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Hoaxtead Reports From Mars!                        And a Brief special report on Alisa sighting

 Regarding HX article:   When SRA came to the UK: Lessons from the Nottingham case

El Coyote / 6 hours ago      posted about 7:30 PM EDST June 8, 2018

Truth1 >> Why do I say Mars when I have been saying California for some time now? Well, they say that SRA was an 80s phenomenon and that Nottingham was the first debut of SRA in the UK. You could only say that if you had been living under a rock . . . on Mars!  SRA has been around pretty much from the dawn of Civilization. It has always been with us. To some degree, the start and great expansion sort of put a damper on paganism, Since Constantine the Great, so called, adopted Christianity as his own and made it a state religion, for reasons that are very suspect, at the least.

But Paganism, which is no different than Satanism, was alive and well in that time and in many ways, found its corrupting ways into Christianity, thru its many esoteric symbols and imagery and even the renegade Christian sex "love" cults. So lets have a look at the astounding "brilliance" of Hoaxtead and their astute powers of observation. Oh, I am just kidding. They are the blind leading the ever more blind.

HX >> As we’ve discussed here before, the idea of “Satanic ritual abuse” is a relatively modern one, originating in a small city on the west coast of Canada in 1980. That’s when psychiatrist Dr Lawrence Pazdor and his client (and eventual wife) Michelle Proby, aka Michelle Smith, published the literary hoax Michelle Remembers, documenting Dr Pazder’s course of therapy with Michelle, who “remembered” having been victimised by a group of Satanists in Victoria, B.C.

That book formed the foundation for the “Satanic panic” which began in the United States and Canada in the early 1980s, and migrated to the UK in 1988, when the first fully fledged SRA case took place in Broxtowe, an estate in Nottingham.<<

T1 >> So let me see if I got this straight. One book started the whole thing, breathing life and inspiration to the whole SRA movement which jumped across the Atlantic Ocean and sprouted on UK soil in Nottingham. Wow! That must have been some book.

What immediately struck me about this was that I have been watching a substantial number of videos and a very capable anthropologist, Robert Sepher, also a writer publisher of at least 4 books available and on Amazon and has a lot of well done videos and a lot of good observations and material that few others have dared to do or bothered to do.

He has been showing that paganism and human sacrifice, among other things, have been going on since the beginning of time. But HX E. Coyote says only since 1980. He wiped out the previous 6000 years and some would argue for several hundred thousand years and others even several million. So I hope you will pardon me for my low figure of about 4,370 years since the flood of Noah. I am just going to put in a few HX statements so as not to completely waste your time and mine, too.

HX >> This case, and the way in which it was investigated, reveals a great deal about the many pitfalls which can arise during investigations of allegations of SRA, and tackles head-on the issues of leading questions, contamination, witness reliability, and conflicting stories from witnesses.

We’d like to thank the reader who pointed us toward the JET report, and hope our other readers will find it as informative as we do.

Truth1 >> I am going to present this in numbered sections that were not done that way in the HX article. Nothing was changed other than numbering some sections quoted.

The Nottingham Ritual abuse cases

#1.  In October 1987, seven children were removed from an extended family in Broxtowe, on suspicion that they had been sexually abused by their parents and extended family. A year and a half later, in February 1989, 10 men and women were charged with a total of 53 offences of incest, indecent assault, and cruelty against 21 children in the extended family.

#2.  Medical evidence indicated that the children had been sexually and physically abused, and that they had been given alcohol. The accused were found guilty and extended prison terms were imposed. This outcome was heralded as an example of smooth collaboration between social workers and police.

>>In Truth1's court, any change made once an initial finding was made, will require carefully scrutinized reason as for why they could not get it right the 1st time. Their credibility has to be suspected, just as it is when anyone being investigated is found to have changed their story.

The Foster Parent Diaries

Before the trials commenced, the children were placed in foster homes and their foster parents were asked to keep diaries of anything they said or did which might have an impact on their future welfare. The contents of these diaries began to indicate that something even more serious than sexual and physical abuse had happened to the children.

Strange and disturbing allegations began to emerge, including “witch parties”, infant murders, animal killings, the involvement of strangers, and videotaping of sexual abuse.

#3.  According to the Joint Enquiry Team (JET) report,

Nothing like the content of these diaries had ever been seen before and they eventually gave rise to the suspicion that the children might have been involved in some form of organised ritualistic Satanic abuse or witchcraft cult. Adult members of the extended family were interviewed by social workers and appeared to support this view.

Truth1 >>  Whether These were seen before in the UK, They had been seen in the USA, who has about 10 times the population that the UK has. That is not the kind of evidence you ignore, ever!

A split between Social Workers and police

A schism developed between some of the social workers involved in the case and the police, as is became clear that the police did not believe the allegations emerging from the foster parents’ diaries.

Truth1 >> No reason was given why the police did not believe.

The police launched a separate investigation called the Gollom Enquiry, which concluded that:

Truth1 >> This is where it gets good. A lack of evidence is sited. They mean, I assume, physical evidence. Eye witness testimony is absolutely Evidence in any court of law. Testimony of children is absolute evidence. The list above does not specify why the childrens' testimony was not accepted or regarded as it obviously has been. What sort of physical evidence were they looking for? A signed documented, notarized and video recorded confession?

Why were the Corroborated adults unreliable. HX supplied no reason to this point. And where does it say in police investigative requirement that adults outside the family are required? It does not.

How were the children and foster parents "influencing" each other? What were the supposed false memories?

The list suggests that foster parents were not allowed to share their accounts with each other. The more witnesses, the better. But here, it is a sin. They (the police) hate corroborating evidence, don't they?

The children’s stories of Satanic abuse were similar to each other.

T1: Oh God! No! How could that be? Kids experiencing the same thing? Why its as if they were telling the truth and corroborating each other. You know, just off hand, that sounds like strong evidence to me. But in the UK law enforcement, up is down and in is out and everything is twisted. It is truly a sick nation and its police totally evil and compromised. Could it be any more obvious? How dare those children agree with each other.

The police say the foster parents "contaminated" the children. How so. I don't see the explanation.

The social workers, on the other hand, seemed to believe that:

T1 >> Even the judge agreed with the social workers. AND the indicators matched those in the USA. At this point, I have only seen evidence supplied by the victims. The police and HX have NOTHING!

HX: Social workers and police seemed to be at an impasse, and by June 1988 police were refusing to investigate any further allegations arising from the foster parents’ diaries. To resolve matters and progress the case appropriately, it was decided that a Joint Enquiry Team consisting of two police officers and two social workers, none of whom had worked on the case previously, would investigate the allegations.

The enquiry lasted five months, and was comprehensive.

T1:  E.C. says the "enquiry" (ignoring the evidence), was comprehensive. I say "enquiry" was non-existent or deliberately evasive. You'll  note joint team had 2 police and 2 social workers who had not worked on the case previously, as if the previous social workers were all wrong. They have not shown that. Besides, anyone can take any investigation and if they do not like the findings, they can just go get different people who "re-investigate" and dispute the previous investigators.

What should have been done was show what or why the previous investigators and social workers were wrong in the first place, which they have not been able to do. Don't like the result? Then get someone else to say it was wrong, but no need to supply evidence as to why that is the case. That's the UK tradition. Its Satan's tradition, too.

HX: The JET investigated places and premises disclosed by the children and adults, as well as people related to those locations.

T1: The testimony was about what the children said was done to them. The places and buildings did not do anything. Besides, the places and premises have long since been reused and contaminated as crime scenes. Whenever you are trying to cover something up, first give the criminals time to clean up and let months go by to do remodeling. But honest legitimate police take down testimony and immediately seal off the crime scene. But in the case of testimony, Crime scenes are not even relevant. Days, weeks and months have often passed by that time testimony has been gathered. What is the point of  visiting long after? If there were any real criminals, they would have had ample time to make sure no incriminating evidence is left behind. And that is standard practice for UK police. They help criminals cover up all the time.

HX: Non-existent Tunnels

Locations where Satanic ceremonies were alleged to have been held included various hidden and underground rooms and tunnels, a swimming pool at a private home, and a secret passage containing four dead bodies at a house in Derbyshire. None of the rooms or tunnels were found to exist. An indoor pool does exist now at the home in question, but it is a new installation and did not exist at the time of the alleged abuse.

T1: I just covered this. Its easy to get rid of evidence when you got lots of time and the police helping you, too. The pool could have been redone and then said to be recent, forgetting to mention the previous pool now done over. This type of stuff was done with the McMartin Pre-school trial. But Archaeologists who specialize in disturbed soil and multiple layers found the filled-in tunnels, bones of rabbits sacrificed, and more. Nothing new here. The criminals had lots of time to cover up and cover over, while the police looked the other way.

HX: Ray Wyre, a former probation officer who described himself as “an independent sexual abuse consultant” had been called in by the original social services team to brief the foster parents on “indicators of Satanic ritual abuse”, and the team found that it was after this briefing that four children from three foster homes began to make bizarre allegations. It seems likely that Mr Wyre’s instructions had a profound influence on the direction of the case.

As the JET report concludes, “The children knew the foster parents wanted them to identify places and people and would have wanted to please them”.

T1: So a consultant briefs the foster parents and this is reason to now reject any and all testimony of the 4 children from 3 foster homes. How or why their testimony was now invalid was never explained. The goal of all those covering up in these types of cases is to just cause doubt. You don't have to prove anything. Just insist that everyone was lying or having false memories or is "contaminated" because someone said something similar. Get the picture? No legitimate excuses required. Simply insinuate and cast unreasonable doubt. That's HX for ya!

They also insinuated that the children knowing the foster parents wanted to know what happened to the kids, would cause the kids to lie like hell, to please the foster parents. That is absolutely absurd. Insinuate the ridiculous and we are supposed to swallow it.

HX:  Mr. Wyre’s services had been acquired by Social Services as an expert in SRA. His indicators of SRA came from an alleged expert from the US, and included: “transportation to other places, animal sacrifices, drinking of blood, eating flesh, defiling children with urine and feces, monsters and ghosts, a mysterious church, killing of children etc.” Foster parents were urged to ask their children about these indicators, and to document the results.

T1: Satanic abusers are experts at convincing children that there are ghosts present or fingers of kids cut off that were really not, or that monsters would come or something of that nature. Those are all valid things that have happened in the USA. That Foster parents were asked by this Mr. Wyre might be good reason to investigate him. Was he sent or recommended to give bad instructions to make the case look bad. Its a strong possibility. But even if not, asking children questions about if this or that happened, would be bad practice. Let them tell you whatever and then after testimonies have been gathered and compared, you can ask for more detail or clarification.

But I will point out that even if you do ask about specific things, that does not automatically mean that the children will lie. That is the insinuation that liars will make. "You 'influenced' the children or "contaminated" them. It still remains the legal burden to prove the testimony was a lie or given under conditions of pressure and coercion. That has never been accomplished.

HX: below

T1:  If Mr. Wyre suggested all these things above be asked, then he was working with those covering up. But of all those things listed above, they are all typical of what these very sophisticated abusers typically do. They deliberately do the strange, the bizarre, the unusual, knowing it will invite lots of doubt and skepticism, which is the primary reason they do it.

The Little Rascals case of Edenton, North Carolina, USA, was a good example of these techniques as was the McMartin school trial in California. I will be writing on both of those and more in time. These two cases showed how far the abusers would go to trick children into thinking they saw something real that was actually faked. Its not hard to fool children, especially when it dark in the building or at night and the kids are scared.

Now I could go on and on telling you about the ways children get tricked and mislead by abusers, but its going wait. I don't want to lose readers by writing too long. I want to prove one point beyond any shadow of a doubt. And it is this:

SRA is not new and has been around forever. I'll give you one example and then a huge list of videos showing the many historical examples of past Pagan SRA that has been standard feature of human history.

Exclusive: Ancient Mass Child Sacrifice May Be World's Largest

Mass Sacrifice in ancient Peru                    Published on Apr 26, 2018

140 sacrificed children all at once.  Lack of grave goods for the 3 adults

The Ages were between 5-14, majority 8-12. Most buried facing west, out to sea. There were Lamas less than 18 months old buried, too. It was Ritual and systematic.

NatGeo says: "Human sacrifices were practiced in nearly all parts of the globe, at one time or another." The ancient people in question were said to be Controlled by elite social classes. T1:  If that is how it was done then, what can we assume about now? Do I need to spell it out?

"More than 140 children were ritually killed in a single event in Peru more than 500 years ago. What could possibly have been the reason?"

Victims of a desperate event, a child (left) and baby llama (right) were part of the sacrificial killing of more than 140 children and over 200 llamas on the north coast of Peru around A.D. 1450.

"Evidence for the largest single incident of mass child sacrifice in the Americas— and likely in world history—has been discovered on Peru's northern coast, archaeologists tell National Geographic."

"Scientific investigations by the international, interdisciplinary team, led by Gabriel Prieto of the Universidad Nacional de Trujillo and John Verano of Tulane University, are ongoing. The work is supported by grants from the National Geographic Society."

"While incidents of human sacrifice among the Aztec, Maya, and Inca have been recorded in colonial-era Spanish chronicles and documented in modern scientific excavations, the discovery of a large-scale child sacrifice event in the little-known pre-Columbian Chimú civilization is unprecedented in the Americas—if not in the entire world." << End of NatGeo Report.

Hmmm. HX missed this one, eh? I got another interesting one for you all. Real Scary! The Hypogeum of Malta was first discovered by Archaeologists with a vast volume of bones of various animals. They were all scrambled, too. But at some point, all the bones disappeared and no one knows what happened to them. No one is talking. But the following National graphic issue presented a really scary sickening story from 1937.

Missing Malta children, students & teachers Lost in Tunnels, victims of Giant Beings in the Hypogeum

In 1937, 30 Maltese school children, 2 teachers and one tour guide, took a field trip to the Hypogeum.

Part of their tour was a short descent by rope to the 3rd sub level.

Beyond that chamber the passages branched out in the complexity of a maze.

One wrong turn and the group had sealed its fate, >>so they say<< unable to find its way back to the entrance. Many of the older houses on the island had a door inside, opening directly into the catacombs.

When grieving mothers gathered at the Hypogeum, they claimed to hear the distant screams of the children. This was confirmed by those homeowners with private access to the tunnels, who also reported the echoes of the crying youngsters, which lasted for days.

T1: So where these school children led by secret Satanic teachers and/or guides to be sacrificed? More to come.

This was reported in the August 1940 issue of the National Geographic.

One year before this, the same chamber from which the children were to disappear was explored by Lois Jessop, an English woman who worked as secretary at the British Embassy in the capitol. She also publishes an account of her tour. Lois climbed down the rope, but her tour guide was not willing to follow. In those days, the way was not lit by electric light, nor flashlights, nor torches.

Each tourist was expected to carry their own candle. With only half a candle left, Lois moved forward until she found herself on a ledge and could walk no further. The chasm between her and the sandstone wall opposite, seemed bottomless, but she only had enough light to see 50 feet down. She was intrigued to see a similar ledge on the opposite wall, about thirty feet below the projection on which she stood. Then she was spellbound as she observed twenty persons emerge from the darkness, walking single file on the narrow ledge below.

She judged their height to be more than 3 times that of a full grown man. They were taking long strides and walking very slowly. These Giants began to notice her presence, and one by one they stopped and lifted their heads to stare at Ms. Jessop. Just then she felt hot wax searing her hand. She dropped her candle, and was immediately plunged in total darkness. If she has not tied the rope around her waist, is she had not the presence to mind to call up to her guide Joseph, to pull her back, she may well have fallen into the cold air of the chasm.

T1:  Don't you find it a bit ironic that a British Embassy Employee had this unique paranormal supernatural experience. Was she a Satanist? Its not like those are not common in the UK! So she goes back and reports. Once the Crown and government hear, they probably set up a mass sacrifice for dear sweet Satan using a bunch of innocent school children. Hey, wait! Where have I heard that account before??? Oh, yeah! Hampstead/Christ Church. Some things never change. The end result is, that without electricity, no one would be able to go in, find the kids and get back out. Its is a dangerous maze. But I suspect someone knew their way around.

Now mind you that Hoaxtead says they do not believe in Satan or the paranormal and that they are card carrying Atheists who believe in nothing but evolution. But all Satanists say that, anyway. But for any that say sacrifices are not done with school children, babies, orphans and kids stolen off the streets and in national parks, you better think again. Ask the parents who lost their children in 1937 Malta. Lost? Not really, but really sacrificed . . .  or they were eventually secreted away to be trafficked around the world for the sick and perverted.

I definitely recommend the video.

But lets consider some more stuff. Remember the story of Hansel and Gretal? They go out into the forest and witch captures them, with plans to eat them, Hansel first. But Gretal tricks the witch and pushed her into the oven. Where did the story get its inspiration? Were there old ladies living far out in the woods? Where they rumored to eat children? Were there others who joined these women in the forest for sacrifices? and orgies? Did children disappear in the woods or did children who lived near woods disappear. Did some people venture too far into the woods and never come back?

There were many inspirations for tales of witches, child sacrifices, and far more. The History Channel in the USA gave the history of Ben Franklin and the Freemasons going out into the country where there had been dug an underground facility to carry on orgies if not a lot worse. Tunnels, caves, the deep woods, and more were all common to those who keep secret what they do. But these were not well kept secrets. Leaks would come out here and there.

So this brings me to my next and last offering for this release #6 of HX watch.

This is a link to a youtube channel:   Atlantean Gardens channel

Its owner operator is an anthropoligist and author, Robert Sepehr. His books are available on amazon. He shows that paganism and worship of pagan deities had been going on from the beginning of time. His videos have lots of footage and history. The quality is superb. We could call him an Historian, too. I am going to list all the videos I have watched, of his. The list is long and juicy.

Occult History of the Ages - ROBERT SEPEHR

Sacred Temple Prostitution and Ancient Goddess Cult Worship - ROBERT SEPEHR

A Brief History of Witches - ROBERT SEPEHR

Massive Network of European Underground Tunnels

Queens of Heaven - ROBERT SEPEHR

Spilling the Cup of Hermes - ROBERT SEPEHR

Wise as Serpents - ROBERT SEPEHR

Snake and Serpent Mythology

Snakes, Serpents, and the Dragon Mythology - ROBERT SEPEHR

Secret Underground World of Malta - ROBERT SEPEHR

Mysteries of Mexico

Gnosis, Sophia, and the Knights Templar - ROBERT SEPEHR

The Hidden Hand of the Rothschild () Banking Family

Black Magick, Babylonian Cults, and Occult Secret Societies - ROBERT SEPEHR

Vampires, Sacrifice and the Cult of the Bull

Red Ochre, Red Paint, and the Peopling of the Americas - ROBERT SEPEHR

Vampires, Sacrifice and the Cult of the Bull

Jesuits and Occult Secret Societies

Knights Templar, Gnosis and the Occult

Ancient Peru and South America

The Lurianic Kabbalah

Illuminati Messiah of 1666

Baphomet and Sophia: Goddess of Wisdom - ROBERT SEPEHR

Pirates, Pagans, and Witch Hunts - ROBERT SEPEHR

So when Hoaxtead says that SRA is a recent modern incarnation of the 80s onward, you can be damned sure E.C. is lying his ass off. But I am sure that is no surprise to you.

Possible Alisa Sighting

I had noticed a couple of kids on Shriners Hospital ads for donations who did voices or appearances for St. Judes hospital and one other ad. It lead to a charity for Autistic kids I think. The Charity  gave them a chance to experience fun adventures climbing, swinging, etc. And the kids looked handicapped, too . . . well, except for one. In fact, she was looking quite cute, really.

Now Charities are no fools. In order to get you to donate, they need to tug on your heart and emotions. But to do that, they need attractive kids that seem pitiable. And then the money flows.

I say below is 85-90 % possibility of being Alisa. 1st, she was in the Audi commercial and now another commercial. The Cheeks seem to match as does the nose and the subtle double chin. No ears or forehead to compare. Alisa 2 top front teeth were always prominent, But the teeth can't be compared as work could have been done on them and the young pictures teeth would have been replaced by now. I had to lighten the Audi pictures quite a bit. The new photo has great lighting but the rope blocks the right ear and the helmet blocks the forehead. The hair is about the same length. That's interesting. There is no way I can call this conclusive. Now there is something to tilt it my way a little. The new pic has her left brow faked. Its way too high. Faking means someone is trying to hide something. That dramatically increases suspicion. The new pic has bags under her eyes and so does the trampoline photo.

Its clear that RD is trying to keep her busy in the "industry" but the big screen is not possible as long as guys like me keep exposing it all. I do hope she is OK. It would be nice to have Gabe show up somewhere but the reality is that attractive girls are more marketable than guys.


I would like to point out that HX who you can be damned sure is watching my site, has elected not to comment on why and who was hurt or uncertain of survival in the 36 hours mentioned. So they figure, correctly, that silence is their best protection. This story is going to break sooner or later. I guess its just a matter of God picking the time and circumstance for it all.

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