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         Hoaxtead Watch No. 4

They're Back!

Charlotte Ward et al - a.k.a. Jacqui F. & Kris C. Is Back

What did we ever do to deserve this?

On the following 2 dates, HX posted 2 articles of Charlotte/Jacqui, (and Kris, too) apparently having gone mad. But for those in the know, Jacqui has always been out in left field, or so it would appear.

May 26, 2018  7 PM EDST              4 PM Cali  

May 27, 2018  7 PM EDST              4 PM Cali  

Now Jax, (short for Jacqui as she called her self on her Hampstead Research (HR from here on in) Blog on WordPress, has always suffered a bit from Multiple personality disorder of sorts. She, like all internet shills/gov-agents, make liberal use of sock-puppets and numerous fake IDs. On HR, she was in business from late Feb. 2015 and then self-destructed in June and July of that year. So Hoaxtead volunteered to complain to Wordpress and WP also help by taking HR down. Jax had made such a mess that she just wanted to get rid of it, but do so in a way that would not make it look like she did it herself. She did this a 2nd time with the 2nd incarnation, Research Hampstead. Down it went.

You have to understand the pattern here. A shill starts out trying to look like a hero and crusader, when in reality, they are to wait till the time is right to sabotage whatever movement they are trying to harm, in our case, the Hampstead kids, A & G. so they know that sooner or later they are going to have to kill off their hero ID and re-emerge as another ID. In fact, many times, they will create another ID long before they have to throw themselves on the fire and burn . . . only metaphorically.

Jax had another ID waiting in 2015. Kris Costa, if memory serves me right, appeared as a name, on the secret FB group to support the kids, in March at the latest. I think I saw the name near to the March London protest in mid March. We did not see much of anything from Kris . . . till Jax sacrificed her ID to screw Ella and Abraham over with the Jean Clemont recordings and other treacherous acts.

What happened not long after was that Kris started a secret FB support group for Ella and the kids. Out of no where she activated. And she kept the Jax ID active as Jacob Farmer and Maria McMahon acting as antagonists who supposedly opposed Kris in her apparent crusade of mercy and support for Ella.

The goal was to use the Jax ID to look bad and attack Kris, which would give Kris the chance to look like a hero. And to be honest, it worked flawlessly. No one would have guessed it. Even I did not get it at first. I was never invited into the group. You should not bother to guess why. Jax hated me and well, I was no fan of her, either. Eventually I became friends with Kris but did not join the secret group. I wanted to work alone, then and now.

But in time, it became very obvious that Kris was a 2 faced liar trying to muddy up the waters. Kris went against the kids being in the Audi commercial. Jax strikes yet again. Sonya Vangelder (who also calls herself Melissa Williams) also exposed herself, too, in joining with Kris. In fact, Jax and Angela were both acting as shills and when Angela let the worst shills in, most of us left. Oddly, all those shills ended up hanging around Kris Costa. Just follow the gang. To this day, just take note of who is friends with Kris, and you will have a good list of shills.

Hoaxtead published a good fake mock war between Jax and Kris. It was very entertaining watching the fake fight.

now I will cover more behind the scenes moves in the future, but  I need to get to the very important point of what is up with Jax/Charlotte's recent posts of the last 2 days. Its just a whole bunch more tricks and deceit, but I want to point out what I think is going to come of it.

Jax is a well trained agent. She operates blogs, sites, many youtube channels and more. She is on social media. But always in disguise.

What she is building up to, is, I suspect, a lot of false accusations to make everyone look bad, in hopes of finally destroying the Hampstead movement once and for all. And Hoaxtead will proudly spread it all around. Angie is also one of those whose job, as I see it, it to make the cause look bad by acting (trust me, she is acting) outrageous. HX loves her and give her unprecedented attention. Now they will do the same for Jax.

This will be the biggest hatchet job yet on the entirety of this cause of the 2 kids. My warning is don't take any of it seriously. Who will be the victims? I suspect that Abe & Ella have been paid off by the UK. So the UK will do a final axe job on them and they will remain silent, having been well paid. Sabine and anyone allied with her will be in trouble. And most of all, they will make it all so confusing and ridiculous that no one will know what to believe and they will all walk away . . . except me.

All I am saying is check back here as things come out. I'll make real sense of it and break it down. I just wanted to give you all a head's up. And it you are one of those who has carried on during the crusade for the kids, you would be well advised to get out of the UK for a while, or face possible arrest, conviction, and imprisonment. Go to France, Spain, Portugal or wherever. if things die down, you can come back, though I'd be weary of that. I think they want to make an example of as many as possible, and Jax will be leading the charge. And Hoaxtead right behind her.

I note tonight that Tommy Robinson has been arrested. And they UK means business.

UK: Descent into POLICE STATE

Published on May 27, 2018

Free Tommy Robinson

I Won't Be Around For Much Longer.            Tommy Robinson            815K views

My thoughts are with Sabine, Deborah and other unfortunates. On the other hand, anyone befriending anyone who openly professes to be a Luciferian is a traitor to God, the 2 kids and then entirety of trying to help kids around the world. Regardless of excuses, there is no real distinction between the 2. That is just a smoke screen. whatever name he goes by, Satan also had plenty of sock-puppets and different names. He is all things to all people. That is the problem.


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