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Angela Talks Sense - 1st Time Ever!

I don't know how it happened. I'm still groggy and confused. Hell must have frozen over. I thought that wasn't possible. Angela was talking sensible, logical reasonable. I curled up in a ball in the corner. That can't be happening. I will wake up and everything will be back to normal. Then out of the clear blue, I wondered, did the world end and I was left behind?

I have had more time to think now. I'll let you read this for yourself. I am not responsible for mental breakdowns, hysteria or Trauma and dissociation. Read at your own risk. I write this as I still reading the HS blog.


So for the Gards to be able to…so, for somebody to fly from England…yeah, that’s the point I was going to make. So [redacted], to say all these campaigners are harassing him, destroying his life.

Let’s just try something. Let’s just say for a moment, imagine perhaps he might have been innocent. So then he needs to take responsibility—now I don’t believe he  was, but I’m entitled to my opinion—but let’s just play this out. He needs to take responsibility for having two children with a woman who would allegedly have her children disclose what the Hampstead children disclosed, which went viral, a hundred million views.

 I urge you, you might have to look a bit hard, but I urge you to research and find the Hampstead children’s disclosures. There’s about 34 videos online. They’ve tried to remove them but it was too late. The cat was out of the bag. They’re the most traumatic corroborating detailed disclosures I have ever heard, and I’m a survivor, and I’ve worked with many survivors.

Truth1: To me, what she is saying (because she is not always clear in her thoughts and words) is that RD's claims to harrassment and threats are BS and he claims his life is destroyed. He flies from England, she says. So she plays devil's advocate and I swear she sounds almost as good as Perry Mason. She says he needs to take responsibility for all he did in the case against Ella, claiming innocence but having all those videos against him, seen by the public all over the world. She is implying and in rather skilled for her, arguments. She is saying that those videos are what harmed him and he needs to accept that the cat is out of the bag and its not her fault or anyone else's, either. Just RD the UK London police.

I, Truth1, Agree with her, fully and completely. And then then she basically states to perfection, That those 2 children in all those videos were more convincing that anything she ever saw in her life. God Bless her heart on this one. Most people feel that way when they see these videos. I have long said that nothing like these videos has ever been present in any other SRA scandal. This is why I have always felt that this case had the backing of God's spirit in it. Someday, something would have to give on this case. It almost ended up being my heart having a coronary.

EC twisted the above of Angela, insinuating she expected him to see in advance, what would happen. That was not what she implied. She implied the videos were his problem not her or any other defender of the 2 children. And she is right.

Next set of quotes: Angela: 

But if you listen to those disclosures, then [redacted], supposing he might be innocent, needs to take responsibility. Like, ‘why did I have two children with this Russian lady who would allegedly coach these two children to make up these fantastical traumatising detailed photographically memorised frozen memory disclosures. Why would I do that?‘ And he needs to say, ‘Okay, right, so my life’s in a bit of a pickle, you know I made a poor choice of who to father children with’. That’s if you go along with the theory.

Truth1: What she in essence says is that he elected to breed with a non-cult woman and that a stupid thing to do and it has blown up in his face. And she is right again. People are pissed at what he obviously did, as made clear by the videos. No one is picking on him without just cause. He did it and he needs to own up to it. I expect the earth to open up underneath me at any any time. I hope i can finish this article, first.

3rd set of Quotes: Angela:

The other thing he would need to take responsibility for,  instead of running around filing harassment claims for good citizens who are doing their best to make up for the fact that the British police, the British judiciary, the British social services, the British media failed those children.

So instead of that, he could say to himself, “Right, okay, so I got a new identity and got the children new identity and moved, and got unlimited access to the children, and permission to take them out of the country and everything like that”, so having established and accomplished that, [redacted], why did you go to America and put yourself and your children out there on the internet, featured runners up in an eBay entrepreneurs of the year 2017 awards ceremony? Why would you do that, [redacted]? 

Why would you do that, if you truly, as you said to the Gard that interviewed me, “Oh, I’m unemployable, and it’s destroyed my life, and I’m afraid for my life and my children’s life”, then why did you go and put your children back out in the public eye? You know, that’s a really good question to ask.

Truth1: In a stroke of Brilliance and clarity, Angela makes incredible points. RD is lying his @$$ off in claiming harrassment or stalking or threatening and then show off in public in a big way. What hypocrisy and lies. His actions betray his claims.  Angela scores yet again. She is on the war path! Kicking some RD butt, I would say.

HX: "We don’t know what was going through RD’s head when he made that choice, though it seems likely that he, and they, believed that it would be safe. That turns out to have been the wrong call, but it was not illegal.

Truth1: Not illegal, but he is at least partially responsible for what has happened to him. Given the allegations on video, Criminally responsible.

HX claims that naming or showing photos was a crime. Its a lie. The alleged crimes were those of RD, and the police and social services as well as a judge. This is what continually get ignored by the UK, and as Angie pointed out, the media, to. Most nations allow for the challenging of a court decision, thru official channels. But in the case of the UK, they forbid free speech. In the USA, its up for grabs.

Blaming Angela is a total misdirect. She is not the issue, as she seems to be implying. I am not aware of anyone picking on the kids or trying to hurt what they are doing on Ebay. What I have seen and done myself, is express deep concern for 2 children that many of us deeply care for and about. The girl did not look happy and her new weight gain offers at least 2 possibilities, either of which could be  as a result of serious abuse or severe emotional harm. the boy looked much thinner that he had been at age 8, now 12. His smile seemed artificial. Again, at the least, significant emotional harm, something that the UK often takes children from parents for.


Can you imagine the ramifications of that? Can you imagine the ramifications of that for freedom of speech? That you know, an alleged paedophile, an alleged cult leader, an alleged satanic ritual abuser, an alleged porn and snuff movie distributor, an alleged international drug distributor, ineffectively investigated in a different country, as backed up by the Independent Police Complaints Commission, can you imagine if people like that can fly to a country, file a complaint, Bob’s your uncle, your journalist, or your activist, or your campaigner, or your survivor, or your victim is raided.

She states the many allegations against "dad" and I think suggests that everyone is his helper, in her list.

Angela in a bold stroke: "DS Mark Looby, I would like my tech returned please, and an apology, for a very rude, heavy-handed, unnecessary, and probably unlawful action that you took on behalf of a UK citizen who is the master of his own undoing."

Truth1: She is 100% right. I said in my previous 2 blogs on this affair, that she has not really said anything. It was the other woman, not her. Angela was innocent. And her arguments above were all spot on.

Truth1 only, now. I would like to know what charges the police can honestly bring against Angie. Her arguments were spot on. I did not here any threats from her on the video in dispute 2 days prior. I know how corrupt police are. But I have maintained Angela was a a paid actor to make the supporters look bad. And she has been outrageous in the past. But she was flawless here, for the first time, since I met her in Feb or March 2015.

I have some suspicions here. Who announced that Alisa was in the Audi Superbowl commercial? Angela did! How did she end up being the 1st one to let it out? I went after it, expecting it was a fraud. I was more than shocked to find out it was true. Baffled, really.

HX says she was the one to expose the Ebay commerical. Maybe to us who follow the kids, but Ebay was the one that put that out and I think it was planned by RD and other advisors. Ebay just provided the means to do it. I have stated in my blogs that I do not approve of harming the business in any way, and to be gentle and considerate in how they deal with the kids  so as not to piss dad off at them, even more.

Again, Angela is not to blame. RD went along with the Ebay promo. What did he think would happen? He does not act concerned, but he pretends he is.

Why was Angela handed off these goodies? I say her bosses wanted to prop up her position more, giving at least some doubt about whether she is legit or not. I say not, but I do say she is right in this case, in this blog report.

Is it possible that some might now be thinking that RD is becoming a serious liability? Are they looking for a scape goat to put it all on? and giving Angela the honors?

I did say that she might come out of this just fine. Maybe better than I thought. All I can say is that this is going to be interesting. I am sure of it. Cracks are appearing all over the world. It could be possible that some might be contemplating a sacrifice to sooth the savage mob. Anyway, it is sure getting very interesting now. Is someone writing for Angie? Scripting, too? Or is she doing it? I favor the 1st one. I smell something cooking from across the ocean.

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