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   Truth is my business!            Hoaxtead Watch No. 7

EC Scared of Dissociation and Recovered Memories

What I present with this no.7 in the series of articles, is what seems to me, a very concerned El Coyote (E.C.), about the concepts and practice of Dissociation  and recovered memories, of previously buried ( by the subconscious) Traumas. What is he afraid of? if you ask me, he feels the walls closing in around him. He fears Alisa ever getting lose and blowing the whistle on him if she can eventually recover her Traumas that I suspect are inside her mind, locked away. Lets put it this way. If he has done nothing, he has nothing to fear. But if he is scared, he has done something and maybe even fears what will happen if he ever were exposed. But sadly, even if Alisa was freed, her subconscious would only start to let things out if it determined she was in a very safe, secure, reassuring, nurturing place. What are the odds of that, unless EC knows something we do not.

Are SRA claimants lying, or victims of false memory?

El Coyote / 2 days ago  from 11 AM EDST Jun 25 018  =  post date Sat. Jun 23, 2018 in the evening.

Abbreviations in this article and standard for HW watch articles I write:
SRA = Satanic Ritural Abuse
MK = Mind Control,
DID = Dissociation Identity Disorder, formerly known as MPD, Multiple Personality Disorder
RMT = Recovered Memory Therapy

Primal Therapy = PT = RMT as discovered and practiced by Dr. Arthur Janov in the 60s onward and published many books and articles and was part of many research projects on physical and physiological effects of the mind/brain on the body and vice versa. Janov only recently died on Dec. 1, 2017. But his wife carries on the practice treatment center.

I must point out here that Janov practiced RMT for 60 years and it was a full 20 years before SRA came along. So the chicken came before the egg. Janov and PT were not to promote or justify treating SRA, which did not exist when Janov discovered and began the practice of what he named, Primal Therapy, aka RMT. EC ignores this completely.

T1 >> It is both a joke that EC (RD says I! - he goes by many names on the net.) acts like a professional who knows all about Dissociation and Recovered memory therapy. Irony is that he does know a lot about using trauma and torture and chronic abuse, says I, to create dissociation and maybe he even engages in some mind control programming. He at least knows about it because he is well connected to government Intelligence, that practices Mind Control Programming routinely. He would have to, if he was a multigenerational cult member and cult leader of a very important major Baby importing network for nefarious purposes if his 2 kids were telling the truth, which I have no doubt they were.

EC knows the truth about the above stuff. But his job at HX is to lie like the devil about everything. And he knows that at the heart of the UK coverup of the 2 Hampstead Children, Alisa and Gabriel, who revealed so much due to Daddy showing them and letting them in, on everything, and I do mean everything!

And EC also knows the coming battle is about the exposing of SRA & RMT to the world on a greater scale and that in time (hopefully not much longer), the kids will be able to tell what they remember, if they remember it all. My suspicion is that Alisa was brutally and traumatically gang raped in the worst of fashion as punishment for what she revealed. Its is possible that Gabriel witnessed this and does have conscious memories of it. Alisa does not. She dissociated during this.

So this is why E.C. at HX keeps attacking RMT as if it was just come crazy concoction invented by a world wide conspiracy of renegade psychologists and psychiatrist and parents who wanted to overthrow the world so they could "get rich." EC says there is lots of money in this and these therapists and parents are rolling in dough! OK, let me know when you stop laughing so I can continue. I know, it is hysterically funny and absurd, but what do you expect from EC and Satanists, the ultimate supreme liars? But I am trying to write a serious article here and its hard with all this laughter and disbelief going on. E.C. says you are all blithering idiots who are easily fooled with his smoke screeen lies. I leave it to you to refute him and HX, or not! Its in your hands now.

HX follows below >>

Are SRA claimants lying, or victims of false memory?

El Coyote

In yesterday’s Comments section, regular commenter Arthur Pint asked an important question about the interview between Brian Gerrish and Vicky Ash:

I watched the video with Vicky Ash talking to Brian Gerrish and I wondered does she really believe in what she is saying due to a mental illness or is she straight out lying?

How much of any SRA claimant’s story can be attributed to a genuine belief that they were sexually victimised by mysterious cult members, and how much is simply so much made-up nonsense? Is it always one or the other, or can there be a mixture of true belief and ulterior motive? The answer is that we just don’t know.

T1 >> OK, EC asks us to believe that "we just don't know" how much is real or not. This is a bold faced lie. We know exactly where the line is drawn. EC is here to muddy the waters and cause doubt where none need to be. RMT is real and can not be faked. If you had a person hooked up to EKg and other instruments that monitor vital signs, you would see that theses change dramatically when a person begins to experience what had been  hidden away for so long and now was being delivered to conscious intellect by the subconscious area of the mind, to be fully experienced. The buries memory being released can be very horrific and terrifiying. It would scare the hell out of anyone watching a patent finally experiencing the memory, and feeling that had been hidden.

In fact, some memories are so big and strong that the subconscious will only release the experience in small individual doses that can be handled at any one time. Let me put it this way. Most things are done in small steady amounts/doses, like eating. We can only eat so much at a time and then it needs to digested to extract building materials and energy. We can not eat an entire weeks worth in one sitting. We can't even eat a days worth all at once, without a lot of stress and strain on the digestive system. Moderation is the key.

The digestive system is an entirely independent brain that exists around the digestive organs. This brain control system is separate from the brain in the skull. They work and communicate together. This cooperative system gets extremely disrupted by a major trauma. It also gets  . . . continued after next brief section.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Schematic of the HPA axis (CRH, corticotropin-releasing hormone; ACTH, adrenocorticotropic hormone).

Hypothalamus, pituitary gland and adrenal cortex.

The hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis (HPA axis or HTPA axis) is a complex set of direct influences and feedback interactions among three components: the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland (a pea-shaped structure located below the thalamus), and the adrenal (also called "suprarenal") glands (small, conical organs on top of the kidneys).

These organs and their interactions constitute the HPA axis, a major neuroendocrine system[1] that controls reactions to stress and regulates many body processes, including digestion, the immune system, mood and emotions, sexuality, and energy storage and expenditure. It is the common mechanism for interactions among glands, hormones, and parts of the midbrain that mediate the general adaptation syndrome (GAS).[2] While steroid hormones are produced mainly in vertebrates, the physiological role of the HPA axis and corticosteroids in stress response is so fundamental that analogous systems can be found in invertebrates and monocellular organisms as well.

The HPA axis, HPG axis, HPT axis, and the hypothalamic–neurohypophyseal system are the four major neuroendocrine systems through which the hypothalamus and pituitary direct neuroendocrine function.[1]


It also gets  . . .Continued . . . disrupted by a much smaller hurt or pain or neglect that while not overpowering in the moment, should it continue steady such as a continual (without let-up) feeling like "my mom does not love me" or "I am sacred that mom and dad are afraid of losing our house and place to live." It these uncertainties or continual minor insults keep coming and keep happening, causing a continual, unabated, higher levels of stress hormones, then the brain will eventually kick in and suppress (bury) the signals in a hidden part of the brain. These to not come out in the same way as say, a horrific rape trauma might come out. We might call these "chronic low grade" disturbances. They come out as general feelings of anxiety, depression, agitation, concern, often a sense of foreboding or helplessness.

A patient experiencing these coming up and out, will just sink into and be over come by perhaps a deep senseless helplessness, hopelessness, that will feel like its never going to stop. Great feelings of despair might come out. No screaming. Nothing dramatic, just hopelessness, lethargy and the feeling that it will never end. But it does end after all that accumulated stuff experiences over time, finally is all emptied out.

The way I would best describe it is like experiencing the flu. Its rotten to feel and experience and you wish it would just get over with. And you feel like its going to last forever, but you know it won't, but you would sure like to get it over with. so a good therapist will let the patient know what it is they are experiencing (emptying the emotional waste basket slowly) over time will end sooner or later in therapy. It won't go on forever, which is a big part of why it was buried and blocked off in the 1st place.

All this is very well understood with physiological reading from EKG monitoring and other similar instruments. You can not fake it, much less control it, unless you learn biofeedback techniques which take time to learn and some never get the hang of it.

So HX/EC is lying like hell to suggest that "there is no way to know for sure." Watch a person's EKG reading while going through a released horrific trauma and you will not only see and hear extreme emotions being experienced as if they were realaly happening live, which in some respects they are, as the conscious mind never experienced it the first time. Only the subconscious experiences it and buries/stores it. When the consicous awake mind finally experiences it, it is the terror that the subconscious experienced way back when it 1st happened.

But not only will emotions be real, but the EKG and other reading will be going right off the charts. But there is more!

Epigenetics Pummels HX into the ground

Controlled entirely will be a process of switching the epigenetic genes thru a process known as methylation. Methylation enables the switching of genes that in effect, record the state of the body after a trauma and also record the previous state just before the trauma. Janov et al researchers did many studies on methylation and how genes got turned on or off after someone relived a trauma formerly buried. There were numerous changes in all the epigenetic DNA after a trauma was relived and the genes reset to the state before the trauma. Its almost as if it was a new person. Not so much new as it is, restored to normal and stable. Yes, Alisa can be healed and cured, were she in the right care of proper parents.

Lets see Hoaxtead address that! How many of you out there can change your epigenetic genes? Anyone? Oh! That's right! No one can. It is literally and factually impossible to change your epigenetics just by thinking or wishing. Of course, HX does not deal in facts. Its against their "religion." Seriously!


HX >> Memory is a funny thing

Most people think of their own memories as being something like a video recorder which accurately captures life experiences in a more or less orderly fashion, and deposits them in an “archive”, something akin to a hard drive in the brain, from whence they can be accessed at will.

T1 >> Only partially true. It records traumatic events or continual lack of emotional needs. It does not record most stuff that way. It does retain (record if you want) states of mind, due to the brain developing one layer after another of new brain cell layers that retain the stated recorded at the times of a layer being made. What that means is that the state of mind you had a 3, is still there and still accessed in ways not yet fully understood. But were a trauma recorded at age 3 (or at age 2 years and 2 months - trust me, I know) the state of mind/layer at that time would be linked/encoded as well.

HX >> The reality is much messier, and much less reliable. ( T1 >> He is lying here. He wants you to believe there is no real process that has order, purose, design, and function in a consistent way that can not be fakes. He needs "fake" as when his daughter finally spills the beans, He's screwed, as are many others. I only hope and pray. So just in case, EC weaves his web of lies now.<<

HX >> Of course we all know the feeling of having “misplaced” a memory: we see a person in the street and struggle to recall their name or where we know them from; we distinctly recall that we left our phone on the kitchen table, but somehow find it in our coat pocket instead.

T1 >> Yea, EC, but those memories do not have any special priorities attached. Its a bit like Intelligence Agencies who deal in many levels of information, its priorities and levels of classification. Highly Classified, restricts who can or can not see or hear. Top Secret is top priority.

The brain does not give too much concern about what we might call trival information or information that many only be useful for a time and slowly fade if the info is not continually used and renewed. I once had some ability in Apple script and MS Visual Basic. I would be clueless now, though relearning would be much quicker.

EC has failed himself and us again in not really having any idea of what he is talking about. But he is hoping, that you will not see thru him. He knows that he is doing. Let me make this clear. EC is no dummy. Not by a damned sight! He has brain and knowledge. He just has a penchant for lies. the devil made him do it. Its just a poor attempt at humor on my part.<<

HX >> However, the idea that a person could misremember something as important as whether they were sexually abused as a child, or whether they participated in murdering babies, seems extraordinarily far-fetched to most people. If such things had really happened, wouldn’t they be etched permanently into the person’s memory? And if they hadn’t happened, how could such ghastly memories be created long after the fact?

T1 >> What the hell is EC talking about? Mis-remembering? EC, could you explain what you are talking about? Yes, its not possible to screw up too many details about sex abuse or the murder of babies. Your Correct on that. But now you are going to suggest that it can happen that we can "misremember" or concoct stuff. Warning folks! EC is about to take us into the Twilight zone of False Memory Syndrome, sponsored by  your friendly local chapter/lodge of CIA false propaganda agents. Don't say I did not warn you! I'm just planting ideas in your head and re-programming you all, ya know. I'm writing EC's material for him, ahead of time.

HX >> American memory researcher Elizabeth Loftus has shown that false memories may be induced via suggestion, and that such memories can become stronger and more vivid over time. Rather than remaining static, memories become distorted and begin to shift and change; and old memories may be “adapted” to accommodate new ones.

T1 >> No, its not your imagination. EC got a hold of some really wild weed. He should have waited till he came down before writing. But he said it, and I repeat it: "false memories may be induced via suggestion." See! I did not make that up. By mere suggestion, I can totally reprogram people and implant anything I want . . . by mere suggestion! You can not make this stuff up. But I could, says EC! And you, too! We are all programmers! Listen, you can do better than EC. Logic and facts were never his strong point and if you had been tortured and conditioned like he had been for years, your brains would scrambled, too.

I am also announcing my "suggestion therapy" for any and all gorgeous women. I promise to behave and I guts me lots of suggestions for you, to make your life a whole lot more exciting. My 'suggestions" are never wrong. The Pope taught me how to be infallible. So its guaranteed. And I want to thank EC for showing me the way. What a smart guy he is, huh?

HX >> Loftus has described her own experience with false memory:

At a family gathering for her 44th birthday, Loftus’s uncle told her that she had been the one to find her mother’s body floating in the pool after a drowning accident. Before that, she had remembered very little about the incident, but after her uncle’s comment, the details suddenly began to come back.

A few days later, she discovered that her uncle had been mistaken and that it was actually her aunt who discovered her mother after the drowning. All it took to trigger false memories was a simple comment from a family member, illustrating how easily human memory can be influenced by suggestion.

T1 >> This is comparing apples to oranges. First, I am assuming she was young (under 18 maybe) when the drowning happened, maybe quite young. Not remembering anything for sure, she did not rule anything out. She trusted what was related to her, because dad was a rusted source. The memory was old and not readily available. I try to remember some things, liked names of songs or artist and might have to wait a day or two for it to come to me or even longer. You'll note that she took several days for the memories to start coming back.

You will note that when those memories came back for real, that what the uncle said, she now knew to be wrong. These are of a far different order than children describing so many strange hideous things that happened. And no one suggested anything. in the case A&G, they were showing way to many signs of sophisticated sexual knowledge and deeds. Where did that come from? I know, I know! A Suggestion . . . of the cult, that is! What is more, the 2 kids were so fluid, as if they had lived every moment they mentioned. Details of houses, shipping, cab drivers delivering and so much more. How did anyone make all that up. How can you make up memories of stuff you don't know anything about, like sex. How did they know about "white stuff?"

I am afraid EC was not able to make a valid point, and worse, Loftus could not begin to show a truly false memory that stuck and stayed tenaciously.

HX >> Freud and ‘repressed memory’

The idea that overwhelmingly traumatic childhood events could be somehow stored so deeply in a person’s unconscious mind that it was virtually lost to recall originated with the early work of Sigmund Freud. He connected this repression with “hysteria” (now known as “conversion disorder”), a diagnosis which was popular at the time amongst female patients.

(Believe it or not, this was a step up from the popular belief that “hysteria” was caused when a woman’s uterus went walkabout, causing various strange symptoms depending upon which part of the body it landed in. So, uh, go Freud?)

According to this article in The Conversation,

Those who accept the repression interpretation argue children may repress memories of early abuse for many years and that these can be recalled when it’s safe to do so. This is variously referred to as traumatic amnesia or dissociative amnesia. Proponents accept repressed traumatic memories can be accurate and used in therapy to recover memories and build up an account of early experiences.

It should be noted that while Freud’s ideas and terminology have seeped into the language over the past 100 years, with terms like “repression”, “neurosis”,  and so forth becoming part of the general lexicon, none of his hypotheses about repressed memories have ever been verified by rigorous scientific proof.

T1 >> Oh, he didn't just say that, did he? That was a Total lie! Dr. Janov has long proved repressed memories in so many studies and published research. He's written many books on it. EC is counting on no one knowing any better. I provided much info on that, previously in this article. EC does nothing but lie. Freud did in time, renounce his findings on repressed memories and "Abreaction therapy", basically RMT. Frued was pressured by "mysterious forces" to  reject and cover over his discoveries while he was doing legitimate research. Janov wrote a number of good things about Freud in his early years. But Janov does not approve of Freud's renouncing his earlier work, Long since proven in microscopic detail. The HX motto: "Win if ya can, lose if ya haf ta, but always lie!"

HX >> Recovered memories?

Freud’s idea that it should be possible to dig around in the unconscious mind in a search for repressed memories which, once released, would free the patient from their neurotic symptoms, is at the root of much of the modern practice of “recovered memory therapies” (RMT).<<

T1 >> The Whole Truth of Recovered Memories

Yours truly, T1, knows psychology better than anyone. I have no license, and do not practice, but I was the best (and only) patient I ever had. And I have read and continue to read, volumes on this subject matter. If I was not Truth1, I would be Psychology1. And did I mention I was very modest, too? I'll bet you noticed, though, right? Well, joking aside (and I never said I was good at it) We have come a long way since Freud.

For one, evidence from books like Secret, Don't Tell - the Encyclopedia of Hypnotism (Carla Emery), reveals history that suggests that hypnotism and its exploitive use, has been around for a long time. In fact, hypnotism, called charming, or casting a spell over someone, is forbidden in the Bible, Deuteronomy chap. 18. Ancient black arts of pagan worship may very well have been in use. There is a strong link between the sons of Gomer, Noah's grandson, who produced all the famous early rulers of his line that became known as gods. Most notable was Hermes, who was said to visit Egypt 3 times, to learn the dark ways of Egyptian mysticism. Pythagoras was said to have spent a number of years there, learning.

The likes of Mesmer are also notable. Although MK got started in a big way after the fall of the Nazis in 1945, brought over sophisticated Mind control techniques to kick off a new "science" altogether, whereby people, thru use of many types of torture, along with deception and lies, could produce mind controlled slaves who would be obedient and carry out any order. They were also able to make use of abilities of the brain not not normally accessible such as a surge of adrenaline that enable super strength or heightened awareness or super reaction time.

Programming involved serious copious amounts of Satanic rituals and parents were multigenerational Satan worshippers. Brice Tayor and Kathleen Sullivan, the 2 very best accounts of major Mind Control agents, authentic in every way, unlike Cathy Obrien, whose limited disclosure begs for explanation; these two both said their parents were also MK victims. Brice was born in 51, I think it was, in Woodland Hills California. The community was made up of multigenerational Satanists and CIA connected families.

Now if Brice was born into this just 6 years after the Nazi transfer of MK programming and her parents are programmed, that had to be near to 1931 or earlier that they were born. She had 2 older brothers that might easily place the parents as born in the 1920s. And if they were somewhat programmed thru trauma/torture and Carla Emery says some Germans were doing this in the 19th century. And given that Satanic and pagan worship has never ceased to exist, it is well within possibility that the torture and dissociation have been used for a long time. Post 1945 brought a new level of sophistication to the black art.

But help and treatment for recovering victims has lagged way behind. My own opinion is that Dr. Janov was a huge step and my first teacher of a new dimension in psychology for me. He made his discovery in the 60s and developed it throughout his life. The 80s would come along and very slowly, those brave enough to try and help victims of what they suffered from and at first, it was very hear do figure out exactly what was going one, due to the sophistication of the programming techniques and the deliberate inclusion of sophisticated deception techniques employed in programming so that if a mind control victim started telling what they saw and experienced, no one would believe them.

It was quite the learning process, and almost certainly, there were mistakes innocently made at times, because nothing like this had ever been encountered before. But over time, they learned and improved the understanding and techniques, as well as cope with ongoing attempts of the CIA and cults to cover up and cover over.

Whether Janov was an influence or not on treating victims of vast numbers of traumas and dissociation with RMT, I do not know. I have not come across anything. I am not sure how they got on to it all.

But I can tell you the best book (and its very cheap and plentiful used) is Daniel Ryder's Breaking the Circle of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

The Whole Truth About Recovered Memories

But what needs to be understood is that getting hidden memories to come up and out is not simple or easy. For one, the releasing of the traumas/memories is at the sole discretion of the instinct of the patient. No one can force memories to come out. So EC has no worries. As long as Alisa is in his hands, only my speculation, She will never be able to bring up memories, which for either her or Gabriel would be quite a few.

The instinct has to believe that it is safe and secure and trusts the one trying to help, for both ability and trustworthiness. Most patients will need more than the the usual help, often needing help in unpredictable times when "tremors" and warnings start to simmer and boil, indicating that something might be on the way. At this point, many will sense the ominous dread of what is going to come up, sooner or later. Many will start to experience nightmares that will get closer and closer to what is going to be coming up, helping the conscious person to prepare for what is coming. As well, the patient telling the dreams to the therapist, will alert the experienced therapist to what is coming.

But here is the odd paradox at this point. Many patients who were extremely abused, will have no idea that anything ever happened. They imagine their parents were wonderful and loving and everything was great and then when they get feelings or images of what mom and dad really did, they will either go into denial and refuse to let it go any further and will stop all therapy, or they will forge ahead to get at the truth.

It is the ones that go into denial that can often be talked into framing the therapist as telling them things and "forcing" them to believe. This is not honest at all. What happens is that in the early days, after experiencing enough patients and dreams, the Therapist will know what is coming, long before the patient will. Some Therapists would suggest what is to come and the patient would freak out and run and never come back. They do into denial and bury and suppress the memories. They will probably have many healthy problems and die rather young, due to the heavy repression they employ to keep the fears all hidden.

EC and false memory advocates (CIA liars) will jump all over this and say therapists are planting false memories in patients, which they know is a lie, but anything to win and coverup. So therapists are much more careful now and do not tell patients ahead of time, what it likely to come. They let the patient discover it all for themselves.

But what I will point out is that what is typically done to a mind control victim, or an SRA cult victim, or merely an incest victim who was chronically abuse often for a number of years or subjected the victim to very abusive prostitution such as sex trafficking by Intelligence agencies and their allies in crime organizations; these victims have all experienced nearly the exact same things. Its not unique in most respects. Once you have treated a few of them, you know what is coming just as we all know the sun with rise and set every day.

They are not really wrong in letting a patient know what is coming. I would want to know. But not all do and if you make a slight mistake, if indeed, it is a mistake, which could be debated, you will be prosecuted, convicted, license taken away and sued, too. So in that respect, therapists need to be very careful and even that is no guarantee that someone will not find a pretext against you. This is what EC leaves out.

With this section now complete, you will easily see thru the dishonest lies of EC and others like him such as the False Memory Foundation.<<

HX >> However, this article on RMT notes that

There is … little scientific evidence supporting the notions that memories of childhood sexual abuse are unconsciously repressed or that recovering repressed memories of abuse leads to significant improvement in one’s psychological health and stability.

In general, RMT refers to any therapeutic technique which is based on the belief that traumatic memories of abuse can be forgotten or repressed and later recovered during therapy. These memories, no matter how bizarre or improbable, no matter whether they can be corroborated by others or validated by any other form of evidence, are deemed to be accurate and true. <<

T1 >> little scientific evidence? Really? Janov proved it again and again for 60 years and independent research also confirmed the same. Freud knew it, even id he denied it later. Many Mind Control therapists know it and prove it all the time. EC is just outright lying in a big way. In fact, the greatest proof there is, are the CIA mind control programmers and their victims. EC is going into denial now, like some who can't bear the truth about mom and dad.

Traumatic memories can not be forgotten. They were hidden away so that the conscious mind will never know. They are repressed, because God Deemed it essential that memories are preserved so that we can learn from experience. If an experience is to much to handle due to the enormity of the situation and experience, then it is safely stores away for the hopeful chance that the person will someday be able to find security and be able to convince the subconscious that it is safe to bring out the memory in small pieces at a time to learn from.

Frozen in Time

Ever noticed an adult that acted like a 2 or 3 year old? Guess what? They are 2 or 3 years old, mentally/emotionally. Once the young child receives s cumulative injury like continual neglect of its needs or a lack of attention or affection, or maybe the 2 year old experienced an attack from some one. it happened to me at 2 years and 2 months. My parents had taken in a foster boy, maybe 12 or 13 or near to there. He had been passed from one place to the next and almost certainly felt a mountain of neglect and not being wanted. It has to be brutal. My parents thought they could help.

I remember an older boy in our home but I did not speak a language. I do remember these model planes and I was fascinated and intrigued by them. I remember a boy with a cap gun in the form of a rifle. he had fired it off and I remember a cloud of smoke going up into the air. It was more than the caps I got to know at 6 or 7 which produced not real smoke at all. He had taken me down into the cellar and there was a door down there that led out to the side street. Without warning, he grabbed me and grinded my face into the floor. My mother says I let out a horrific scream and she came running down. The boy, Richard, had ran out the cellar door. This is what my mother related.

What I remember is this one thing that was deep in my mind. I remember the open door from the cellar and it was sunny out. My parents collection of papers say he was with us for a about a week, and it was the beginning of April. I wondered with concern where he went and wondered if he was going to come back or not. I was really concerned about that. I wanted him to come back. Now I did not remember who it was. I guessed that maybe Debbie, upstairs, who was about 6 or 7. I could think of no one else. But I had those visions of cap guns and planes. but it was my mother explaining that made it clear.

I did not find this out till 2010, at 51. I asked my mother about the door and someone running out and it was burned into my head. She recognized it immediately. It was 2010 and m father and I were going to move and I had walked by that place to a rental facility and I had to go see the place, the door and even explore the neighborhood a little. It was then that I asked my mother about what was behind it, if anything.

It was seemingly a minor event but it kept gnawing at me. It was a link formed by the subconscious, in hopes it might lead to an eventual experiencing.  But the trauma is still buried. the subconscious says NO. Its not safe. It was my mother who did explain that I was a very happy, outgoing 2 year old and after that attack, I was withdrawn and weary of people. It made perfect sense. I was always shy and never approached kids. It felt like I had no right too. I had to be approached by other kids. I would never do so, myself. I stood out like a sore thumb in 1st and 2nd grade. I would go to the monkey bars, climb to the top with my bad of chips, eat them and stay up there till it was time to go back inside.

The understanding of many things came, once I knew that event and the changes it brought to me. But the original memory is still inside waiting to come out. It may never get the chance.

But what happens when a child is traumatized is that the memory it stored for a better time and circumstance when it might be possible to let it up and out. And what also happens is that any more significant progress in emotions or maturity will be stunted, frozen in time in a hidden part of the mind. Experiences are supposed to built on, and learned from. We only learn thru experience.

So it is important to retain any momentous experience that might be real important, as any trauma might be. Little progress with be made once a traumatic experience has been had. That moment in time will be frozen and will continue to reverberate in the mind, with maybe more apprehension and fear, as I had, or anger, or anxiety or other reactions. those traumas might very well determine out choices and behavior. For those stuck or crippled mentally, by Trauma, life might prove to be sort of overwhelming.

it is the design of nature if you do not accept the God explanation. We are all recorders and learning machines. Everything is kept and nothing thrown away. Every experience matters and it the experience it too hard to make sense of, it is secreted away, for a better time, if that ever comes along.

HX repeated >> These memories, no matter how bizarre or improbable, no matter whether they can be corroborated by others or validated by any other form of evidence, are deemed to be accurate and true.

T1 >> EC implies that if the memory is bizzare or improbable, that it should be rejected. Of course he would say that. That is why programmers will dress up weird or have others do so and do really crazy things that make no sense at all unless you realize their goal all along was to not make sense so that the disclosing victim would not be believed. But too may accounts from victims did make sense so that therapists could not easily dismiss what the victims reported. Victims, themselves had figured it out some times and explained it. Once they had solved a few of these puzzles, it became apparent that programmers had gone out of their way to make victims seem crazy.

EC also says that all accounts should be corroborated or other dismissed.  Yeah, cause law breakers always like to bring lots of witnesses who can witness the crime and squeal on the perpetrator. Its not likely that much of anything will be able to be Corroborated. Reminds me of the Muslim requirement that one must have 4 male witnesses of a rape in order for it to be certified as as rape and rapist convicted. So just make sure you don't bring along any witnesses.

Now knowing that traumas are recorded and epigenes are triggered and switched is corroboration. Vital signs can be measured. People can fake things and lie, but the extreme reaction of vital signs is corroboration. Yes, whenever possible, corroboration should be sought out.

Or you could pull a UK police tactic of not investigating and avoiding corroboration. Oh, EC for got that one. EC? What do you say? Where are the tatoo photos? What? There were none? How come, since you are all so innocent? Whoops! There goes EC's credibility. Hey, I proved where Mr. Hollings lived. It still does no good. EC just made an ass of himself, wanting corroboration when they go out of their way to avoid it and ignore rules of evidence.

HX >> We’ve discussed some high-profile RMT therapists here in the past: Valerie Sinason, Fleur Fisher, Sandra Fecht, Lawrence Pazdor, Colin Ross, and others. All of them have used suggestive and/or hypnotic techniques to reconstruct what appear to be memories, and have assured their clients that “the unconscious doesn’t lie”.

T1 >> I am not informed about what the therapists mentioned, did, or did not do. But they may well have suggested things in their earlier days, after hearing similar stories so often. I do not advocate hypnosis for anything. Further more, I do not believe that suggesting has any real power. Just think about this. The CIA (and MI5/6, too) use torture, rape, electroshock, sleep deprivation, deprivation tanks, drugs, threats, beatings, and killing others not being programmed to scare and intimidate and traumatize, when all they had to do, according to the Poop, I mean Pope, of SRA, EC, is just use suggestion to program them. Its works like a charm, EC says. Yeah, tell that to the CIA. EC knows better. What a phony little bastard he is.

But what I do recommend is doing everything possible to make the patient feel protected with lots of support. Daniel Ryder and others like him set up 12 step support groups for MK victims. but CIA spooks and similar began to show up and take notes. Now if these victims were lying, would it not be easy to prove it. Why were the CIA even there if there was no truth to this stuff and patients were just making it up?

Look at it this way. The parents of these victims tortured and raped these once little children and betrayed all natural human trust. The kids never knew any kind of safe place, escape, or sanctuary. What they need as adults, is what they needed and did not get as kids. Real honest genuine adults that give tender care and understanding and guidance they can trust so that they can finally progress, beginning with their childhood, where they were frozen in time. There is no room for therapists who do not want any interference or overlap between their personal and professional lives.

These victims have been through the most horrific experiences anyone could imagine. They were robbed of so much. They deserve a 2nd chance to finally get what they need.<<

HX >> The problem is that the unconscious most definitely does lie…or at least it misleads. Claiming that memories can be recovered in this way is like claiming that anything that we dream of while we’re asleep is 100% real and true.

T1 >> What a bunch of nonsense. The subconscious records and plays back. It does not add or subtract. In many respects, this system is mere a sub-routine in the programming. it spits out whatever was recorded and it was recorded in the epi-genes as well. No lying anywhere. That's EC's job.

HX >> Hypnosis isn’t the only technique used to dig for the mind’s detritus, incidentally. RMT techniques wax and wane in popularity, and have included:

T1 >> RMT has changed and gotten better over the years. EC does not want to update and wants to refer to obsolete techniques as if they were still being used. In eforts to bring traumas up and out, many things are tried and some are more effective than others and some work better on some people, then others. EMDR is an interesting devlopement with potential but no certainties at this point. The dreams can be used to get an understanding of what is next to come for memories. Its very useful in that way. Sometimes a trauma will involve harm to the body, which the subconscious will use as a trigger. If touched off some other way, might jar loose a portion of a trauma.

I do not recommend age regression and certainly not past lives regression, which I do not believe in. Now when a person relives a trauma, they will go back to the state they were in at the time. Some when being tortured, will age regress by instinctive reaction. One woman who was going to be killed by Ken Bianche (Hillside strangler) curled up in a ball and cried she wanted her mommy. EC would probably laugh. In a crisis, lots of weird things can happen. Some can lift a car to save someone.<<

But people can age regress for any number of reasons. It may not always be recognized, but it happens and not uncommonly.<<

HX >> below

T1 >> No truth serum! And no imagining what could have happened to them. Most of these techniques have long been discontinued. the odd thing with RMT is that it runs, for the most part, backwards from the most recent trauma to the earliest one. the subconscious handles it all in pre-recoded fashion. However the methylation proceeded to record the trauma state will be the reversed when the trauma is released. See how simple that is?

Oddly, the sequence can be flexed a little it would appear or that a trauma was in waiting to be released and then gets triggered by a similar experience. Janov called this, "resonance." If you pluck a note on a guitar that is the same as the note of an open string of the same note, it will vibrate/resonate. This is called a resonant frequency. If your experience in the present is very near in many ways, to the trauma next in line to be let out, the current experience may set off the waiting trauma. Often it is these related similar circumstances that help traumas to come out.

Again, the optimal circumstance is a kind, sympathetic therapist who recognizes very subtle reactions and might detect resonant traumas going off at the same time. Janov described 3 levels of reaction. 1st line was the neocortex hurt and crying. The 2nd level involved the limbic system where emotions reside and the 3rd, deepest level was what Janov called the reptilian brain where life and death reactions are played out such as choking, gasping, not being able to breath, and the feeling of dying.

This bottom 3rd level has to be suppressed or it can re-traumatize. The therapist must be able to sooth the patient enough with instruction to bring it up to the highest level to be released first. Once a trauma has been emptied on the highest level, the 2nd can then follow and finally after that is emptied, the last level, which is a silent one of the instinct, that has no language ability, can be relived and relieved. The 3rd level is the most powerful and brings the most relief when its all gone.

HX >> RMT can create false memories

We don’t want to portray all RMT therapists as evil people who mess with their clients’ minds for the fun of it. However, when therapists are passionately invested in certain things—such as Satanic ritual abuse—being true, they can shape their clients’ treatment in such a way that the client will almost certainly remember what the therapist wants them to. While this might not be malicious, it is certainly a form of malpractice, which can have disastrous consequences.

T1 >> See the threat? Malpractice! A thinly veiled threat. The mere suggestion of SRA will being prosecution. Its happened many times. But SRA is very real. EC suggests it is not, but that's cause he practices SRA as far as I am concerned.

HX >> For example, at the Castlewood Treatment Center in Missouri, a number of clients have sued various therapists for implanting false memories of SRA during their treatment for eating disorders.

The first lawsuit, filed in 2011, alleged “gross malpractice” while the claimant was undergoing treatment at the centre:

defendant carelessly and negligently hypnotized plaintiff at a time when she was under the influence of various psychotropic medications and said hypnotic treatment directly caused or contributed to cause the creation, reinforcement, or increase in plaintiff’s mind, of false memories including the following:

a) Plaintiff suffered physical and sexual abuse;
b) Plaintiff suffered multiple rapes;
c) Plaintiff suffered satanic 
ritual abuse;
d) Plaintiff was caused to believe she was a member of a satanic cult and that she was involved in or perpetrated various criminal and horrific acts of abuse;
e) Plaintiff was caused to believe that she had multiple personalities at one time totalling twenty separate personalities.”

T1 >> All that from hypnosis? I doubt it.  The eating disorder alone could be a sign that much more is going on, inside. But if she was shocked and scared by what was coming up and out, She could easily chosen to go into denial. This is not to deny that malpractice took place, but I doubt much of what came up and out was caused by the therapist. This was in 2011 and therapists had long known by this time that you dare not lead or suggest as it gives the enemy a false pretext for claiming, unjustly, malpractice. She may not have done anything wrong and would still get blamed.<<

HX >> In June 2016, Kate Wheeling reported in the Pacific Standard:

The former Castlewood Treatment Center patients claimed that, under the influence of hypnosis and psychiatric drugs, they were encouraged to link their current problems to forgotten childhood abuse. The false memories of abuse, according to the suits, exacerbated the emotional distress the patients were already experiencing. But the patients who were incepted with these emotionally disturbing and false memories aren’t the only victims of the discredited technique. …

T1 >> Notice that the real problem was that when the feelings/memories came up, they inflamed the emotional distress already present. The therapist was an innocent by stander who had a bad batch of patients who acted with cowardice when memories began to surface that were shocking. Most therapists who practice normal psychiatry or psychology have patients who do not want to get well, but just want to be told they are fine and are good. They are not looking for the truth and will reject it, if is suggests they need to make some changes. So most therapists take the money and tell them they are fine. I am not sure I can blame them.

My opinion is that the therapist convicted of Malpractice was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and got some scum to treat. And she lost her defence and maybe her license, too. She did not deserve any of it. I would have not used hypnosis, though. For one, it is against my religion.

HX >> Although there is no full tally, University of California-Berkeley professor Frederick Crews, who wrote about recovered memory therapy, suggested (conservatively, he says) that one million patients may have been convinced they had recovered repressed memories. Of course, as Crews notes, the number of those affected was far greater; the accusations from each of these patients almost always radiated through families and communities, leading to bewildering and painful estrangements for fathers, mothers, teachers, and others.

While there’s little evidence that people can completely forget highly emotional events, there is plenty of evidence that people can form false memories of emotional events. “People can falsely create, or come to believe, that emotional events occurred that never occurred, people can misremember the details of emotional events, but what they don’t seem to do is have an emotional event occur and then shove it into some basement of their subconscious and not be able to recall it,” says Linda Levine, a psychology professor at the University of California-Irvine. “You don’t see literature on people wholesale forgetting emotional events. Events that are highly emotional to people are typically very well remembered.” << end of HX article

T1 >> I see a big problem here, given EC's tendency to leave out very relevant data. Patients (in California, the mind control and SRA capitol of the USA) to the tune of one million may have been convinced they had recovered repressed memories. One million is an awful lot to write off. Maybe repressed memories aren't so far fetched, after all. In California, I would not doubt it. It is also reported that lots of families and communities were affected. Sounds like SRA to me. But one thing for sure, with EC reporting, we will not get the truth. He needs to provide far more detail and links, if possible. Don't hold your breath on that one.

EC was woefully behind the times and facts about RMT and a whole lot more. But never miss sight of the fact that his main goal at all times is to muddy the water and cause doubt or uncertainty in the minds of idiots. That's at least 90% of the world's population. Get the picture?

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