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Stage Hypnotists

Hypnotists, whether clinical or stage performing, depend on Satan, even as Magicians do. I found the following show performed in 2011, I believe, to be perhaps the best example on the net of the things I want to point out. The performer is Terry Stokes. The title of the youtube video: - COMMUNITY: hypnotist - Terry Stokes Live Show  He is very good at what he does.

From the very beginning, he is flashing Hand Signs continually and throughout. I have never seen a more prolific "flasher." He is clearly announcing to you his views and loyalty. He's not hiding a thing. But most average people are clueless to what is going on in their world, right under their noses. Its makes the job of a Satanist real easy, or a Stage Hypnotist or Magician, too. Let me show you a sequence of screen shots I saved.

Interesting Screen Shots                

 I had this saved to disk and using the VLC player as it has better abilities for getting the right frame, compared to youtube. I assume the times will vary no more than 1 or 2 seconds. Beginning at 2:19 into the video, for a full 4 seconds plus he holds up the the devil horn sign and switches to the  666 sign as many refer to these. Your opinion may vary.



How is the below for a nice shot? Not much doubt there! Perfect pose!

He is real good at quickly moving the 2 middle fingers up and down while keeping the outside 2 extended. So its gong back and forth so that you don't get to see it very long. Below was part of that sequence. He does it at a few different times throughout.

Below he presents the 666 sign.


Same time below but a different frame.

Another nice shot above and one below, too, high up high and boldly.

At 4:20, he says: “keep looking at my circle”

Below, still 4:15 but a few frames later. He continues holding this up from 4:15 to 4:22, a full 8 seconds while rotating to his right and then his left to let everyone to plainly see. he is not trying to hide anything. I respect that. I believe in free speech and free transparent court conduct where video and audio should be allowed, without question. Courts who do not allow recording, which I believe all courts do not allow, have something to hide. Not all can make room to attend a court trial. Recording would allow that. There is no good reason for not allowing it.



Below, he quickly moves his sign to his right ear. There is a reason for this to follow.

During 4:22 he puts his “circle against his head with some fingers sticking out and tells them to put their circle there, too. They also have the fingers sticking out and he points out they responded to his visual cue and  were technically, under hypnotic command for the brief few seconds. Its all just about doing what you are told to do, assuming, of course, that this is all fun and games. Its always fun and games. No danger whatsoever, right?


4:58 calling for volunteers and showing a hand sign.

He fills the seats on stage and then tells them to kick back and relax, think of something pleasant or whatever. Starts at 8:08. He will put them under and see who is either resisting or not trying or whatever other reason there might be why they do not go into a mild trance. He wants to weed out the resisters and keep the “easily suggestable”. Everyone in life has a varying degree of suggestibility in day to day life. Some more than others, some less. He is selecting the “mores.”

When governments dish policies out, they know that some are more receptive than others and they would like to get rid of the intelligent resistance in their populations. Hypnosis and shepherding a society have a lot in common.

As he points out, they will hear him talk to them, yet they “do not care” as he puts it. He points out that they need to hear to obey. This is what I call an in between state, sort of like twilight. Not sunny out, but not quite dark yet, thought nearly there.

After the hypnotist is done instructing, he can tell the Sub not to remember and it will prevent the conscious from knowing.

He will count from 1-5 and he tells then what they are to do while he does that. They have agreed to obey him in their minds and the subconscious takes that as a cue to step in. It is going along with the hypnotism. All any hypnotist ever needs is a person willing to be obedient to his every instruction, in order to succeed. Its that simple. That is not to say that spirits are not helping but there is not reason to assume that, except for the hand signs. Call it an insurance policy to see that the show goes off successfully.

He ask them to take a deep breath. Deep breaths cause relaxation and relaxation is important. When a doctor wants to find your resting pulse and pressure, he will give you 5 or 10 minutes alone, free of distraction. I note when taking my blood pressure that a good deep breath will drop my pressure and you will feel the relaxation take effect. I have experimented with it at times, too. I note that the left arm will be just 2 or 3 points higher than the right arm, typically. I am left handed. There is much I could relate. But my point here is his use of natural reactions.

He plays mellow soft easy music. He plays “Somewhere over the Rainbow. That is a theme in Mind control programming. Someone being programmed will be told that if certain bad things happen, they are to go over the rainbow, which triggers dissociation to protect them and possibly alert another personality to take control of the mind. Going over the rainbow is itself a program installed to be called up when needed.

At 11:16 and he tells them to relax the muscles in their necks. At this point he has them. The guy 5th from the left is the first one to drop his head and the rest follow quickly. The subconscious has engaged in cooperation because of the willing cooperation of the conscious mind. They are now Terry’s, to do as he pleases. Its all about trust. People who are really tired are easily hypnotizable since they are already half way to sleep or wanting to sleep. Their resistance is down. Sleep deprivation is a tactic used by programmers.

You’ll note just after 12:00 that a couple of people slump forward and then more to follow. Once everyone appears to be under.

He tests them to see if they really are or not.     He tries to lean them over and make them sleep. 3 people were not affected. All were males. That is part of why Satan wants men out of society and wants women in. They are not as resistant and are more likely to cooperate. Hence, the start of the feminist movement, since about 1920. Say, this also gives RD, a.k.a.  Meow Meow (says I), a chance to take a poke at me. He really likes me, ya know ;-)

Notice how Terry instructs people to behave certain ways, while in the trance and they carry the instruction out. Yet the conscious mind is not in control. Its sitting in the back seat of the car, so to speak, while the Sub directs the steering wheel in the car. Its the same, when one falls asleep at night. The Subconscious shuts the mind down, but we are never aware of it. But it happens every night. The Sub is very active at night, but the conscious mind never gets to be in on it, unless it is just starting to come out of sleep in the morning to catch the last minute or 2 of a dream.

At times, Terry will tell them what to do, and then wake them up and they have no idea why they are where they are or what they had been doing. They are mystified, clueless.

This is the ability the mind has to block things out, like bad memories or traumas. Sometimes we don’t want to remember some things. Maybe we did something we were embarrassed about, or ashamed of and have trouble living with. The sub will help to put it out of mind. Whether so or not, people who murder sometimes do not remember it, and say that had blacked out and can not be sure. It could be just an excuse but it is also possible. Some people don't remember accidents because they were traumatic. The “Sub” kicks in and blocks it out.

I recall this documentary of a group of teens who were watching porn and decided to try it all out. Some of the girls later did not recall the many things they were said to have done. That could easily be a lie, but it can also be possible. If they did not really like what they were doing and it was really bothering them or it felt fairly abusive, they might very well have dissociated after it all sunk in, after. Perhaps even possible that they were pretty much tuned out while they were doing it.

I think this documentary was 2003 or earlier. At that time, I did not believe they did not remember. I know little of hypnotism and was not opposed to it. I knew nothing of mind control and was suspicious of SRA. Can you believe it? But details were never shown at that time. I think it was post 2000 when PBS was exposing child abuse cases, and even then, I was skeptical, partially because PBS never did an honest investigation. Where have I seen that before. Oh, why it was Hampstead case. Imagine that! Well, I am better advised and informed now. The press and TV are all liars.

In the case of the porno teens, it was/is interesting to note the glazed look along with some uncertainty. Its different from their normal way of speaking. They were being controlled by the Sub or they were in denial, which is almost the same as the sub will still kick to protect. But it is also why people in denial are often not convincing. They seem to only speak like they were half way between two worlds.

Here is an interesting part of Terry's performance.

At 34:55 he puts people to sleep and then says: All of you! We are moving back in time again. Bypassing any unpleasant experience, when I ask you to open your eyes, all of you are in school, you are in 3rd grade and I am your teacher. . . ."

 Let me ask, why did he tell them to “bypass any unpleasant experience”? I will tell you why.

For one, Schools are well known for having some bad teachers. Can any one say Christ Church Elementary? Do they have any good ones?

When you put people back in time, you never know where that might end up or what might come out. Bad memories, traumas, people getting exposed. Terry knows better than to get the wrong people in trouble. So he needs to take precautions,  just in case there is a problem in the past. Now his showing off his hand signs makes it clear who his allegiance and loyalty belongs to. He knows past memories, might be hidden away and he does NOT want those coming out, come hell or high-water.

This is a clear undisputable indication that Terry knows all about the storage of bad memories, if not outrights traumatic memories. Freud used to discover some of these as well, when exploring the past of a patient thru hypnosis.

Hoaxtead has more than once denied stored hidden trauma memories. I say he is worried about Alisa ever letting loose with what happened to her before the 3rd interview, if not many other times, too.

Further, this subtle revelation of Terry also invalidates all the lies of the False Memory Foundation who say there are no buried suppressed memories that can resurface later on. Hoaxtead is busted yet again! I think EC needs to find a new job. He’s got mud all over his face.

Now to be sure I have righted a wrong by bragging in the past, I always make great efforts to be persistent and thorough in my research. I try to break things down into their simplest components in hopes that even a child might be able grasp the foundation upon which more complex understandings are built upon, like Mind Control Programming and Recovered Memory therapy. I try to cover a lot of material, too. More data brings a more thorough and broad understanding.

Yet especially in the last week or two, I feel like many things have just been dumped into my lap, seemingly by chance. I feel lucky and blessed. It would be wrong to suggest it was all me or even partial me sometimes. If I have had success, it can only be because God has been most generous in rewarding and prospering my efforts. I have even felt like I have somewhat of wall of protection around me when others have not.

So let this be a declaration that God, specifically Jehovah, the Father, and His appointed son/king, have been the only reason for my success. I have never been blind to this fact, but I often take my battles with liars very personally, and that is unavoidable, but the real battle is between good and bad, Satan et al vs. Jehovah et al. To Jehovah goes all the honor and glory.

I have retained a copy of this video and many other things over the last nearly 4 years for evidence in my court, on behalf of God, hopefully to be retained for all future generations long into the future, even as the Bible has been. I figured now was a good a time as any to atone my sins and explain myself. I am most grateful for the continual help and blessings I get. I’m always aware but might slip, in not mentioning it more.

Its not me! It’s God, foremost. God uses men to prosecute His cases to all people on earth for witness to all the nations, and then the end must come.  Now back to the video.

At 40:10 he tells the participants to go out into the audience to perform. When he wakes them up, they have no idea what they are doing out there, but go back to the stage. Its that clueless state! Most notable was the last one, a girl playing Lady GaGa. She had no idea when he stopped her.

There is something to be taken from this. Our minds have amazing capacity to keep things from us. Either due to trauma, embarrassment, fear of being aware of something scary that we have not control over. Our subconscious takes our cues and acts on them to what might seem like our benefit. But not being aware of what is going on around you, or worse, ignoring a great danger, it not a good thing at all. A child suffering from a lack of love or hunger or adequate shelter will be shielded from all that, sort of. It will gnaw at them internally, but they will not know why they feel that way. Often, the goal is to allow the intellect and reason to function, but many will simply not be able to concentrate.

The residual rumblings which manifest as anxiety, depression, ulcers, frequent sickness and so much more, are cause by the trauma or prolonged denial of important needs, emotionally speaking, as well as physical.

The Sub wants to serve and protect, but if we ask for too much shelter and avoidance of reality, we will be harming ourselves. It is better to ask the Sub to let us be aware of some of the lesser fears. It might doubt us but if you are persistent in what you ask for and you act to try to be more aware, the Sub will take you seriously and will start helping. It has macro processing powers that can solve nearly thing over time. Make use of it.

Terry ends his show with big Diablo devil horn hand sign. You know who he works for. There should be no doubt at all. Hope you enjoyed the show and this article. I know that won't be possible for Hoaxtead. Ah, ya can't win them all.

I am featuring Derren Brown after one more video to follow. He is a very well known Hypnotist, Spirit Medium and even some Magic tricks. He has performed the most remarkable types of Hypnosis, if they are real, and I believe, real or not, that they are possible. So you should consider them.

What is done in CIA mind control is way beyond what Derren does. But what Derren does as part of a performance, has no equal that I am aware of. And it they are legitimate, They should raise some very deep concerns as to whether there even are any limits in 1st time hypnosis.

Clinical hypnosis as written of by Carla Emery is a slow gradual process. In contrast, typical results in stage hypnosis are miraculous in comparison, unless . . . the volunteers were really well conditioned patients of hypnosis, or they were fake, or supernatural help is usually supplied. Carla's Book shows you the clear pattern that professional are said to go by, but what is said in books and manuals is often found holding back a lot of important information.

Mind Control victims can be induced into deep trance in a quick flash of a hand sign, a tone, a word or phrase, or a touch in the right place or right way or anything you want to program to set off the trance. But this, too, is accomplished by a lot of programming and torture. As well, even demons are often invoked in programming.

So it is my deep suspicion that paranormal forces (demons) are at work in stage hypnosis, as well as in contacting "the other realm."

What this means is that Christians should not be paying money to see a stage hypnosis or spirit medium. Learning about it thru videos is OK and important, to that you can warn others and back up what you say. But being at a performance could possibly give demons the right to mess with you. I would not advise it! Stay as far from them as possible.

Here is another good primer of how some of things done with hypnosis, are merely exploiting normal functions of the mind.

"Is Hypnosis Fake?" Hypnotist stuns TEDX crowd     5,006,494 views  

Published on May 5, 2016    Albert Nerenberg

This guy, Albert, will touch on brain functions that did I did not get to mention in the Terry Stokes performance. But he suggests that Hypnosis is strictly scientific and has an unfair bad rap. To the best of my knowledge, I was the first to condemn hypnosis as the black magic prohibition of charming/casting a spell over someone. Knowing what I did about Mind Control and the CIA's use of Satanic rituals and the fact that hypnosis has been used from very long ago, that this was what charming and casting a spell referred to.

Derren Brown

Derren Brown’s Most Incredible Hypnosis Tricks        340,856 views

My opinion is that spirits are involved, 100%.

Derren Brown ~ Assassin ~ Full Episode ~         CovertHypnosis4U         238K views6 years ago

Can Derren Brown Fool a Clinical Psychologist?

934,984 views        Published on May 16, 2017       Time 7:03 long

Now this all could have ben rehearsed and faked. We have to allow that possibility. But if the psychologist is real and the test authentic, there is only one way this could have been done, according to Bible doctrine. That would be the help of demons.

Derren Brown - How To Read Minds      1,443,081 views


I warn you to never cooperate with a hypnotist or do what he days. Because that is all it takes to be put into a trance.

In my opinion, Derren clearly makes use of spirits in many of his performances.

Derren also is a spirit medium, so one need not doubt their willingness to cooperate with him. He is well aware of them. You can look those up yourself if you want.

I got a couple of issues with a couple of HX blogs so I will do those next, but I can not be sure of the time frame. Several days each maybe. Weather is perfect right now and I got to use it. I got something good cooking on the back burner, maybe several parts. Its going to affect other issues in other arenas as well.

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