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Malibu Presbyterian Church Up Close

What I will present here are some things very suspect, some based on my beliefs about how the world works, and circumstances in general. What the prevailing opinion of the Presbyterian church in general I covered in a previous blog. I want to briefly discuss California in general.

California is the biggest stated in union or near equal with Texas. But Texas has lots of desert land that is not very useful or desireable. California is famous for its coast, which runs from the Mexican Border all the way up to Oregon. The climate is generally very warm and weather extremes are minimal, especially on the coast. Because of largely sunny weather, filmakers chose California to set up their "Empire/Capitol." with so much coast, accounting for most of the western USA, it was impossible it to avoid attracting wealth.

So Cali had climate and the allure of Hollywood and fame. With Deep sea harbors, it is ideal for shipping and commerce. It could not avoid prosperity. Of course great wealth also attracts the poor, too. They want a piece of the American dream. Ironically, they hate American other wise. But not to fear. For soon, Cali will be Mexico. Maybe they will like that.

But the such wonderful playgrounds of the shores ocean seas Cali real-estate is very pricey. Let me show you a few typical beaches and harbors.

Newport Beach        Amazing, no?

Malibu beach area below. I have seen this area in old Perry Mason TV episodes. It was much more humble in the late 50s and early 60s.


Malibu beach, including El Matador State Park is famous for being the site of many Movie and TV show and advertising shoots. Planet of the Apes, 1968 version, has its iconic ending scene with the Statue of Liberty filmed there. Many music videos were shot there. Beaches all along the Coast.

The truth is that California, at least until lately, was likely the richest state in the USA. And that is the problem, really. It is said, and justly so, that power corrupts, and ultimate power corrupts ultimately and absolutely. This is just a fact of life. And ultimate wealth is ultimate power and corruption. Humans are too weak vulnerable to temptation to resist the enticements of wealth, celebrity, and power. I will give you an example. I had neighbors about 2 houses down on the other side of my street. The boy was 11 or so and the girl as 14 or 15. She had tried out for part in a movie to be filmed in Maine, 1.3 million pop. She made it up no. 7.   7 in Cali might be a big deal, but 7 in Maine was nothing at all. The parents got so excited they moved everything and headed to California. Hope runs eternal.

And its no longer any secret that Hollywood is rife with every kind of sex vice, pedophilia. Bob Hope was supposedly an actor and comedian. But that was just a front. Brice Taylor informs us that Bob Hope was the ring leader of CIA Mind Control programming, black mail, you name it. And he had lots of help as well. Many of the parties he hosted had plenty of children available for the guests. And the Bob's guys would get pictures of people bed with kids, in case they decided to do something that was not approved and they were not compliant. Bob Hope died with 2 billion dollars in his banks. How does an actor make 2 billion dollars? He doesn't. But if he works for the CIA and other very powerful people, then 2 billion is not a problem. The CIA's various trafficking enterprises could hit in the trillions for all I know. Black market stuff makes big money. So Cali was the hub for any sin or pleasure you wanted.

Now I would like to introduce Malibu Presbyterian Church.

Take note of the contrails. They get them, too. My condolences. For what they pay, They don't deserve that. None of us, do, really. We are all in the same boat apparently. Below is like nothing we have in Maine. I once attended "king halls" in the  early and mid 80s. They decently clean places but compared to below, it was nothing. You're in the big leagues here in Malibu.

This is typical of many modern churches, the liberal ones in particular. I don't think entertainment belongs in churches. In Jesus' day, Jews read from the law and the prophets. It was about learning and reminding, not entertainment. They did sing, though. but churches all over the USA and the world are controlled by large denominational hierarchies, to keep th masses controlled. They offer a community and belonging in exchange for obedience. I prefer freelance independence, writing as I believe God requires.
But aside from this, they have a very nice place and I am happy for them. Being the austere kind of guy I am, I prefer everything simple and humble, plain, as was the custom of Amish, Hutterrites, Quakers, and Puritans, among others. But I am not here to critique wealth. Its the people I care about. They are the essence of a congregation, not the building.

So my next focus now is on the activities of this branch of the Presbyterian denomination. I did meet a Presbyterian in my days as one of Jehovah's witnesses in the Portland area in the 80s. He had Scotish brogue. That was unusual. But I came to be disenchanted with controlled denominations and said good by to Jehovah's witnesses in 1990. Actually, I sent out  a notice of a rape that covered up and about a book that was deemed, unjustly, as apostate material from a former member of the governing body of that religion. So I was thrown out as planned. Its not fitting for a prophet (so to speak) to stone himself. I wanted to be thrown out. I left it open to be a potential lawsuit, but in the end, I figured no one there was worth it.

Why am I concerned about the Malibu Pres. Church? For one, because it was claimed that the girl in the 2017 Audi Superbowl Commerical as a girl named Jessi Giacomazzi. When I demanded evidence of this girl being found in just 1 frame of that 60 second commerical, not a soul could so so. It was at that time, that I took a big interest in who Jessi and her parents might be. My hunch was that no one would make that identity without the approval of the Giacomazzi Family. And so my investigation began. But what was the big deal about that commercial. Oh, am I glad you asked.

The girl who was in that that commercial, and her brother, too, and I suspect their dad, too, were involved in a huge scandal that involved allegations of the 2 kids that their dad was the boss of a major cult like operation that ran like 10 different schools, using kids for porn, sex, prostitution, and for running a baby importing operation that had contacts and agents all over the world. These are not new to the world. There was an epidemic of this stuff in the 80s and 90s, with the same sorts of stories.

Most reprehensible of all was that what I will name the "Hampstead cult," alleged, was not investigated by the police in any legitimate fashion. And the kids had declared that the teachers, who all had sex with the kids and each other, had devil tattoos on their pubic areas. Now search was ever done to verify or deny. And if that was not enough, the kids recent appearance in an Ebay promotion has many concerned that the kids are still being harmed as neither one looked naturally happy and at ease. In fact, the girl might have been pregnant. She is only 13.

So it is necessary in the cause of justice, that these allegations finally get investigated by Average people like me, since those in authority refuse do to so. As well, this alleged cult leader appears to be living and residing in California, with his kids, given the posting dates and times of a blog he is said to run and by virtue of the appearance of his kids and likely him, in the Audi Superbowl commercial, filmed in California. There is also some IP address evidence that I do not wish to disclose, as I have concern for the dad and his kids welfare. I fully believe in observing law where it does not conflict with God's law. And while I am unaware of any danger to these 3, I do not want to take any chances on anyone taking the law into their own hands. I am completely completely against that sort of thing.

As well, I pursue this matter of the allegations of the 2 children because of the fact that my nation maybe unwittingly or knowingly harboring this man, who may well be a very serious criminal from the UK, though unprosecuted. That does make it my interest. I also had keep concern for the welfare of the 2 kids.

The UK government has clearly lied to its own people and to the whole world, saying the kids were in foster care when that was absolutely false and deceiving. It is my contention that they have been in California since 2016. This assuming that The Audi commercial began writing and production in that year so that it would be ready by 2017 in the Superbowl Broadcast.

Now if Mr. Giacomazzi would like to explain circumstances to me, to my satisfaction as to how his and daughter's names got associated with this Audi commercial or would like to refute or deny it, I am easy to contact. I mean no harm or defamation to him, other than to understand whether a potential criminal of very serious proportions, is on the loose in the USA, from the UK. I want to know where my fellow countrymen stand on this matter. It is a matter of grave importance and urgency, as many fear for the safety and well-being of his 2 children under his care.

So I must proceed with my investigation that has found a number of concerns in regards to the conduct of the ruling body of the denominational Presbyterian church, given what appear to possibly be a big cover up of a Presbyterian church in Mansfield Ohio, where there seems to be evidence of a serious cover up of a cult like group that operated in that church, 60 in number, and only 2 teens prosecuted for it and the church HQ possibly participating in that cover up of what some call Satanic Activities. I am more than agreeable to talk to anyone.

My only concern is truth and the safety of the general public and of 2 children and also concerned about the possibility that an unconvicted possible criminal might be on the loose in California, who, if only half of what he has been accused of is true, presents a serious danger. Of as much concern is that there is a Hollywood network that might also be involved in some serious illegal activity and be willing to shelter such possible suspects I am writing on to warn people of hidden danger on the loose in the USA, if not more specifically California. There have been many allegations made by former child stars. So I continue my work.

Below is a group photo from Malibu Presbyterian taken in February 2016. I got it on Google images. I placed 4 numbers on specific areas. #1 on the far left on the red dress. Its the hand signs of the 2 girls beside her, that interest me. I will do a zoom shot on that and the other 3 numbers. 2 & 3 in back, and 4, front middle. There is a much bigger version of this photo and I saved the bigger version, too, in case they are taken down.

I begin with number 1. Left. The hand signs. They look like peace signs, though this sign is used in a number of ways. But both have their 2 smallest fingers bent the same way, along with the "V." I came across this, researching claims of aliens and what they look like and there are claims of aliens living among us. And one of the pictures shows this:

I could swear I saw this hand sign done by the Pope, or a painting of Jesus with this sign or Mary or something like that. But mystic, gnostic, esoteric symbols are condemned in the Bible. But that has not stopped the offshoots of the Roman Catholic Church, or the Eastern Orthodox church, either. And protestant has faired no better, making liberal use of the cross, originally a pagan symbol.

I had labeled this as 2. 4 people wearing head bands with 2 hearts on sticks or springs. Valentines day, right? Could also stand in for horns. Hearts have been suggested by various people on the net to have not so good origins. Why are they all concentrated in this one area? The 2 men in particular make me wonder. I put them up because often I end up coming across things later that end up answering what first puzzled me.

And this happened tonight as I thought the guy with hearts on his head, look a lot like a supposed alien living among us. They seem to share quite a bit is similarity. If it is so, are the hearts symbolic of antennas? Tween this and the 2 girls' handsigns, we have some interesting things. Nothing certain, but nothing comforting either. A bit strange for those who claim to belong to God, and I take my religion seriously and am obligated by scripture to warn those who might be taking steps in a bad direction. I can not help but notice the hood on the other "alien." She could easily pass for the young women just below and left of the hearts guy/alien. I am a bit disturbed by the amazing coincidences throughout this.



Variations on the same basic theme.


Are you ready for this? I labeled this no. 3. I can not believe the guy sporting the "el Diablo" devil horn hand sign that you can find many Hollywood and spots figures and politicians, too, flashing. As far as I am concerned, not Christian should be showing signs that have a questionable at best and quite a few associate this with the devil.
But we also have the face that is directly below the hand sign, with a guy having his tongue out and his left eye looking crossed.

There is also a little girl, far left 1 row up. She looks nearly identical to young pictures of Jessi G. I will show you in a minute. Bottom right corner is another heart had band. I am assuming that the guy with the devil horns is a man of some status, by the way he is dressed and using "the sign."

Jessi is the 2 photos on the right, below getting a hair cut. Left is the girl from above, repeated for comparison. So similar are they, that I wonder if they might be related. They are different ages, of course.

The next one numbered as 4, has previous that go with it. I split this one to make comparisons. I supply 2 other pictures that came from previous daddy-daughter dances, all showing, as best as I can tell, the same people, possibly. Everyone looks the same except the girl in pink. But i say she is the same as the girl left in the white dress. We are looking up at "Pink" so that we are staring up her nose. Were her face looking even at the camera as on the left, I be its her. Pinks is wearing a black headband to keep her hair back. She appears to be missing a tooth on left, but still has a slight gap on right. And she is wearing a white label. This could be important later, in one of the next 2 or 3 blogs. Both these dances have dark lighting, that only shows up better up close because of the flash of the camera.


I notice the 2 men have similar noses and chins. Even the hair color on the right looks the same. And they are both together at both dances. I think they could be brothers. They get attention at both dances. Are they important. Just wait and see.

There are different lights on the ceiling for the left and right pictures above. Might be different place or just new lights. Below, I think, could be the ame two guys. Their hair is darker and the left guy has longer hair. the guy on right is looking right at us, whereas above, his had is sideways that that we can see his straight pointed nose. Facing front, we can not tell. But he is with the same girl and she is wearing a white fluffy dress like she was in the top left photo.

Both guys have similar chins from top and bottom photos. But most of all, they are together whenever photographed. And they are side by side in the very middle of the big photo, standing out in front of the rest, as if they might be a bit more important prominent members.

I think the girls are the same. And in the far left bottom corner, is a heart headband and a white necklace and a red one, just like the girl on the right.

Sometimes, the smallest details can reveal really big things. But my main point is that there are 4 or 5 concerns  revealed in this very large picture that I took cropped photos of. Meanwhile I want to look at Jessi G. at one or two of these earlier events.

In small text just above is Jessie's name. Note the background lattice backboard. In the narrow middle picture, you can see her black dress and very slender arms/shoulders. Same for her vacation photo at right. Now the next bunch of photos came from a small embedded video linked on a facebook page of Kris Costa, who sold Alisa and Gabriel out, claiming they were not in the Audi superbowl commericial and claimed that Jessie G. was the girl in it. But what about the boy? He was never mentioned, nor the dad, either. What is most puzzling bout this video is that it was so blurred as if it was done on a Commmodore 64 computer or one of those cheap low resolution surveillance cameras. I had to take screen saves from the video. The quality was horrible, for good reason. None wanted the girl to be clear enough to either prove she was in the commerical or prove she was not.

By example, photos of Elizabeth Smart, Kidnapped in 2002, had far more detail and clarity, 12 years earlier, when technology was far less advanced. So it was clear that efforts were being made to commit deception and fraud by not allowing any good photos of Jessie out into the public domain. But arch shill Kris Costa would not reveal where it came from or how she came to get it.

And it is hard to believe that the Giacomazzi family did not have anything to do with the release of this video or the lending of the name to the agency that Filmed the Audi Commercial. Surely no one would take this and just stick it our there, and associate it the Commercial. If so, I would think the Giacomazzis would have recourse to a lawsuit. My question to them would be, did you? Or did you not?

But Jessie is indentified as being at the daddy daughter dance, which is where the poor quality was taken. So we know the video and its screen saves are legitimate. Jessie is wearing bunny ears that serve nearly as well as suggestive Satan horns. These ears are a popular motiff in the music industry and in costumes. Cat ears as well. Its kind of creepy that the the 1st photo below left, has the look of demon eyes. That is weird. You can see the lattice back ground that was in photo just a bit back, with her holding the inflated microphone.



I had discussed these screen saves on a facebook group page below. I am Scott Irving on Facebook. Below, I had posted on the FB group below. This enraged the shills. Graham was infested with them. He had 550 members and only 10 to 15 that showed up frequently or sporadically. That leaves over 500 unaccounted for. Why? Shills want you to think they are conspiracy oriented. So if you friend them, they look legitimate. But its just looks. They are really shills. As well, many wanted to keep a watch on us all. Me in particular. Below is what started it all. Its dated at June 23 on my file info. It might have been a few days earlier and I modified it June 23. Graham was being attacked by a shill near this time.

Column 1

Column 2


The group page above was deleted by Facebook, by shills complaining. So here I am now. I hate shills, in case you are wondering. I have no mercy with them. Below was first supplied to me by Ella. I then managed to find it on Google images, I think it was. No denier of Alisa ever supplied good photo like below, of Jessie. Shills Suck. I'll watch the birds of heaven feast on their flesh someday. No one will make trouble for those kids without getting some serious grief from me. Let the buyer beware!

My best wishes to Jessi and her career. but I hope her parents will tone down the questionable behavior exhibited. I strongly ask MalibuPres to consider what they are choosing to associate with their members and themselves. It could give some people the wrong ideas. It is serious obligation we are given by God to give nothing but honor To His name and His people.

I am holding up here for this blog. I have at least 2 more that will deal with Related subjects to this one. The entertainment industry, largely centered in southern California, will probably be my next topic as it is spread among the young. And in that, also looking at the signs, symbols, Icons, memes and esoteric images and hidden messages or suggestions.

It is my contention that all these symbols do fall under the prohibition of graven images and idols.

 Signs and symbols are heavily used to promote causes and ideas and associations and even membership in some cause, movement, or group. Pagan symbols are absolutely prohibited to Christians and yet, many of the symbols that have become used by Christian churches and denominations at least since 200 AD are of pagan origin as are some of the celebrations like the Cross, Christmas, Easter. It is thru symbols, largely, that devil worship or allegiance flourish and declare that the devil is now prominently in power and so are his people/followers. Some may scoff at symbols, but I think the message is clear. Our world has been saturated with these symbols from the beginning of time, since the Garden of Eden rebellion. And now with media and publishing and advertising, its bigger than ever.


I will be putting all the links of the several blogs on this stuff into each other so that anyone can quickly review any of them if they discover one of them.


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