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Children Lied on Video, Says EC

 Truth1 says . . . Not really!            A Special Revelation  Message from Ella

More evidence that children were forced to lie on videos

El Coyote / 5 hours ago    At 12:12 AM Jul 9, 018 EDST

Truth1 >> I am going to address what HX wrote, but not quoting it, to save the article being long and redundant.

The Jean Clement tape did have Draper sending Rick to Ella, according to Abe on that tape.

As for Ella’s change of story with Sophia Smallstorm and Lift the Veil--Nathan “the shill” Stopleman, It seems pretty clear to me that She got a big payoff from the UK in exchange for Discrediting her self voluntarily. I will explain why later in this article.

None of the 3 children had tattoos says Gabe. Cause Mom was not supposed to know. But he said if she was doing it, too, then he and Alisa and James would have tattoos. And there is no doubt that James had to go along with the Cult and with that being the case, he would have “touched” (sexually abused) them, even as they did to each other and with the other kids in the school.

Referring to James, Gabe's older brother, "Gabe: He does…he touches us, he does, um, sex to us."

Alisa: “Yes. And James was in it.   Truth1: Assuming the kids are truthful, which I do assume, and they are 2 witnesses and the videos provide visual testimony complete with the non-verbal readily apparent and convincing, their testimony certifies that Will Draper was in the cult.

Let me also make it clear that EC claiming that Abraham told Alisa to shut up, is a lie and EC knows it! Though it is hard to hear, there is the dog heard wimpering when Abe told the dog to shut up. Keep in mind that they all knew they were in a desperate and dangerous situation, which they had to have known before coming back. They were crazy to ever come back. They should have went to Russia to release the story. Russia might have covered it up, too, as all the nations are in on this Satan worship. You can be damned sure of that.

So if Abe sounds bit short-tempered in this instance, he is feeling the pressure and the dog was irritating him. It is noteworthy that the dog is actually a witness to the situation, who can not lie. He/she senses there is fear/danger and that the humans are under duress. The dog is concerned but does not understand what is behind the fear and concern the family is feeling but there is no apparent cause the dog can discern. EC has not figured that one out yet. The more he brings things up, the more he forces to become uncovered and revealed. Thanks EC! You're a real pal!

And now, more contradictions… says EC

EC @ HX >> We are always amazed at the information that can be gleaned from going over old evidence. This time we were looking through the transcript of a video Angela Power-Disney released, of a conversation between herself and Sabine in April 2016.

Keep in mind that this was more than a year before Ella made her spectacularly contradictory gaffe.

Angie: Like, [Ella’s ex-husband] was in the cult, the children, the full Jean-Clement recordings, said that their stepbrother [named] had molested them, or Ella said this or somebody….

SabineNo, on that note, I asked—I met [Ella’s son], and I asked Ella whether she had asked him about it, and she said she couldn’t talk to him about it, but she was going to ask her mum to do that.

Let’s pause on that.

Truth1 >> yes, by all means, lets pause on that. Angie was actually right in this instance. And when Ella said she could not talk to James about it, I am sure she was implying that her divorce settlement/alimony was granted with a settlement clause that she never talk to James about any of it. Will was looking out for the cult in doing this. Ella evidently agreed to it, too. So she had to know about the cult when she divorced.

I believe this has been unrecognized, because none of us knew or understood too much, if we had heard this conversation recorded tween Angie and Sabine when it was first put up. So I find it odd that she says she did not know anything and that it all came out with Abe. That might have been a cover so that she would not lose the alimony. So Abe had to find a way to get the kids to open up and reveal things. As it were, Draper cut off her alimony payments, anyway, perhaps assuming she had "talked" when the agreement was not to talk at all. I think it is pretty interesting.

While some might frown on Ella,  I would be slow to judge her here without more info. How about it, EC? You got more info you want to tell us? Obviously not! Ella was caught between a rock and a hard place. She had 2 kids to care for and a silver Jaguar to make payments on. She wanted to stay in Hampstead, too, an expensive place to live.

You should all realize that I can not refrain the truth; the whole truth. And since I think she got a big payoff from the UK Gov, She is not going to talk anymore and I can not find too much fault with that. The chances of getting the kids back were near to zero. Besides, she should have known that I would remain working to blow this whole thing open, if it were possible.

So the new circumstances make it real clear the cult was hiding in their agreements with Ella. So much for "The cult does not exist." Yeah! I guess we can forget about that. They are busted now. I'd like to see that agreement. Maybe Will would like to comment on that, EC, huh? Why don't you ask him and report back to us thru your trashy blog, Hoaxtead Research Lies? I'm looking forward to it. EC! You might do well to not reveal quite so much, for your own sake. You got lots of skeletons in the closet as well. He who live in glass house, say Confucius, should not throw stones.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must print EC's question on this matter:

EC >> Now, if you were the parent of a child, even an almost-grown one, and you believed that he might have been brutally sexually abused since early childhood, and then forced to sexually abuse others including his own half-siblings, would you hesitate even a nano-second before asking him about it and then immediately trying to ensure his safety? Would you shrug it off and get the child’s grandmother to do it?

Truth1 >> Good question. But I explained why Ella had to be quiet and EC knows that, too. He is also hiding a lot. He admits that Angie was right in this conversation.

EC >> Angie: It is her [son], it is her [son], that’s my sense of it. I’m useless at archiving, I’ll try and find what I’m referring to. I wouldn’t say that lightly, Sabine.  Truth1: Angie is correct here.

EC >> So first Sabine denies that the older boy was involved in the “cult”, and then she back-pedals and says that she questioned Ella about this (while they were still on speaking terms), and then met the son in person, to decide whether or not the allegation was true.

In other words, even Sabine wasn’t certain that the allegations against the elder son were correct. When asked, Ella seems to have waffled, saying she “couldn’t talk to him about it.”  Truth1: EC is ignoring the divorce/alimony agreement. Ah such morality and integrity ;-)

And yet as far back as late 2014/early 2015 all parties were fully aware that the children and Abe had made allegations about the elder son. Everyone had seen the videos and knew what the children had said.

But amongst themselves, they were casting doubt on the children’s supposedly 100% true testimony.

Makes you think, doesn’t it? << End of HX report.

What EC leaves out, is the extreme likelihood that Ella was under a written binding agreement not to ask or involve James, in return for her Alimony. Will knew quite well that Ella knew plenty and that would be a big concern for Will and the cult he was in. EC and da cult is busted big time! Will was giving her payola to keep quiet. Ah, the truth is more beautiful than we could have realized. Ella was receiving Alimony. That is a fact. And it got cut off. That is a fact. Why was it cut off, EC?  There was a written agreement? Why don't you ask Will for a copy of that to discuss with us? Wha da ya say, old boy? After all, your all about getting to the truth, right? { God, (the Father) please forgive me for the sin I just typed prior. }.

A Special Revelation
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Have I got something for ya all. I do! I do! OK, I did resort to click bait with that title. But it was a message from her . . . even if it was 1.25 years in the past. Its still relevant. OK, I'm in the Dog house. But I would do it again, given half the chance. I was working on the Audi Superbowl commercial and I at some point sent a message thru Ella/Abe's  youtube channel ( there were 2 of them weren't there?) Or I might have sent it thru a post on one of their two websites and Ella responded to me by email. I will conceal the address but the sent date remains: Sat 3/18/2017, 1:47 PM. this might have been after she had first contacted me. Though it was only a year and 3 or 4 months, I have forgotten a lot. But files last forever.

What follows is very interesting for you doubters: From Ella!

Sat 3/18/2017, 1:47 PM

Hi Scott,

I didn't even involved with her (Kris) as the dearmandoeshampstead did smell very much like Jackie Farmer or rather Charlotte Ward (It could be her real name). In fact I thought it was the same person: Kris and J/C.
They are good (but predictable) at creating different personas/avatars. And have such similar recognisable way of operating.

There is another one Jouls Cloud on FB or Claudia something who works with them.
And I came a crosse that tandem with Sonya. Have no idea who she is. I didn't even bother.

Sometimes it's one person creating all these different 'people', using photos and make it look like real person.

Charlotte Ward once admitted that she had 5 computers. She has forgotten that before she also said she wasn't very technical ...

Then Kris never wanted to get on Skype (we heard Charlotte/Jackie's voice , right).

Also Alisa's gap on the right side, between her teeth. This girl Jessie doesn't have it.

Scott, I tried to write to you before to the email I have : truth1 but never had a response. I hope I am talking to the same person ;)  { T1:I had lost that account by forgetting my password }
Anyway my question was: you know you've done transcripts. I've got someone who might be interested in doing documentary but they want transcripts and be totally sure it's all correct. I am so busy right now to go through it any time soon. Would you say they are accurate. << end of email

Hey, EC! What do you say about Kris being Jacqui? Oh, did I blow their (her) cover? Oh, Bummer, huh? I had forgotten some of this myself. And Charlotte would appear to be a real professional (shill that is). And Ella said Jesse was not in the commercial and that it was Alisa. She has since changed her narrative and gone silent. I believe her 1st testimony.

Sat 4/1/2017, 1:48 PM

Hi Scott,
Just a quick reply ,
I do have some footage of Alisa. Give me some time, really busy. 
With God's love,  <<<end of email.

That was the last I ever heard from her. I never got the footage. She changed her mind in a radio interview with Sophia Smallstorm, associated with SGT Report. I had asked if she had video footage of Alisa walking. She said she did as you can see just above. Then she changed her story with dick head, "Lift the Veil."

I was wishing for video footage of Alisa walking to match or not, with her Walking in the Audi Commercial near the end.

It is because she turned on the whole thing that I assumed she got paid off. The Audi commercial could have gone viral and exposed the whole affair being a coverup. So the UK relented, in my opinion, and bought Ella off. Abe has posted on his youtube channel, "Truth1, I know who you are. You are a Godsend!" That was all. I had no idea what was behind it, but then when Ella turned on her own case, I figured they got paid off. There is no other reason why they would suddenly make themselves look bad. That is the equivalent of suicide. No one would do that unless . . . they were paid off and the UK had been in contact with them. Listen; They certainly deserved a settlement. Many will never get anything like that, who should have. But this also doomed Alisa, who looks like a wreck right now, and possibly had attempted a suicide recently and luckily failed, I hope. I had some other email but I had not saved them at that time. It was a dumb move on my part. I had no idea what would happen.

But if, indeed, the UK bought them off, then clearly they were afraid of what I was doing. Otherwise the arrogant UK never would have done a thing. This also is evidence that the kids were in the Audi commercial.

Comments, EC?   . . .  I thought not! Stay in touch. I got more goodies in the pipepline.


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