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Hoaxtead Children Misbehaving

On August 17, HX announces that Angela had the police visit her to confiscate her communication devices and computers. HX had made the complaints. It was in Ireland. Now in the day before, the 16th. I had watch the video. Angie's Friend, so called, was making threats. Not that I would have taken them serious, but threats just the same. but Angela seemed to me, to be trying to dampen Heather, I think it was. But Heather was on the warpath. As I would have seen it, it was all just 2 crazy ladies who hardly would be a threat to a mouse.

I'm no fan of Angela, but I did not see/hear her threaten. This reminded me of Rupert Quaintence, who also was just shooting his mouth off. HX knew better as they do with Angie. HX is being childish and making something out of nothing. So I felt obligated to go hunt paddle, in preperation for a few spankings that someone missed as a child. But alas, I can not locate it at this time. What a shame.

What is particularly laughable is law enforcement even giving this the time of day. Di they listen to the video. Did they take it serious. Are they more than 3 years old? But we all know that UK and Ireland, too, take their childish games seriously. But it is utterly disgraceful that they carry on as they do. HX lacks any credibility whatsoever. That, or they are just a bunch of children. Well, come to think of it, they were all treated horribly by their parents, so yes, they probably were stunted in emotional and intellectual development.

But anyway, enough of adults acting more like children. I skipped what my next article was going to be, but only for a day or so, to do this next piece that came about on a youtube channel that seems to me to be posts by someone very angry who showed up on a video in the comments section, that I was involved in. I suspect It was RD, but I could always be wrong ( oh,as if! ). This suspect called himself Meow Meow. You can judge for yourself. The video as follows:

TFM Show: Not Today Satan: Part 1

My concern has been for Alisa, RD's Daughter. I so not know if she just put on weight or was pregnant. She is only 13. If RD had nothing to hide and nothing to fear, like say the Cult had, when asked to show their tattoos, then he should dress her in a pair of slacks and shirt that is not very loose, and let us see that the weight is as such just indicate a weight fluctuation  or pregnancy. I will will tell you that I would not hesitate to let people see that my daughter was merely a little overweight and nothing more.

He will say its none of our business. But that is a lie. Many care about his 2 kids and don't you think he does not know it. But his job is to lie and distort when he has something to hide, just like the tattoo gang had.

So I want so show you a new guest that showed up at the link above, and ripping at everyone. Clearly a 3 old child just raging with anger at everyone, but perhaps me more so, and because of the Title of the Video above, "Not Today Satan!" Perhaps he thought I had something to do with that. I did not. But I liked it. But who ever it was, he was being an obvious troll. All of us there thought this was a feminist who was all upset over us. But Feminists could care less and they don't like logic and solid arguments. Once you guys see the style, I think you will recognize the man, indeed.

I later caught on that it was, as far as I was concerned, RD, who has made a number of threats to me, but you see, its OK if he does it, but not if Rupert makes an off comment or Angie is talking to a nut. I have have no love for Angie. But she did not deserve this. I think they were using her to intimidate others, maybe even me. After all, RD does live in Cali now. So do all his buddies.

After the war had blossomed, I decided I had better take screen saves because on many occasions, I have had these threads get deleted. Good thing I did. The channel operator deleted the whole thread, more to eliminate my comments more than Meow Meow's. He would have gotten a call or an email. It has happened many times. there were remnants of another thread with MM. So if it has been MM as the target, that would not have survived. But it did. So there was another reason . . . me! You'll see! But first the start.

MM does make some very points. He is still civil at this point and men are to blame for being stupid. But we are just getting started. I post on youtube as Diligence Integrity.

Did you note MM just above. He says he is a man. but his kids say he likes to pick on kids and "so sex to them." Me thinks he is confused. Of course, MM might not be RD, but it is my opinion that it is. And turns out "we" are all closet faggots. Well, I think I detect some hate speech if indeed, I am gay as he says. What a mean hurtful name. MM is a gay basher. Spread the word. Complain. Oh Yeah, its deleted, except for here. I heard that many Satanists go both ways. As long as its just adults I am fine with that. Just stay stay from the kids. I am sure RD had tried the other roll, at least as a kid. And now he says we are the C word. What a male pig! You know, all of this could be investigated by law enforcement and Youtube. Would that be fun! Entertaining, too. Anyone want to file a complaint on this MM. I'll bet it comes from Cali! Any takers on that bet?

When MM says "it can be deconstructed out of people's mind, do you know that he is talking about? Basically torture and mind control and Satanists know that well. They often worked hand in hand with the CIA and do their own "conditioning on their kids." You can ask Alisa and Gabriel on that one.     And one more thing. That next replay of aristein88, 2nd paragraph, would be considered a huge insult to any MGTOW guy. This was/is a MGTOW channel

MM makes fun of the channel operator's created persona. I happen to like it. But Satanists like to pick at anything they can find.

Just below, MM says women are way sluttier now. He has a very high opinion of them, doesn't he? And MM says again, 3rd time that he is a guy and feminist. All Satanists support feminism. its a way of giving God the middle finger, making women the more entitled and having far more rights than men. No equality there!

aristein88 is still thinking its a woman.

MM say midway up that we are perverts. This is a Satanist talking, says I. he is seriously in la la land. Last sentence: "hard to imagine that even a male feminist would sink that low. But Satanists do not know any low or any limits. That is why they do what they do.

Now, boys and girls, give real close attention to MM's next comments. They spell out the Satanic agenda of getting rid of Masculinity and Femininity. and he calls others perverts and pedophiles. Can you believe it? He says "men" (who rape children?) should not care about women's happiness and well being. Nice guy, isn't he? What a romantic! But MM is just having a 3 year old temper tantrum. He causes his kids to have them, too, poor things. And then he as the nerve to wonder why we are concerned for his kids.

Note that I thought this was a woman, too. But it did not quite seem fully like a women. But I could not see it yet. I am bit slow at times. I never would have expected RD to drop by. But he probably looked at my YT ID and I share my viewing history. He saw lots of viewing of MGTOW channels and moved in for the kill.

This continues in a part 2, to follow tomorrow


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