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Temporary Slow-down in Blog Posts

Truth1 lives in Maine and it has been a hell here till yesterday, the 19th. Temps in the 90s look to be gone reduced humidity coming. I use the brutal muggy heat as an excuse to do blogs. But I still have plenty that was waiting for a bit more reasonable weather. Its here and I need to get to it. Its almost September. I wondered how long this was going to be. It reminds me a lot of 1988, the worst summer in my life for constant 90s for nearly 2 months. In Maine, that is unheard of.

So for a time, possibly for 2 months, I will be doing physical labor and hopefully will manage a blog a week. Who knows. I may just do very short ones to keep current. After that, Hopefully I can return to a frequency of blogs almost as much as I have since this blog began. But no one knows the future for sure. But I did want to highlight a new post of the Blog, "Where is the Outrage?" His one said to be from HollieCat. aka Wild Cat, I suspect. I think Hoaxtead calls one of their puppets Cat Scot. actually, that is not bad name at all. I can't print what they call me behind my back and online, too. OK, just one. #&$@**! Ouch! Its never been proven!

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What spooked me a little was that Irving is also my last name. No, my mom did not name me Truth1 when I was born. That's a crazy rumor Started by a madman, who I will not name :-P

Cat says that Karen Irving, the Author, has a dubious bunch of connections and I agree. So you need to check her good work out. Its worth it. But the facebook Karen is NOT the Author Karen, in my opinion. But it is absolutely connected to Hoaxtaead. You can see the imagery in the Youtube pic Cat used. The icons are HX for sure. and big coverage is given to Angie all the time, says Cat. And it looks that way to me, too. How did that happen?

And speaking of Hoaxtead's favorite mascot-scape goat, Angela, I expect her to not have anything much happen to her when its all said and done. Others might get hurt, but Angie's role is to act outrageous and be very visible doing it so that people will have a bad opinion of anyone supporting the Hampstead 2. And they do not have another to replace her. Of course, HX will feign outrage and bewilderment and cry foul, but inside, they will be jumping for joy. Angie gets more attention than all the other wackos put together.

So is the above FB Karen really author Karen or does she allow the insinuation that it could be or might be her, when it is really EC/RD, says I! I bring this all up because I have studied, followed, observed and if you can forgive my conceit, I am very good with patterns. People have writing and expressing tendencies and patterns and none more distinctive than RD.

Also, I came across this pattern before with Jacqui Farmer. She was using or alluding to 2 other Bridget Yorke IDs, one an actress in France, and the other with a fashion line of clothes and then JF herself on LinkedIn as Bridget. All this to disguise what used to be the Biddy Baboon Channel on youtube. To hide who was behind Biddy Baboon, after I had made many screens saves of things on that channel, She changed the name to Bridget Yorke. I learned a lot from that Channel, about her, and about Youtube and the dirty tricks they make possible for channel operators that are "government employees," if you get my drift. Sock Puppets! OK? Shills! Government net employees, and how!

Jacqui had created a facebook account for her version of Bridget Yorke and it has the early Hampstead adopters like Araya and Brian Gerrish and not too much else on it. Kris Costa was in on that farce, too, feeding me false info and playing games with me. Most supporters are really detractors. That is Angela, Jacqui, Jake, Arfur, and any number of crazies and loonies to make the legitimate supporters, a very small number, to look bad, being a mere 5 or so, any way, :-P

But using names that can or might, be applied to other real people, helps to confuse and cause some doubt about what the case really is. That is the intent. Its all about covering your tracks on the net. Part of why I feel obligated not to hid my real ID, though I don't broadcast it, either, is that in serving God, I can not operate in secret. Public accountability and transparency is a must in His eyes. So it forces me to rely on God's protection in presenting His side of things, to the world. Truth1 is a brand name, but I do not hide my ownership & ID of the DNS name and Webhost.

I got a lot more on the shill connections, which I have been long gathering, since 2015. You might find some of it very interesting. I know a lot about how the government shill networks work. I love hunting down patterns. The cool thing is, that shills often expose themselves when they defend other shills that are often suspect by a number of people.

So I hope to do an article on some of the stuff I mention and maybe Wild Cat will come up with more stuff, too. The links she has to the Real Karen, the Author, and the FB Karen and assorted HX sock puppets it very useful. Just remember this. Everything that HX and shills in general do, is to mess and screw with your head. So you have to be very skeptical and gather a lot of info to not get tricked or thrown off the path. For Satanists and Mind Control Programmers, its about deception, 100% of the time. In the words of the Cigarette man on the X-files TV show of the 90s, "Trust no one." Suspect everything an save lots of info. You never know where it will come in handy.

I have come to the point where I suspect that anyone left supporting the Hampstead kids' cause, are wackos or too establishment. Brian Gerrish worked in Naval Intelligence at some time, I hear. If that is so, I do not trust him. Belinda comes from substantial wealth. I don't believe or trust anyone wealthy, or connected, or powerful. Youtube is 99% mixed good info (maybe) and some false stuff mixed in with it. The day will come when they will come out of hiding.

I am hoping I can get back to more stuff, in less than 2 months, I hope. But till then, it's brevity for a while. I have been having lots of fun can't wait to get back to normal, whatever that is.


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