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Cats, Bunnies, & Horns

There are very interesting trends by this time, 2018, in entertainment. Its almost as if we have gone back into time. In Ancient times, Gods were often portrayed half man/half animal or even all animal, sort of. There were said to be spirits of the forest, the lake, the river or stream. Of the moon and stars and sun. Of the Mountains, of the seasons, of nations.

Ceremonies would often have people dressed up somewhat as animals or animal gods and perform dances and rituals and offerings, fire and smoke.

The name give for this tendency is anthropomorphism. It has existed since the world began. Satan wasted no time in establishing himself and tempting and offering key people and family/tribe groups, power, favor, wealth, military success and security, sex far beyond the boundaries set by Jehovah, the God, Creator, Father of us all.

But of course, Satan wants something in return. Absolute total obedience and reverence as a god, the god, as he desired it. This took place all over the earth. One of the earliest was Nimrod, son of Cush, likely the conqueror, according to Assyria's and Babylon's records as Sargon I of Accad/Akkad/Agade, who began His far reaching kingdom in the Mesopotamian Valley. His fame and reputation remained in the Assyrian Archives along with a reverence to imitate his accomplishments. One king of Assyrian took on the name Sargon II.

Ancients tombs and reliefs in Egypt were loaded with half human/half animal Gods, rituals, celebrations. Same for Babylon I and II, the Neo Babylon empire made famous by Nebachadnezzer. Even in more distant lands and people, all these tendencies and traits are found. Many acts of worship to many different gods were carried out all over the world. Not at all uncommon were were ritual sacrifices of animals and people, especially children.

What is odd is that in our day, with Christianity having lost most of its influence and power; Anthropomorphism and pagan gods are making a big comeback. You doubt me? Oh, no way! This is what is happening now in the Entertainment world. Satan's network has grown in leaps and bounds, probably since the Knights Templar but far more so since maybe 1820 when technology was just getting off the ground. By the end of that century, technology and mass production really took hold. But the greatest achievement for the devil was the advent of photography, film, radio transmission, mass printing, and most of all, Broadcast television, to take up much of our time and distract us and fool and trick us, too. Deceive us. Now back to 2018!

What is going on now, links right up to the Hampstead case,  and Jessie supposedly in the Audi Video and not Alisa, though for some reason, Gabriel seems to be in it, too. No one bothered with that aspect. Opps! There it is! Why even Dad makes a barely disguised appearance in it, too. But how did Jessie being "offered up" come about in the first place. I believe I got the connections. They involed modern recent trends in entertainment. Join me, won't you?

Each big female fad singer has her job to do.  Notable to me around maybe 1997 in into 2000, you had two big celebs, Brittany Spears, and Christine Aguilera seemingly acting very provocative, almost like strippers. Brittany began breaking down, "for some reason," (For the dull in understanding, Mind Control programming; popular, I hear, at Disney parks. Well, that is what my CIA buddies tell me "off the record."

Actually, Brice Taylor can tell you a lot about that. As Can Fritz Springmeier in his two books on Mind Control programming. Disney is notorious in conspiracy circles, where I like to hang out "theorizing."

South Park (the cartoon) did a poof/satire on Britney Spears, blaming the music industry and the press. And they warned that Miley was likely to be next. And they were right. Miley was even more outrageous than the other 2 combined. Extremely suggestive in her actions and attire, what there was of it. Can you say Wrecking Ball? Many cynics like myself, are of the opinion that dad probably made a deal with the devil, getting to be a one hit wonder of huge proportions with a pathetic lame song, Achy, Breaky Heart and Satan got Miley to "program." Its makes sense to me!

If you listen to the lyrics of Wrecking Ball, there might be a hint.

All I wanted was to break your walls

All you ever did was wreck me

Yeah, you  re he hecked me

But more recently, in harmony with Mind control programs, one known as Kitten & Kitty programming, having to do with programming extreme sexual behavior where the sexual instincts are brought forward and amplified and victims trained to serve in any way required. And this is related to anthropomorphism, too. I think it was Fritz who brought up the term, Monarch programming, which is not a CIA project by itself, but merely a type programming to create sex slaves for the pleasure of "members of the club." Presidents are serviced by these types. And many others, too.

Do we see evidence of "kittens' in entertainment? You be the judge.

Ariana Grande started out fairly normal. Below are from 2015. Google Images.


Later in 2015, she comes out below left.   Below right, the hair could either indicate cat ears, mouse ears or small horns. No one is really sure.


She does seem to like black and the lace, as well, below. Below right, the guy gets real raunchy. Ariana's clothing gets more provocative. Implication is, she is a sex kitten. There are rumors that females in Hollywood and Music have to "put out" as part of their bargain for success. Whether true or not, I think it very probable. Satan expects a lot for his favors. The cat ears are a popular motiff in Halloween Costumed for little girls and women who never grew up. I'm just saying. A google images search "cat ears head band" will bring up lots of stuff.


Bunny Ears

Bunny ears are big! And they can mean more than one thing. I think this was late 2016 or into 2017, when the (fake) Manchester Bombing took place.


The unique thing about the bunny ears is that they can almost seem like horns. Bunny ears flop to the sides or back in real life. Buggs Bunny sported the ear up look. Ariana also has the near to a Batman look cowl, which also looks a lot like the head-covering an executioner would wear.


Bunny ears or Horns?

Ariana gets a bit morbid below. Its beginning to take on a more sinister sort of look, no? Note the one open eye to symbolize the "All Seeing Eye."



Directly above, Ariana sports the Baphomet pose with her ears and she downs a veil, possible evoking a kept woman. The baphomet will have his right arm extended up and back signifying above and his left arm forward and down signifying below. The Symbolism is "as above so below." As Satan wills it above, it will be, below. He claims to be all powerful and though it is with agreed upon limitations on the part of both parties in Satan et. al. vs the Heavenly Father et. al. I volunteered for the defense on July 5, 1980, when I got baptized.

How about this one? the Bunny ears far right, I believe, are what Jessie is also wearing.


She seems to be imitating the celebrities and their affection for questionable symbolism harkening back to the more primitive Anthropomorphic styles of early humanity, which lasted for some time. But Satan wanted to corrupt Christianity by making it the state approved favorite of Constantine. In this way he could corrupt and pollute it and control it for quite some time. So Satan turned his back on the old religions he first created, in order to get rid of any good in Christianity. But I am sure his plan was to bring all the old back at the right time. That time is now and entertainment leads the way. I  hope that Jessie's parents will not let her go the way of Miley. She is just a girl right now. And I'd like to see her stay that way.

But you will note that she is wearing gold colored chain around her neck. To me the most likely interpretation is slavery and bondage. The word bunny has, since the advent of Playboy magazine, evoked images or concepts of willing sexual females ready and waiting to oblige. As well, most people are aware of high speed copulating rabbits being prolific producers of more rabbits. Kids are being indoctrinated in the identifying with animals and symbolically dressing like them. We see that now quite bit in costumes now. Back in the 90s and even 2000-2010 the princess motiff was fairly popular. Its changed and not by accident says I. Let me show you.

Costumes Today


Cats (sex kittens implied, I bet) Bunnies, tails, and far right, the little girl is wearing a choker with a bowtie. Really? she can't be more than 5. Is that how mom wants to dress her? I guess it depends on the mom, right? the small scale girl wit the hand pointed out had a red choker on. Many consider these a sign of being a slut, but these are just kids. do you see the contempt for children, females in particular. Its disgusting and its all around us now.

Below: Another Kitty/Kiddie with a choker. She can't be more than 5 or 6. What is going on here?

Below are 3 Japanese Anime style illustrations. They are particularly provocative and racy, but at the same time, very young looking. Young girls are not going to fully recognize the mixed signals. But the 3 girls will certainly be noticed for wearing almost nothing. Will this affect girls? All I can say is that all girls and maybe 2 generations before them are used to wearing tight spandex or similar tight stretchy pants that show everything off. And that is the norm for girls of any age now. So the trend since 2000 has been to dress more sexy and revealing at ever young ages. And while mothers of my day did not let their girls wear makeup till high school (the 60s). It loosened up before my graduation in 77.  Now there are no limits at all. And where is the trend going? Toward identifying as animals, particularly ones associated with sex and sexual urges with some hints of bondage and servitude. There is no reason not to expect this to continue and get more wild. I think the 3 anime pictures below are going in that direction.

The following below are  two pairs of "maid's" kitty paws, ears/headband in either black or white. Really?


 Below, The 1st is barely wearing anything and she has the tail and cat ears and paws. Meow! Ouch! The 2nd looks like she is only in underwear (maybe) and a blouse. 3rd show no evidence of underwear and her tail up to expose her behind. Is that the right message for girls? I am sure Satan approves, but can I assume that strong identification with animal caricatures might indicate the values of some people and what they really stand for?


Above far right, is a sex doll used as a model. If you note her right arm, its bent a little too far at the elbow joint. But she is fairly realistic looking, though. But note that whoever took this photo shoot bent the fingers of the doll to flash the devil's hand sign while wearing the cat motiff clawing her breast area. Assuming this is Japanese or Chinese, it would seem that the devil's hand sign seems to span the world, as well as promoting girls to identify with "playful" animals having "fun." How nice and deceitful.

Next is from either a Newport Beach or Pallisades  (LA area ) local news paper of events and the like. I can't remember if it was a play or a dance of some sort. I got this last week. Each is free to decide what they think about all this. But as I would see it, These are big red flags for their interesting dress motiffs, from areas that are quite affluent. Since Malibu and Newport Beach, and Pallisades, as well as San Diego and other prosperous sea shore areas are full of wealth and prosperity and I believe that no one gets wealthy without a deal with the devil, then you can assume what I think is going on in Coastal California.

Is there a network and a way of life manifest here? I think so. The hand-signs and gestures! The symbols! Several above look like their "ears" are more like horns, to me. Some even appear to wear mostly red like the devil is sometimes presented in cartoon form. All somewhat excusable or deniable as having any sinister intention. But like a large ice berg in the water, what lies below is likely far bigger than what is visible above the water line. The fruit does not fall that far from the tree. Add in the crap coming out of Hollywood and the music industry, who have a lot of power and influence all over California, and it is no wonder that the 60s were so wild in Cali. Add heavy CIA activity since the 1950s there, and you got a good case for California dreaming, if you get my drift.

Now I know that many of these things could have been done by some with innocence at one time. I went out on Halloween as the devil when I was 5 or 6, my choice of costume. But most things now are known for what they really stand for. but let suppose that in the above that it was all innocent. Well, our world can not really be called innocent anymore. Hollywood is not subtle anymore. Nor celebrities or many other things. Some of the cartoons on youtube are shocking. The bad guys are not hiding anymore. Its blatant. The above adults who were behind this costume affair need to realize, if they are not as I suspect they are, that people are apt to judge them now, whether fair or not. I say fair.

I see it this way. Back in the 50s, people seemed to get upset over nothing at all. MAD Magazine first put our several comics that were sort of satirical and funny, to honest. They reprinted them in the 70s which is how I got to read them. But for the very adult tastes, these were outrageous. In fact, many were blaming everything on Comic books. It was absurd but adults did not understand that kids were suffering because many dads came back from WII, broken and damaged and the kids had to pay for it. WWII turned society upside down and inside out. After it was over, things were not going back together again.

Rosie the Riveter loved her new found freedom and liberation. Some wives got to play around. People moved to the suburbs where their tightly knit communites from the city were left behind. Partial isolation was the result. The 50s slowly came apart. The first wave of boomers was tired of living the lie. Too much did not make sense, especially the Viet Nam War. but the young went way too far and tossed good thing with the bad, which was worse than before they broke away. Sex and Drugs was what replaced it, and music too. I love the music.

But the dilemma is where do you draw a line when it comes to disregarding social boundaries of acceptable behavior or not? Who keeps guard? Are the guards too sensitive? Are they sensitive or vigilant enough. Our society has broken too many boundaries and gone way to far. Dressing up as animals might have been innocent at one time but it progressed way beyond now. The highly sexualized children can be manipulated without knowing it, but adults do not have that excuse.

All you Satanists can come out in the open, but the consequence of it can not be avoided. You will be seen now. Its not subtle. So now you are going to get resistance. There is no way to avoid it. You can tone it down or opposition will. God and the devil have an agreement but I do not know the terms. But both will get to present their side. Satan has a plan to fool many. It has to come It will come. But at this point, you Satanists have got to realize that it will not be smooth sailing anymore as it had been up to the 80s. Many are on to you know and more will get onto it and the excuse of innocence the signs, symbols and gesture will become a burden. You might have to cut back a little or cut your losses and reign things in a little. Its all coming out sooner or later. God will see to that.

This presentation would not be complete without a visit from Mickey Mouse. Not only only does Disney land have underground facilities and a number of rooms, some of which are controlled by the CIA. Even LAX airport has underground facilities reserved for the CIA and other government operations. There is a lot of that in CA all across the country. Many military abases have secret underground facilities.

and Disney World in Florida has way more facilities then Disney land has. Miles of tunnels and secret facilities. In fact, the whole USA has a secret underground railroad network throughout much of the USA. So take careful note of the many celebrities who endorse the Mickey Mouse ears. I offer you 9 examples. I can sure there are many more if I had wanted to bother searching more.






Above right we see the wel known hand sign of the heart symbolising a vaginal opening labia. That is the prevail opinion of many, though not necessarily a majority, who are gullible and fear it may be true. That Disney is just fine with putting this "out there," can no longer deny their real intentions and agenda.

Left is Elle Fanning, younger sister of Dakota Fanning. She sports silver mouse ears which are hard to see as its nearly the same as the castle color. She holds a head band of a recent Disney Character, Maleficent with her menacing crown head dress. Stars have to pay their homage to Disney if they know what is good for them. Again, Brice Taylor and Fritz Springmeier are your go-to sources for stuff on Walt Disney and the resulting empire and its secret operations.

 I got more goodies on the way. I'll probably deal with macabre Satanic imagery that suggest lots more that is behind it. Then I got some very interesting stuff on hypnosis and Sex Trafficking right under our noses and maybe all around us and we don't recognize the signs. And I got an article to do on "Making a Deal with the Devil." Some fascinating historical accounts dealing with the devil and his "Oracles." And even some of his personality traits and those of his followers. I can't be sure of the time each will take, but you can be assured that mine won't primarily be silly gossip, which is a Hoaxtead specialty. There is some meat on the dishes I serve up.

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