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Hoaxtead Watch No. 1

Hoaxtead ducks answering for their lies about Satanic Abuse cases

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The Premise
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If you are familiar with the case involving the 2 Hampstead kids, Alisa 9, and Gabriel 8, in September of 2014, after being interviewed for a 2nd time. Prior to that, they had been in Morroco in the summer of 2014 and there, finally disclosed what had been going on with them. Their dad was the cult leader, so they say, and I believe them, of a devil cult. It operated in 10 different schools in the Hampstead area. Their testimony had all been video taped so that all manner of verbal and non-verbal communication and testimony might be evaluated by any who want to judge the case. As far as I am concerned, this case was extraordinary and has yet to be fully exposed to the degree that God, the Father of us all, going by the name Jehovah since 1209 AD, translated from Hebrew YHWH (YaHuWaH), had desired. As His voluntary servant, I am prosecuting this case on His behalf and that of the kids, and all abused human beings.

The Start of This Case
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The videos of the kids were released into the public domain thru YouTube, allegedly Feb. 6, 2015. I came across the video named " Papa Kills Babies" on "The Vigilant Citizen website, front page at the time. I went to the original video to see if there were more of the same and there were. I watched them all that were out at that time. They were taken down by YouTube by Feb. 11. But I found another channel with them and sent the links to my friend. That began my involvement and dedication to this cause. It was not long before those were taken down, too.

The result of all this publicity was that the cult decided to publish their own website on . They called it Hoaxtead, as an accusation that those promoting the testimony of the children were putting on a hoax, which they certainly were not. But those believing the children call the Cult, itself, Hoaxtead. Its only fitting. I will be referring to Hoaxtead as HX from here on in.

I posted a few rare times on HX and the boss, who by the way, is the father of the 2 children, who used their mom as a breeding cow, likely with plans to bring the kids into the cult dad's possession in time. But when the boyfriend of the mom came along, the cult became concerned and decided they needed to get the kids away as soon as possible. The boyfriend seemed threatening to the Cult. Indeed, he as sort of onto them, or at least the kids' dad.

I will improve the accounting of the history of this relationship between mom and the cultists on an article I did on it back in 2015. I will link to it later.

I had monitored the Hoaxtead site from Sep. 10 to Oct. 10, 2017, to see what I might find for trends. What I found was fascinating. I also got infected twice by them while doing this. I had another computer to keep going, but that was one of the 2 times infected. I will put that up soon and link it here.

But what caused me to start this  (Thur. March 29, 2018 at this moment, 9:48 PM EDST)  was when I attempted to post on HX regarding the Little Rascals Case, of Edenton, North Carolina, USA. HX had lied about this case previously and were lying again, only this time they did not mention it by name or town. It never was allowed to be posted. I had warned that if it was not posted, I was going to start "Hoaxtead Watch" and expose their never-ending dishonesty. So I am living up to my word with this 1st introductory installment, with many more to come, God willing.

As the 1st article, I am supplying the post I attempted to have posted on 12:15 AM EDST, March 23, 2018, 6 days ago to this moment. Before doing so, I want to show what they had printed on the Little Rascals matter that they had first brought up in Sept/Oct, 2017 while I was watching them.

HX: ‘When Psychiatry Battled the Devil’: How psychiatry promoted the SRA myth.      >>Published March 23, 2018  

Author, a.k.a. likely Cult leader "RD" likely living in S. California at this time, with his 2 children and lots of friends there, the likely Satanic Capitol of the world wide entertainment industry. What follows is HX.

Yesterday in our brief critique of the work of Australian criminology lecturer Dr Michael Salter, we touched upon the fact that neither he nor his students were alive during the most recent Satanic panic, which spanned the last two decades of the 20th century. This, perhaps, is what makes it easy for Dr Salter and his ilk to deny the importance, or even the existence, of that psychiatric/social epidemic—and what allows him to continue spreading the SRA myth amongst a new crop of professionals.

For those who were alive at the time, though, the picture looks quite different. Yesterday we happened upon an article by psychologist Dr Richard Noll, whose account of the last Satanic panic was published in the Psychiatry Times in December 2013, under the title “When Psychiatry Battled the Devil”.

Then it was un-published; and a few months later re-published under a different title, with the inclusion of statements by some of the prominent psychiatrists whose behavior Dr Noll had described in his article.

For all that the SRA-pushers howl about the “powers that be” suppressing the “truth”, it seems passing strange that Psychiatry Times, a journal which is not known to shy away from controversy, would have suppressed Dr Noll’s essay, albeit temporarily. It demonstrates the fact that there are still people who cling to their belief in SRA, to the point where they are prepared to threaten legal action against a journal which adopts a critical stance on the issue.

‘When Psychiatry Battled the Devil’

Dr Allen Frances, another veteran of the end-of-the-century Satanic panic, sets the scene:

The time was between 20 and 25 years ago.  >>Truth1: the trial began July 22, 1991. The investigation started in 1989.<<

  The outrage that needed exposing was the sudden epidemic of prosecutions of daycare workers for the alleged sexual and satanic ritual abuse of the children under their care. The place was all over the U.S. — this was a nationwide craze that focused suspicion on more than 100 daycare centers. The victims were the completely innocent daycare workers who were indicted and often convicted of ridiculous charges that could not possibly have any foundation in reality. Many were pressured, threatened, and/or tortured into false confessions, and some, under great duress, were forced into making false charges implicating co-workers. Dozens have served prison sentences, and some are still in jail — an injustice of shocking proportions.

>>That there was what appeared to be a sudden epidemic is not disputed by me. But that at least 3 to 4 cases came up near that time is very noteworthy and important. Whatever was going on, was going on by orchestrated intention. I will deal with it later in this article. It certainly can not be attributed to coincidence or chance. Further that so many similarities existed amongst all these cases begs for serious explanation and you will get one. But not a credible one from HX.<<

The initial accusers were usually mentally unbalanced parents harboring weird imaginings or an ax to grind, or both.
>>Not a word of truth. I have the book written by the social worker investigator in this Little Rascals case, who wrote a book on it that I bought and read and keep on file. I have watched TV documentaries done by the US government funded PBS network, that supported the accused day care workers and were themselves quite dishonest as I see it. The author is David E. McCall "Crimes Against Children" . . ."A Guide to Child Prosecution for Parents & Professionals" Copyright 1995. The book was amazing and quite the contrast to Dr. Allen Frances Or HX. These parents were sound and solid. The kids were disclosing, often without being prompted or questioned. Then after, they were interviewed by by professionals and police and the DA's office.<<

The first-responder enablers were gullible police detectives who spread panic from household to household.
>>More lies! Everyone was very capable and responsible. The behavior of the kids before disclosing including crying and screaming when taken to the bus stop to be taken to the day care. Some were just sacred or did not want to go. they threw fits of anger at home. Nightmares! So much more. HX neglected to mention any of this. I will be writing a full article on this case, and McMartin, and the Mansfield Ohio case, and more.<<

Next came ambitious prosecutors who used the cases to make a name for themselves (one became Attorney General of the United States; another governor of North Carolina).
>>No one was trying to make a name for themselves. Most were shocked that this had been happening but the kids and their prior behavior were impossible to ignore.<<

Most inexcusable were the self-appointed “expert” therapists with their anatomically correct dolls and their leading and bullying suggestions.
>>The therapists were slandered and their work micro analyzed and blown out of proportion and distorted beyond recognition. HX does the very same.<<

  The children were seduced and brow beaten into confirming wild stories of horrible but totally implausible,sexual and/or satanic experiences.
>>The kids were not led or brow beaten. In fact, when a child would reveal something, they would mention the other kids who had seen or participated in the abuse. These other kids, separately, had also mentioned the other kids involved and their stories matched. This was quite clear, even in the PBS documentary. You had multiple child witnesses of everything. Their testimony is unassailable!<<

Parents, police, prosecutors, and therapists who theoretically were there to protect the kids from abuse instead themselves became their abusers. >>Pure absolute lies. if you can find a copy of McCalls book, get it. Also watch the PBS documentary. Despite PBS trying hard to cover up, it was impossible to cover-up.<<

The charges were farce, but the impact on those involved was tragedy. Never was there a single shred of physical evidence that any of the crimes had ever occurred.
>>Here is where dishonesty comes in. There were no video tapes of the abuse although I think there was some porn made. but physical evidence id not likely. The evidence is all testimony of children and their behavior, cross verified by each other separately. This is not physical evidence, but it is very much evidence of testimony, disturbed behavior and the like. That is solid evidence in any court of law, if that court is legitimate and honest, carefully procedure. More lies to follow: <<

It was a modern witch hunt, no better than the Salem trials occurring 300 years before, or the Spanish Inquisition 400 years ago. In the interim, modern man has acquired remarkable knowledge but is still capable of remarkably primitive thinking and cruel action.

HX: Dr Noll describes it as an “ugly cultural and medical disaster”, which many in his profession would prefer to forget or ignore—and which those in the current generation of mental health professionals cannot remember, or can hardly believe.
>>Cultists will lie about therapists, doctors or anything else they can to try to cause doubt and denial to the uninformed. Its a smoke screen. Its wicked! Its HX!<<

The rise of ‘dissociative disorders’

To understand how “dissociative identity disorder” (DID), previously known as “multiple personality disorder” (MPD), gained a foothold in the psychiatric lexicon, it’s important to remember that during the 1980s, formal Freudian psychoanalysis had fallen out of favour, and biological psychiatry was in the ascendant.

>>Right off, MPD is accomplished by torture that causes "Dissociation." Dissociation is an natural instinctive reaction to overwhelming trauma. The horrific trauma is locked away in the mind, hidden, that should a later time come about when the person feels safe and secure and supported, might then be ready to be allowed to experience that hidden traumatic memory slowly, in bits and pieces until everything has been released. This in turn, thru methylation of the DNA throughout the body, can be reset to what it was before the trauma happened. Trauma causes the genes to be switched to help record and encode a traumatic memory.

Freud discovered Dissociation and then later denied it. Many others have as well. Dr. Arthur Janov discovered it in the 1960s and helped patients to be able to recover and experience these buried traumas which once released, eliminate the numerous symptoms of neurosis and mental disturbances that were the result of the dissociation. Its often been discovered, then buried or denied, or lost and later recovered in time. It is likely that many have been using trauma to cause dissociation and make people easy to program without them even being aware they have been programmed.

My fear and concern is that Alisa had been brutally traumatized just prior to the 3rd police interview. And her body posture and fidgeting, completely missing in the 1st 2 interviews, to me, indicates a very protective posture guarding her pubic area. If this is so, I can not think of anything other than a horrific rape being responsible for this kind of posture. I have a big article on it if you dare!

As well, most therapists who treat MPD's (Multiple Personality Disorder patients) now called Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) are typical of what therapists encounter in patients who often appear very disturbed. They end up revealing experienced CIA Mind Control Programming from the CIA, their parents and Satanic cults that the parents and the CIA belong to.  There have been many revealing these same types of experiences. Thousands! RD/HX are in denial and lying. They know better. Those who treat mind control victims allow feelings to come up. Before they come up, they tend to manifest hints in dreams of what is to come out later, in the weeks preceding the actual memory and its full emotional content coming out.<<

The advent of more sophisticated medications for various psychiatric disorders—such as Prozac, the first SSRI anti-depressant, heralded as a breakthrough in 1987—meant that those who practised psychoanalytically based therapies were looking at a rather glum future.

>>I can't believe he said that. He suggests that therapists were terrified of losing customers and so invented a united world wide conspiracy to save their practices. First of all, its crazy as hell and really stretching it. But 2nd, those drugs are useless and often cause suicidal behavior. What he won't admit is that governments have been practicing Trauma Based Mind Control programming and using these dissociated CIA slaves, used as sex slaves and blackmail, as assassins, memory files and computer processing in the mind. The Federal reserve has the entire computer network backed up in the minds of a few mind control agents of special brain functions that not just any child can be programmed for. Brice Taylor was one such programmed agent whose brain showed great potential for programming sophistication. She published a large book on her experiences. She dishes Hollywood, the government and much more.

El Coyote helps to coverup the Satanic cult associations of the CIA and other national secret services. So he and others vilify the whole concept of Mind Control programming that therapists risk their careers on, to treat these horrifically abused and cast off mind control victims. And HX and many others want to cover up their secret activities of baby importing for the purpose of sacrifice for the elites like royalty and upper classes. And they cover up that the schools are being used to harbor cults and make porn with students, and prostituting students, raping them, and torturing them. And anyone who tries to expose the horrors being carried on, such as therapists treating victims and discovering these horrors, is targeted. HX is a disinformation group and professional liars, as I see it. Their biggest target is often the therapists treating abuse victims. There is nothing more vile in the world.<<

Coincidentally, at the same time the concept of “dissociation” was gaining ground among psychoanalytically oriented psychiatrists as a “double-duty metaphor for both a causal (defense) mechanism and a descriptive term for the splitting apart of consciousness, complexes within memory systems, and the subjective sense of a unitary self”.

(In other words, “Huzzah! There’s still something we can do! Put away that prescription pad, lads, we’re off to the races!”)

>>Talk about tinfoil hat conspiracy loons. He suggests a united movement of therapists all got together and created the theory/concept of dissociation and mind splitting. Lets indulge this one for fun. Given the huge proportions of such a suggestion, it should be no effort or trouble at all for government spying to acquire a few names, places, times, letters, loose lips and other things to hard to conceal with so many people involved in this mega conspiracy. Oddly, beneficiaries like the CIA, FBI, MI5, MI6, and various spy agencies around the world, who participate in united world trafficking of children for sex and labor, as well as drugs, weapons, assassination, blackmail and more; Surely these united causes could track down a few leads on what therapists talked to who and when, or got together to create the conspiracy of fraud to save their jobs. That they have never bothered to do so indicates that they are not bothered by this conspiratorial fraud of epic proportions says E.C., or that it does not exist and is a figment of E.C.'s unstable mind. Too much adrenochrome :-)

Don't the US spy concerns have us all bugged, surveilled, watched, and all our phone records and habits, purchasing, travel info and more? Put these together and they should have the culprits caught red handed and tried and locked up for a long time. The whole of this concept is so absurd and ridiculous that El Coyote should be locked up as crazier than hell! Maybe E.C. has a drug problem. Maybe he indulges in too many antidepressants and hallucinogens. He sure has some wacko ideas.<<

The dissociative disorders, which were presumed to originate as reactions to trauma, began to gain real traction, helped along by the revision of the third edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-(DSM-III)—basically the “bible” of the mental health care professions.

Three prominent psychiatrists were invited onto the Advisory Committee for the Dissociative Disorders section of the DSM-III-R:

They were joined by committee chair Robert Spitzer, and psychiatrists Philip M. Coons and Marlene Steinberg as well as social worker Janet B.W. Williams.

According to Dr Noll,

The DSM-III-R revisions for the dissociative disorders were extensive. The sequence of the disorders in the chapter was changed, with MPD placed first because it “is in many ways both the paradigm and the most pervasive expression of the spectrum of dissociative phenomenology.” Severe physical, sexual, and emotional abuse in childhood were its predisposing factors. Described as “apparently extremely rare” in DSM-III, in the years 1984 to 1987 large numbers of cases were reported in the literature by Kluft (200 cases), Putnam (100), Coons (20), and Braun and co-authors (355).

>>What Dr. Noll is suggesting was that Dissociation and MPD were becoming very common in those recent times of 1984 to 1987. We need some history here. The USA Operation Paperclip brought over 385 train car loads of boxes of documents on technology of all sorts, far beyond US abilities. They had to import the German technicians to show them how to make the new parts and instruments that had been in use in Germany. As well, mind control programming a Nazi specialty was delivered. Dr. Joseph Mengele, Heinrich Mueller, and others were Mind control programmers brought to the USA to better teach the techniques of Mind Control programming. Britain had lots of help, too, in this respect.

The war ended in 1946. By 1947, we had our first UFO sighting in Alaska and the Rosewell Crash was in 1947. USA technology was decades behind Germany. The technology the USA was given, propelled the development of USA technology way beyond its pre-1947 levels. Michael Aquino, a high ranking Army officer and professed Satanist, who even dresses weird, was so blown away by the superior technology, that he ran to Germany as fast as he could, and thoroughly studied the occult practices of the Nazis, even carefully dressing in the proper Nazi attire.

Mind control programming really took off in 1947 onward. Add 30 years to that, because mind control agents began to break down in their 30s and this was not well known or understood when it first began to happen in the late 70s and early 80s. 1947 + 30 = 1977. Brice Taylor was born in 1951. Add 30 years and had they known then, they would have been expecting her to break down about 1981 or not long after that. It might have been 84, just off the top of my memory.

Same for Kathleen Sullivan, a programmed assassin, and many others. Some were just killed off. But it was Henry Kissenger who suggested they needed to find a way to discredit these recovered memory break downs and maybe reduce the disclosures. So they went to work to discredit, in the 1980s. This is also when daycare centers across the country started abusing children on mass scale. It was the mid  or latter 80s on that these daycare activities were being discovered and prosecuted. Coverup was already underway.

My guess is that daycare centers were being started to see how much they could get away with and for how long, and then what would it take to cover it  up in court or get it reversed and discredit it, too. They had to have the press onboard. They already had the psychiatric wards on board and the psychiatrists, too. It was the early 90s when they came up with the False Memory Syndrome, with 2 CIA plants in the movement.

But mind you, they might not be able to fully refute an accused group. All they had to do was caste doubt. Refutation would be impossible. Doubt would be easy. Hence, we got the likes of HX. Ain't life grand? God help us all, especially the kids. But God is not finished yet. His turn is coming up.<<

Drs Kluft, Putnam, and Braun also founded the International Society for the Study of Multiple Personality and Dissociation (ISSMP&D), which held its first conference in 1983. By 1986, some presenters

at the ISSMP&D conference were telling tales of abuse within cults, and childhood Satanic ritual abuse. >>SRA<<

The DSM-III-R Advisory Committee  on Dissociative Disorders understood the historical implications of the MPD diagnosis: MPD was basically the secularised version of Judeo-Christian “possession” by demons. In this sense, psychiatry was moving from any pretense of scientific rigour into dealing with the supernatural—and claiming diagnostic expertise in areas which would previously have been the province of exorcists.

In blurring the boundaries between mental health care and religious belief, psychiatry was being sucked into the “rip tide of Satanic panic”.

>>Now just how would E.C. go from reports of cults and SRA to associating those with "demons possession? I don't know of any professionals who called it Demon possession. Some religious leaders were doing this and it is very possible that some were possessed, but this is not a standard of treatment and not even a common opinion in professional circles. The primary culprit is government mind control programmers. So E.C. wants to throw us off the trail. Ignore the elephant in the room and blame the mosquito! Further, there are plenty of religiously inclined people who are therapists but they have not lost sight of the torture and mind control programming. E.C. is the one mixing religion and lying about its extent and effect. HX strikes again! Prove it, E.C!<<

Dr Noll writes,

Bennett Braun was the first and most fervent DSM-III-R Advisory Committee member to join the crusade against Satan. His public expression of interest in cults and MPD dates at least to 1986.

>>Lets get something clear here. Satan is worshipped at these rituals that involve torture, rape, murder, sacrifice and participants in robes worshipping Satan. Kids reveal it is Satan who is the object of worship. Adult victims confirm it, too. That is how Satan gets dragged into this. If you want to stop this, you have to recognize the devotion to Satan that is involved.  The Bible prescribed execution for wicked pagan rituals. Can you understand why? Look at the problems it creates.<<

But at an ISSMP&D conference in Chicago in 1988, Braun presented a workshop in which he directly linked the MPD epidemic to the abuse committed against children by devil-worshipping cults. He argued that these Satanic cults were everywhere in the U.S., internationally organized with a structure similar to communist cells, with local regional, district, national, and international councils. Braun also argued that Satanic cults were transgenerational family traditions that had been going on in secret for at least 2,000 years.

>>From "Ritual Abuse in the 21st Century, 2008:"

4 categories I focus on: RA (ritual abuse) - MC (mind control) - RA & MC (Ritual Abuse & Mind Control) - SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse)

This survey was completed March 31, 2007. Bennet Braun dates to at least 1986. When considering the survey of 2007 below, you will see that Bennet Braun was right on the money about Satan being so prominent a feature. The survey of 2007 showed that Mind control was always practiced with lots of associated Satanic Worship. You got it wrong again, E.C, you screw up!<<

Aversive hypnosis

Being caged

Threatened with Death if they talk



brain implants

buried alive

dislocation of limbs


Experiments with Dolphins

forced abortion

forced cannibalism

Forced drugging

forced impregnation

forced participation in murder

forced to participate in animal mutilations & killings

forced to participate in pornography

forced to participate in prostitution

sensory deprivation

sleep deprivation



use of blood

use of feces

 >>The highest responses to these various experiences typically come under the RA & MC, and SRA: these numbers being very near to each other in all instances. Keep in mind in this survey, that it was done in 2007, long after the persecution of therapists in the 1980s, began.<<

At that same conference, Sally Hill, a social worker in private practice in Chicago, and Jean Goodwin, a psychiatrist and professor of medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, presented a paper which attempted to validate Braun’s claims by citing historical accounts of allegations of “the Satanic black mass” and other obscene cult behaviors going back to at least A.D. 100. Reproducing these accounts without regard to context, these clinicians read them as fundamentally true reports of actual events. Professional historians who specialize in those eras tend to interpret such material as a discourse of propaganda aimed at undesirable minority groups, whether real or imagined.

A few months later, in March 1989, this conference paper was published in Kluft and Braun’s journal, "

Dissociation." It quickly became a citation success in the SRA literature as evidence in favor of the historical continuity of Satanic cults and their rituals.

>>There is no doubt in my mind that gross pagan rituals were the rage throughout history and Satan is the author of all of them. Further, the Bible scorns Israel for observing these ultimately Satanic rituals of sex and human sacrifices. And that most Jews in Babylon did not return to Jerusalem to restore the worship of the "Moses installed" religion of Jehovah and His temple operations. They remained in Babylon making money, which was in many ways the state religion of Babylon. As a result of this, Jews and Israel ended up all over the empires and trade routes.

I want to point out a youtube channel:  Robert Sepher is the channel owner/publisher, and author of a number of books on Amazon and around. He has been pointing out in recent videos that Satanisim, paganism and occultism have been around since the dawn of mankind. And he is right. But E.C. says this is not so, and that we invented it in the 1980s. Poor E.C. He can not read and has been under a rock since birth. He is to be pitied. But make no mistake folks. E.C. is a very high ranking member of this world wide cult, as far as I am concerned. He is, 100%, a professional liar. So take care to scrutinize everything he says. Seldom will you hear any truth from his lips.

God's final decision was that Israel/Judah was lost to Him and He needed to start over with His son establishing a new faith and new followers. But even that would fail in time and Jesus would let the wheat and tares grow together until the appointed time of separations of humanity into just 2 sides. For God,  or against God. So there should be no surprise that Satanism would be so prominent. It as always been that way. I am noting on Youtube now that many are recognizing that human sacrifice and sex rituals have long been with mankind. Yes, since its beginning.

And it is impossible to ignore Dissociation. For one, dissociation is a natural instinctive reaction to protect someone from overwhelming trauma. PTSD is a frequent result of dissociation, but E.C. would rather stick his head in the sand (among other places) and ignore the very obvious as if it did not even exist or manifest itself. What a liar! I know E.C. did not write the things quoted, but he quoted Dr. Noll who was maligning Braun. So E.C. is agreeing with Noll.<<

The message to the public and the mental health professions was clear: elite members of the American psychiatric profession seemed to be sanctioning the SRA moral panic. Satanic cults were probably real, had probably been around for almost two millennia, and were abusing children and creating the MPD epidemic. As for the other members of the DSM-III-R Advisory Committee and the leadership of the ISSMP&D, there was only one response: public silence.

>>Noll is leaving out that this stuff was popping up every where and with the same "methods of operation" in all instances. It was impossible to ignore it any more. That is why so many were behind it. The parents knew the truth. What Noll (and E.C.) fail to admit is that it was not just Satanic rituals and worship going on. It was government sponsored Mind Control Programming, known to many as MKULTRA, that was becoming evident in many places. Mind control slaves were starting to break down in the 80s and recalling and disclosing and writing books about it, too, in the 80s and 90s. Many were reporting to conspiratorial sites about it later on the net. The folk lore was very strong and prevalent. But Noll and E.C. were living under rocks at the time.<<

Dr Noll says that the silence of the leadership within the psychiatric community could be viewed in three possible ways by those in the trenches:

>>Woa! Hold on there! Noll says there was no physical or forensic evidence. He is lying his ass off. By the 80s, it was all over the place. But the media were doing a good job of ignoring it. But the therapists were seeing it just fine. Too fine, really. It was just Noll being uninformed by the media. He should complain to them for keeping him out of the loop and looking stupid.

No. 2 in the list suggests that therapists did not want to offend their patients who were revealing all this stuff. And I forgot my hip boots. Woe is me!

Oh, the leadership were all cowards he says. Nice guy! But he is clearly in extreme denial.<<

Throughout most of 1990 no American psychiatrist, and certainly no other member of the DSM-III-R Advisory Committee for the Dissociative Disorders, made any formal public or published statement explicitly rejecting Braun’s Satanic cult conspiracy. No one objected to Kluft’s “hidden holocaust” analogy. These were the true plague years as the moral panic continued to rage in day care centers and the courts, destroying reputations and lives.

>>There was nothing they could say. They had a huge mountain confronting them, called "The Truth." But not to fear. I had subscribed to the Skeptical Inquirer magazine, beginning in 1990, published out of Buffalo, NY. These "skeptics" were much like HX, lying about everything. I subscribed thru 93 or 94 and then stopped. You can only read lies and BS for so long. But in 92 or 93, there began, with the promoter spokeswoman academic Elizabeth Loftus, who pushed and proposed the beginnings of False Memory Syndrome (FMS), the biggest bunch twisted lies ever. The following link is a fairly accurate review of her and her work as squeezed into a good light to lead the blind.  It was this direction in the Skeptical Inquirer that brought me to stop subscribing, seeing that there was no attempt at honesty.

She also appeared a few times in Psychology Today (PT). PT went belly up in 89 and came back in 90 or 91, just in time to give attention to Loftus and the whole FMS crap. But PT was more careful in their addressing the subject, than was the Skeptical Inquirer. But PT was not denying it, either. They tried to straddle the fence, really.

The goal of this movement, heavily funded by the CIA and others, was to discredit the entire concept of dissociation and its release from the subconscious into the conscious mind with perfect recall. This was the major danger as kids who were traumatized would have these perfectly recorded memories buried inside, waiting to come out and expose everything that had ever been done to them in extremely harmful ways.

As you would imagine, this is the worst thing to happen to the CIA, Satanic Cults and incest rapists. And there was nothing they could do about it. Therapists everywhere were hearing these horrific memories coming out of these patients with the same screams of terror that they instinctively reacted to, when it 1st happened. Many therapist suffer just listening to it. Dr. Janov made this discovery and treatment known to the world in 1970 with "The Primal Scream," a book well known by the 90s. I discovered it in 1987.

Now you can understand what was going on around 1990. They were working on a scheme to discredit. Of course, anyone who understands the natural automatic process of dissociation and recording, and hiding from the conscious memory, can see thru these lies of FMS. But to the stupid public, snake oil is a good deal. But if you were a parent witnessing your child going thru a tantrum or trauma, or if you witnessed you child in therapy suddenly going into an episode of memory recall, you can imagine it would be damn near traumatic for the parent, too. And very convincing, as it should be.<<

Dr Noll describes his own experience at the seventh annual ISSMP&D conference, at which Dr Frank Putnam “decided to break his skeptical silence”, arranging a special plenary panel which would present “alternative” views of the interpretation of SRA claims.

>>Well, we guts all the liars gathered together in the same place. Where is Jehu when you need him? They needed a game plan and strategy to lie.<<

The plenary session was held in a large hotel ballroom filled with most of the more than 700 conference attendees. Television crews were on hand to witness the event. So was Gloria Steinem. So was I.

The four members of the plenary session panel were Putnam, George Ganaway, anthropologist Sherrill Mulhern, and me. Putnam had read my Dissociation critique and wanted me to present my argument in person. Putnam and Ganaway presented carefully balanced arguments that did not directly reject the reality of SRA. Instead they expressed concerns about the linkage of MPD to such controversial claims, noting it would hurt future research on child abuse and trauma.

>>Did you see that, boys and girls? Attack the concept of Dissociation, established by that time for 25 years, in large part due to Janov, but also to many copycats of Janov, who used it all in their own ways. Some cults made use of it, too. Many Memories are so powerful and painful that the mind only releases small amounts at a time. Sometimes the releases are not understood at first, but after some more released parts, the picture begins to form and make sense. So it can be a process, though still fairly short in time span. A few weeks maybe. The subconscious instinct is in full control of the releases and knows how much to let out or not. All automatic, built into our DNA from the beginning. This is nothing made up or contrived. That's for the business of HX and academics.

So they attack the concepts above so they can then claim false memories for real ones. And worst of all, this was all being linked to MPD/DID - CIA trauma based Mind Control programming. Once you discover the programming, you also expose government and every established practice of the Satanic religion that goes hand in hand with Mind Control. That is to say, that all governments worship Satan so that the Bible does not exaggerate when it says "the whole world likes in the power of the evil/wicked one" (Satan). It is a fact. And Dr. Noll and his buddies do not want YOU to know that. Neither does HX.<<

Mulhern and I were strident in our outright rejection of the veracity of SRA claims. She cited anthropological and sociological research while I hammered home the view of historians that ancient accounts of bizarre cult practices had to be read in context.

Along with my fellow panelists, I too mentioned the October 1989 preliminary report of an investigation by Supervisory Special Agent Ken Lanning from the FBI Behavioral Science Unit at Quantico which found no corroborating evidence of the existence of Satanic cults engaged in any criminal activity, let alone kidnapping and ritually sacrificing thousands of American babies. Lanning’s findings had emboldened Putnam to organize the special plenary session and go public with his private skepticism.  The full FBI report appeared three years later.

>>The FBI Behavioral Science Unit? Can I laugh now? What are the chances you will get an honest story from them? Answer: Less than zero! "which found no corroborating evidence."  Only because they had their eyes closed and ears plugged. The evidence is in the many people who have gone thru Janov's therapy or thru those therapists treating mind control breakdown of patients, as well as the many children who testified to extreme abuse in daycares and some churches, too. Can you say Mansfield, Ohio, Presbrtyrian church? Brice Taylor says her family's Baptist church in Woodland Hills California in the 50s, did it. But don't expect HX to admit that.

But you know they know cause they got churches and schools "doing it," too. Alisa and Gabriel were not telling us any thing new. This stuff has been going on for a long time; yes, probably throughout man's history, if we assume the sacrifices and temple prostitutes of pagan gods mentioned in the Bible were really done for Satan, who was smart enough to hide behind proxies/sock-puppets. Satan requires his believers to deny his existence publicly and claim to be Atheists who believe in evolution.

But the day will soon be arriving when supposed aliens arriving in UFOs show up and insist they planted us here as a colony, just as the USA TV show of 1978-1979, "BattleStar Galactica" claimed in its opening intro before every episode. No more Evolution and you can worship aliens if you want. I'll pass on that. They are not real aliens and their UFOs were made by humans right here on earth or underground on earth. HX will deny that, too, until it happens and then they will join in the "alien" party. Satan would not have it otherwise.<<

Dr Noll describes the reaction to his presentation:

Several persons—all licensed mental health professionals—approached me and let me know I wasn’t fooling them. They knew I was a witch or a member of a Satanic cult who was there to spread disinformation.

>>Ahhh! The therapists were on to them. Of course, Noll might only work for the CIA, But all CIA mind control programmers are Satan worshippers. So he probably is, too.<<

Yes, Licensed mental health professionals, whose clientele relied upon them for psychiatric care, accused a fellow professional of being a witch or Satanic cult member—because he dared to contradict their firmly held belief in SRA.

>>Not because he dared to contradict their belief in SRA, but because they knew full well, beyond any possible doubt, that SRA was real and so was MK Mind Control Programming. Therapists who help these victims of programming know the memories are not false and survivors like Brice Taylor and Kathleen Sullivan have been able to verify many places, time and events. HX ignores this, too. In daycare cases a number of children can confirm each other's presence and participation and describe the same events and features. And this, while being unaware that other children had disclosed and admitted the same. Oopps. HX caught lying again. Oh, I'm shocked . . . NOT!<<

Dr Noll writes that as people like Dr Putnam and Dr Ganaway distanced themselves from SRA, Dr Braun “and others who shared his beliefs continued to exploit the medical literature to bolster the construct validity of SRA”.

>>You see, boys and girls, buried memories coming up do very unusual things that most are not aware of, who know little to nothing of Janov's recovered memory therapy that he calls "Primal Therapy." Regardless of name, when a person finally experiences a hidden traumatic memory, any wounds they might have suffered, will often, temporarily, show up on their bodes where it took place. They will go thru the coughing, chocking, gasping, turning red or black and blue marks showing up. Once you have or witnessed something like this, you will never be able to doubt a word of the victims. But Verification is still attempted for non-believers. As well, blood pressure can soar or if they were near to dying, the blood pressure pulse might drop to very low levels as if dying. But the sort of things that these patients go thru, is not possible to act out. And after its over, the bruises and such visible signs, go away. YOU CAN NOT FAKE THIS STUFF. IT IS 100% IMPOSSIBLE.

As well, patients suddenly understand many things in their behavior due to these repressed traumas being revealed. Everything falls into place. There is also a removal of a great deal of pressure that had been a constant in their lives due to these buried traumas, that exert a big effect from the subconscious, leaving one with say, a continual sense of dread, or an uptightness, or a phobia or other irrational feelings. These all resolve themselves when the traumas behind them are freed and let go to be experienced consciously. No more carrying around all that psychological "weight" and repression.

That is how therapists know that guys like Noll, or Elizabeth Loftus are liars, because the therapists know the truth and that it can not be faked in its many aspects. Dr. Janov has recorded with video and audio, some of the patients going thru memory recovery of reliving in the conscious mind, the horror kept away all these years in the subconscious memory. Just think of the possibilities of Alisa re-experiencing whatever she went thru that had her in a horrible mental state and very unusual body postures rather defensive of the pubic area. I think dear daddy would have a lot to explain. But in order for her to be able to experience that, her subconscious would require her to be in a very safe secure place and circumstance in her life. As long as she is in the cult, that will not happen, as far as I know.<<

In the years that followed, the pages of Dissociation kept possession and exorcism alive as relevant psychiatric issues in diagnosis and treatment. Psychiatry could not abandon its jurisdictional claim on the supernatural.

>>To the best of my knowledge and reading, which is not a small amount, possession and exorcism have not been common features of most therapists. But there are some, usually of a Christian persuasion and belief, and not usually licensed therapists, that have found or claimed possession and exorcism. However, that does not rule out those. The paranormal has been reported by patients. I believe the paranormal exists, and were HX and other Satanists honest, they believe in that paranormal which is evidenced in their rituals and practices. They are fine ones to talk.

But I also think many licensed therapists know and believe there is a paranormal influence/power. I believe Daniel Ryder was one of those. He put out the best works on how the therapy is done and what goes on in recovery and in the Satanic rituals. Its very difficult to take on Satan worshipers without becoming very aware of; that they really believe in Satan since the recovering victims squeal on them. HX fools no one who has done their homework. Same for deceiver Dr. Noll.<<

When working groups were formed to create the DSM-IV, which was released in 1994, none of those who’d worked on the DSM-III-R were invited to participate.

>>Ah, do you see what happened? The CIA and related, kept the genuine therapists away from the 4th incarnation of the DSM. They worked hard from 90-94 to cover over, cover-up, and deny SRA and Mind Control. State suppression as its worst. From then to now, they make it very difficult for genuine therapists to help mind control victims. Doubt and denial are everywhere. The coup was successful. Anyone following the Hampstead case knows this well. Shills and trolls patrol the net, trying to squash the truth about Mind Control and Satan Worship.

One of the more recent trends is to plant "false patients" to pretend they are victims and frame the therapists for malpractice. As well, some victims become too scared to continue to go thru with the therapy and go into denial. This is common in regular therapy, not mind control related. A patient when near to confronting a problem in their lives, will do anything to change the direction of the therapy or even quit therapy. But when it happens in a mind control therapy treatment, they make big trouble for the therapists, accusing them of suggesting or "planting" memories in a patient's memory . . . The false memory syndrome, ya know! (I'm being sarcastic!) These therapists are sued for huge sums and run out of business or get their licenses taken away.

And its all lies. The therapist might have asked if this or that happened and then these false accusers frame the therapist, who having so many patients tell them much the same, innocently ask if they experienced similar. This is what they claim is planting false memories, as if the therapist hypnotized them or bullied them into admitting something. If you watch how much HX lies, you'll understand how they twist and lie about things routinely. Shills do the same.

The planted patients claimed they were urged to believe and that it never happened. The Hampstead kids were forced to recant. Those covering for daycare abuse would look for a child who appeared to be led by a therapist and then demand the witness be recognized as influenced and their testimony thrown out. But the child did not and would not recant. This happened in the Little Rascals case. The therapist really did nothing wrong, but she did prompt a suggestion, once or twice, knowing the other kids had that experience. It was innocent, but now therapists are very careful, knowing that innocent slips do not prevent the liars from accusing false suggestions that can not be verified, but only implied to get real criminals off the hook or out of prison.

So there is a war in false accusations being made by defense attorneys and professional therapists who support the CIA's agenda. Therapists are harassed, lied about, falsely accused, sued, banned from practicing, and financially ruined by the law the suit in a number of cases. Therapists have to be far more careful than should ever be necessary. Every single word or movement they make will be questioned an vilified. This is why HX can be so bold in their lies and deceit. Everyone is on their side. Law enforcement, Investigators, lawyers, judges, governing bodies of psychiatric associations, politicians, leaders, big business, sports, entertainment; the Media especially!

Indeed, the good are outnumbered many thousands to 1. But truth favors the good. There is no truth in the liars.  And the brain dead masses are useless. This battle will prove what humanity has really become and who is worthy of God's grace or not. This Battle, if any victories are to be had, will be had by the power of God, only. Most mind control therapists believe in God. Its hard not to, when you do what they do, and experience what they have.<<

Renamed and revised as dissociative identity disorder (DID), [MPD] also had been dethroned from first place in the sequence of dissociative disorders. “I don’t want it to be seen as some sort of circus sideshow,” said the chair of the new DSM-IV work group. DSM-IV reinstated the order of DSM-III. The new guards at the APA were doing their best to quarantine the profession from not only the men who had enabled the MPD epidemic but also from any lingering connection to the moral panic.

>>Do you see the extent of the overthrow?  It was very dishonest? We are up against the world, who side with the abusers of the world. The so called Satanic panic was noting of the sort. What people, particularly parents, experienced, were genuine and horrific. The vast army of liars and deceivers squashed everything. This is what HX continues to cover-up. They act so smug and arrogant. I really believe that God has a surprise for them that no one is expecting, save myself. God wants a fair trial and it has not been fair so far. Or if it has, then most failed the test. I'll stick with the surprise.<<

While Dr Noll notes that after about 1994, both MPD/DID and the Satanic panic had essentially died down, we think it’s safe to say that while the epidemic was quelled, the disease itself never really disappeared, but only went underground. As we’ve discussed on this blog, belief in SRA and DID has persisted among certain practitioners, who continue to pass it along to their naďve and unsuspecting patients without a second thought.

>>E.C. is right in that MPD/DID sort of went underground. The real truth is that MPD/DID was never truly refuted but simply lied about, covered up and suppressed so that an underground does exist. The idea of proving anything in court and getting a settlement has been abandoned, and I agree with that decision. As well, they have to settle for healing and nothing more. Exposing what is going on? That remains the battle that only God can overcome, if it is His will.<<

The belief remains essentially unchanged, despite decades of debunking, and the Hampstead SRA hoax is only one of its many manifestations. The question remains: what are we going to do about it?

<<< END of HX article

Truth1 in black now >>>

They have not been able to silence the truth. It keeps coming up and out. Truth will not be extinguished. But its enemies will be, in time. E.C. asks, "what are we going to do about it? I wonder who he is writing to. The UK gov? Courts? The USA where I say RD is now living with his kids and mixing with the Hollywood crowd? I would say he is appealing to the highest levels of the network. He is suggesting an attack on this movment that seems to have him concerned. Interesting. I see a possibility here.

Suppose a horde is assembled. Sort of like Egypt under Pharaoh Akhenaten, the opposer and resistor of Moses. He was Amenhotep IV when opposing Moses, but after he took the entire Chariot army of Egypt into the Red Sea, though dead, he was despised by all Egypt, and another took his ID for a time and then died or was done away with and all his heirs eliminated as well, and then Aye and Horemheb took over. Akhenaton was forever hated for his ruining the Egyptian Empire and nearly destroying Egypt by opposing God and Moses.

Could the Status quo be arrogant enough? I know the UK is arrogant enough. Is he addressing Satan worshipers, secretly asking for their help? Is he a bit scared at this point? Of what, exactly?

I think this could all get very interesting. I attempted to post the following, in the early hours of March 24, 2018 to the HX article covered above. I knew that I had been on the not allowed to post list, but wanted to see if I was still on it or not. I really wanted to post this to his article:

 March 23, 2018, Truth1's Attempted Post
Back to Top

Dissociation has been abundantly common knowledge since the publishing of Dr. Arthur Janov’s “The Primal Scream” 1970. Where have you been, E.C? Most of those who disclosed in the Little Rascals affair of Edenton N.C. USA did not disclose from recovered memories. It was all conscious because extreme torture was not needed and usually is not needed to keep kids from talking.

Dissociation usually is a feature of Trauma based Mind Control programming practiced pretty much by every nation now, in secret, of course, but with plenty of victims to testify. Anyone can dissociate, but those are much less common and usually only those like Janov encounter this sort of thing.

Regular mainstream psychiatry and psychology are carefully controlled by secret government intelligence services, who do everything in secret, including killing their presidents.

In the present, Doctors of many years experience treating veterans for the Veterans Administration  of the USA for PTSD, encounter dissociated memories. Bessel Van Der Kolk has published several books on it and Peter Levine has found some ways of treating potential dissociation and has a number of books out on his experiences. Your fighting a tide that will one day overwhelm you, and pull you out to sea.

Do you have any idea how many patients Dr. Janov has treated and continued to treat from the mid 60’s to now, 2018, 58 years later? And then his x-wife has also been practicing the same under the name, “The Primal Institute” to the present, another 58 years.

The number of Mind control victims is in the many thousands now, as the breakdown of the “walls” in the mind that keep memories and alternate personalities hidden away. “Ritual Abuse in the 21st Century,” has all the stats.

Page 56 reports a study called “International Survey for Adult Survivors of Extreme Abuse.” They had 1471 who responded. Many more were likely too fearful but are likely to later gain some confidence and partial healing. Its all in chapter 3. 1471 witnesses and accountings. This was done about 2007, I think. 11 years ago and many more witnesses , no doubt, since. The book was published in 2008. Therapists from around the world were also consulted and many were part of the book.

Surely you would not hide this info since you have nothing to hide, right? But if you do, I will publish it on my site anyway and make it a regular feature on my site. It would be far more revealing than anything Kris Kosta a.k.a. Jacqui “Framer” does. <<< End of saved post attempt.

Published 12:15 AM EDST, March 23, 2018.

It was not allowed to be posted. I got very angry. They knew they were lying and would not let an opposing view be heard. Yet they can go to any Youtube Video comment section and spew out, outrageous lies and abuse. Were I to do the same on Facebook or one of their videos on the comment section, I would be deleted. My FB account would be closed. They would try to get my account closed. They do it all the time. They want freedom, but do not want others to have freedom. They are one-sided hypocrites and one way streets. There is nothing honorable about them. They have no principles. They do not support equal rights for all. Not even close.

So I publish this now to show concrete evidence of their one-sided principles. They love power and the abuse of power. They hate freedom of speech just like the bullies who make trouble for therapists and abuse victims with their lies and cover-ups. You can see them coming a mile away.

This is my first article on HX. More will follow. HX will not go unchallenged any longer. My next article will be on my observing them in Sep/Oct of 2017. I discovered many interesting things in this time. They seemed to be fully aware that I was watching them and noting times and dates. The war escalates!

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