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Hollywood - the Dream Machine

Most people are born and raised in circumstances barely removed from dire poverty and oppressive slavery. Many will be or feel socially awkward. Human nature is very vulnerable to envy and jealousy. We have this innate sense in us that we are all equal. Let me illustrate. In the Mid 80s or near there, I had read in a psychology book or a Psychology Today magazine. I think it was in a book. My mother worked at a university in the Communications Dept. which often was nearly indistinguishable from psychology. She would bring them home but I would read them. I felt it would help me in my service to God at the time. I was right, by the way!

The book wrote of an experiment where two people were sat at a table, one of them being in on the test, and the other, not. There was a glass or plate in the middle of the table. The actor would push the say, glass, well onto the side of the other person, with observers or film or both, watching. The actor was also an observer. The other person never was comfortable when it happened. Many would push it back. Some might even give a dirty look. It never failed to evoke a reaction. They did this quite a few times, too.

When 2 people who do not know each other, or even two people who do. They have this innate sense that the space between them be shared equally. In Farming communities prior to say, the 1920s, most everyone was in the same basket, the same circumstances. There was a fair amount of equality. the differences in income and status were fairly small. but in major cities, this was not so. Cities enabled commerce, banking and wealth. Workers were crammed into small areas, often in apartment building rather than separate houses with space between neighbors. There was a far greater imbalance and contrast between wealth/lifestyle of those at the top and those on the bottom and as time would go on, a middle class would develop.

Now the the bottom could be pretty rugged in the ghettoes of NYC, with its constant, never-ending immigration. But on the top, it was extravagant luxury and even overboard vanity. Human societies do not function well when there is too much a contrast that is far too visible to all. No pity for the poor or the rich. The rich did not want too many having that much. They wanted to feel special, superior, deserving, perhaps feeling it was their due right. The poor felt used and taken advantage of. The middle class could only see what they did not have, and not see they were better off than the poor.

Out of all this came the deceitful American dream. Really, the American lie. And the two places largely responsible for the dangling carrot at the end of a stick, that we call the American dream? Madison Avenue, NYC, the heart of the advertising industry and early TV. And in the early 20th century, The filming industry we call Hollywood (HW from here on in). Hollywood was about 50 years ahead of TV.

The industry chose California cause it seldom rained so that shooting film had lots of daylight to work with. Life looked wonderful on screen. Anything was possible, it seemed. HW allowed people to put themselves in the motive or be the character in the movie. Everything always turned out so great. Dreams came true, every week at the local movie theater. Everybody wanted what they saw. No one gave it any practical or critical thought. It was about wishes and dreams. Everything else was ignored.

California offered attention and adoration for the once neglected young and poor. And wealth and riches if you were a star. It would be so wonderful.

However, if you ask any one who has ever come out of HW, you might get a different story. There is the sinister side to it all. Satan, long being the "god" of this world, by an agreement tween him and his creator, God (Jehovah, or Yahuwah, if you prefer a direct Hebrew translation). Satan does not let anyone have wealth or power or status unless they make a deal with him and stick to it. And Satan can be treacherous when making deals.

All politicians have to do business with Satan if they want to get elected or make money in office, or have any kind of sex they want. All rich people have to bargain with Satan first, or they do not get rich. Its that simple. This is why I hold a great deal of skepticism for the outward displays that signal an alliance or obedience to the prince of darkness. You're not fooling me. All super wealthy people are Satanists, say I. That is my opinion.

But Satan is nothing, if not clever. He does not directly make the deal. He uses his men in power. They make the offers. Satan says he does not exist. Were I in his position, I would say the same. I am going to be making an article on him, exploring all this more. In his early days, he, using other names, was very visible and active among men. But he had long term plan that would require him to go underground and have his followers deny his existence, all while serving him devotedly.

Satan is going to put on a phony show with aliens, who just happen to look like us and ride in UFOs. The goal is to make us all believe we have magical powers in us. But we don't. It is demons performing thru us and most will not know the difference. The idea behind all this charade is to get people to reject God, believing themselves to be gods/spirits who do not need Him. That was the lie since the Garden of Eden.

Satan's main reason for staying out of sight, is that he demands the worst from his followers in cruelty and misery as they infiltrate every level and aspect of society as they grew and branched out. The most effective tactic in a war, would be to not have the enemy believe you and your army exist. Satan does not want you to believe in him and his evil agenda to destroy all humanity, were it possible. And sure enough, most do not believe we are destined to be destroyed by Satan, or they serve him serve him knowingly, though not admitting it. I know! You are not fooling me. But you do have many fooled.

Satan makes offers thru men and entice people into getting what would normally be out of reach. There are not satisfied with God's promise of a better future without Satan, after all things have proven Between God and Satan.

So I am proceeding with the realization that I do not need great wealth or power. I even go without sex. Divorce laws make that an easy choice. I do not fall for the lies and tricks of HW or Washington DC, nor the rich. I am satisfied with a few things and have no use for riches or adulation or loose women. I am fine serving God. My life has meaning and purpose, and has no tricks, no double-crossing, no snares.

The devil is effective because he fully understands the nature of human envy, which is really just a natural perception that all things should be equal, fair, reasonable. Some men do not deserve hundreds of times more than others. Sharing and cooperation are the right way to proceed.

So Satan offers obscene extravagant privilege to some, at the expense and hardship of many. In doing so, he makes everyone, or nearly everyone, want the same great wealth, status and privilege that the few have, instead of being content with reasonable needs and provisions. Normal simple life and pleasures will never do. Satan exploits our vulnerable nature. We all have the desire for extreme beauty/appeal. We all want life to be easy. We want to fit in and belong and be liked. In fact, many want to be recognized beyond what they have legitimately earned and be recognized as something extraordinary and amazing, practically a god. We often want what we are not entitled to. This is what Satan exploits to the maximum and has, from the very beginning.

So I, with God's help and protection, will seek to expose the secret world and network of Satan. Its not hard to do, but does take time.

So now what I want to get into are the signs and symbols that many now display to advertise their pride in what they represent now. And who those symbols are held out to the young, the stupid, the naive, and the gullible. Of course, if someone were to call them on a symbol or gesture, or action, or belief, they will deny it.

"There was no significance to that hand sign of mine."

"I do not worship Satan and I do not even believe in Satan. Why I am an atheist and believe in evolution!"

"There is no networks or allies. Your are crazy!" 

All of it is called "Plausible Denial." But denial can only go so far, when you are acting outrageously, far beyond the boundaries of reason and plausibility. Its just getting too obvious now. Denial is no longer possible.

I just got this off Hoaxtead tonight (Aug 14, 2018)

"Just as true believers in Satanic ritual abuse are convinced that a vast network of cults routinely rape, murder, and consume babies and children, Fay is utterly certain that snuff films are being made. And like the SRA enthusiasts, he is determined to prove it, by hook or by crook." << end HX quote

EC is right.  I believe vast networks exist, and are very powerful, but they have this odd habit of secrecy and yet like to brag with their gestures and symbols and strange artwork. All CIA and similar Intelligence agencies has long operated in secret, in many things. All CIA mind control programming involves Satan worship. Ask any survivor . . . if you can find one. There is no finer than Brice Taylor, aka Susan Ford, born as Susan Eckert.

She was born and raised in Woodland Hills California, though it was a small little town back then. Her family worshiped Satan while claiming to be Baptists, some houses, including Susan's, were built around the church and had underground tunnels that connected with the church. Some worship and activities were done with all the Satanists, but some Mind control operations were carried out exclusively by the CIA, for the CIA. Satan would have it no other way. Disney Land was used by the CIA quite a bit, for torture and programming. Hollywood was a major part of CIA operations. Bob Hope, a supposed actor and comedian, by day, was really a major CIA asset. Mess with Bob, and you did not last long. Bob dies with 2 billion dollars. I have mentioned this before in another blog. Why so much? Because Bob did a good job for Satan and the US government. So Bob was rewarded. And 2 billion in his day, was astronomical. It still is.

Hoaxtead thinks that one could not avoid doing this in the open; that it would be too hard to hide. Oh, you go to be kidding. But if you are doing something very wrong or very sadistic and cruel, you will damn well do your best not to get caught. I mean honestly, that does not take any brains. Anyone breaking the law in big ways, will try to be very careful to not get caught. It goes without saying. And if a criminal is really smart, he will make strategic friends and allies who do what he does, so they can look out for each other and cover each other's backs.

Besides, if you were Satan, and were powerful and brilliant and had been alive for over 6000 years, you would be very clever and have taught your followers how to be sneaky and not get caught. My job is to figure out and expose all you do and how you do it. God takes care of my protection and support. That's my deal, in exchange for a meaningful life of purpose, that is not in vain. So lets look into the recent trends in HW, designed to fool the young and get them to go along with the devil. To secretly get them to do the devil's bidding without their even knowing it. That is impressive, though a dirty trick, too.

Now keep in mind that no one wanting a HW career  can get one, without cutting a deal with HW moguls, Crime bosses, really. Same for the Music Industry. These bosses all work for Satan. And once a deal is made, you can not back out. Its forever, unless you beg God for a deal with the promise of deep dedication to Him in exchange for His favor. You have to do that because Satan has an agreement with God that he, Satan, can do whatever he wants, to anyone who makes a deal with him. And that means killing defectors. But I have no doubt that God also reserves the possibility for serving him and the devil would have made that high, by insisting that they had to give up everything and serve God with exceptional devotion if they were to back out of his deal with them. Other wise, Satan will just kill you off.

So lets visit the Dream Machine and its signs and symbols; its associations and traps. That will be my next blog, #23, Cats, Bunnies, & Horns

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