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Demonic Magicians & Promoters:  Part 1  of  2

This is a very important topic. To understand history and our world and the state of modern entertainment, And understanding of the supernatural-paranormal; And realize that there is an entire world and type existence that normally is not viewable, both by skeptics, pagans, and Christians. To deny that another realm where spirits live is to deny very obvious realities that many are still not on to, but are still affected by it, even as ancient peoples were. As well, the manifestations of these deceitful spirits give us a glimpse into the power of God that will one day be manifest for all to see, for rescue,or destruction, or restoration.

The most outstanding trait of magicians we are going to encounter is that they readily declare the help of demons in their Acts. Let the show begin.

The first featured performer, left, who died just before the 20th century began. Alexander Herrmann (February 10, 1844 – December 17, 1896)[1] was a French magician, better known as Herrmann the Great. He reminds me of Nikola Tesla in looks.

The 2nd featured Magician from the 1920s to 1936 was the following:

Howard Thurston (July 20, 1869 – April 13, 1936) was a stage magician from Columbus, Ohio, United States. His childhood was unhappy, and he ran away to join the circus, where his future partner Harry Kellar also performed. Thurston was deeply impressed after he attended magician Alexander Herrmann's magic show and was determined to equal his work. He eventually became the most famous magician of his time. Thurston's traveling magic show was the biggest one of all; it was so large that it needed eight train cars to transport his road show.[1]

Being before the age of TV (but not of movies), posters were a big way of stimulating interest in these "performers" of "Magic." I will declare that what they did was real and not optical illusions as magic would later develop into. But the most important thing is that they were getting help from real spirits, Whom Christians would call Demons.

Note the demons/devils pictured with Herrmann above. One speaks into his ear. You'll will see these thought all these early pre-modern magician/performers. It never fails. I say that there was an agreement between God and Satan about the regulation of who could do what and under what circumstances. Satan was required, I suspect, to always demonic connection, though neither he not his magicians has to out and out say it. The pictures were enough.

The magicians can only do what they do with the help of the demons. This is not to be confused with magicians who use props and elaborate constructions to fool the audience. As well, this gives the magicians a plausible denial of the demons helping them, by making it look like its nothing but tricking the eyes and distraction. There always has to be an exit excuse to deflect accusations of the paranormal being behind it.

But as it seems to stand today, They are hiding the sources less and less and becoming more bold. But the claim will be that its the people who have these paranormal abilities and that that they are spirits inside bodies. This lie goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden. Satan: "you will not die! you will be just like God, a spirit, and you will not need God, for you will all be gods." Hint! Warning! Satan's lying his ass off.

The pictures below suggest the demons are behind it all. What do you know! They are revealing the truth.


Below right says "Known the world over!" Who is known the world over? The only picture is that of the devil.

Thurston is never without his helpers.

You'll notice above, the devil whispering into Thurston's ear. Demons do this all the time on earth, letting their guys here on earth know of things to "fix" or beware of. This is symbolized by the all-seeing eye of Horus famous in Egyptian Iconography/images. Christians are not allowed to use these. Demons have been very active throughout the history of mankind. Don't let Satanists fool you. They say they are Atheists and Evolutionists because that is what Satan told them to do. Satan will use magicians and conjurers to make people believe they have powers when they do not. People will be told they are spirits in bodies. This is the age old doctrine known as Dualism, that we are both flesh/physical and a spirit, too, and when you die, your spirit and powers are liberated. All lies. When you die, you are gone, unless God brings you back. You need Him if you want to be brought back.

The Next Magician:  Harry Bouton Blackstone (born Henry Boughton; September 27, 1885 – November 16, 1965) was a famed stage magician and illusionist of the 20th century. Blackstone was born Harry Bouton[1] in Chicago, Illinois,[2] he began his career as a magician in his teens and was popular through World War II as a USO entertainer.[3] He was often billed as The Great Blackstone. His son Harry Blackstone Jr. also became a famous magician. Blackstone Sr. was aided by his younger brother (2 years younger) Pete Bouton who was the stage manager in all his shows.[4] Blackstone Sr. was married three times. Blackstone Jr. was his son by his second wife.


Another thing to understand about Satan is that while he accused God of every vile motive without good cause, God still the challenge, part of which was that Satan could get everyone to reject God. God no doubt replied, you will get most, but NOT all. Nor will you be able to get my son to compromise in the flesh, either. But in order for you to be allowed to lie and disrupt, you will never be allowed to present your self in a carving or picture as anything but grotesque, ugly, scary, and intimidating. You will be repulsive in looks, just as you are repulsive in actions and personality. Do you still want to except the terms?

Satan said: Oh, hell yeah! I'm so good and clever that I can overcome the terrifying images of me and still pull it all off. I am that damn good! You'll see. Satan was full of himself. Over blown in ego, he really underestimated the difficulty involved. What was driving his certainty was his desire, rather than careful contemplated reasoning and analysis.

As well, Satan plans to use a human being to carry on Satan's secret cause. Satan has elected to take himself right out of the pictures and let a human being in his stable of servants, be the one to pretend to be the fake Jesus, the antichrist and man of sin. He will have the appearance of a lamb, But he will speak like a dragon. His message will be nothing but deceit, lies, and cruelty.

You will notice below many of the creepy characters. they are not every attractive. On the other hand, Satan portrays "aliens" as beautiful looking men and women who subscribe to the New Age artwork, which is full of beautiful rainbow mixture of color. But it was all inspired of demons and going along with Aliens and the New Age will bring your permanent end about. Choose God and reject the lies and you can live forever, as was the intention from the beginning had Satan not screwed it up.


The outside boundaries of the picture directly below, are little demon heads as you can see in a small enlargement to the right below.


Next we come to Charles Joseph Carter (June 14, 1874 – February 13, 1936) was an American stage magician, also known as Carter the Great. The most noticeable slight change is that there are a couple of sexy female demons this time, though they are quite small.

I find below left a little too close to reality with doctors being butchers and they got the red Templar crosses the Columbus also used on his voyage to the Americas.

Harry August Jansen (October 3, 1883 – June 15, 1955[1]) was born in Copenhagen, Denmark and settled in the United States. He traveled the world as a professional magician under the name Dante the Magician.

To the left was taken from the above promotion poster above. What I note is that this devil/demon whispering into Dante's ear has the pose of what seems to be a gay demon. I bring this up to point out that Satan's Baphomet form is a hermaphrodite. There are similar forms found in pagan religions. Not well recognized is that the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten is also portrayed as a hermaphrodite, likely symbolizing him and his co-ruler wife, Nefertiti. He is shown with breasts at least once, if not twice, and with women's hips, too. Just below is a photo from an actual performance. Note the Devil mask and the spider web that Satan catches men in, figuratively.

I believe the pharaoh who opposed Moses was Amenophis IV/Akhenaten. His name was change from the former to the latter. Eusebius also says Akhenaten was the pharaoh of Moses.

Next up, Harry Kellar (July 11, 1849 – March 10, 1922) was an American magician who presented large stage shows during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.



Harry Houdini (born Erik Weisz, later Ehrich Weiss or Harry Weiss; March 24, 1874 – October 31, 1926) was a Hungarian-born American illusionist and stunt performer, noted for his sensational escape acts.

There does not appear to be much remaining of any Houdini posters. Left, I note a delicate fairy figure, which was a bit more soft and non-threatening than is typical, from all the others above.

Also note left, the sentence: "100 pounds will be paid to anyone finding traps, panels, or False doors in the cell" Houdini was a Debunker of spirit mediums. This may be so because he knew and did the real thing in some of his acts, like above left. Today's modern magicians are performing with real demonic powers that violate the laws of physics as any spirit can.

These are a few surviving posters from magicians:



Also a Houdin poster enlargement below

Left: Houdin shows a female shaped figure and a couple owls, who have deep roots in paganism and a giant one featured at Bohemian Grove in N. California
These are not all that common.



As you can see, there have been many notable performers and all of them use these devil/demon associations. There are said to be both black magic and white magic. But magic is magic. Its all bad by Bible standards. And magicians only seem to highlight gruesome devil-like associations. My opinion would be that no one should be attending or paying money to see and support these things. Real magic is bad, but so is fake magic, that flirts with ideas of magic that some might take the wrong way and get deeper into it.

All black arts and magic are condemned in Deuteronomy 18. I saw like 5 different videos of kids pretending to do hypnosis. Here is the problem. For one, even pretending to so something that invites demons, normally, allows them to "accept" your invitation, if they want to. 2nd, hypnosis is not innocent and harmless. It can be very sinister or used for very corrupt purposes, CIA Mind Control being the foremost of those purposes.

Hypnosis is promoted as a "science" and there is a "science" and technique to it. But that enable a hypnotist do to anything he might like to. The prevailing and heavily promoted idea is that you can not be made to do anything against your will. But its a lie. Its been demonstrated that you can, and what is more, Demons can inject themselves into a hypnotic situation and do as they please.

Magic is promoted as harmless and that is wrong as well. But as you can see from the cartoon figures, Magicians suggest by those pictures, something more sinister. God seeks to protect us from demons by telling us to avoid those things which God has allowed Satan and his allies right to use, if invited by doing them. Spirits are very real. That shall become more obvious in the days to come. its already happening among some performing magicians. Much more will come. Don't ignore the signs and symbols. God makes the devil and his buddies use these as warning signs.

I will next cover some hypnosis performances to better demonstrate how easy hypnosis can be done and the dangers that are possible.

I will be covering modern Magicians as well. And if something unusual comes up, I will feature that before getting back to my regular plans that I announced previously like just now.

As you can now hopefully see, This stuff is not hidden. It is out in the open. You can not miss it unless you are blind. Hoaxtead would like you to believe there is nothing to any of this. But they deny the signs and symbols. They deny the spirit world, while secretly serving that same world in secret. Yet they give signs, too. Many more blogs to come. Satanists will never be ab le to hide again. That's my goal.


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