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Daddies, Daughters, & Valentines

I had saved this document maybe 6 months or a year ago. Its dated to 2013. Its about Daddy-Daughter Dances. Its an advertisement for renting DJ's for the dances. Is it that big? Or just that exclusive? In a society gone mad with corruption, one can not be cynical enough. It requires that everything be carefully scrutinized for even the slightest possibility of something more behind the facade often presented to the public. there is too much out in the public now, to ignore the vast number of signs and symbols and double meaning so often forth. So I give Triad DJ & events some free publicity, and hope that all is legit. But some questions must be asked, given what has some into public as regards allegations, court trials, and very questionable images and symbols that once might not have aroused suspicion but now can not avoid suspicion. The Add-Article:

Triad DJ & Events would love to hear about your special event. Call today 336.420.1563.   

Daddy-Daughter Dances all the Rage for Valentine’s Day

When I first saved this, there were no comments.  As of Aug. 26, 2018, there are 263 reviews and the 4 showing were all 5 stars. 263 reviews! For a DJ? or a "DJ?" Who knows. I now turn the screen snap of the above into text to comment on. I will often split a paragraph into smaller paragraphs to comment on as much of the wording is very suspect to me. As well, all the above 3 photos were of the same Malibu Presbyterian dance attendees that are in the 2015 and 2016 photos of the same event of, I assume, 2013.

Paragraph 1:

Daddy-Daughter dances are becoming increasingly popular around Valentine’s Day in North Carolina, >>Home of Edenton, N.C. Little Rascals Day Care Scandal<<  as well as other areas of the country, from Texas to Rhode Island. There were several of these events all over the state this February, and some have even been running for over 15 years.

These dances give fathers a way to connect more with their daughters  >>I can only hope that is an innocent statement! Same for the next:<<

and spend some extra quality time with them.  >>Cause they do not get enough "quality time at home with mom around?<<

It also provides a way to show their girls how they should be treated by their dates. >>Do you know How a Satanist would treat them?<<

These events allow dads and their daughters to be as formal or informal as they like,  >>Yeah, I'll bet they do!<<

and sometimes moms aren’t even allowed.   >>Yeah, mom's might not like the "informal parts. How interesting.<<

Some going on for 15 years. That's 2003. Love to know who those are.

Truth1: I want you to understand, as many might so anyway, that in Rock n Rolls, some terms were only slightly disguised and allowed to pass. Some strict conservatives strongly objected to many of these words and lyrics such as: twist, shout, holler, twisting the night away, Twist and shout, dance, Dancing the night away, rocking and rolling, whole lot of shaking going on, Great Balls of fire? The Hippy Hippy Shake. I could go one and on. Innuendo galore. Many knew exactly what was meant, but the media, the music industry, very new and young, said there was nothing to it. But many Americans did object, even if not the 51% Majority. Most parents were wrapped up in their own worlds and ignoring the kids, and how they were growing and reacting. At a time when vigilance was critically essential, too few rose to the task to right and resist.

Now I want you to understand that as a teen, I saw nothing wrong with the above words and phrases. And most teens felt repressed and they were. They were budding and blooming, a very obvious and telling sign that it was time to breed. That is why the changes take place when they do. Teens used to work on the farm and in factories, even. They were married before 20 in a number of instances. Girls marrying at 14 was rather normal.

This prevented quite a bit of immoral pent up desire being let loose in premature fornication and unplanned pregnancy. But now we forbid work and maturity and delay it longer and longer. Governments want to keep them in school to be brain washed, and it has worked very well. I did not pursue God till age 20 and then I went gung ho! But even then, I did not recognize the world for what it really was. It would the mid 90s to wake me up more. And it was 2015 that really knocked the scales out of my eyes.

Paragraph 2:

In many cases, this may be a young girl’s first dance experience        >>I  hope they are talking about the right kind of dancing, but are they?<<

and many organizers work hard to make it a memorable one.        >>Oh, I don't doubt that, but a memorable one for who? And what kind of memory?<<

They often include door prizes, flowers given upon entry, entertainment, a DJ, and

a professional photographer.        >> Well, that could be a good thing or that could be a bad thing. What does he photograph for public viewing and what might be photographed more discretely, out of view?<<

Some dances sell out quickly and may have guests flying in from out of state just to attend.    >>Now hold on a minute. Am I supposed to believe (and you, too) that a stupid daddy daughter dance, which I have always though to be a bit creepy ESPECIALLY if moms are not allowed, is so popular and in demand, that they sell out quickly and "some guests" (really?) fly in from out of state to attend. Being able to fly in for a fairly plain event of relatively token significance, (well, I assume that) and flying is not cheap, nor hotels . . . or brothels, either, What is the big attraction? I believe we have discovered another code-named event of serious proportions. The Red Flags are up and the sirens going off! I'm not buying the pretense being offered here.<<

 The events are often "limited by age" and require pre-registration, >>I'm going to be a comedian for a minute. Limited by age as in you must be no older than 16 and under 13 preferred! and pre-registration because you have to be a certified member of "the club" or "the network" Just saying.<<

but they are a great way for fathers to bond with their daughters >>How much bonding are we talking about? And what kind?<<

and expose them to dances the right way.  >>Now honestly, is dancing some thing that one has to be exposed to it very carefully, and "the right way?" Surely we can not really be talking about dancing any more. This is referring to something else. I'd put good money on it.<<

The girls also get a chance to "see their dads" "try to bust a move.>>I'd be surprised if the daughters had not already seen dad "bust a move" more than a few times. After all, daddies love to "dance."<<

>>Can anyone say, "how about a slice of pizza" and "do you like cheeze?" "do you like little kittens?"

Paragraph 3:

Triad DJ provided music and lighting services to Oak Ridge Elemetary’s dance this year and had a great time. Some of the highlights of the night included raffle drawings and dance competitions.

The girls competed for the best dance for “Twist and Shout” >>There is just nothing more I can add to that. Holy smokes!<<

and the dads showed off their best moves to “All the Single Ladies.” >>Their words, not mine!<<

Judging by the amount of screaming, >>You might be able to take that one literally,<<

every time another one of their favorite songs came on,  >>Screaming when a favorite song comes on? Isn't that a bit of an extreme reaction to a song you like. Clearly, we are not talking about songs. The question is, what are they talking about? The next sentence mentions a DJ's "Playlist. What might that be? Whose on that playlist? And I am not talking about singers, either.<<

the participants really enjoyed the playlist our DJs kept going.  >>I'll bet they did.<<

There are so many loaded words with possible double meanings and I have seen too much over the last 3.5 years to believe it is innocent.

Paragraph 4:

You can listen to some of the songs played at  The night ended with the girls with throwing flowers up on stage for the DJs, so we know that they had an outstanding time.

Contact us at to talk about how we can make your event spectacular.

&< < < End of Website Presentation

Truth1: So the girls had a good time, eh? Really? I'm not so sure about that. You have to be pre-registered to even get in. So they are careful about who is admitted and whether they are "approved" or not. Not anyone can bond with their daughters, and heaven forbid they should expose their daughters to dances the wrong way./span>

Houston, I think we have a problem!

Now below is a mother wanting in on yet another male space. Women can have them but not men. But in this case, if the dances were pure, mom ought to be able to attend and enjoy seeing her daughters dancing with their dad and being happy for them.

NNow personally, I think Daddy-Daughter dances are absurd. Its heading too much in the wrong way for dads and daughters to relate. Playing at the lake, beach swimming pool, parks, recreation, arts and crafts with the girls, trips and even just talking and teaching, are all good things. And lots of hugs and holding, cuddling. But a 7 year old dancing with a comparative giant is absurd, in my mind. And dancing with a teen daughter as a way to relate? I don't think so! That's what wives are for. In fact, many forms of dancing could be suspect for many reasons. I'm a prude on that one.

So I think moms ought to be at every daddy daughter dance. Give them hell, ladies!

Do I need to point out that Valentines day is a pagan concept and observance? The heart representing the female labia. No Christian should be observing it for any reason.

To me, I see the day care center scandals of the 80s & 90s, caused primarily by mothers having to work in the 80s, which forced moms to put kids in day care. Not doubt that Satan himself set this all up thru his slaves on earth. Once in daycare, child porn exploded did Satanic Ritual Abuse. As well, many children now carry psychological wounds and scars, making them less functional and more difficult to live with. And therapy a major expense, too./p>

But there is a slight consolation to all this. As we got past the shock of Day Care abuse, most of which got covered up, or overturned by "Satan friendly" court and government officials, we fell into a lull until the 911 Twin Towers Fiasco. I saw a lot of skeptics who were businessmen at the airport after that, who did not believe 911 was what it appeared. It seemed to me that business men do not trust government at all. So it was not just me, and I had seen business men in a bad light till then. I felt a little better after. They probably know more scandals than they ever talk about.

II had first began writing about the Bible in 2000 but it was the 2007/8 crash that caught my attention and I discovered youtube in 2008 and I was off to the races. I got my eyes opened to a lot, including mind control, CIA style, and the Creepyiness of Hollywood and entertainment. But it was the 2015 Hampstead affair that woke me up like no other. And as a result of that, I looked into far more regarding signs, symbols, Hollywood dirt, and more. In fact, I discovered Hampstead by accident in looking up things on signs and symbols.

What this has all done, is make me see far deeper than ever before. Now many things get my noticed, that I missed in the past. In fact, as the days pass, I am going to be revisiting many scandals that were well covered up and never explained. Not any more if God will permit. Many things remain hidden. And I got RD to thank a little bit for it. His cult was a model for all future investigations, along with the day care centers and Mind Control Operations. And the CIA has been so Helpful. Compared to them, RD is small time. Who says our taxes are going to waste? Perish the though as our nation get over run with losers so that Satan can prepare for the big grand finale that will commence after the antiChrist shows up and preaches for 3.5 years. Then all hell breaks loose. The USA will deeply regret the immigrants thing. You'll see!

Summary Points/strong>

This daddy daughter thing is very suspect. Its the words and their style that implicate them. And that it seems closely tied to Malibu Presbyterian, is also fascinating as it ties in RD with Mickey G and Jessi G. offered up as the girl in the Audi Commerical when it was/is clearly Alisa. And everyone missed Gabriel entirely except for me. And even "dad" has slightly disguised part in it. Its a family affair . . . Sly and the Family Stone.

To give you a possible time table for when RD took his kids to Cali, alleged by me, Alisa looks near the same in her best shot from the Ad, as she did with her Blue hoodie when Gabriel was giving his account to Abraham on Tattoos and Wednesday is Sex day. That was 2014. RD was in court in maybe March or April and was threatening someone in the court, possibly tey guy who was taking photos of Hampstead and confronted. Carol gave the kids up to another by then. It might have been RD.

Now in the picture of Alisa taken on the set of Walking Dead, she looks nearly the same as Audi Alisa, but both Walking Dead and Audi had poor lighting by deliberate intent. Further, I think the Studio shots of Alisa were taken before, and possibly long before the on-the-set shots where she looks a bit more matured, Taller and filled out in the final scene going back to the car with dad. And she looks far more aged and stressed/depressed.

So my estimate is that RD and kids had to be in Cali by the start of 2016, if not 3-5 months earlier in 2015. The Audi Commerical was in Feb. 2017 and Ebay maybe early early 2018. That does not preclude or disallow visits to the UK by air, but I am quite certain for reasons I will not disclose (so you can ignore me if you like) that they are in LA county. My blog following very regular patterns of Hoaxtead articles posting at very regular times that suggest a Western USA Pacific or Mountain time. They almost certainly rule out a UK time.

Technically, I could not rule out Western Canada, like British Colombia. Vancouver was popular for filming TV shows when the exchange rate was favorable to Americans. But that ended about late 2004. But I do say Canada is long shot, not all all likely. There is more recent evidence, but that is classified for the sake of the kids.

But given that RD was given a supposed stand in for Alisa as the Audi girl, Mickey G. likely had some relationship with RD. It could have simply been the network asking for a volunteer and Mickey Offered his daughter to be the name. How Sonya Van Gelder came to be the one to release the info is a bit more puzzling, as she supposedly lives in Australia.

But it is no surprise that California appears to be the epicenter of Daddy Daughter Valentine Dances. Presbyterian churches have the notorious distinction in my personal judgment, of covering up the huge Satanic infiltration of the Mansfield, Ohio church. Its has a bad reputation all over, in the minds of many hard core Christians. And the signs-symbols evidently apparent in previous blogs of mine, does not put anything in a good light. But Hampstead does seem to tie into the SRA network in the USA. And as I see it, California is the Satanic Capitol of the USA, if not the world, given the cozy connection with the Hollywood Dream Machine.

I am still working on the demonic connections linked to Magicians, Entertainment, and the signs and symbols now prevalent in the world. Magicians in particular.

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