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  Truth1's  Hoaxtead Watch No. 3

Family Crisis Abroad

A Feb. 1st or 2nd post at the HX blog appeared with Below left:

It should be understood that EC - El Coyote is, in my conviction, RD. A 36 hour family crisis. Now many of you idiots out there swallowed the words of the UK social services that the kids were still in foster care. I never believe that for even 1 second. But what was revealed on HX, Feb.2-3 is very enlightening. So I will show you the various messages posted in the comments that say more than I ever could.

The posts from the gang in the UK begin Feb. 2, 2018, 7 AM UK time. EC likely put it up the night before, near to 9 PM Cali time, so it was 3 hours till the posts started coming in. I will start with the 1st posted comment.


Now take careful note that EC seems to live far away from the gang. They are only hearing about this in the morning. Note the positive vibes sent to somewhere. And above, Fnord Sends good thoughts. Now if EC were living in the UK, He'd be a phone call away and might ever see them all at school. but they only get the news in the morning and its been going on for 36 hours. Complete silence! What do you suppose happened. And if EC has now got a family, well, that was fast, unless his family is his 2 stolen kids with the Help of the UK family court kidnappers.

 As far as I am concerned, EC/RD has his kids far away in Cali. Where else. As well, a very recent post of an RD sock puppet said to me on a youtube comment that Hollywood was bad and worse then than the UK. He would know. What concerns me is this 36 hour danger period. Is Alisa being used as a breeder now and having a difficult birth? Did she get roughed up by some Hollywood sicko? Did EC get pissed at her and smack her round good. A car accident?

It seems pretty clear to me that RD has the kids and a major problem came up. Everyone voiced their concern and girl or boy is OK, we hope. But maybe you can see the value of paying careful attention to wording. As well, it is quite plain that those who denied the Kids were in the Audi Superbowl commercial are 100% shills. That would include, but not be limited to, Kris Costa (not her real name, nor is one of her other IDs, Jacqui Farmer. Go head, Kris! Sue me !!!!!!!! Nearly everyone backed out of the Audi commerical claim. Take a bow, Idiots. I got a lot more to come. Got a lot on my plate right now.

As time goes on, I intend to show the secret ways of communication this group at Hoaxtead uses to communicate. The following is an example:

Terri came out of the gates with an ability to get seen and heard and showed promise. But she evidently did not know that HX can play tough and you don't want to take them on with out God backing you, provided that you have earned it by being devoted to Him.

HX's Spiny reacts above. He is intimidated by her, but he can handle her, too. Note his 2nd comment. She was going to get her own folder of info and be tracked, watched, even hunted to see if they can come up with anything on her. she quickly bowed out. But what everyone needs to understand is that Satanists take attacks serious. So does HX, who of course, denies believing or worshipping Satan and all claim the standard response of "we believe in evolution and we are Atheists." That's a cover. They adore Satan in Secret as the 2 kids would tell you, if they had not been kidnapped by the UK Injustice system.

They got a folder on me. James Hind mentioned the notes about me to EC when I had posted one time about Jacqui Farmer. They make it their business to be well informed and you can be assured that they work closely with British Intelligence, B.I with them, too. There is no separation tween Satan and the UK from top to bottom.

They keep folders on many but they do not list them. But maybe you have noticed names like Angie Watch or similar. So Spiny's comment, "Its time this loon had her own folder!" was likely a command to the gang to get it going. Spiny would be seen by me as RD. That's just my opinion. I got more of these in store. I keep track of a number of things, too. If its fine for them, it should be OK for me. but I think we all know, Hoaxtead is a one-way street. Its OK when they do it, but not OK if anyone uses their tactics on them. I'll leave it to God (Jehovah) as to how much room I have to do the job I see as necessary.

Soda Pop Clubs & Alisa
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I just came across this today, having earlier uploaded this article. I am providing the link. I have downloaded this as well.


These Soda Pop Clubs, supposedly for the teens, were really hang outs for Hollywood adult perverts. Corey Feldman was interviewed. The channel owner did the video and some research. A guy named Alphy Hoffman ran one such place/network. A bit like Jimmy Savile. 16 and under only, unless you include big names Hollywood circles who came for the "goodies and sweets" as they would see it.

Feldman says thousands have been through it and know who all the abusers are.

Matt Lauer says it did not work out before, why not try again now? What? Like things have changed? NOT!

Feldman: Statute of limitations protects people! Its only that way in Cali, because of “the industry.”

I grabbed some screen shots.

The girl in white below, does not look like she is having a good time. Even the girl far left looks emotionless.

Now comes the the big one. Make sure you are sitting down.

That is Hoffman on the right and the girl looks a bit overweight and rather plain. Usually the Elites like the pretty young things, whether boy or girl. But I suspect that these guys like to abuse these types who often have low esteem to begin with. They are almost certain very rough and abusive as they are filled with hate and anger, anyway. I increased the screen size of youtube, focusing on the girl.

 I want you to notice her hands and arms. They buried tightly into her crotch area. Is she feeling insecure or self-conscious of that area? What do you think is up? Know the circumstances, one would expect that sex would be a good possibility.

Have you ever seen this before? I have! Let me show you what I am talking about. The next girl's name is Alisa.

Alisa in her 3rd police interview





Its just my opinion, but she looks demoralized. Whatever the family crisis was, they did not want to discuss it. Now lets say it was a car crash. There would be no point to hiding that. That could happen to anyone. By default, it has to be something they do not want anyone to know the slightest about. I am sure the supporters understood this well. Not one of them asked for an explanation. They seemed to know by then, from another means. Likely a phone call.

Is Alisa capable of suicide? I guess it would depend, but given the pictures above, there is nothing I would rule out. Lets hope that God might take pity and mercy on her. What a horrid life she must have.

Truth 1 Out!

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