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RD Comes out of Hiding

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Intro >>  And His 2 children with him, too! I was amazed that Hoaxtead was the one to publicize it. Maybe that was the intention, eh? But I have some real deep concerns with what I saw. Just in case some readers might be unfamiliar with the situation.

The 2 children were taken from their mother, supposedly because her boyfriend was "dangerous," which he was not. What he was, was someone who got the kids to finally open up tell what had been going on with them that manifested in the the 2 kids having sex at 9 an 8, and many other disturbing behaviors that they said were part of a Cult operating in their school and with their father as the cult boss and all the kids made to participated in sexual activities.

The most disturbing part was the importing of babies to be sacrificed and flesh eaten, and skulls saved for rituals. So the police and social services that the kids warned about, where in on the cult thing, took the kids away and after a few months of foster care, were handed over to their cult dad. They also reported that all the teachers and some others had devil tatoos. Of course, the cult supposedly has nothing to do with Satan, who is also known as the devil. You go figure!

Let me make it clear that I make use of frame clips from a Ebay promo of RD and his 2 kids, to reveal mental health concerns, and far worse, that the UK declaration which has never changed is that the children were in foster care and that is obviously a lie now since they were in an Audi Superbowl commercial and now this. So we have concrete proof that the UK, police, social services, media and far more, have all been lying, so it would seem, about many things regarding due process of law and open honesty of conduct.

I make fair use of the images of the children's images, for their benefit and welfare, to see that, if possible, they might finally get the justice owed to them. This article has no intention of harming them or causing them any shame and they have nothing to be ashamed of. The UK and the kids' dad, on the other hand, have a lot to explain that they continue to avoid explaining.

I take this time also point out the many @$$holes who claimed to support the children and yet insisted that that the UK was being perfectly honest (which would be a first, were it true) in reporting the children continued to be in foster care. Due to the large public concern for these two children, were the UK gov and judicial system benevolent toward their citizens and the world, too, they would not have hesitated to allow the public a brief interview with the kids, that we could all be put to rest that the kids were being well cared for and a yearly report on their well being be made. It should not be a trivial thing for a government to be open and accountable for their taking 2 children away and handing them over to a person and his extended circle of associates who have such horrific accusations against them.

The whole mess was nothing but coverup and secrecy. Hence I write for the defense of the 2 children and their benefit and interests. I know full well they dad, quick to anger and outrage at nothing, will protest my discussing the non-verbal appearance of the 2 children. Nothing whatsoever is intended to harm or involve Ebay in any way. They are immaterial and irrelevant to my cause in this article.

Now that RD is getting this reward or attention as being a UK seller, therefore implying he lives in the UK, too, is a farce. With his connections, he could hop a plane and be in the UK or any other place he wanted. I do not believe he residing in the UK. No one in the UK public has seen him anywhere till this video.

Further, it now becomes clear the kids are in his custody and this was never announced as a judicial decision and verdict. We were told for a fact, that they were in foster care, which the kids expressed they wanted to remain with Carol, a foster care mother.

So the credibility of the UK shot to hell. They have none. The kids can clearly shown to be in the Audi commercial filmed in southern California and I have other evidence, too, that they have been in California for some time, at least since 2016. I have no problem with them living in California. I have problems with being lied to and that the kids, given their appearance in this Ebay video, are not being well cared for. This was the very same pretext that took the kids from their mother in the first place. Now lets get to the pictures.

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I took the screen shots in consecutive order and labeled them 1-19 for the interview part. It was a brief interview so any desire to match shots with the video should not be hard. I may not use them all but will supply their numbers. These 19 photos were used by me to make individual portraits of RD, Alisa, and Gabe.    There were also some quick footage I include, but not for comparison to these 19 photos



First I have to say that I was surprised that Alisa had put on weight and gotten fairly tall. And Gabriel, who was just a little bit heavy in 2014, is thin as a rail now. Right off, Alisa seems bothered. More later. Alisa looks depressed throughout. Gabe is trying hard to play along. Alisa seems to care less.


These shots were taken consecutively and changes of expression got more attention than when there was little change. I started at 1:00 into the video, on a downloaded copy. Below a green bar transition cut of the top part of the photo as it made to the transition to no. 6 on the right.



Below in 7 & 8, is about as happy as Alisa gets.


It struck me as I watched this that all of this could have been make up, that is, to accomplish something else entirely. Recall that in the Audi commercial, the lighting was kept dark, making any judgment challenging. But as things have progressed, EC expressed that there is no chance now that this will ever abate and stop, referring the pictures, videos, etc. Maybe all involved in this affair as their allies decided that coming out into the light might be the only way to help put an end to the crusades for the children. Hiding seems like RD has something to hide, which he does, says I. So they may try to get him to act happy and nice and sweet so that people will find it hard to believe that he could do such things.

The only problem, of course, if that is the strategy, is that RD's emotions are volatile. He gets angry easy. He is used to people obeying him and respecting him. He has little patience. I showed that in my article on his BBC interview. You will see some of it here, too, when I get to the profiles. The transition moves to an interview. In the screen shots of 9-14 starting just below, already, you can see the intensity of RD's expression.

Its not that he is going off on any one, but that is strong emotion for merely discussing business success. There is a lot of pressure built up inside him. Listen, he was abused as a child, himself, which means he is all bottled up as anyone is, who has suffered a lot of abuse. All Satanists are loose cannons. Of course, Rick is just an Atheist and Evolutionst, right? Sorry Rick. How about showing us your tattoo? You seem to suggest you have one in many of your blogs, or whoever it is that does the blog.


I am kind of curious about who or what Gabe is looking at. Lisa is just staring somewhat toward the floor. Her heart is not in what is going on around her.

 In 9 thru 14, Alisa shows almost no expression or change. Just below in 11, 12, Gabe is much more present, alert, and engaged. As regards Alisa, I do believe she is heavily drugged. Modern antidepressants, which also come with the side effect of making people more suicidal. My suspicion is that she did attempt suicide. It that is so, then you can only begin to imagine what this girl is being put thru. She has weight issues compare to Alisa at 9. Sexually abused girls will, not uncommonly, develop weight problems, often without being aware of what is driving them to eat more and put on weight, subconscious instinct motivating it to the person fat and unattractive. Lisa is already showing signs of disturbance that I believe is a result of heavy medication, which I think was also present in her 3rd police interview.


In 13 and 14 below,  she might have turned her head ever so slightly toward dad clearly moved her eye in his direction. But her head does not really move much if at all. Gabe is playing along, well. What else can he do?


RD is enjoying himself. Lisa looks unimpressed if not skeptical. I am not sure what Gabe is thinking. He might be amused at all this. Do they even have a company or is the company legit and lending its operations to him as the face their operation. My opinion is that this was the way designed to put these 3 out in the open and try to change public opinion, rather than run from it. Look at RD's expressions. That is a strong will, there!

There is also the possibility that they want to show us Alisa in torment, to torment us and in effect, to say to us, "we are being miserable to her, despite your efforts and we will continue to do so and there is not a damned thing you can do about it!"

Right you are, Rick! And I can continue to let people see what real and true monsters you and your fellow "Atheists" (a replacement name ordered by Satan) truly are. Merciless to a girl of only 9, now 13, who only wanted to stop being  hurt and abused in squealing on you guys. For that, you ruin her life. May Jesus take notice of your deeds! One day he will, but your case, Rick, you might be pushing your luck too far. Jesus is no push over, even if her seems slow to act. Time is on my side, not yours.

Below, Lisa finally looks up with an ever so slight smile. Gabe is still amused. He seems to be enjoying himself. But lets be honest, he dares not do otherwise. That dragon in the chair could bite his head off.


Lisa gives her best attempt to be engaged. Giving the heavy drugs that I suspect, She's lucky she can stand on her own 2 feet. But now the shocker in 18. Look at the brooding contempt as she looks over and down at dad, so called. If looks could kill, right? Wouldn't we all like to, eh? But Jesus wants  Rick all to himself and I, for one, am not going to pick a fight with the son of God. I got way more brains than that.


Folks, do you notice the black band around Alisa's neck? They are commonly called chokers. Its visible in all the previous photos. Its not insignificant. I will explain it soon.

Lisa is still glaring. But RD is in heaven. There is a lot revealed in that picture. I noted in my HX Watch #3 Family Crisis Abroad, that it sounded like someone, Lisa, says I, tried to commit suicide. A name of a sock puppet "Real Fresh Start" perhaps indicated that Rick was going to let up on Alisa. I hope so. And this does have to do with that black band around Poor Lisa's neck, as well.  This Ebay commercial was celebrating the best new sellers on Ebay for 2017. So I imagine it was late 2017 or early 2018, or maybe only recent. Who knows! But the timing does matter for Alisa. These 19 photos were bigger when I first saved screen shots. I was using the VLC Media Player with enlarged display and then use sharpening in Photoshop for clarity and crispness. I took shots of each one close up as their facial expressions showed better

and that is important. And I compare them close up, all synced together. Individuals isolated show expression and change better. Gabe seems better synced with "dad," but not always. I will consider Alisa 1st. This sequence was at the beginning of their spot. The pic just below is the context for this series of Alisa. This was at 1:00 into the Ebay commercial.

She looks almost asleep and barely shows signs of life as she briefly looks to her right, still looking numbed and does not at any time change much. In situations like this, a normal person would be awake and careful, even if very shy and intimidated. Alisa performed well in the Audi commerical and showed her stuff in the first 2 police interviews. That girl is not even present here. She is, what I often call, Flat-line. No real expression, whatsoever. Ask her where she would rather be! If she had a choice, I can tell you where she would be! Talk about child abuse.

Just think about this for a minute. How does this Alisa compare to the one we have in videos by Ella/Abe or her at 2 police interviews. She was many orders healthier in nonverbal and verbal expression. Its clear here that she has been horrifically abused in my judgment. If I were judge, those kids would be removed in seconds and an investigation launched immediately into dad and what he as been doing. Alisa would be 1000 times better of with Ella. Well, for that matter, there are likely at least a few million that would care for her and Gabe far better than this creep from hell.

Below is when preparing for the interview, appearing after the previous above. Alisa looks her best here. Don't let her looks fool you. She is only 13. Way too young to be treated the way she is. But again, she gets a little bit of a smile off, but looks half asleep, Just as she sometimes did on the 3rd police interview, which was a total farce, without question.

The next context:


The next serious of her is photos I labeled earlier composing 1-19. These will be used for Gabe and Ric-que, too.

Its almost as if she was frozen. The times between this are not much. But still no change at 60 fps video. Likely about 1/2 second to 1 second at times. Sometimes several seconds. It was a short commerical.

Still not much of any change.

Below might be her best.

Below, the daggers! Were it not for the drugs, you'd see more emotion.

  Gabe up next. I took these from the very same photo so what appears in order, for Gabe, Alisa and Dickless, are all the exact same time.

Not much change, true! But he is far more alert and expressive. No drugs here, that I can tell. Of course, its only my opinion that Alisa is drugged. You can decide for yourself. Gabe is so reduced in weight that I would normally question that it was him. However, his features are so much like his dad that I will say it is him. The eyes look very much the same to me. Gabe has survived well, over all. I would love to know more about why he is not eating as much anymore. The extreme change in weight is kind of hard to attribute to just Gabe. He was reported by foster mothers as eating heavy, and he was very mildly overweight at 8. I know there has to be something behind it, besides himself.

Now as you can see here, in the very same time as Alisa, Gabe has a number of expressions. Don't know what might be buried deep in his brain, but is a lot more functional, otherwise. Alisa is the target of wrath, almost exclusively. He does seem to me to be a bit overly happy, perhaps just to avoid trouble. Alisa might have a bit more spirit, which gets her into trouble.

the 2 below seem to me the most genuine of Gabe's emotional state. Both of them have had a rough time of it. Most of it buried deep in the mind and not likely to ever make it into consciousness. They are in a prison without walls, but still very much a prison of the mind.


Something tells me he is relieved in doing this, knowing the plan. He likes the direction this new move is going in. He was amped up. Look at the 3rd frame below. Now that is Joy! He was in his element.

Now oddly enough, "daddy dearest" has, pretty much the same expression in each frame. The feelings are pouring out of him. Why, it might be Satan's version of being born again.  How about this: These are from the same picture. He is in heaven and look where Lisa is! Nuf said, right?

Free at last! Free at last! Thank God, Free at last!
says the cult leader, I mean dad. Be careful what you go looking for, RD, You might find it. Jesus has yet to fully have his say. As it was once said, It ain't over till the fat lady sings. And man, does she love to sing! And she as quite the voice I hear, too.

The Choker's Significance
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Chokers as they are called, are the often thin black band that fits snuggly around the neck. Alisa is wearing one. Celebrities have been endorsing them and promoting them, ever as they have the kitten ears and rabbit/bunny ears on costumes and on stage. A few wear a sort of bat ear like Batman or Bat girl, though they seem more like pointed bunny ears. Now celebrities are not getting paid for their promotions of this stuff. They are strongly urged by their bosses and handlers to do do.

We saw a big trend that started in 1980, with all the music and rock stars cutting their hair and a huge campaign on TV shows and movies to denigrate the entire hippie movement. In fact, that movement was under fire, even in the 60s. The Vietnam war was a disaster as this brash new generation said NO! to war, that had no real obvious reason for existing.

So the CIA wanted to really do the whole Hippie ethos in and ruin their image. The punk movement was another attempt to stand apart from the Hippies and was promoted by the CIA and the Music industry. So entertainment was, in the eyes of the social programmers, an important means of shaping the styles and attitudes and beliefs of the young, largely thru celebrities the young looked up to.

In our time, Satan, paganism, New Age-ism, closely related to Paganism and Satan, too, as well as esoteric symbols and Illuminati crap. Don't for get aliens and UFOs, either. Many fashion trends are promoted by celebrities of the young. What it amounts to is the dumbest generation yet, the Millennials and those following them up on their tail end, are buying into all the Illuminati, NWO, and Satanic crap. Its getting more popular by the day. One of the biggest ways to influence the young is thru fashion that celebrities employ.

50 shades of Gray changed a lot of things. Suddenly, Sadomasochism is the in thing. Not really but it is promoted that way, as if it were. And one of those prominent symbols is the choker. The name says a lot. I grabbed a few things off the net for your consideration now.

Oshini Gamage, 16 year old girl

Updated Dec 29, 2016

As a 16 year old teenage girl there are two reasons as to why we wear chokers;

  1. Because it’s sexy
  2. Because it's trendy and in fashion

I know some people answering this question are bringing up the history of chokers, but in reality teenagers do not consciously look back at previous fashion eras to determine what to bring back. Chokers these days are primarily popular because of their sexual undertone. Teens know about bdsm, erotic asphyxiation, daddy fetishes etc, and try to humorously hint at these things in everyday life. I've heard girls call their boyfriends “daddy” in school.

Anyways, chokers draw attention to the throat, and are reminiscent of actual choking during sex. It adds edginess to what could be an otherwise everyday innocent look. Some chokers purposely look like dog collars used in fetish play, like this one that I find is really common:

Very Honest Answer: We wear them because they make us prettier. They slim our necks and accentuate our collarbones.

But oh my gosh, they are quite possibly the most uncomfortable thing to ever exist—the worst form of legal torture.

You know how some people have phantom limb syndrome? Well I have phantom choker syndrome. When I am not wearing one, I still imagine I that I am. I unconsciously reach up to my neck to adjust it and low and behold, it's not there. I proceed to have a mini panic attack, look quite stupid, and finally, silently laugh.

They are the paradox of pretty—so irritating, but so stylish.

I really hate chokers.

Truth1 >>> They wear these to fit in with the fashion and be cool and edgy, if not slutty.<<

More from the Net: 

Radhika Agarwal, Future designer, coffeebuff (take me serious), creative soul

Answered Dec 24, 2016 · Author has 92 answers and 102.7k answer views

Once the trend is set, it looks too cool to be ignored. Initially, the thing looked stupid, because choke... What? Do you want to choke on yourself wearing those? But then more and more girls tried and made it in their must have list.

Personally, when I first saw bloggers wearing that thing on instagram, I was very uncomfortable with the thought of that fancy thing on my neck. My only thought was” How will I breathe.” But then, when people buy worn torn jeans and make it a trend, why leave chokers behind? I tried, and felt pretty, so I loved it.

To answer you, girls wear it because they feel good about wearing it and also don’t want to be the one left behind while following the trend. It may not look good to you but everyone has different choices.

6.3k Views · View Upvoters  <<< End quotes

“Until recently, I had no idea chokers had a secret meaning for men.”

Clare Stephens   Weekend Editor November 5, 2016         The model below is not the author, Clare at left.

Earlier this year, a wise woman (Taylor Swift. It was Taylor Swift) announced to the masses: “Chokers are the new flower crowns.”

It was a bold statement. A big call to make. People love goddamn flower crowns.

But it seems Tay Tay was right. Chokers are everywhere: Around the necks of celebrities at music festivals, on red carpets, all over our Instagram feeds, and even in the Mamamia office.

While I'm not usually one for fashion trends (my style priorities are firmly ranked 1. comfort, 2. comfort, and 3. pockets), for some reason, the choker trend appealed to me. They're flattering, and I feel like when I wear a choker, it detracts from my weird hunchback shoulders.

But last night, I heard something that made me feel utterly humiliated about what I thought was an incredibly trivial fashion decision. Sitting at the dinner table, one of my brothers asked whether I knew what men thought when I wore a choker.

"Ummm, no," I responded, assuming men had approximately zero opinions about my jewelry choices.

He explained that among guys, there's a joke that women who wear chokers are "sluts."

"You have to know what it insinuates," he said. "It's like... a collar. Collar... like an animal... like submissive."

At first I was shocked, and then I was angry. I was furious that I had just been made to feel uncomfortable about what is essentially a piece of material I wear around my neck. I couldn't believe that such a concept would even cross my brother's mind. It was disturbing.

Truth1: One thing I notice about liberated women. They do not accept any responsibility for acting or dressing in way that cause some to look down on them. They cry, "Its not fair. Stop judging me." but a fact of life is that any of us can be judged by anything we say or do. Whatever you do, you have own it cone you know how others feel about it and you continue to do it. then just accept the judgment as somthing you can not change. if you don't like it, then you change. The attitudes of others will not change.

Then he explained that his group of friends had first seen the "joke" on Facebook. Apparently there are memes that make fun of the fact that girls who wear chokers are promiscuous. Indeed, there are.

There's ones like this. I'm not even sure what 'slobbin meats' means, but I'm almost certain it's offensive.

What the hell.

How is this a thing?! And more importantly, how did I not know?

Once my brother convinced me that he wasn't trying to hurt my feelings, but simply wanted to alert me to the otherwise unknown conversations of young men, what followed was quite a complex discussion of sexual objectification, feminism, and fashion.

I'm not an idiot. I know I don't make my fashion choices in a vacuum. I didn't come out of the womb asking for a pair of high heels, and I certainly didn't come up with the idea of the humble choker because I, alone, thought it looked nice. But at the same time, I genuinely don't make style decisions with the intention of seducing men. Truth1 >>Whether this is true or not, most young women (or wish they were young at 40) do dress to attract and acquire men. Most women will not admit it. They are dishonest.<<

If I do wear something that men interpret to be highly sexual, whose fault is that? Truth1: See! Its not her fault that we interpret. She is going to ignore it, and then cry when it backfires. What we give off for signals matters and we need to be very aware of those signals if we don't want to fall prey to someone who is not all there in the head and looking for any excuse to rape or put pressure on a woman to comply to whatever. Women are very dishonest about their real intentions. << Truth1 end

So, should I stop wearing chokers because they give off a message that I'm not comfortable with? Surely not. That would be tantamount to men literally dictating what I wear. And that's f**ked. Truth1: that is reality you are rejecting, dear. I may not like the way people judge me. But I only have 2 choices. Accept that not everyone is going to like every thing I do, or, change what I am doing so that I not get unfairly judged. The saying is, you judge a book by its cover. Women want to break behavior codes and yet not suffer for it. Well, if you find a way to do that, let me know. I have not found such a way. << Truth1 end

Chokers are just one example of the infinite number of decisions and behaviours women make that leave us stuck. Wearing them makes us sex objects, and not wearing them makes us oppressed. We're damned if we do and damned if we don't. Men just aren't victims to the same struggle.

On the face of it, men's perception of chokers might seem like a very inconsequential issue. But it's not.

What their conversations about women's jewellery choices represents is that our bodies don't belong to us.

Society feels a sense of blatant ownership over women's bodies, and a culture where women's bodies are public property, open to scrutiny and criticism, is a culture where women can't possibly be equal to men. It's a culture where people feel entitled to women's bodies - to touch them, to ogle at them, to hurt them.

T1 >> Her accusations are false. No one is claiming ownership of her body or claiming her as property and that goes for all women. But women will accuse whatever they want, when something does not go their spoiled entitled way. Throw a tantrum and make crazy accusations.<<< End T1

So, what do I do? I know that not all men are thinking I'm a slut when I wear a choker, but I know that at least some are. And I don't want people to make assumptions about me based on a fashion choice.

But ultimately, if I analysed and policed everything I did in terms of the messages it might send to certain people, I'd go crazy. T1: its too late. She already went crazy. Another tragic loss. It simply isn't my responsibility, and there's no way I can even pretend to control how I'm perceived.

I won't stop wearing a choker, even if the men I encounter think heinous thoughts because of it. <<< End of article-post quote

Truth1 >> Now that last section was important for one big point. How many men view the choker, for one? 2nd, that even if they know, they deny anyway and keep on doing it, so that they have plausible denial in case some badass she thought she could handle, won't leave her alone. They can let the sex proceed and swear it was rape so that they can not be called sluts, or they can even file a report, yet say to all their friends that it was not her fault for ignoring the opinion of the Majority of men. If I should walk out into traffic saying "you have to look out for me and I have pedestrian rights out here," that does not mean I will not get hit and depending how reckless I get, but I will have no one to blame but myself. Much wiser to respect traffic, says I!

But what is rather clear is that the general opinion of men is not good on this choker issue. Its very negative. That is what a father, so called, is doing to his daughter. He is sending out the message loud and clear that his daughter is property and being used as a slave maybe, and is maybe passed around to others for their joy while she is a miserable wreck under heavy medication and possibly on the brink of suicide. I am not impressed at all!

Choker history just for you! What do you think? Glamorous? Sexy? Trendie? I think not!



Satan loves to prey on stupidity and gullibility of the young. In our day, everyone is stupid. Satan is going to get you to wear choke collars and chains cause he sees us all like the above. It was not great for them and we would not like it, either. Getting women to dress in a humiliating fashion? Easy as pie. They do it and like doing it. Its trendy!!! Some women have no judgment whatsoever. How fashionable are the above?

Also remember that Satan does not respect people who sell out to Him. He treats them like crap. To women who act slutty, he wants to you to act real slutty and behave like a tramp and animal. He wants to humiliate you and degrade you, with your willingness and cooperation. Now that is pathetic, indeed.

Now lets be clear. Alisa is not wearing that because she wants to. Its daddy's way of bragging to us all that he won and he is punishing our girl to piss us off and make us give up. I'm not going anywhere. May the heavenly Father take notice!

Blowing off Steam
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I have a few things to say. First, for all you who abandoned the kids who would have been helped by the Superbowl publicity that Audi gave them, you are all certified shills or dumber than a rock, if not blind. And they are in California. And they certainly are not in Foster care as most of you gullible brainless idiots accepted from the lying conniving UK authorities. Anyone who believed the kids were still in foster care are certified shills. Let me name a few, and please, those I name, sue me so I can get your hides into court to expose you.

I refer to Jacqui Farmer, who Hoaxtead says is Charlotte Ward. I do not know if that is so. But I know who Jacqui was associated with. Further, Kris Costa who denied the kids were in the Audi commercial and not living in California, is also a Jacqui sock puppet. She has many of you fooled. And let us not forget Sonya Van Gelder, Kris's twisted sister in lying, who also went by Melissa Williams. Anyone who backed the claim of the UK that the kids were still in foster care, as if the UK were moral government that never lied. Its too bad there is not burning hell for you all to reside in. You're all useless. Anyone associated with those losers is also a shill and scum bag. Just go their FB pages and see who their friends are, since most of them were connected to Jacqui and then moved to Angie, and then went over to Kris.

Birds of a feather flock together and its a damned fact! People will judge you by the company you keep. Or at least they should.

My heart goes out to both kids, but especially the girl suffering so much abuse from her very sadistic "guardian," in my opinion! I got more goodies coming. So much on my plate.

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