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Hoaxtead Children Misbehaving - Part 2


Next, MM likes the idea of sending kids to day care or schools. I'll bet he does. He uses them for porn and, sex, the kids say. And he says I am a F---ing Idiot. Though I like the concept of F---ing (Breeding),  but it is way too dangerous now with family courts so biased against men. And then he proceeds to slander the hell out of me. If I did that to him, I'd be facing a lawsuit. But alas, he knows I don't give a damn about him or anyone else. But do you get a sense that he has a special hate for me, as opposed to the other guys posting? 3 nasty paragraphs. Some real rage there. Satan did the same to God. Called every motive into question and constantly lies about God. Should I expect any less. Jesus was lied about, too, framed, and executed as a criminal. RD faithfully imitates Satan to the letter.

Here is another thing. I would much rather see men screw girl dolls than to screw real girls, like Alisa and Gabriel allege that their dad and his followers did. I criticized the dolls on another video, as way too much expense and not very durable by the guy who tested one of these. And again, he says about himself, "I am a guy." And he called me a faggot. Why just sentence earlier he said I wanted little girls. I'm confused. But ya know, he makes liberal use of insulting words for men who had no control over what caused them to be attracted to men, rather than women. The Homosexual community should know about this. He lives in California, But if they heard/saw this? He might not be living in California, but instead, serving time in California. Such a hater, isn't he?



You note that MM says we just want women to bend over. I'm not saying that is a bad idea, if you're married, but that is not the problem in the eyes of MGTOW men. It is that all the rules and laws favor women, 110%, if not more. But MM is not about to admit that. Not at all.

If you click on the Name of someone who posted, you will see their channel info. MM does not have any info. Its a fake sock puppet created near to the time of this video coming out.

Next, I finally recognized who MM was. See for yourself, 2nd paragraph that says "10 minutes ago":

The date of these posts being save by me was April 17. How ironic that the next month, they show up on an Ebay promotion. They probably did the taping earlier than this. But It remains an outside possibility that it was done quickly to answer my challenge. But my suggestion of a possible suicide attempt and a somewhat pregnant looking girl who did not look at all happy, could lead one to believe the 2 events were very close to each other. I hope for the girl's sake that I am at least partially wrong.

But it has to be said at this point that those 2 kids must be living in hell. You saw how angry MM is, and if he is RD, he is one very angry, temper flaring SOB. That can't mean good for any child. Recall that Ella's son by Draper, James, left Ella to get away from RD. And we know thru UK social worker docs that RD was a nasty guy. So why did he get the kids when he has manifested great anger and rage and violent actions? I wonder if the UK would like to explain?

Further, if my assertion is right, that he and the kids are in southern California, the USA also has an obligation to protect those children from an alleged violent abuser of many children. Food for thought!


I posted this at this link to the same video, TFM Show: Not Today Satan: Part 1

and saved a copy of the text. So it appears in text form.  I just noticed the Title above. I think that ticked Rick off. Oh, I am all broken up. I hear he is sweet on Satan. Just a rumor, maybe. The post begins:


Well, we got ourselves a demon on board and its going to get interesting. I had this thought the other night when I was reading a well known Conspiracy Christian who has some good books behind him on Mind Control and the infiltration and take over of Christianity in the USA in the 19th century and onward. He got married maybe a year ago to a fairly attractive women. But he let her write an article on some thing that I would have disagreed with on a few things. But she was using hubby to make her views known, since she was not able to ever attract attention that much on her own.

Paul Forbid women to teach in a congregation. In General, teaching or leading or influencing men, was not a woman's prerogative or place. Her place was her family and kids. That is her sphere of influence. But of course, in the age of feminism, I am a caveman. I'm fine with that. Moses did not permit it, either. Isaiah condemned it in his way, lamenting that women and children were ruling Israel. Moses defined women as belonging to their fathers, unless they should marry a man with the father's permission, which could include a dowry. Then she would belong to her husband.

Now I am expecting Meow Meow to return and as far as I am concerned, his name is Rick and he is in Southern California as best as I can tell. He says he is an atheist and Evolutionist. But all Satanists say that. I am not saying he is a Satanist, though I do hold him very suspect. But I am saying his kids said he was and is. But the UK stole the children from the non-cult mother and gave them to Rick. Interesting, no? I am sure he came here partly because of me. He is rather frustrated right now, since I have been working on exposing many things that include him, Satanic cults and much more. He is feeling the walls close in on him from many directions, not just me but maybe a fair amount of it because of me.

So I declare that women have no place, according to the bible, in having anything to do with running public affairs, teaching, or politics or running and administrating over men, or being bosses over men. Their job is the kids and the home for the most part. The Bible did praise a capable wife who was industrious and a capable negotiator in bargaining and purchasing, but with the right reserved to her husband to nullify and void any purchase or agreement. But he must act as soon as he hears of it.

Now if the accusations his kids once made, were true, about him being the big cult leader in Hampstead, London, UK, then I can assure you, those cults hate with a passion, the Patriarchy and the Bible and that "Men are superior and bosses." But truth be told, they rule their women and Children with an iron fist. So you can all comment or we will see if Rick wants to show up again and say hi to us all. I am very sure it is him. He likes to stalk me once in a while. I keep my eye on him, too. He threatens me every once in a while.

Oh, you ought to hear him cry when someone says something about him. "He's being stalked, harassed, threatened, terrified." He lays it on thick. He is a pussy when ya get down to it. So is his alleged cult. They are all women if you ask me. Ah ha ha ha ha!

So you won't get far with logic with him. He is not here to debate sincerely. He was just wants to insult because he is kind of frustrated right now. So he will take the opposite of whatever ya say. But anyway, women need to be removed from any sort of authority over men in any respect. I value my reputation as a primitive caveman. I have to defend it against all comers. Its God's way!

OK, Rick?     

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