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Hypnosis & Asian Trafficking?

 I came across this over a year ago. Maybe a little more.

How to make a girl have an orgasm just from shakehand, hypnotized orgasm    It got taken down due to the orgasm stuff and maybe some possible, though not certain, private views considered risqué, maybe. I have it saved to disk for safe keeping, as it had been taken down twice, but put back up in the same name. They probably wanted to get rid of my subtle comment, "wondering . . . " I say someone had something to hide.

The room was filled with Asian teens, who had been put to sleep and now coming our of their trance, I gather. And the scene focused on 2 girls experiencing orgasm by their hands being tickled with fingers. In hypnosis, nearly can be accomplished. The mind and powerful and yet vulnerable, too. It is not without good reason that the bible/Moses, forbids hypnosis as charming someone or casting a spell over them. Deut. 18.

Now Hypnosis has long been practiced on stage. And I want to be clear that clinical hypnosis is much different from stage hypnosis in that stage hypnosis likely involves Demonic participation/help. Clinical hypnosis is slow and gradual. In mind control, its moved along with Barbiturates for a deeper somnambulistic trance, that allows much deeper, stronger programming.

But stage hypnotist can often put out a fair number of people at the same time and in 30 seconds or less. Some claim 8-10 seconds. That takes Demonic power.

But what most disturbed me was the very small audience and these white labels with names and numbers on the girls. this video, to me, was revealing something that normally would ever be revealed. But nothing was said. Its a short video and you should watch it. I used pictures here to show the white labels as they pan the camera fairly quickly so that you might not notice the labels unless you are skeptical and paranoid with an eye to detail, like me.

It opens with a bunch of young Asian women asleep on the floor of a gym. Slowly, they begin to wake up. I put green dots on those who had visible round labels on them. They have numbers and I guess, names and other numbers, too. They are labeled/identified.


1st pic below, right, is the black and white dress. I call her the star.



In the next sequence of pics, we see the star finally come awake and looks bewildered or drugged and begins her arousal and approaching a girl on our right. In each of these pictures, look for green dots place near the labels they are wearing. Why do they need to be identified? Are they performing for anyone? I think there is a small group in the  video. I don't have any screen saves of them.


One girl in a dress of black and white stripes, aboveleft, is deep asleep, deep into a trance. So a guy comes and leans over and seem to be talking or whispering to her, to bring her out of the trance. She may have been pre-instructed or might only be getting directions at this time. She finally gets up.






Above right is a guy with a microphone. This could be a Japanese TV show. They are bold and love to titillate. But it does not explain the labels. The man in black seems to have a wire in his ears and it looks like a uniform. Below left, two more labels. To its right, a close up of a label.


On the whole, this video begs for answers. There is no explanation for it, at all. Something to hide, I would assume, yet something someone wanted us or somebody to see this going on. This is its 3rd upload in 2 years, I believe.

You definitely need to see/hear the video to get the full sense. Its not long. But knowing who Pizza Gate was operating openly, with code symbols and words. Voodoo Donuts is yet another such attempt. Many things are going on around us that have subtle signs and symbols we may not be aware of.  But there are those who are well award of the signs and signals and what they mean and signify. Girls wearing chokers is not cool. There are a number of symbols that insinuate sexual servitude, and behavior. I am sure that there are things that alert those who are aware, that there are sexual services available and they might be right in our faces as we not know it.  Rather then wait till a disclosure comes out, I want to 2nd guess what it is we might look for. The Clues will be subtle for the most part, but for all we know, they might be in ads in magazines, billboards,  TV commercials, Youtube commercials.

Despite my dislike of Jacqui Farmer, she did a great article on a field trip of 6th graders from Hampstead, going to some place in Europe for a holidays, I assume, with teachers to watch other them and they thanked the parents for trusting them.  I suspect the worst. I'll just say this. If you belong to a devil cult, you are obligated to turn your kids over to Satan to be used (I call it rape) and conditioned and taught that their bodies belong to Satan and are to be shared freely among members.

I was visiting another city in California last night, and I was stunned and amazed at the wealth of this area. The houses were big and impressive, but they were built right next to each other. Just a fence or wall between them. I did this on Google maps/earth and using street views, too. I have done this with a number of small to medium cities. The wealthy in California Is almost incomprehensible. Little wonder that Cali is a cesspool of corruption. Money can get you nearly anything, but to get money, you must make a deal with the devil.

These 2 or 3 factors considered, California must be the Satanic Capitol of the world. The wealth and oppulence, the climate, that Movie studio attractions. The vast coastline for recreation. Perhaps New York might rival it, but I would far prefer Cali to NY or NYC. Any day. But I would never want to leave Maine.

I will probably do another blog on performing stage Hypnosis. Hypnosis is promoted as harmless. Its al pure lies. Hypnosis is not only very dangerous, its very easy. There is vulnerability that exists in the mind. The instinct, the helper to the conscious mind will defer to the conscious mind, the intellect, if the intellect indicates a trust and willingness to obey someone. Once you start obeying a person, the instinct will assume its OK to trust and obey this person. Once there, if the trusted one is not watched by another not hypnotized, an instruction could be left to call the hypnotist and from then on, the Hypnotist will own you. He will have cast a spell over you, to speak.

Hypnotism should be banned. But hypnotism is essential to Mind Control Programming. So in public, hypnotism is promoted as harmless and they you can not be told to so anything against your will and that is a total lie. God forbids practicing it or put under it.

You are going to like the next one. Maine weather has gone nuts, being very unpredictable as of late. It will impact what I do as I need some stuff done. so I can't predict time till the weather stable. It was supposed to go cool and then boom, here comes the hear again.

But I leave with a couple thoughts. Can we judge a book by its cover? I say yes. I use another saying: where there is smoke, there is fire. And Birds of a feather, flock together. If some dress like each other, they must want to be identified with each other. We have long ben told not to judge with our eyes. Its all lies. Judging by appearances is far more likely to be right than wrong. While an occasional mistake might be made, more often than not, it will be right. Liars are the ones who say we must not judge without facts. OK, let run with that. You see a big black bear in your back yard. Would you decide to trust the bear because you assume he is only innocently there? Or do you scare him off with a gun shot into air or near to him or call animal control? I'd be on the phone fact.

A Martian lands in your back yard and appears to have weapons. Truth him or not? I remember an article in article in Psychology Today, where men were wearing monitors that monitored pulse and heart rate. And the experimenters' would send in a white guy and then a black guy. The black men taking a piss got far more anxious when another black man came in, than when the white guy did. And both were more at ease with white guys coming in. The Truth? Everyone considers the odds of a black man being dangerous, far more likely, then a white guy. Its not a prejudice. its call knowledge and experience.

Likewise in the world, we know of circumstances that are not safe and good to avoid, and we assume safety in other circumstances. That's what experience teaches us. In this way, it might be well to keep an eye on rich folk, if you have to be around them. Do they have any tendencies? What about people of power? Of celebrity? They leaves signs and trails. I intend to discover more of those signs and trails.


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