issues.

But tensions erupted after a June 2006 meeting, when delegates granted new leeway in some cases for congregations and regional presbyteries to sidestep a church requirement that clergy and lay officers limit sex to man-woman marriage.

Delegates at the national assembly also voted to let church officials propose experimental liturgies with alternative phrasings for the divine Trinity — “Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” Among the possibilities: “Mother, Child and Womb” or “Rock, Redeemer, Friend.”

“We believe that PCUSA has moved away from being the true church and having the same biblical foundation, and we choose not to subscribe to those changes,” said Phil Josephson, a Gashland church elder.

>>Truth1: Liberalism, which has as its design, the goal of getting rid of the Bible and its standards. Any rebellion from the Bible is Satanic! Little wonder that Satanism is not uncommon in Presbyterian churches. <<T1 end

‘Ramping up significantly’
Opinions on the denomination’s long-term prospects vary widely.

The Rev. John Buchanan, pastor at Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago, said that while staunch conservatives and liberals are unhappy with church policy, the vast middle is satisfied.  T1: the mindless sheep and followers, whose minds have long since dissolved. They are just there to have some sort community. They do not care what they believe. <<T1 end

“The people of this congregation are not at all distressed with where we are right now,” said Buchanan, a former moderator of the denomination. “And I think there are many, many more churches like that, than there are churches that are unhappy.”

Cutter takes a long view, noting the denomination’s history of splits and mergers.

“The process of union and reunion in the Presbyterian Church ... has been going on for centuries,” he said. “I don’t anticipate it stopping. I anticipate there may be people that want to come back.”

But the Rev. Parker Williamson, editor emeritus of The Layman newspaper, said entire congregations are leaving, an escalation from the usual pattern of disgruntled individuals leaving on their own.

“It’s happening as bits and pieces of the church that are flying off,” Williamson said. He contends that the pace of departures is “ramping up significantly.”

The Rev. Gerrit Dawson, senior pastor of the Baton Rouge church, said his congregation hungers for theological clarity instead of the “institutionalized nebulousness” in the larger denomination.

“PCUSA is not getting better,” Dawson said. “It’s going to keep fragmenting. And we don’t want to spend the rest of our ministries doing that. There’s a world to be reached.”

© 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

 Settlement reached between First Presbyterian Church, Mansfield, Ohio and Presbytery of Muskingum Valley

Written by The Layman | Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The settlement acknowledges that the allegations against the Mansfield church’s leadership were unfounded, but said the congregation remains deeply divided with unresolved issues.

Truth1: Deeply divided as in half know that the cover-up that the Presbyterian church was and is a part of, in regards to the Satanists, and the other half are sympathetic to the Satanists. That says it all. Its the Little Rascals all over again.  That scandal divided Edenton completely in half. Despite a jury finding the accused ones totally guilty, the government legal system declared the judgement of the jury invalid and let all the criminals out. << T1 end

Nearly one year after voting to replace the staff of First Presbyterian Church in Mansfield, Ohio, which was followed by a remedial complaint to the Synod of the Covenant, the Presbytery of Muskingum Valley has reached a settlement with the congregation.

In the settlement, which was approved at a Dec. 7 Presbytery meeting, both sides accept responsibility in the circumstances that led up to the vote and agreed on a plan to move forward.

The settlement rescinds actions approved Jan. 9, 2010, which would have dismissed the Rev. Dennis Allison and likely the remaining church staff. The administrative commission (AC) that recommended the action had investigated claims of conflict, membership losses, intimidation, and irregularities in membership rolls and financial records.

A busload of supporters crowded the presbytery meeting – and individuals from both sides of the debate made impassioned pleas to the presbytery. Adding to the emotional tone of the meeting was the fact that the congregation had survived a high-publicized sexual abuse allegation involving children nearly 20 years ago. Allison shepherded the congregation through its recovery and the lawsuits that persisted for many years after the tragic events…

The settlement acknowledges that the allegations against the Mansfield church’s leadership were unfounded, but said the congregation remains deeply divided with unresolved issues.  >>Truth1: in my book, the leadership is ultimately responsible for what happens under their leadership. With the "camp divided in two, clearly the best solution is to replace the leadership even as stock holders might do if a company was in the process of failing. Dump the CEO and maybe his staff, too. Maybe even clean house. <<T1 end

Read More:

[Editor’s note: the original URL (link) referenced in this article is no longer valid, so the link has been removed.]

Truth1: What is real clear is that the Presbyterian Coverup of Cult Satanism is not going away. Further, the Presbyterian church can be rightly assumed to approve of the Satanic Ritual abuse in their churches. This can not bode well for those opposed to such. Sooner or later, members of the denomination are going to have to face facts and break away, if they want to please God and reject Satan.

Further, that anyone in the general public has the right to assume that the highest levels of authority in this church are devil worshippers. Sincere followers of God within this denomination, need to get out of this denomination. "Get out of her my people, if you do not want to share in her sins and plagues, for her sins have piled clear up to heaven."

Meanwhile, let the world take notice and warning of the Presbyterian denomination, now apparently belonging to Satan.

The Following was taken from the book, "Perfect Murder  Perfect Town  by Lawrence Schiller"

This is a thorough investigation of Lawrence Schiller on the murder of Jon Benet.  I have yet to finish this book of 621 pages. I am at pg 417. But at this point, I am completely convinced that Jon Benet was ritually murdered as a sacrifice for the many successes allowed to John and Patsy Ramses. I will be writing a full feature on this in time. The only thing I am addressing right now is that the Ramseys were members of a Presbyterian Church in their Eastern USA home in Atlanta, Georgia. That is not insignificant. They also attended a church in Boulder City Colorado of another denomination.

Pg 51 Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Atlanta         Rev. Harrington Presbyterian pg 85-86.     There was quite a bit of evidence of sexual abuse of Jon Benet that were avoided, though evidence for it was clear enough. Most shocking was the FBI Analysis of the details of the crime scene from their perspective. I trust the FBI about as much as I do the devil. But they saw it as I did, 100%. Possibly, hell might have frozen over. Its the only way I can explain it. What is more, Jon Benet might not have been the 1st sacrifice, either, that I am alleging John Ramsey made. It will be a huge story, though few if any will bother.

This case was not recognized for what it was for the time. Also very important is that those involved in coverup and resistance were very easy to identify by name, position and circumstance. This is unprecedented, although the JFK murder has been pretty well solved. But the Jon Benet case is even better than JFK. Satanic sacrifices were not really known to be things that wealthy prominent people did at that time. The Oklahoma bombing in 1995 was my wake up call to conspiracies. All I could tell then, led me to believe the parents did it. But why, was lacking. Jon Benet was murdered on Dec. 26, 1996, a year and a half after Oklahoma Murrah building was detonated by bombs on the inside of the building and no remains of the truck that supposedly did it. And no crater where it had been parked and no video working.

My main point here is this odd association with the Presbyterian church that keeps popping up in places. Jon Benet is one of those places. The Jon Benet case would also prove crucial to the next case involving the kidnapping of and "return" of "Elizabeth Smart" in the general location of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Elizabeth Smart Kidnapping

Oddly enough, Boulder City and Salt Lake City are not that far from each other. The two states are right next to each other.

This case is very important because having read this book through, and searching the net as well, I believe Elizabeth Smart was an offered/required sacrifice. Most astounding, and I was not the first to suggest it, that the "Elizabeth returned" was not the original Elizabeth. That poor unfortunate girl lost her life, no doubt. My article will be rigorous in every respect.

The following quotes are from the book, "In Plain Sight - The Startling Truth Behind the Elizabeth Smart Investigation" Written by her uncle, Tom Smart.

Pg 226 “There was a coven of witches about 35 miles south of Salt Lake City, and Cynthia received information that they might have kidnapped a blond virgin to be sacrificed on the summer solstice. Though it is interesting that witches are active in Mormon country, I do not believe they had anything to do with Elizabeth Smart. But 2 of the women there are on video documentary saying that the girl with Mitchell and his slave wife, that the "girl" was tall and seemed to be 19 or 20 years of age.

Pg 242  Tom Smart: “We knew the massive amount of media attention the Elizabeth Smart case had generated was in part because the Smarts were an affluent, well-connected Caucasian family.”   T1:  the surest sign of Satanism is the consistent association with wealthy, power, and connections. It never fails. << T1

Pg 271 Lakeside, CA, near San Diego. Lindo Lake Park.

Pg 273 Sometimes the women would even lower their veils, and Clay Ruis remembered once seeing the 3 of them get off the bus dressed in regular clothes. That’s when he noticed the shorter woman looked old, weary, and very wrinkled, and that the taller woman wasn’t a woman at all, but just a girl. She seemed weary, too; he remembered that she did not talk and did not smile.

T1: The "2nd" Elizabeth was much taller and heavier that the 1st and looked nothing like the first, when she was first discovered. The police radioed the Police Chief who knew the case well, with the description. As far as he was concerned, given the description, it was not her. <<T1 end

Pg 295 Mom, Lois, described how she met Emmanuel  (real name Mitchell) and that he was well mannered and nice and she was impressed with how clean he was for a homeless man. He was clean shaven and wore Levis and a work shirt. “He looked like he could work.”

T1: It is my contention that Mitchell was an appointed agent to not only take Elizabeth from her home, prearranged and expected, but to carry on activities later, being as visible as possible at the appointed times. He was not supposed to be involved this long into this. Everything went wrong when Elizabeth's sister had her memory surface, while watching the TV showing the patsy the police set up to take the fall. They killed him off in prison And that was to be the end of it all. But Mary Katherine said the patsy, Richard Ricci, was not the guy who took Elizabeth.

She was in bed, beside Elizabeth, pretending to be asleep though scared. She saw him and knew he had worked for them. Every thing came apart. But that a patsy was created, shows that the narrative given, was not legitimate. So they created another Elizabeth. Mitchell was employed to be visible with Liz and get caught. He could act crazy and he had his share of problems, anyway. But he was sly as a fox, too, and he could be very smooth and charming. In fact, the later information about Mitchell, could well have been concocted. Its hard to say. < T1

Pg 296 Dad Ed said Mitchell was a soft spoken man. As Regards Mitchell, no one knew where he came from, where he lived, or who his family was.

T1: Nothing new there, either.

Pg 301 twice mentions the Lakeside Presbyterian church.

Pg 302 But here is the key. “without ever meeting him (Mitchell) Pastor Bob Mentze of the Lakeside Presbyterian church foregave him (Mitchell) his trespass.

This was in court: Pastor Bob: "It wasn’t the first time that’s happened, a person who had too much to drink looking for a warm place to sleep it off.

They said he vandalized the place, but there was nothing broken but the window. And he was all alone. He just needed some place to go." So the court went gentle on him.

Pg 303 When Mitchell finally did return, Triumphant that he had been delivered yet again out of man’s jail, . . .”

Pastor Bob, ever the Presbyterian, was very helpful to Mitchell. I was thinking that the two had met before. I read this book maybe 2 years ago. Its been waiting for me to make a good article on it. San Diego was warmer than Salt Lake City, so Mitchell, wife and "Elizabeth" went there for the winter to act as homeless people and be visible. Pastor Bob was there to help. How about that?

Yet Another Presbyterian church


Malibu Presbyterian Church sure like them there daddy-daughter dances. And note just above the crescent moon and 13 stars. Crest tooth paste (Proctor and Gamble) got some bad publicity in the 80s, I think it was for the Cresent and 13 stars on is package or or the tooth paste tube itself. now at the time, I thought it was a whole lot of fuss over nothing. I do not feel that way any more. I now realize that they love to spread their symbols everywhere to let all know, in subtle ways, they are in power and will continue to get more powerful. So they are Advertising thru a Presbyterian church not far from Hollywood. You'll note to the left above that the Moon is very liked as a symbol. Sacrifices on a full moon or hidden moon. I will now enlarge the circle label below. Lust or love  Malibu. That would not be so bad if were not connected to a daddy-daughter "dance."

But here is where it gets real interesting. The girl that a number of notorius liars say was the girl in the Audi commercial, Jessi Giacomazzi. The shills were happy to put the name up, so  I will quote them. Not one of them has ever taken my challenge to show ever 1 frame in the Audi commercial that  shows Jessi in it. I am saying she is not in it. Sonya Van Gelder was credited by Kris Krosta-line as the informant. Both used the girl's name liberally. I bring it up since they did. But how was it that Jessi came to be chosen, since she does really exist? Know that the claim that Alisa was in the Audi add, became very concerning to many, the UK in particular.

So my hunch is that  Jessi's dad, Mickey, a stunt man, volunteered his girl to be the one said to be in the commericial. Surely he recognized that there was bound to be some publicity that would come with it. But he did it for "the cause." He cared about his cause. Micky and Jessi were in attendance at one of the daddy-daughter Valentine dances put on by the church mentioned above.  Jessi is easy to spot since her name was added to the picture. I never did find dad in any of the pictures, if he was not there, why was she there?

Just below is Jessi at one of the daddy-daughter events, likely 2015 as the 2 pictures look the same age, even though she is back to, in the 2015 picture. The middle picture on the right shows Jessi, back to. That might be her dad to her left but there is no way to tell for sure.


Above, Jessi has a wide face, more like her mother. I darkened the pic on the right to tease out freckles. Her ears are much different from Alisa, as are the cheeks. Jessi does not have the subtle double chin that Alisa has. She is promoted as a stunt girl, as she has a very capable dad to see she gets training. Given that these are promo shots, there is apt to be air brushing so my attempts to get a distinct complexion failed.

Below are the 2 kids getting stunt training.


This does get very interesting, I promise. But I have one more blog, to comment on the court decision of the Mansfield Cult Case. It may be 2 or 3 days, as I am in the middle of 3 things. Then I'll get back to Malibu Presbyterian. It will be a thriller! There will be no doubt left.

Oh! And one more thing. Remember that chocker around Alisa's neck?

Well, how about this?

Jon Benet, just 6, wore a choker, too, in 1995 or 96. She did have clear signs of sex abuse and evidence of a stun gun used on her. Worse, one eyewitness had stopped by their home for some thing, and Jon Benet came outside and there was a blue Chevy Suburban parked on the road and she walked up to it and got in and off it went? Could have been for lessons, but a Suburban was big monster of a vehicle an some converted to Luxury vehicles. Even the US Military used these big monsters in their "work." The Jon Benet pickup was never followed up by the police! Hey, where have I heard that before? Was it a smoking gun? There are far too many unsettling things about this case. To many people looking the other way. Cover up is way of life in the 21st century.

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