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   Truth is my business!            Hoaxtead Watch No. 21

CIA Assassin Dishes Dirt

I guts ya a real treat. And an incredible list of bad guys in the CIA-FMSF. Kathleen Sullivan was once a Mind controlled professional Assassin for the CIA, And she could be deadly. But as she got older, the programmed sections began to break down and memories started to come up and out. This is the natural process of aging that does this. But many  aspects of Mind control in the new incarnation of toxic weaponized programming, such as breakdown, were not known at that time and not anticipated. But when they started to happen, The CIA quickly went to work to figure out how to use multiple approaches to cover-up, gaining even more control over psychiatric institutions and doctors/nurses and controlling the press as well.

Kathleen was among the first generation of cutting edge mind control programming that began after Mind control Programmers from Nazi Germany were secreted in to the USA thru Operation Paperclip from 1946 onward. Our secret UFO technology came by this route as well. She was chosen specifically to be an assassin, evidently showing a good healthy brain, which would be needed to bear the extreme abuse to be programmed and to maintain it. 75% of all sophisticated 1st class Mind Control subjects for programming are women, as their brains are more adapted to withstand the extreme abuse put upon them and their minds.

Kathleen has the distinction of being one of two sources for the best, most authentic recovering Mind Control Victims, along with Brice Taylor a.k.a. Susan Ford, as I would see it. All accounts that I have seen aside from these two, are far less impressive due to either uncertain trustworthiness or due to the far less detail that many present, or because their presentations are far smaller. The less they have to relate, the more you might start to wonder.

It should be understood that human nature for those harmed/abused, is that they want to squeal on their abusers and they desperately want to be heard, and listened to. It is therapeutic to do so. Speaking out has the effect of relieving a lot of pressure and burden inside. Anyone who has suffered thru near 30 years of the worst abuse imaginable would have an awful lot of pressure and abuse recorded inside them and dying to get out once the break down of brain circuits begins and the integration process of healing begins. Kathleen and Brice have books that befit what comes out of them for information. Kathleen's book is at least 500 pages and Brice is 311 pages, but her book is far bigger in size so that there are far many more words per page and she has a huge Appendix in back full of photocopy documentation. It is perhaps the finest work to ever be done and not likely to ever be surpassed.

I feel this is a must to report at this point, to further reinforce what I  said above. It is a youtube video. I'll give you the important quote, but you would still do well to watch at least from 8:30 to the end at 9:47, just over 1 minute.

In 1961,This Little Girl Was Found Adrift At Sea. Decades Later She Revealed The Heartbreaking Truth           The important text follows:

You can start at 8:30

For over 20 years, she did not talk about her horrific experience.

Finally in the 1980s, She opened up to her close friends what had happened to her and her family. She realized that she need to talk about her feelings to a psychiatrist. And that led her to co-author a book about her experience. The book is called “Alone - Orphaned on the Ocean”

In the book, it opens up about her ordeal in great detail. It was released in 2010. During one of her book signings, her teachers showed up to support her. They were told not to bring it up to her when she was in school, as if it did not happen, in order to save her sanity. They meant well, but I can tell you from my own experience as a child of the 60s, that no one know anything about psychology or nutrition. Adults were innocent and dumb, cluless. I think it was a good part of why the young rebelled in the 60s and onward.

When she did an interview with Today News, she said, I was never frightened. I was an outdoors child and I love the water. She had prayed to God, too. Terry Jo hopes her story will inspire people who have gone thru something traumatic, to talk about it. It took her 50 years to tell her story. Had she told it sooner, she says that she would have healed sooner. 9:47 end.

Telling ones story of trauma or abuse is pretty much the only way to heal. There is something about letting it out, especially to sympathetic ears. In fact, this is largely the basis behind Alcoholics Anonymous. Telling relieves and heals. In a way, speaking is a way of admitting to yourself and others that things happened to you. And if we had a just society, then we would also get support from law and prosecution. Having your community stand behind you is comforting and makes you feel wanted and cared about.

There are many people who care about Alisa and Gabriel. It is a shame they can not realize that, as El Retardo always says we mean harm and embarrass the kids. Who knows what daddy dearest tells them. Holding things in is like not letting a boiling kettle blow off steam and relive the pressure.

My own personal opinion is that these "two witnesses" (Kathleen and Brice) may very well be the products of the spirit of God in operation, that the world might know what really goes on in secret. I may attempt a brief summary of some of Brice's book, but it will be nothing compare to the book.

Kathleen has continued to publish on the net, broadening and increasing more information on the many criminals who are involved in coverup of the worst atrocity to ever plague mankind. It was not without reason that God forbid hypnosis, also known in earlier ages as charming, or casting a spell over someone. It was known and practiced by 1500 BC and likely before that as well.

From Kathleen   Truth1 goes silent or uses punctuation when he speaks. This is all Kathleen, otherwise.

Daily Decisions: Fear or courage; denial or truth?

As you look at this website, you may wonder why I choose to "out" myself and my history.  My answer to you is this:  as long as I remain silent, I will stay in the role of victim.   And remarkably, each time I publicly share my history, I feel stronger and more free!

It's also easier for me to go public, than it might be for some survivors, because I have strong support from a number of wonderful people - especially my husband.  (A retired Army sergeant major, he laughs at  fear and encourages me to do likewise.) 
Still, going public about the kinds of experiences I've survived has its risks.  I've already suffered losses as a direct consequence. Sometimes I start to think I'd be safer crawling into my little imaginary hole and pulling the lid in after me...
Whenever I feel that way, I remember the other victims and survivors of forced mind control, criminalized ritual abuse, torture, organized pedophilia, and more who are still out there, some of them still unheard. Some of them still in crisis, still in unbearable pain, still imprisoned, still in fear for their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Knowing that they're out there gives me the incentive to keep speaking, to keep telling what has been done to us.

T1: One trait of those who heal and recover is that they often do not focus on themselves or wallow in self pity. They have true care and concern for others as much as themselves. Hoaxtead would have you believe its a conspiracy to make money. I don't know of a soul who ever made any money out of this. In fact, torment and hell is what they usually get. Its love and caring that makes many still care about Alisa and Gabriel. Nothing sinister in it, at all. Kathleen is a class act. 100%. <<T1 end

If I could share one precious gift with you, one "pearl of wisdom" that I believe I've earned as a survivor of decades of brutality and terror, my gift to you would be this thought:
Freedom isn't for cowards. It takes walking through ones fear - of the truth, of the unknown, of the future, of possible risks and losses - to really become free.
I know this is true because for more than three decades, I hid and dissociated and denied and isolated and lied to myself. I preferred denial over the truth. I was a coward.  I hid from harsh realities. I blanked them out; I made them "not exist." Hiding from reality seemed easier than fighting to free myself from the dark world that I'd secretly been trapped in since birth. I was severely dissociated, believing that the truth wasn't the truth, that my hidden problems didn't exist, that I wasn't in constant danger, that some of my mortal enemies were my best friends, that I didn't have problems with amnesia, that I didn't do the bizarre things that others accused me of! They were lying!

T1: What Kathleen is revealing is what goes on in a mind that was programmed, for fear, really. But that fear is not there for no reason. Its not as simple as "just saying no." She is suggesting she was much of her problem. But the mind has limits and vulnerabilities that predispose it to abuse. No human should ever be subjected to that much abuse. We can all learn from it. Escaping Mind control programming is really only possible when you get near to 30 and the gates in the brain circuits start to leak.<<T1 end

Was my cowardice wrong or immoral? Was my denial? Of course not! These can be handy survival skills. They can keep us alive!  If we were suddenly surrounded by mortal enemies with no way of escape, we might feel safer if we can convince them that we love or admire them, while convincing ourselves that they are our friends. Feeling safe is vastly preferable to feeling terror. Of course, denial ("this isn't happening; it's just a bad dream, I'll wake up soon") can also protect us from that terror.
Unfortunately, when some victims of organized criminal groups begin to break free, they may continue - as I did for years - to dissociate and go in and out of denial like a yo-yo. Like the proverbial ostrich that sticks its head in the sand to feel safer, some survivors may even convince themselves that staying in denial will protect them from pain. In reality, unless the perpetrators are no longer a threat to these survivors, their denial can actually make them more vulnerable!

T1: The biggest problem for those who suddenly find memories coming out, that they know nothing of previously, and these are often very frightening. And they have no support group and no guidance. That is by design. So what could potentially be a fairly steady continual progressive healing, instead becomes a long drawn out affair that  might take 10 to 30 years and still not be fully healed. So its frustrating for her, but there was no other way, really. Its the nature of the beast and the process.<<T1 end

Very few people are willing to live in truth all the time. Human nature, negative environmental and social conditions, daily stressors, and even the daily newspaper make it easy for us to want to hide from harsh and unpleasant realities. It's fairly normal for a person to say, upon learning of atrocities committed against other humans, "That's their problem; it doesn't affect me." Or as my husband and his fellow troops used to say in Vietnam, "Don't mean nothing." It's easier and infinitely more comfortable to bury one's mind in the proverbial sand of: "It doesn't exist; it's not a part of my world; I'm not going to think about it."

It takes a brave and selfless person to make the opposite choice: "If I stay away from this knowledge, if I pretend this situation doesn't exist, then I will feel better.  Nonetheless, I choose to learn more about it. I know that what I learn may distress me. It may make me miserable. Still, I'd rather know the truth." 
Living a life of courage, seeking truth in its purest form - no matter how painful, frightening, or ugly the truth may be - is certainly not an easy path to take.  It can be especially difficult for anyone who has lived in fear all of his or her life. Still, I've come to the conclusion that choosing courage over fear and truth over denial, on a daily basis, may be the most noble life-path of all.
More important, I believe that this is how we can live in real freedom - regardless of the conditions of the world around us. If we are free on the inside where it counts the most, we are free indeed.

Truth1 >> Below is a specific section from Kathleen's site and one very important at this time of 2018, dealing largely with the so called False Memory Syndrome Foundation   a.k.a   The Absolute Liars Club

Eyewitness to a Remarkable Era in Covert Human History

Head Games: Cutting Through the Bull

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it" - Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Minister of Propaganda

On this web page, I analyze quotes obtained from the FMSF Scientific and Professional Advisory Board listing (retrieved 7/02). I attempt to explain how and why some of the quoted individuals knowingly use misinformation to bias courts, the media, and the public against recovering trauma survivors and those who choose to help them.   (RD, you might want to take notes . . says Truth1)

Some seem to be struggling with denial - they can't accept that we will not be silenced and will not go away. Some seem angry that we dare to remember and speak out about what they've done to us. Some also seem angry that therapists are ignoring their threats and legal harassment, and continue to help us to remember and heal.

And some seem fearful. Perhaps they were reassured by their colleagues that all would go well; that there would be no more problems for them from their past crimes against humanity - including their complicity in CIA MKULTRA subprojects. But the problems are coming. And coming. And they have no where to run, no place to hide.  (RD! Any thoughts?)

I would like to see the perpetrators make personal restitution to their former victims. They could start with sincere apologies. I wish we could set up our own "Truth and Reconciliation Commission," similar to what was done in South Africa - where perpetrators were given amnesty if they testified in public hearings about what they had done to victims. But they had to tell it honestly and in full.

Financial restitution would be nice, and many survivors desperately need it. But I'd also like the full (not partial) truth to be made available to the public about what was done to so many of us. Like the CIA put on its wall in the front lobby at Langley, "The Truth Shall Set You Free."

To those who are named but are innocent of harming others, I would add this warning: You are known by the company you keep.

To view quotes cited on this page, click on the individuals' names below: <> Truth1: The links below will take you to Kathleen's site. But I have them all here, in order, to read, but not linked. <<T1 end

Aaron T. Beck <>Terence W. Campbell <>Rosalind D. Cartwright<> Frederick C. Crews <>Robyn M. Dawes<>George K. Ganaway <>Martin Gardner <>Henry Gleitman <>Ernest R. Hilgard <>John Hochman <>David S. Holmes <>Robert A. Karlin <>Harold I. Lief <>Elizabeth Loftus <>Paul R. McHugh

These quotes [in black] are from the FMSF Scientific and Technical Advisory Board Internet web page, dated July 2002. My (Kathleen) personal comments are in red.

Aaron T. Beck, M.D., D.M.S.
, University of Pennsylvania. "'...known as the father of Cognitive Therapy'... Asked about the outlook for the repressed memory crisis, Dr. Beck replied: 'I think it will fade away like historical episodes of mass hysteria.'"

This suggests that those who recover memory are hysterics. By convincing the public that we are mentally and/or emotionally unstable, such professionals hope that we will not be believed if we tell the truth about what was perpetrated against us.

Terence W. Campbell, Ph.D. "...a highly regarded lecturer, therapist, and teacher...called the attention of psychologists to the 'blame-and-change' maneuver in therapy...[he wrote] 'Indicators of Child Sexual Abuse and Their Unreliability', [he also wrote] 'Beware the Talking Cure (1994), which discusses the hazards of irresponsible psychotherapy.'"

Three FMSF tactics seem to be used here:

1) Awakening survivors are often accused of shifting the responsibility, the "blame," for their problems on the people they claimed abused them - as if abuse doesn't cause problems in their minds and lives.

2) Many of the FMSF's spokespersons also go overboard in discrediting children's memories of being sexually assaulted.

3) Some of them are fighting to ban "talk therapy" so that survivors cannot remember, or speak of, what has been done to them.

T1: what we see here is memories coming up/out and FMSF says they are shifting responsibility and that the memories are not real. OK! Fine! Now show me the evidence to prove it. I've covered this too many times, including my first Issue of "Hoaxtead Watch." I have had 3 lawsuits that should have made me a millionaire by now, several times over. Not a single lawyer in Maine USA or Nova Scotia Canada would admit a thing. I did volumes of legal research. I knew the law better than they did. They lie and they deny. Only the special people have any rights in our world.

This is what makes healing so hard for recovering victims whose memories are starting to leak out. I know all about it so that if I had memories come up, I would understand them. but they don't know anything about what they are starting experience. Kathleen wrote her book in the 1st person view that she had at the time. She would also give the hindsight view at times, too. All humans would helpless without all their experience available to them, to show them what to do. but if most of that is secretly buried inside you, then you have no idea what is going on.

As you should be able to see, the FSMF are complete liars trying to hide what they or others had done to these people when they were as young as 2 or 3 onward.   "Those are not real memories your having!" "That never happened! Admit it! You're lying!"

In my case: "you don't have any case!" You can't do that!" "That does not mean that!"

I reply, then what does it mean?" Silence.

"We sent you a notice of a hearing!" You did no such thing! Where is the mail receipt? No response then:  We sent it to 38 Boston Drive?

"There is no 38 Boston Drive. And we live at 62 Boston Drive."

"Our records show you were asked by Judge Jones if your address was 38 Boston Drive and you said yes."

I said not such thing and neither did judge Jones. The correct address was said, 62 and I said yes to that. If you sent it to 38, you should have gotten it back as undeliverable or no such address."

"We never got anything back.

"I want a copy of the court recording proving what was said or not."

"No!" They sent me a typed out supposed transcript, which said on it that it was not admissible as evidence in court.

This is the exact way that all society functions. If you are considered an enemy of the state and a truth teller, they will deny that the sky is blue and the sea is green, and  that authority never lies. Its not even possible. Gravity would cease first. This is the world a mind control victim its thrust into. It is a wonder that anyone makes it through.

You see this sort of attitude with Hoaxtead. They lie and deny any truth and only deal in lies. << T1

Rosalind Dymond Cartwright, Ph.D., Rush Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center. "Personal knowledge of a repressed-memory tragedy led Dr. Cartwright to join the FMSF board. 'A friend and colleague had an adult daughter in therapy who accused him of childhood sexual abuse,' she says. 'It was my best judgment that this was unbelievable of the person I knew and could only been induced by the therapist.'"

OK, that's fine. You have assertion. But in court, you also need evidence to back it up. In a scholarly presentation, you need citations of evidence and referrals to studies. You opinions, without evidence, are grounds for nothing at all.

Perhaps the real tragedy is that the man abused his child.  This is a common pattern of behavior I've seen in some of the FMSF's most outspoken members. 

First, they say: "I believe the accused couldn't have done it."  Then they insist that because they believe the accused is innocent, then he or she is innocent.  Then they claim that their opinion of  accused's innocence "proves" that the alleged victim "fabricated false memories."  Then they expect everyone believe that, because they say the accused is innocent, he or she is.  This process has been used repeatedly in books written by FMSF proponents who write about repressed memories and ritual abuse.  They claim that the accused didn't commit the alleged crime and/or they successfully testify for the accused in court, claiming that the alleged victim has "false memory syndrome."  Because the judge and/or jury doesn't know that the syndrome is bogus, they believe that the victim's memories are false.  After the accused is found not guilty, they claim that the verdict "proves" that the accused was innocent.  Then they use that "proof" to prove that recovered memories are false.

T1:  Kathleen has revealed a serious violation of law. FSM should have to be proved with the proper studies that verify FSM. Only problem is, that there are no studies that verify FSM. Its is a complete fraud. So when a court or an attorney representing a victim of say, chronic childhood sex abuse which cause dissociation, the duty of both the court and the lawyer for the victim, it to require/demand that supporting evidence be given to prove the validity of FMS. Its never been done.

Do you want to know how crazy the law gets? My father' place of birth was attacked often, ruining any work my father tried to do. Finally, someone somewhere with a back hoe came onto our property, and destroyed the Foundation and then the county informs us that the house structure was dangerous and unsightly. They have long wanted my father's property.  They take what they want and make us pay for it. This is who and what the world really is. There is not law for enemies of the state like recovering mind control victims or whistle blowing guys like me who expose lies and deceit and evil! My father was attacked as a means to stop me who was helping him and to which I would have benefitted. But though he got crap because odd me, he still suffered much less than he would have without me entirely. He was mentally impaired and his own worst enemy, otherwise.

So the song below sums up the world at this point. Its about those in power announcing something to us all.

Get use to it.  {Kesha, Blow}

Backdoor cracked,

we don’t need a key,

we get in for free,

no VIP sleaze,

drink that kool-aid,

follow my lead,

now your one of us,

your coming with me

Its time to kill the lights and

shut the Dj down

to-night we’re taking over,

no ones’ getting out.

This place about to blow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow

Know what?  we’re taking control

We get what we want

We do what you don’t

Dirt and glitter cover the floor

We’re pretty and sick

We’re young and we’re bored

Its time to lose your mind and let the crazy out

This place about to blow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow

Tonight we’re taking names

Cause we don’t mess around.

G g g     go insane  go insane

Throw some glitter

Make it rain on ‘em

Let me see them hands

Let me see them hands

We’re taking over

Get used to it

This place about to blow


Our backs are to the wall with no way out in view. We got God, or we got nothing at all. << T1 end

Frederick C. Crews, Ph.D. - University of California, Berkeley.  "I see my role in the FMS controversy as a dual one...first I have repeatedly tried to draw the attention of intellectuals and educated general readers to the reality and the urgency of the epidemic itself.  And second, I have been trying to show that the FMS virus, even if it subsides over the next several years, will only recur in some mutated form unless the water that it swims in is drained.  By this I mean that the 'psychodynamic' model of the minds lends itself all too readily to demonological theories..."

When you figure this one out, please let me know.  Hello, earth to Dr. Crews?

Truth1: I want to take this one on, Kathleen. I'll leave no Quarter! Clarification: The epidemic referred to, above, is truth. Its terrifying to those in power. There is no cure, antidote, and no escape from it. And its very contagious, like a wild, out of control, raging forests fire. It consumes evil as it spreads. Freddy calls it a virus but this virus infects evil and lies, quickly killing off the lies and evil of the mutant purveyors of deceit. He is terrified, much like Hx's RD/EC, of the concept of recovered memories and their exposing the wick deeds of monsters posing as "doctors" and "experts." Freddy is trying to do a character assassination on Recovered Memory therapy, RMT, also named as Abreaction Therapy, and Primal Therapy, too. How ironic that that God should build a recording device inside every human being to encode and retain all experiences so that if circumstances allow, they can slowly allow the encoding to let out the traumatic memories one by one, sometimes just pieces at a time, till there is nothing left, if you can get that far.

So now these monsters fear getting exposed by the very ones they traumatized. They will be fully exposed, they fear. I hop that is the case. Certainly in God's kingdom it will be. << T1 end

Robyn M. Dawes, Ph.D. - Carnegie Mellon University, PA. "...freely admits being 'fired for insubordination' from his post as vice-president of the Oregon Research Institute in 1974...Citing research in the field and his general knowledge of memory, Dr. Dawes declares: 'I was quite dubious that these constructive memories of implausible events could be historically accurate.'"

"Implausible?"  That's his personal opinion, not fact.   T1: Not only plausible, but an outright proven fact shown by Dr. Janov and various colleagues, that epigenetic encodes the traumas in the epigenes and can reverse process, resetting the epigene codes to the pre-trauma state. This is why when releasing a trauma to be experienced by the conscious side, injuries of various types incurred at the time of trauma injury will temporarily show those wounds again and then disappear forever, fully recovered. Full reset. << T1 end

George Kenneth Ganaway, M.D. - Emory University, GA. "'Freud would be turning over in his grave,' says Dr. Ganaway in discussing many of the current fad therapies being foisted on the public.  In fact, Dr. Ganaway coined the word 'McTherapy' to describe what he calls the 'fast foods psychotherapies of the 1980s and 1990s'...I have emphasized a psychoanalytically-oriented approach to understanding and treating dissociative syndromes.'"

I love Dr. Ganaway's audacity.  How clever to recruit the help of a famous dead doctor he never met, by attributing a fabricated behavior to his corpse! And here is another tactic you'll see over and over again, coming from the most disrespectful FMSF professionals.  Ganaway calls modern psychotherapy "McTherapy" and "fast food" and "fad therapies."  (I wonder if tens of thousands of successfully recovering trauma survivors would agree.) By belittling his colleagues and downplaying the effectiveness of their techniques, Ganaway shames us into turning away from their help and believing that he must have a better way.  What a salesman!

T1: The irony is that Freud had discovered RMT and used it for a brief time, till some mysterious forces got him to turn his back on it and reject it all. << T1 end

Martin Gardner - author and math wizard.  "His latest book, from Weird Water to Fuzzy mainly a collection of Gardner's Skeptical Inquirer columns, including two he wrote about the false memory phenomenon.  He continues to contribute to the Skeptical Inquirer, where his 'Notes of a Fringe-Watcher' column takes frequent potshots to the humbug surrounding junk science. Mr. Gardner holds out hope for dispelling the repressed memory bugaboo.  Answering a recent inquiry, he said, 'I think jurors, attorneys, judges, and media bigwigs are slowly becoming educated about the crisis.'"

Here we go again.  Using unscientific labels to make legitimate therapy look like "junk," distorting repressed memory into a crisis (it's not, it's been with us throughout history), a bugaboo, a false memory phenomenon.  Such labels are constantly being introduced by Gardner and other FMSF advocates - particularly through the media.  The uninformed public doesn't know that they are being fed a steady diet of totally unprofessional, unscientific garbage.

Henry Gleitman, Ph.D. - University of Pennsylvania.  "'The class was just spellbound when he lectured.' The speaker, a former student, was referring to Dr. Gleitman, a dedicated teacher who estimates he has performed his classroom magic for 25,000 students in the last 50 years'...Dr. Gleitman has viewed with concern the controversies surrounding psychotherapy, and particularly the repressed-memory conflict.  Regarding repressed memories, Dr. Gleitman laments what he calls 'the suspension of common sense,' and appeals for a return to the 'Yankee way of looking at things - Show me; prove it!'"

Spellbound?  I, thankfully, am not.  I am, however, confused.  We're to believe that accepting our recovered memories indicates a suspension of common sense, even though recovered memories are a regular and oft-proven event.  But, but wait.  You said it suspends common sense.  So - if I believe in my memories that will not go away,  I suspend common sense.  That leaves only one reality - yours.  How convenient!  And you say, "show me."  Excuse me?  No one owes you that.   

T1: RMT is very real. I've read about it for years in the writings of Dr. Janov. What FMS denial is to me, is the great big elephant in the  living room that no one wants to admit, is there. "What Elephant? Where? I don't see it!" These Jokers really thing they got us fooled. What a laugh. They have numerical superiority. Most are too stupid to bother to become informed. But the great revelations will show up sooner or later. That ought to be a lot of fun. <<T1 end

Ernest R. Hilgard, Ph.D., N.A.S. - Stanford University, CA.  "His first work, Conditioning and Learning, appeared in 1940 and soon became a classic.  As his interest turned more and more to hypnosis, Dr. Hilgard published in 1965 Susceptibility to Hypnosis, one of three books on this subject."  "To Dr. Hilgard, the hypnotic process is 'imaginative involvement,' and thus, hypnotic subjects are liable to form pseudo-memories. 

Here's another irony.  The FMSF constantly claims that therapists are guilty of implanting "false memories" of childhood abuse in clients minds.  But they are not willing to acknowledge that some of their own colleagues implanted false "screen" memories in their victims' minds to block out what the victims really endured at their hands.  Typical perp behavior: they must keep the focus turned outward, lest someone take a hard look at their own past actions.

T1: Just to be clear, no one has ever planted memories in anyone. Dare to ask a question or make a suggestion and you will be accused of planting memories, which is utterly absurd. The well established way to plant a memory is to torture the living daylights out of someone and tell them that if they don't want more, they better change their story. See how simple that is? And programmers do that all the time. Now in childhood it is possible, when a child is not sure of what your asking or why, they will answer as the think you want them too. I will give you e examples from my childhood.

I'm in first grade. I am not getting the reading thing. Sounding out was not sinking in. School was so damned boring that my attention wandered all the time. I hated school. A group of maybe 7 or 8 kids at a time were called to the front with their chairs while the other kids did something else, and we were taught reading. Not getting what was really going on, I thought the teacher was at times, trying to trick us.

We were asked, each one answering at their turn, whether the word was blue or red. I think half the kids did not get it. Those who did not, just guessed, I saw more saying one color than the other. So I said that one, too. We were wrong. FMS might suggest a false memory implant. Or we were just shooing in the dark. Teachers were stupid like every adult in that time.

I remember 2 boys near my age while we were visiting my great aunt in Massachusetts  and I think they were Italian or slightly Hispanic. I was 6 or 7. they spoke English just fine. But their grandmother did not speak a word of it. She was talking to me but I had no idea. So I just said yes or no once in a while. Who knows what I might have agreed to.

Engineered Hysteria in the 90s

But now here is a much different case in the 90s when a certain hysteria was encouraged by schools, media, TV, police. It was the good touch vs bad touch BS. The kids were not sure what to make of it and that was a very effective suggestive memory implant. Kids did not know what to answer or why. But what resulted by 2002, was that kids began to understand they could use this on teachers, parents or anyone. Mothers began to realize they could "influence" their kids to remember a bad touch. This happened a lot among Jehovah's Witnesses, so called. Near every woman as has made use of that, since.

But here is how you tell the truth about who is using it right and who is using it wrong. The courts are very consistent. They normally automatically give the children to the mother because all men are pigs and not human and have no rights in family law. That means the accused dad is innocent, 100%. But if the kids are granted to dad, contrary to the typical trend, then there is a 90% chance he really is a pedo and the mother was telling the truth. No mystery there. Courts protect pedos. They use black mail on dad to get him so "share" his children and become part of the sinister network.

Parents were all for the "touch thing, too, as it meant lawsuits and money over "touches." One town in Southern Maine, had a 6th grade girl claim improper touch on the shoulder. She had once told several kids she might do this. Women police did not do their proper job, nor did school officials, nor anyone else. Everyone took the girl's word for it. For a touch on the shoulder? Really? But the mantra in law and feminism is, that if it is perceived as unwanted or abusive, than it is a bad touch. And of course, the teacher should have been fully versed in reading minds as the girl did not say anything to him, the one she needed to say it to.

The problem with making anything a crime, is that you will suddenly have many reporting such crimes. There is no standard of what is or is not a bad touch. As far as I am concerned, any touch that is not invasive of bodily privacy and is gentle, should never be a crime. Otherwise, even incidental touching or presses against someone in line, becomes a possible crime. We need some definitions of right and wrong, objectively. Allowing anyone to define their own definition is beyond absurd and violates any semblance of law. But that is why our society has become a madhouse that allows liars like FMSF to publish their lies.

But other kids began to tell the dirty secret and the town was split in two. The little bitch and her parents had to move as they were hated and ostracized. But they should have been sued or even imprisoned.

The poor male teacher ended up with a delightful lawsuit settlement from several parties for defamation, etc. One reporter in the Portland Press asked, noting the many responsible people who did not do their job right, He asked in his article on this: "How did this case ever get this far in the 1st place?" A damned good question!  I got my own foundation now. Its called the Subliminal Planted Paranoia Syndrome, SPPS. Send me lots and lots of money, please! (Warning, the previous "suggestion" was only a parody. No programming intended.) My guess is that the lies denying abuse in daycare centers and nursery schools were used to startup a more sinister goal of deep paranoia and fear so as to make people terrified of anyone and isolating everyone. Divide and conquer! Out of state people were great for this stuff. They ruined Maine with their leftist agenda. 

What should be clear here, since we do not get to see people getting tortured/programmed or trafficked, is that our day to day society is a madhouse of lies and deceit and treachery. Its not just FMSF that lies so outrageously. So Kathleen is qualified and very capable in her crusade. I address the everyday stuff to make it clear that you/we/all have an extreme problem in our everyday society.

That means we have an even bigger problem with anything done in secret and we have many branches of government that operate in secret, with no accountability and they are not elected and answerable to the people. With out any oversight, they are free to go crazy, and they have. In view of what is quite visible to us and very wrong, we have every right assume even worse of what goes on in secret. Remember that the plot to kill JFK was all done and secret and much of that network has never been identified precisely or prosecuted. Wake up, people! <<T1 end

John Hochman, M.D. - UCLA Medical School, CA.  "A forceful writer and a respected researcher, Dr. Hochman refuses to mince words when he writes about the recovered memory issue.  'Welcome to the strange world of memory recovery therapy ... This is pseudoscience ... The real message being sold by these new therapy messiahs is the ultimate crybaby solution to everyone's pitiful human problems.  It's all someone else's fault.  Reminding readers of the inadequate training of most repressed-memory therapists, Dr. Hochman pointed out that the most widely-read book of the survivor movement 'was written by two women with no formal training in memory, psychology or psychiatry'... He continues to devote considerable time to speaking and writing, frequently about 'repressed' memories, cult phenomena, and 'multiple personality.'"

Like some of the others cited on this web page, Hochman was listed in Bluebird as having been involved in human experimentation.  I wonder if he displayed the same attitude towards human subjects.  If they cried from pain or stress, I wonder if he looked at them with disgust and anger and called them "crybabies, "pitiful," or worse.  Some psychiatrists have a vested interest in discrediting awakening trauma survivors.  I wonder if Hochman is one.  Another point:  I'd much rather receive advice and support from an uneducated survivor in recovery, than from a professional who comes across as cold and condescending. <<T1 end

David S. Holmes, Ph.D. - University of Kansas.  "Professor David Holmes first raised concerns about repression in 1974 when he reviewed the laboratory evidence and concluded that despite 60 years of research, there was no evidence for the concept...It was Holmes who suggested only half in jest that a 'truth in packaging' or 'protective product warning' should accompany the use of the concept: 'Warning: The concept of repression has not been validated with experimental research and its use may be hazardous to the accurate interpretation of clinical behavior.'"

In the face of volumes of evidence that prove that ones theories are false, there's only one thing left to do: deny, deny, deny.  (For legit information about repressed memory, go to the NAFF web site and click on the "Memory Recovery" web page button.)  Holmes claims that repression hasn't been validated with experimental research.  Actually, it has - especially by some of his seedier FMSF associates. 

Mind Control NAFF

Robert A. Karlin, Ph.D. - Rutgers University, NJ.  " 1974, Dr. Karlin's early work focused on brain function, hypnosis, and the ability to hallucinate the absence of pain...By 1985, Dr. Karlin felt the battle was over, only to find he had been mistaken.  'What had been a peripheral bother - ignorance by numbers of practicing clinicians about how memory and suggestion work - became a catastrophe as the recovered memory movement gathered steam'...As an example of 'obvious nonsense,' Dr. Karlin turns to what he calls 'the epidemic of multiple personalities.' 'True psychogenic amnesia is extraordinarily rare,' he points out.  'I have seen one case in over two decades of research and practice. Yet all of a sudden there were numerous cases of MPD where amnesiac barriers shifted from moment to moment in response to hypnotic suggestion...It was like hearing reports of people running the mile in two minutes; the organism does not work that way. It was clear for that and other reasons that MPD was not a defense mechanism employed by overwhelmed children, but a dramatic role maintained by the support of certain therapists and 'self-help' groups.'"

Oh my.  This one made my blood freeze.  In 1974, Karlin "focused on brain function, hypnosis, and the ability to hallucinate the absence of pain."  Can you spell e-x-p-e-r-i-m-e-n-t-a-l-t-o-r-t-u-r-e?  Dr. Karlin could be one of the professionals hiding behind the FMSF's skirts while spewing scientifically unproven disinformation out of fear of former subjects who perhaps could remember and identify him in court some day.  Or worse.  Our recovered memory movement gained steam;  he said it "became a catastrophe."  For him, I believe it truly is.  

Truth1: The dirty word/phrase that FMSF does not want to say or admit: MKULTRA Trauma based Mind Control Programming, which causes MPD. They know very well it exists and is everywhere. <<T1 end

Harold I. Lief, M.D. - University of Pennsylvania.  "As a member of the FMSF board, Dr. Lief notes several advances in the crusade against false accusations based on repressed memory therapy."

If we accuse perpetrators based on our recovered memories, we're participating in a witch hunt against them, and that's unacceptable by FMSF standards.  But it is acceptable for the FMSF to have a crusade against recovering victims (and their therapists).  How bizarre.

Elizabeth Loftus, Ph.D. - University of Washington.  Little in Elizabeth Loftus' early career suggested that she was destined to become a lightning rod in the gathering storm called the repressed-memory controversy...In the repressed-memory wars, she has become the most visible and vocal defender of those victimized by false memories of childhood sexual abuse...her view of the false-memory phenomenon, which she describes as a 'world-wide crisis.'  No one should be surprised by Dr. Loftus' dedication in her recent book.  It reads, 'Dedicated to the principles of science, which demand that any claim to 'truth' be accompanied by proof.'"

"Lightning rod?"  How about glory-hound? After talking with three different female professionals who spent time in Loftus' presence and came away as new Loftus-worshippers (I kid you not), I've come to the reasonable conclusion that Loftus must crave attention.  She also seems to enjoy testifying in behalf of accused defendants.  To find out what the media (and the FMSF) fails to tell you about Loftus' most recent memory experiments and her seeming inability to respect the personal boundaries of others, use any search engine and type her name, and then "Lynn Crook" or "Jennifer Freyd."

Paul R. McHugh, M.D. - Johns Hopkins University, MD.  "'I believe that this crisis will ultimately resolve, as all crazes do, to the shame of those who contributed to this injustice.'  With those words, Dr. McHugh summarizes the outlook for the repressed memory crisis, which first attracted his attention several years ago. Dr. McHugh has been outspoken in his opposition to the use of repressed memory therapy, declaring: 'To treat for repressed memories without any effort at external validation is malpractice, pure and simple.' On the subject of Multiple Personality Disorder, he flatly states: 'MPD is a iatrogenic behavioral syndrome, promoted by suggestion and maintained by clinical attention, social consequences and group loyalties.'"

McHugh's name is in list #2. I've heard many horror stories about the Bourne Behavioral Research Laboratory that he set up at Cornell University, decades before recovered memory was considered controversial.  I believe that because Orne and West are deceased, McHugh may have the most to lose if the memories of mind-control experimentation survivors (especially those with Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as MPD) are taken seriously.  I believe this is why he is so vocal in his attempts to discredit those with recovered memories.  And I believe that he truly considers public acceptance of our recovered memories to be a crisis, as well as an injustice - to him?  Perhaps time and additional documentation will tell.

This ends Kathleen's Presentation. I will continue mine just a bit more.

Truth1: Dr. Janov has practiced since 1968, to his passing away in October of 2017, 39 years with extensive extensive studies done on cooperation with Universities and other funded studies. He and his institute "Dr. Janov's Primal Center" have done and published many studies there were involved with as well as some they not involved with. If you are going to deny Recovered Memory Therapy, RMT,  then you need to be able to refute Janov and I have not see much of that, even in my own criticisms, which do not deny, but avidly support the RMT that he has long practiced.

Once again, FSMF has no evidence that refutes. Only unfounded accusations that help to cause doubt and spread lies, without any punishment or consequences. That is quite the protection.

I really want to drive home how entrenched this cover up is and what it indicates. Note the many Universities that these FMSF people all belong to. All Doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, researchers, all work for Universities. many defense Department contracts are granted to universities. Any license to practice requires a university degree. Universities brainwash and program students with their leftist subversive BS. It is a way to control our entire society. Its influence reaches everywhere. Throw in the Media and Entertainment and you have total control.

It is no effort at all to control or steer this system in any direction. There is no separation between any of these ruling or influencing bodies/organizations. The apparent separations are illusions and the connections are secret. No one talks about them. In this environment, anything can be done, anywhere, at any time. There are no barriers.

Then on the last level up, the world controllers control ever nation and its actions. No nation does anything without the permission of those who rule the world. Trafficking and all vice and contraband is one united world-wide network. The brilliance, the genius of this networked system is the created illusion that the nations are opposed to each other or are selfish. But it is just a mirage.

At the very top of this pyramid scheme is a brilliant supernatural being, identified as Satan and devil in the Bible. He can read all thoughts and knows in an instant when someone in the network is deviating or plotting. Satan will be all over it. There is no way for anyone to back out of it once you are in it. Do not get in it. Do not join. You will end up in prison or die. Most likely die so that you can not talk.

I will be writing a blog on the various aspects of making a deal with the devil. But it will have to wait its turn. A month maybe.


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