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Hypnosis: Lies & Deceit

Let me state it plainly. Hypnosis is a black art/craft/magic. Proofs to follow, aside from the Bible. But Hypnosis has been primarily spread around as a clinical scientific technique to "help" people and their behavior problems. Its much like an intelligence spy, who takes on a cover in a foreign country as a shop keep, salesman, employee at a corporation that has as branch in the county being spied upon. Or maybe a missionary for phony denomination like the Roman Catholic Church or some of the more questionable Protestant denominations long in existence or ones with very strict beliefs and forced or pressured devotion. Some call those "High Demand Religions."

Hypnosis was well understood, perhaps almost as soon as Noah's family started to breed and spread out. For you Skeptics, the archaeological record shows beliefs in gods and demons to at least 4,000 years ago. The flood was 4350 years ago (+18 years) by Bible accounting. When I say understood, I also mean they practiced it. Not Noah and Not Abraham, but most of mankind was quickly seduced by Satan. Soon after the door came off the Ark!

And until perhaps the 19th century, hypnosis slowly began its metamorphosis into the "scientific" clinical practice that come to us today. this is the primary reason that hypnosis has remained under the radar. OK, call me arrogant, but I believe I was the one who began exposing hypnosis as the forbidden "charming" and "casting a spell over someone." CIA (From the Nazi's before the war had ended) Mind Control could certainly be called casting a spell on someone. The term often used is "mind control slave." Well, until about age 30. Then it begins to break down.

So I want to show the basics of hypnotism as performed by a very capable hypnotist, who also does a few stage shows a year, but was first a clinical practitioner of Hypnosis and therapy, Terry Stokes, who likes to flash Illumi-naughty hand signs. Shame! Shame!

But I will give some brief basics on clinical hypnosis, first, based on number of articles over the years and several book, Especially the best book ever made about it, and exposing the dangers, too. Carla Emery: Secret, Don't Tell - the Encyclopedia of Hypnotism.

One thing I noticed about the word, Hypnosis. Hyp is short for the Greek Hyper, meaning over, above, excess. And nosis is from the Greek Gnosis, from where some took name, or others gave it to them, Gnostics. They were secretive sect that practiced gnostic esoteric demonic BS. How bout Dat! Huh?

  • Gnosis | Define Gnosis at

    Word Origin and History for gnosis n. "special knowledge of spiritual mysteries," 1703, from Greek gnosis "investigation, knowledge," in Christian writers, "higher knowledge of spiritual things" (see gnostic (adj.)).

  • Truth1 says that there is no higher knowledge other than what one can discern with their own faculties, proceeding at their own pace, possibly behind, equal with, or ahead of others, but open to any to pursue any degree they like. Christians who claimed a higher knowledge were heretics and some justly burned for it.  ;-) I say that only joking. Christians had no right or authorization to execute anyone or get any government or ruler to do so. Christians who obey the Bible were not supposed to be involved politics other than to deliver the messages of God to all people on earth, allowing them to choose or reject as they saw fit. We are to let the wheat and the weeds/tares grow together and God will do the separating and judging, exclusively.

    Oh, and one more thing. Hoaxtead, I gather, does not believe in hidden memories, when ironically, CIA Mind Control make liberal use of hidden memories stored in a methodical way, by the brain, so that once a trauma is stored by the brain, programmers go looking for it or have the mind look it up and then they can program in that space, assigning as personality, and abilities, traits, special knowledge, or even be forbidden some knowledge. Kathleen Sullivan estimates several thousand "personalities."

    Programming will sometimes break down prematurely and more personalities will be created to monitor and police the thoughts going on in the mind and to report them to the Programmer. Its like a miniature society in the mind. In fact, MIT brain and artificial intelligence programming wiz, Marvin Minsky wrote a book called "Society of Mind." The programmed mind requires constant repair and vigilance. Its not fanciful speculation. This is the real seal and as you review how the mind works here,  you will understand how hypnosis and programming are really just abusing natural processes in the brain. Let Hoaxtead deny that!

    The Process of Hypnosis.

    The only thing needed is to speak in a calm relaxed sort of almost flat voice, but any voice that is not amped up or excited. Low key! the real key to it is that the listener be willing to listen to and obey whatever instruction is given. Something very odd takes place in the brain. This happens very naturally all the the time with parents and life. the Sub-conscious is designed to help and be an aid to the conscious mind. but it has this one quirk that is important. The "Sub" will 2nd guess the consciousness, discerning whether when the consciousness seeks is sincere and really wanted . . .  or NOT! The Sub is aware that the consciousness lies and deceives itself and the Sub will go along with the true intentions so that is something is too frightening or dangerous, the Sub will block it from the consciousness. An extreme block, a hiding of something without a conscious memory of it, is call Dissociation.

    When the parent says something, the child obeys (for the most part) In their young years, children trust the parents by instinct, as they know too little as kids. But as well, if parents send kids to school and teachers, many kids will assume that these teachers are authorities and must be smarter than mom or dad. I went home from school once in a while and would speak of "facts" from school and get told by dad that it was not so. Had he not done this, my assumption would have remained. Even as it were, in 9th grade and onward, It was not quite to quick to doubt mom or dad as I would have been when younger. But it was fair fight between teachers, parents and the very influential peers.

    Many kids today who spend their childhoods in day cares, schools and with peers, See those as more authoritarian, trustworthy, and not to be trifled with. The Sub takes cues from whom the child obeys the most and listens to the most.

    When you willingly obey every word of the hypnotist, the "Sub" takes that as a cue that this person is trustworthy or they would not be doing it. The Sub is always awake never ever goes to sleep. Only the consciousness does that at night.

    So once the hypnotists has the obedience of the Sub, then that one can do anything they want with your Sub that he or she wants. This is extremely dangerous or can be because the Sub can hide anything from the consciousness and the consciousness will never know. As I said earlier, the Sub does this for us if we are running from something or don't want to believe it or face it. Its a protector, if you can call it that. It does what you or what it thinks you want when you obey the hypnotist.

    The Sub has control of all autonomic functions, memory storage and recall, Sleep routines, everything. You never ever give this sort of stuff over to anyone. The consciousness is the only one that should be deciding things like this. The Sub is very obedient. Remember that. I have to destroy a lie, first.

    The Big Fat Lie!

    It goes as follows. "A hypnotist can never get you to do anything against your will, that you would normally not do." The biggest lie in the world. NEVER forget it, EVER! All of Mind Control proves much otherwise.

    What this means is that you can tell the Sub to have sex with your or other and not tell, and it will. You can be told to murder and it will. Its been demonstrated on stage. There is nothing that can not be hidden in the mind. And there is nothing you can not be made to do.

    NEVER forget it, EVER!

    The Sub has amazing control and power over everything, internally. Your temperature, heart rate, breathing. There is nothing that can not be accessed that normally functions automatically. As an example, without stimulation, the brain can cause a wet dream. How and why? The brain has that kind of power. You can experience things without an outside stimulus. so it is easily possible to make someone have an orgasm on cue. You could program someone to go off by just saying a word. "Bamboozle!" Boom, off ya go! there are no limits, really. How about the super strength reaction such as when some lifts a car up to save someone? Easy as pie! A piece of cake! Mind control assassins have these sorts of abilities enabled in them in specified situations. They can have quick reaction times. You do not want to mess with a Programmed assassin. Trust me on that one!

    This is why you never ever agree to obey whatever anyone says, because the instinct, the "Sub," will turn itself over to the one you chose to obey in every way asked. Never do that.  See how simple that is to do? Or not do, too! You might also consider if there are trusted sources that you should not trust. You sub is not likely to question or dispute who you trust. So be careful with trust. As we move into adulthood, we need to develop our intellectual abilities, so that we can be more discerning about who to trust and why. If one wants to know and understand, the Sub will help you do that.

    Clinical Procedures

    Hypnosis starts with a trance induction as they call it. You get them used to obeying various suggestions and commands, to sort of establish a rapport and trust with the "patient" (victim, really). Over a series of visits, the brains circuits involved become smooth and strong, practiced, so to speak. the more you go into a trance, the quicker once can be induced into a trance. And they more inducted, the deeper that trance can go, as well. the goal, possibly, especially with someone with bad intent, is to be able to induce a Somnambulistic state, where one can be instructed to freeze muscles in a certain position whereby no one can move that muscle group/limb.

    After one has been induced a number of times, then then you can put them into that deep trance very fast. The great advantage is that in this deep state, the intellect/consciousness is totally turned off and silence. Its all instinct now. In fact, you can go so deep that you can lose your language abilities. A clinician would then have to administer a very small amount of a stimulant to raise up the trance enough enable language. You can not program without language abilities.

    You have to understand that without the critical thinking abilities being accessible to the Subconscious instinct, the Subconscious is capable of anything and no restraint. Its very dangerous to essentially turn over all your faculties and being (your soul, if you will). What ever you do as a consequence of giving you mind over to someone else, will be held against you by God. That is why he forbids that to you.

    As well, Satan has been granted a certain of powers to be used to prove his point as best as he might. If you venture over into any of these Black arts/crafts, then Satan has rights and prerogatives, if he so chooses, and usually he does. And once you allow him in, its very hard to get rid of him. Many find it impossible. I suppose that if anyone, once under the control of Satan, were to ask God for a 2nd chance, by being willing to die, and wait for resurrection, that they would be saved and brought back when that time for resurrection arrives.

    I say die, because one, Satan is going to be very angry and I, for one, would never want to experience that. The danger super cruelty would too likely.

    But as well, being willing to die for a chance with God is not gamble at all. In God's eyes, there is no act more convincing and redeeming than someone giving up their life as an indication of real belief and trust in God being willing and able to bring people back. That is putting your money where your mouth is. You could try the I'll do whatever thing, and ask that He might let you live in exchange for super devotion to God's cause, and you can be damn sure that, while God might accept that, you would have to produce big time, or otherwise, Satan would insist that you be turned over to him. And you can be guaranteed some sort of persecution and testing. Satan would not have it any other way. Note that of 12 Apostles, only 1 died a natural cause, that being John, son of Zebedee, who recorded the Book of Revelations.

    So no one is left out, for those who were once mind controlled or programmed others, or whoever, whatever. But you will have to be very convincing.

    Now my point in the clinical procedures is that they are, without torture or drugs, a somewhat lengthy process to establish strong control and access to a Somnambulistic state.

    This is important because to get a person from a random crowd to go into a trance in stage show in a mere 5-10 seconds is not possible according to clinical practice. But its well within the reach of demons and those who do stage shows use that help. This I will prove, but it will take me a Part 2, to pull off. I wanted this to be short and sweet and really sink in. Hypnosis is nothing but dangerous and evil, and Against the laws of God Almighty, the Jehovah of old, whose great name was in the original Bible writings 7000 times till some wicked rebellion Jews took it out. It is our duty to bring it back, if we care about that God and are dedicated to Him and injustice done to Him by devil worshiping translators, and copy makers.

    Part 2 will be on Stage Hypnosis

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