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Gabriel in the Audi Commerical

I saw "Lift the Veil's" Video last night. Oh, now he sees the light, like every other shill and liar on the Planet, Excluding HX, of course. Now that the obvious is out and around. I also noticed that they are parroting me to the very letter in their comments at LTV's video comments. But I do have one joy about this. I am going to be able to wring these shills thru the rollers. Kris better not show up any more. I'll ruin her . . . Correction . . . She already ruined herself as did her "creator" Jackie/Jacqui. LTV/Nathan Stopleman is a joke with egg on his face.

But this article is not about that really. I wanted to show part of what I had been working on, though I have been on another 2 projects as well.

So I need to introduce this photo first. I had found this on Google images after the shills insisted that Jessi, as they called her, was the girl in the video. Sonya, the now the totally fake liar and fraud, which I will make sure if I see her advertised on radio shows, get's her due! She writes/sells crap books. Her career is done for. Couldn't happen to a better bitch! Or maybe Witch! Who knows? So about 2 or 3 weeks after the denial of Alisa being in the video, I discover this picture on Google Images. There was another at that time I place just below as well.

Is it not odd that I can not, according to political correctness, point out the truth of what bitches and a$$holes say and do, yet they can slander and lie about any one at any time and nothing can happen to them. Its calla a one way street.

Back to the pictures below! I grabbed it, too, because it was of very high resolution, which you could never get from a video. And it showed fake freckles painted on. It was also a close up of the helmet she wore in the video. What makes the photo on left below very unusual is that Its not from the Audi video. Again, too high a resolution as well. It was taken during the shooting of the commercial. And most of all, Gabriel is in it just beyond Alisa. Gabriel is looking up at a guy dressed in black. He must know him. You can barely detect the guy's hair but it is possible he is looking at Gabriel, too. You will note the 2 kids are together. They will continually appear together in the commercial and separately, too.

There is a reason why they are both together in several scenes. What is important to observe is Gabe's helmet. He has goggles on it but is not wearing them at this time. But he will be. Also carefully note there is white on the side of his helmet. We firmly identify him here as he is squinting and looking up and he is too far away. But that helmet will connect soon. When Sonya the bitch, (I know that is redundant since, all the female shills are bitches.) said that Alisa was Jessi, she had not planned on Gabriel being in the video, too. I had not figured it, either, when the 2 bitches (Kris was the other phony) denied Alisa. Now that this will become evident, they are washed up frauds. If you love truth, and love the kids, please shun these people who are shills. They deserve that and a lot more. God will have to take care of the rest.


I think the guy in black could be RD, but if not, RD is the father in the video as well. Only slightly disguised, its not hard to see thru, unless you are a phony lying shill. Plenty of those, are there not? I want to point out the 2 prominent fake freckles toward the upper part of the nose. They are fairly big. They are superimposed. They are not to be found on any other scene in the video. They were likely put out on this Hi-Res photo to try to discredit my pointing out a 6-7 point "star" freckle she has closer to the tip of her nose.

Lets play Devil's advocate here. If these are Alisa and Gabriel, what are they doing there when the UK said they were in foster care at this time?

Busted! This is 100% proof that the UK was lying and has always lied.

And if they lied once, they have lied may times. The whole investigation was one big lie. It is my suspicion now, that Ella's suspicion that the kids were raped (At least Alisa), when they were taken into custody on 911, 2014, it quite possible as I see it. That the medical reports made no mention of this is not surprising if it is true. They never reported the lab tests for drugs or diseases or lied about them. They also slandered Dr. Hodes. There are so many lies and evidence of deception and fraud, that every single work uttered by these two kids ought to be taken 100% truthful. All I can say is that Alisa was in a horrible state of mind in that 3rd police interview fraud. And she looked nearly as bad in the Ebay interview as well, and wearing a choker around her neck,  likely dad's idea. He was rubbing it in our faces. May God take notice. Now on to Gabriel.

That is the face of Gabriel, just 15 seconds into this video. The helmet is blue and I think that is a white star on the (our) right side of the helmet. He appears as 4 different people in this video.

That face above should have settled this, but the shills lie and people are incredibly stupid. That is what the kids got going against them, but they do have God in their corner, though they may not know it. Below left is Gabe with a white helmet on and Goggles to obscure his face, though his 2 upper front teeth secure his ID. It looks a lot like above as well. This was at 32 seconds into the video. It was incredibly dark, so I had to lighten it a lot. In doing so, I encountered some pixilation. Why so dark? They were trying to hide the ID. Same for the goggles. Hiding = cover-up = guilt = conviction! We just need the prosecution now. I'm just waiting for hell to freeze over. Could be any time now!


I believe these 2 photos were done in a studio. The left one was at 36 seconds. The right at 37 seconds. The pic on the right was lightened quite a bit but I wanted it to avoid some of the pixilation so I left it partially on the dark side. Given that this was in studio, they may not appear with the same clothes and equipment. But on the right above, you can see the orange helmet on the right, the color of Alisa's. The visor on Gabe's helmet is ridiculously long, which makes it easy to spot in other places if it appears again. Me thinks there is fake hair in this photo. It could even be makeup, instead. But its the same goggles and he would be 9-10 at this time. The goggles are in other pics and the left is clearly Gabriel's teeth so I assume its him on the right, too. This is the 3rd different look/role for him in this video. His tooth gap is there, though it looks to me like he has caps that narrow the gap a little.

Below left, the back shows short hair that is very blond. Also in the studio, says I! Below right was so dark that pixilation was pretty bad when I lightened it. It was very dark. The hair really looks fake to me. And they dare not let us see this boy without some sort of eye covering or obscuring. In normal typical commercials, they want you to be able to see the characters. The characters usually are intended to convey some sort of emotion/expression to sell a product in some way, if just by the product being seen or associated. But this commercial had much different purpose than typical commercials.


Now no one noticed this, either, below. The 2 kids are shown as rivals. But they remain in real life, brother and sister.


These two are the stars of this commercial. And the production company keeps them together. RD is not a small insignificant person in the real world. What he did in the UK was no small operation. He could go to California and big Hollywood moguls would know who he was and they would know better than to not open them arms to him and his plight/cause. To not do so, would likely bring the wrath of Satan. And no mogul wants that. So RD has both is kids in a huge commercial. In fact, my personal opinion is, that RD is likely a friend of Jessie's father, Mick, who likely volunteered his daughter to be used as the supposed Audi girl, even knowing there could be some adverse publicity from it. But be assured that if this was the case, he will be rewarded for stepping up to the plate and giving to the cause. And they both live near each other, relatively speaking. Mick may very well live in Malibu since he attended a Malibu church event shown on Google images. That will have to be for another article some time, maybe.

Now I have a pretty good idea of approximately where RD lives. But its not important exactly where he lives and I am not telling. It has nothing to do with what took place in 2014. I had some unusual visitors to my website over the years and there is particular area that looks like a cult haven. Of course, in California, that could be just about anywhere. But some places are totally isolated except for  highway ramps. No roads go directly thru them. I have often been very lucky with coincidences.

Alisa crosses the finish line first, supposedly proving that women can beat men any time they want. Only with the government's help! The two kids finish together.

But no one should be threatening anyone with violence or retribution or anything outside the law. Seeking exposure of crimes and/or coverups of crimes, is another thing all together. My concern is not for RD as much as his kids, who have to live with him. They have to depend on their dad and he is their captor, Illegally, in my opinion, as the UK does not honor its own laws and procedures. So in some respects, when you attack or threaten dad, in some way or another, you might be impacting the kids. So please be respectful and careful as you campaign for the exposure of injustice and pursuing justice, of the many evil things going on in the world. No Violence and no physical threats! But truth is always merited. Besides, Hoaxtead is looking for any excuse to make trouble for us. We have enough as it is. Yes, Hoaxtead does make many threats against us. And it will catch up to them.

Alisa was on Hoaxtead!
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Its true. I was recording times of HX posts and comments from Sep. 10 to Oct. 10, in 2017, a 30 day tracking. You know, somehow, they knew I was typing in times and dates in MS Word and Open Office. They started trying to cover up. How come? What was there to fear. Answer: RD knew it would show him as likely living in California and certainly not the UK. Not to mention the many sock puppets he uses. But while doing so, I came upon this, below:

Do you recognize her? Its Alisa. The same dark lighting to obscure her facial features as the Audi commerical did. She might have been modeling or screen testing or something like that. Or it was just a home picture with the hat prop. The same subtle double chin, and philtrum under the nose. Not a shred of doubt in my mind . . . what's left of it, if anything. But EC put that in to see if anyone would notice. Only me!
Now I went searching last night on google images for this. I got something. Its very interesting.

there is an AMC TV show called "The Walking Dead." I've never seen it. I take it that it uses a lot of macabre humor.

Just above, this picture of Alisa is lighter than mine. RD darkend it. So Its her!               Now look at the below!

You tell me. Is that RD on the right above? He has some facial hair would could be fake and maybe a skin covering with makeup to make him look like a zombie, perhaps. Is it possible that they are all trying out for parts once in a while, while LA County? Or at least invited as guests to watch a episode in the making and being allowed pictures in make up as souvenirs or similar? Now there is a teen boy in this show I gather, just below at the bottom photos in the collage.

There are many of these on the left, inviting fans to make their jokes. There is good wit there, too. The boy in the bottom right has some similarities to Alisa, but he as a different nose and eyes in other shots.

But why does this photo end up on Hoaxtead? Note, too, that the 2nd Alisa photo beneath the 1st, has a straight sour look. Was she getting a photo or screen test? Or souvenirs? The hat she wears is exactly what is in the show. As well, left side, 2nd row with what looks like a nose prosthetic to hide his ID or make him look like a zombie.  OR, where they in an episode slightly disguised? but I think that guy could be RD. The whole face looks fake. Probably the 1st one on top, too.

When you think about it, would not a zombie show be the perfect way to place these 2 on camera and no one would catch on? Have we got yet another scandal here?

But regardless, Alisa's photo was on Hoaxted. And I say they are in Southern California. Too many in the UK would recognize them. These were likely done near to the same time as the Audi commercial. This case is on fire now. Its only going to get bigger. I'll bet you they left a big trail behind them.

Part of solving mysteries like this is that its not just comparing faces. Smart ones would not leave much of their faces behind, which is what we get in the Audi commercial, though I think Alisa is easily demonstrated. But with Gabriel, the fact they are both featured in the racing scenes together and that Dad is there slightly disguised. But what are the odds that 2 kids are in the video that just happen to look near the same as the 2 Hampstead kids. And that they are kept together in the video. And that the girls dad sweeps his hair back like RD and has similar facial features and is the girls dad in the video. There are just way too many coincidences, that taken as a whole, are hard ignore. And then more stuff comes along. But worse for shills, Jessi, who I have pictures of, is no where to be found. And the boy in the video does not, in any way, look like the brother of Jessi.

And if you read/view Hoaxtead Watch #3, you'll see RD is not in the UK. Everyone sends him their best, as if he were living far away. Even more amazing is that the sympathy wishes passed on, were done because of a family crisis with one of the kids in jeopardy for some reason and was uncertain as to its outcome. EC was saying that it would be uncertain for the next 36 hours as to whether the child would live or not. That could have been a bad accident, but only one? And not the other, too? I suspected suicide, based on the fact that Alisa, in the 3rd police interview, looked in horrible shape. My opinion has always been, that she brutally raped. Not saying who or for sure, but its my opinion, given the distress she was in, in the interview. Had it been a horrific rape, maybe even a gang bang, that would have easily been enough to cause her to be suicidal at times, on and off. I knew a woman on the net in 2003 who had gone thru that and often fought back wanting to kill herself. Many mind control victims experience that.

How sadly ironic that a possible suicide attempt took place. The Ebay commercial shows a still very depressed looking, emotionally dead girl quite overweight given her skinny appearance in her videos Abe and Ella made. This would appear to support the possibility, if not likelihood that an attempt at suicide did take place. Coincidence? Not hardly. I was right on the money in 2014, 2017, and 2018, too. RD should not have those children. They never looked that bad when with Ella and Abe. RD says Abraham was a monster. I strongly disagree, but supposing its so, the kids would still be way better with him around than with daddy dearest, the psycopath, (only my own opinion, unless you, the reader, agree, too).

A Short Note    The pictures and info of the kids are all over the net now. Google images is full of them. RD has been deluged and overwhelmed. Nothing can stop this world-wide crusade now. Even shills are jumping back on the bandwagon. But they made their mistakes and recovery will not be possible. They played their hand. More stuff to come from the vaults of Truth1 . . . the Truth is out there! Or soon will be.

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