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   Truth is my business!            Hoaxtead Watch No. #34

Hoaxtead: Good & Bad Points

  Angela confirms: Members of Hoaxtead ‘core group’ viewed CSA images    published Sep. 5, 2018

HX:  Here’s an important piece of advice for anyone planning an internet-based Satanic ritual abuse hoax: under no circumstances should you invite Angela Power-Disney to become a member of your core group.

Angie has been demonstrating this in spades since the police raided her home on 17 August, removing a PC, her phone, laptops, and (rather inexplicably) two cars.

In a video she made with Jason Goodman on his “Crowdsourcing the Truth” channel, Angela revealed that at the inception of the Hampstead SRA hoax, a group of about 30 people had been involved in “research” (read: scouring the web in search of anything which would confirm what they already believed):

I worked as part of a team of about 30 people that were in it for the long haul, and set up a blog called Hampstead Research. And professionals all over the world, semi-professionals, all pooled their knowledge for nothing…

We’re certain that the “original Dirty 30” therein named must be only too thrilled to know that Angela has been bleating about their little consortium all over the internet, and even more pleased to know that the Gardaí are now in possession of the cold, hard evidence.


Truth1: Hoaxtead has a good point here. And that is a very rare occurrence. From the very beginning, Early February 2015, The gang of the Hampstead kids supporters was a mix of wackos, fruit loops, loonies and out of control types. Government agents like MI5 graduate, Charlotte Ward aka Jacqui Farmer of Hampstead Research, so called, aka Jacob Farmer, aka Kris Costa, who has mysteriously disappeared after I posted what Ella had written in an email about her in March 2017 to me. Charlotte has many names and a number of youtube sites. I call her an arch shill. But there are several other Arch shills, too. Remember Christine Ann Sands, the FBI sent looney, to help make trouble for the cause by making all supporters look nuts?

The idea of kidnapping come up during the March 2015 London protest and then came again later. The person recommending it was Sophie Rhoman, the 1st time I think. It was a fake ID that is not on facebook anymore. For all we know, it could have been Hoaxtead behind it. Maria McMahon, a very devoted fan of Jacqui Farmer, now dead acted as sympathetic as to why someone might want to, without agreeing with it. All shills should be dead, but we just have to wait for more cancer or an clever virus or gift from God. Maria was in on one of the kidnapping discussions. She was a shill, too.

Many were big fans of paganism, which vary little with Satanism. For that matter, The New Age crap is one very small step removed from Satanism. In Fact, Mark Passio, for Satanic priest, says Satan and Satanist invented the New Age religion. Then there were the kind of wild and crazy types like Arthur Koutal or something like that. Kane Slater can be a loose cannon at times. Same for Tina Katrina, and too many to name them all. Angie was a horrible representative. I'll go easy for the moment as she seeks some help, but she has much account for. And slavish devotee, Jake the Snake Clarke, 1st class weirdo who likely set up Sabine to get her arrested. He openly and publically declares his reverence for Lucifer. Need I say more?

Now what happened to Sabine, who fraternized with the snake? Oh, she is in prison. Of course, Belinda talked her into coming back. Since I saw the wealth she came from, I can not have any faith or trust in her. I call her the Teflon Don. She never has to worry.

What it all comes down to is that I avoid most Hampstead people now. I do my own research and stay clear of the many kooks and crazies.

So Hoaxtead is 100% correct in cautioning supporters to stay clear of Angie, but they did not go any where near far enough. 99% of the supporters are either numb and clueless or out to get the kids and support one or more of many Satan-inspired religions.

If you really and truly care about the kids, you have to think about the credibility of most Hampstead 2 supporters. Stay away from the loonies and shills. Now that brings up the dumb. The dumb don't watch people carefully and don't carefully scrutinize the words of people. Many shills would support say, astrology, or NEW Age crap, and the Golden Age, Angels of light, Light Workers (of Satan) when the only angels who communicate with humans are Demons. Jesus said that by their fruits you will know them. Anyone supporting anything even remotely related to Satan, is shill or a Satanist. Not that there is any difference really.

Most refuse to see there are only 2 opposing sides here on earth. Those who sincerely serve God (as opposed to those fake Christians) vs those who serve Satan. That's it. Just two! Pick your friends and allies very carefully. They can potentially get you into all kids of trouble. Just ask Sabine.

HX continues:

Confirmation of wrong-doing

In a video released yesterday, titled “MKULTRA & drugging for abuse and amnesia” Angela set aside a few minutes from fantasising about her own alleged “MK Ultra experience” to confirm that some members of the original Dirty 30 had gone even further than harassing the innocent in Hampstead:

So I’m going to talk about the other thing just from the present or you know, the current, before I go back to my memories from my earliest memories of drugging anomalies, is that when I was in a research team connected to the Hampstead case, Hampstead Research it was called, it was about 30 of us active, and some amazing work going on in there.

Truth1:   What? What? What? Amazing work at Hampstead Research? When did this take place? I remember nothing but crap and lies, say 95% of the time, there. The only good that came form it were my posts from Mid march to the end of May, when I dumped the stuck up, snob-bitch MI5 employee and owner of the blog. You're not talking about that, are you, Angie?

But dearest Angie, since we are on the topic of Hampstead Research, perhaps you could answer a few questions for me. Wha da ya say?

First up, one of the regular posters was a woman very informed of the Hampstead 2, who called herself, Arendale. For some reason, after I told Jacks/Charlotte in my last days with her, that I was going to go back and save the Arendale posts since I was sure she was a shill. I did not do it immediately and a week or two later when I did, all Arendale's posts were gone. There was some very good autobiographical info on her first post or two in Mid march 2015 during the London protest. Arendale could not attend because she does not live in the UK. She is on the other side of the ocean, Eastern half of the USA by her own admission.

So Angie, I know that you know Arendale, at least in her other social media involvement and names. You hung around with her quite a bit on your group page at the time, dealing with conspiracies and Hampstead and Graham as a moderator. Angie, if you have changed your ways and are not a shill, you will need give me an honest answer about who Arendale is. You can do it in private. My email is at the bottom of my home page at Truth1, the greatest side on the internet. And I am very modest, too.

And you could answer few more questions about this Asher Arendale on Facebook, that first appeared on your FB group page. I ask because that supposed Asher Arendale is a fake name and there is not such person. But by the grace of God, through discoveries in the last 6 months or so ago, I found a match for the picture of Asher Arendale, which ended eventually, pointing to a very well known youtube channel content provider know as Black Pigeon Speaks. I was was speechless. He used to do MGTOW videos. His friends do, too. This ties in shills in the UK, US and Canada. I was stunned. 3 nations of shills working together in multiple arenas.

Could you explain why Jacks deleted all of Arendale's posts? And why it is that none of the articles that were ever on one of the 3 incarnations of Hampstead Research can not be found, when I look them up on the Wayback Machine?

So who is really being Asher Arendale? I know you know cause the Hampstead people who were said to be friends with him, were 4 or 6 in number, and all of them were in your FB group. You were involved, 100%.

So if you are sincere about repentence and Christianity, you need to reveal the liars of the world. If you do not, then it will be 100% certain that you are cooperating with them, protecting them and are yourself, a shill, as I have always maintained. That's why Hoaxtead adores you and gives you so much attention. You tarnish the Hampstead 2 supporters with your conduct. I present you with a wonderful opportunity to begin to redeem yourself.   << Truth1 end

HX quoting Angie:   One contributor, braver than myself, erm, infiltrated the dark web in an effort to, you know, uncover the truth, and was horrified to report that there were whole chatrooms and groups of paedophiles that would discuss drugging for memory wiping, and drugging for child abuse, and which drug was the latest, and which was the most effective, and so on and so forth. It was like listening to junkies describing their drugs. It was…just the report given by this person, she didn’t lift whole portions of the chatroom but she or he reported back saying that it was profoundly disturbing.

Truth1: I remember that. That was John Smith, as Jacqui called him. He typically went by the name David David on Facebook and as Dave and "the watcher" on Wordpress. He would post on HX, too. He liked them. I think that porn discovery was very good valid research. HX will disagree below. I would, too, if I were them. Maybe HX would like to explain Why EC always liked Dave's posts. I have screen saves, so don't deny it, EC. See how muddy these waters get? Nobody is telling the truth, except >>>T1. << Truth1 end

HX: What’s that you say, Angela? Paedophile chats on the dark web? And someone from the Hampstead Research core group sought them out and observed them? Gosh, we wonder who that could have been?

Two suspects leap immediately to mind: Charlotte Alton Ward and Scott Pattinson.

We didn’t just pull these names out of a hat: both Charlotte and Scott have admitted to undertaking extremely illegal “research” into online child sex abuse images, despite warnings from the authorities.

Truth1: I can not find anything on Scott Pattinson. It does not matter. Jacks clearly called the investigator "John Smith," implying it was a false name. I have a written confession from the Face Book ID of John Smith. HX is lying their a$$es off. That should not surprise sincere, well-informed people. But if you prefer to believe them to me, that is your problem and you got a big one, I would say. << T1 end

Charlotte, as readers will know, was the person responsible for the Hampstead Research blog, a vile piece of work ( T1:This is bad. I am agreeing with HX for the 2d time. HR was a vile piece of work.)  intended to help publicise the Hampstead SRA hoax. Scott Pattinson was an enthusiastic supporter of the Hollie Greig hoax, who jumped aboard the Hampstead hoax during its early days.

How we know what we know

As long ago as May 2015, this blog was reporting that Charlotte Ward (then known as “Jacqui Farmer”) was posting images of naked children on her blogHampstead Research. We reported this to police at the time. Where these images were obtained, we do not know.

T1: They were connected to Mr. Dearman's master site that hosted many other websites if I recall right. I think I have that video in my collection. << T1end.

In August 2015, we reported that Charlotte had posted the following on her blog, confirming not only that she had repeatedly visited a child sex abuse site called “Little Orgies”, but that she had thoroughly trawled it (note reference to thousands of images) and that she had included footage from that site in one of her videos intended to smear the people of Hampstead: 

We found this shocking at the time, and our sense of revulsion has not waned.

The day before Charlotte’s report on the “Little Orgies” site, she had been moaning that a “Hampstead researcher” had received a very curt letter from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP):

You could potentially commit a range of offences, including, but not limited to, those found in: section 1 of the Protection of Children Act 1978 (taking, making, distributing and publishing of indecent images of children), section 160 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 (possession of indecent images of children), and section 62 of the Coroner’s and Justice Act (possession of prohibited images of children). The limited defences under these statutes do not cover members of the public seeking out paedophiles on the internet, regardless of a stated intention to assist law enforcement. It is often claimed by those caught with indecent images that they were obtained whilst seeking out offenders. However, this is not a defence and UK law does not allow the police or the CPS to sanction the type of activity you are undertaking. 

Any ‘evidence’ that you provide could be excluded from a prosecution as it may be regarded as having been illegally obtained. Law enforcement officers who undertake online activities are specially trained to do so and work within a strict legislative framework. This process ensures that any evidence which is collected can be safely used in bringing offenders to justice. 

At first we assumed that CEOP had been directing this reprimand at Charlotte herself, but a couple of weeks later we discovered that it had been directed at another presumed member of the “original Dirty 30”, Scott Pattinson, sometimes known as Muley Mulester or Superearther.

Truth1: Charlotte/Jacqui has a youtube channel called Superearther. I think HX is spinning more deceit. Charlotte has many youtube channels. <<end T1

He responded as follows:

Dear sir/madam,
this is a follow up letter from the one which i was sent in your most recent email.
There are a number of facts that i wish to be considered due to their inacuracy.
These comments are as follows
-The claim that i used TOR
-My accusations not being met with a factual nature
-Claiming there are other investigations pending with no proof
-Claims of a investigation against mr dearman
-the afforementioned children in this case are in fact in care of the state
-Accusations of sharing or possesing indecent images of children
-Accusations of illegally obtaining these images
-Accusations of trying to entrap people

These comments have to be retracted as i am not guilty of any of the above. I here by remove your right to slander my character in this fashion. If you had taken time and looked at my factual evidence then you could CLEARY see my screenshots are via tablet using the software (which i did buy from google play) called IP info Detective PRO. In making unfounded accusations in the way i used this software you also bring into disrepute Google and also the company which has made this software. This must stop now.

The screenshots that i have provided are software based and 100% factual. Stating anything else as i have previously stated puts the companies involved in disrepute. It has been stated in the high court in London that the case against mr dearman was never taken seriously or investigated by Barnet police or the met. He was additionally portrayed as a victim of one big hoax. So no investigation has ever taken place until i obtained this evidence.

The two children at the heart of this case have been taken into care and thus the government has complete control of the situation. Are you thus implying they are not capable of undertaking the safety of these children? The software i have used does not in any way take pictures as you have claimed. A simple fact finding mission before making these wild and untrue accusations would of stated that. Furthermore i find your unsigned threats outrageous and completely uncomfirmed. Having no signature on these threats shows me that your claims have absolutely no merit behind them. If this letter i was sent was produced in a court of law it would be thrown out.

Your actions as law enforcement officers completely ashame myself and put your very actions into disrepute. How can a supposed law enforcement agency behave in a slanderous manner towards myself as i am a vulnerable adult, with autism and also with physical disabilities.

In my opinion you should be ashamed of your actions. As for reporting to my nearest police station (which is 8 miles away) I point black refuse to do so due to the pain i go through whilst being mobile, as i suffer from arthritis. In saying this CS Sam salmond
apologized on my behalf when in a previous call to the met in London i was told to travel to my nearest station only to be met by two unhappy officers who stated “we have no jurisdiction to help you” Realistically i could of been charged with wasting police time and now find myself in this situation having to explain myself again. You have not taken my wellbeing into consideration.

I hereby give you 14 days to reply and for the second time of asking i still need a signed copy of the letter i was sent
Scott Pattinson   (Truth 1 wants a copy of this letter/email/or whatever. I assume your putting Pattinson as the person could be a cover.)

So not only was Scott potentially placing himself in trouble with the law by looking for child sexual abuse images online, but it seems he was the tech genius responsible for the false allegations that RD was linked to child sex abuse sites online.

Truth1: Lets get some things clear here. Software obtained those images so don't blame whoever was behind this. I fully support the action of Jacqui and John Smith in this investigation and his replay to the corrupt farscicle police. If people like John Smith (alleged to be David, also a likely made up name, can turn up such images, then that begs to be asked, why is it that the police are not also catching these? Why are citizens doing better than police and why don't the police appreciate the help they get? If police are overwhelmed, then laws need to allow the deputization of citizens to take up the cause.

The real problem here is that Police and HX are upset that people or MI5 employees or British naval intelligence or other military employees are exposing the secretive porn operations the kids alleged were going on at Christ Church school and other locations.

Interesting as well that police are upset that they are being shown to either be lazy and incompetent, or otherwise ignoring child porn, which is easily believable as they ignored Alisa and Gabriels' testimony, and then kidnaped them right after the 2nd interview and terrified them (if not far worse) into recanting, as if taking anyone prisoner and have them recant was totally credible. No one takes the testimony of a captured solder as credible. Nor did the police do any, meaningful investigation, and then HX pretends it was totally legit and that the uncovering of porn was a terrible. It sure was for HX.

And this is the big problem. HX is shown, in the opinion of an awful lot of people around the world, Especially in the USA and UK, that there are multiple and numerous cover-ups of a mountain of evidence. That is why this case will not die or fade away. RD can not get that through his head, nor the UK, either. The day is coming. I am sure of it. UK cults went too far this time. the UK should have allowed the prosecution and simply minimized the charges like were done so many times in the USA with McMartin, Little Rascals, Mansfield Ohio Presbyterian, and others, too. Then later, they could claim improprieties and let them out on false technicalities like what was done with McMartin and Little Rascals.

But I am assuming they were terrified, and perhaps justly so, that too much would come out in the trial. Too much came out in public. They will lose no matter how this all goes. It is the will of God, who they do not believe in, even as Pharaoh Akhenaten said: Who is Jehovah, that I should listen to Him? Akhenaten and all Egypt found out who Jehovah was. The evidence was preserved to this very day. It ain't going anywhere. << T1 end

Anybody remember ‘IP info Detective Pro’?

In June or July 2015, Charlotte Ward described how she’d been approached in March that year by someone she called “John Smith”, but we will call “Scott Pattinson”.  (Truth1: So that might be why I can find no info, only the name mentioned by the Hollie Greg site.) John Smith was David David. Hey Hoaxtead! why don't you ask John Smith if he wants to be exposed or not? If he does not, then you had best go silent and let my declaration stand, or I will provide the evidence, and I got a lot that could go with it. I could blow this thing wide open. Try me! It will solve what my next blogs will be about.

Scott told her about the amazing piece of software he had purchased from Google Play called IP Info Detective Pro, and demonstrated to the ever-gullible Charlotte how it could be used to deduce that RD was running child sexual abuse sites online.

We’ll spare you her full post, but you can find a copy here. The gist of it went like this:

Every internet user is familiar with predictive analysis. Predictive software analyses your behaviour patterns online and works out what kind of a person you are. For example, if you buy lots of shoes on ebay the software will pick up your shopping patterns, analyse them and advertise shoe shops and ebay at you. YouTube uses it to recommend videos based on the other videos you have watched and so on. Ecommerce is now such big business that online retailers have invested millions into developing increasingly accurate predictive software.

Back in March 2015 a fellow researcher – let’s call him [Scott Pattinson] – left a message on our Hampstead Research blog. [Scott] stressed that he was not accusing anyone of being guilty but RD seemed to be delting (sic) all traces of himself from the internet.

[Scott] drew our attention to one particular website that RD had deleted. The IP address of this website was very important, he said.

We were unable to verify whether 2 hearts delight belonged to RD so we took [Scott’s] word for it. [Scott] explained that 2hearts delight’s IP address is not a normal IP address, it is a step up from that: 2heartsdelight is a domain name server, or DNS. A DNS is used as a look up table to reference other websites. According to [Scott], if you add a DNS address to your computer you can access websites that other people can’t access, not unless they know the IP addresses of those websites.

So, we wondered, would a DNS give someone who knew what they were doing access to illegal sites, sites that were hidden, sites that contained, say, child pornography? Could a DNS be used to search Deep Net? Is this how paedophiles and other criminals operate online? We don’t know but from what [Scott] said, it sounds as if this could be the case.

So…there was no evidence to show that that DNS in question was linked to RD, but maybe a DNS could be used to search “Deep Net”, because this might or might not be how paedophiles operate online.

Are you with us so far? (All you techies out there, stop smirking.)

Still following [Scott’s] lead on 23 March 2015 we accessed this website, which shows us all the websites that are hosted at RD’s IP address.

On the surface it all looks perfectly innocent – a selection of health related sites. But when we checked the predictive analysis software, which can see what’s going on behind the scenes, we were directed to a list of hardcore and child pornography websites.

We decided to look into these websites for the purpose of fact checking. After all, they look and sound like child pornography but are they really? What we found is that most of these links were inactive. One, however, was active. This link was offering pornography of children as young as one year old. In the cause of fact checking, because we did not want to accuse an innocent man, we followed some of the links and found pornographic (sic) images of young girls. We did not want to investigate further but we did this to demonstrate to our viewers that this is fact.

So the predictive software had worked out that was going on behind the scenes on RD’s computer was nothing to do with health and fitness – the predictive software told us that these websites might be a front for child pornography. …

The child porn site you were looking at may not have been registered by RD and the material we examined may not originate from him either. It is, however, quite possible that this is the case. The software strongly suggests that he and the other users of his websites have at least accessed this IP address. When we look up who registered littleorgies we find someone at an address in the Ukraine calling themself (sic) V Smirnoff, which may well, of course, be a fake name.

Once again, Charlotte admits to having “looked into” a child sexual abuse site “for the purpose of fact-checking”. She did actually publish a link to the site on her blog (yet another reason why it’s a good thing that blog was consigned to the dustbin of history), so that all her readers could break the law along with her and Scott. We don’t know how many of them did so.

And despite all her claims that the site belonged to RD, Charlotte admitted that it was registered to a person in the Ukraine and had links to the Ukraine and Russia.

As we pointed out at the time (and several times afterward) Charlotte and Scott’s brilliant plan was doomed from the start, by a combination of ignorance, wishful thinking, and gullibility.

Truth1: I remember this fairly well. Charlotte had to cover herself. She did the right thing. This was a good job by her and "John." While it is true that it may well not be RD, it is equally true, that it could be. And given the following:

Its says in red outline: # A.l.i.s.a. .9..y.a .f.u.c.k ------ 2 clicks to view

Now in view of someone being named possibly Alisa 9 years age and an interesting set of letters following that and that this was only 7 months after Alisa was taken prisoner, and given the extreme mood swings  and distraught state that Alisa seemed to be in, along with a claimed kick to the crotch by Abraham, which I do not believe at all, I believe that both Charlotte and John in this cooperative venture, were right to be suspicious and concerned and believing it was important to report what they found as disturbing. They acted in good faith with evidence that was very suspicious and to this day has no good explanation, other than guilt. I for one, do not believe in coincidences.

Regardless of what I might believe about the identification and cooperation of Charlotte and John, their shared venture here is an unassailable quality investigation. Investigation does not mean you can prove something, but that it may merit and deserve more investigation than it got. Investigation is the right to verify what had been done or not, previously. And this was as good an investigation as I have ever come across. It is evidence that both these people are capable of top notch professional work. I think it is a shame that they  are, in my opinion, government internet agents, called by many as shills. But that is another matter altogether. Here, they are heros.

So some will ask, why would agents do great work and then go against it? Boys and girls, in the game of espionage, the goal is to maintain constant doubt and confusion. One minute a situation looks one way, and then the next minute, a 180 reverse. You keep people guessing. Charlotte and John worked together in secret and sometimes against, as other names, fake IDs, the oldest trick in the book. On the net, you can be anyone you want. You can use any picture you want. A whole family if you want. You don't really have to have a family. You can use the picture of another family and say its yours. There is no way one can be sure. So I gather evidence, screen saves for quotes, and remain skeptical and cautious, for I know the net is a battlefield of deceit and a war of words and ideas. Hoaxtead knows that, too. They wage war every day.

So I will leave the 2 as heros, unless someone would like me to back this up, which I will gladly do. If the need should come or arrive to reveal more, then I will, but I have no need and do not foresee a need, though it is always possible the future will change circumstances, which I have no control over. You, the reader, can believe whatever you want. I have done my duty to God. I will stick by the kids for as long as I breath. The rest is up to God. <<< T1 end

Why Scott’s cunning plan didn’t work

1. Would a DNS give someone who knew what they were doing access to illegal sites?

Yes, in a way it would, if by “a DNS” they mean “adding entries to the host’s file”. The porn site was never inaccessible to begin with, but doing it that way is one (very clumsy) way to trick your browser into making the request you need.

2. Could a DNS be used to search Deep Net?

To access certain sites, yes. To search, no. Not unless one of the sites you access is an index of said net. (DNS has no search capabilities at all.)

3. Is this how paedophiles and other criminals operate online?

Maybe. It’s a plausible, if very low-tech, way to sort-of hide a website. They would have to be pretty inept criminals, without much technical expertise.

4. Can you really use predictive analysis software to find out what someone else’s “sites of interest” might be?

Nope. Never, not at all. It will only show you what it thinks your own interests might be, based on where your browser has been recently.

OK, EC! You say software can not detect porn. Really? Google Images can sense porn and much more.

They don’t call him Muley Mulester for nothing

In March this year, via yet another bizarre email from John ‘The Schnozz’ Paterson, we learned that CEOP Command had reprimanded Scott yet again, and in even stronger terms, for failing to cease and desist in his child sex abuse image detective work.

It’s sad to think that Scott is continuing to break the law in his quest to prove that we are all Satanic paedophiles who work for GCHQ and run child sex abuse sites in our spare time. He does sound as though he has a number of health and mental health issues, and we cannot help but wonder how much those have been exacerbated by his contact with the Hoaxtead mob and their friends.

Truth1: Its funny that they say "John" ("Scott" says HX) is trying to prove they are all Satanic Pedophiles. I strongly suggest that John also posts as an ally of HX on their blogs. So how do we reconcile these contradictions? What's the game? As far as I am concerned, Charlotte really needed something to make her look really authentic and sincere in her crusade, while really serving as a gate keeper and a saboteur in waiting, to sabotage at just the right time. So all the powers together came up with the net/porn thing. They would tip off John to discover the site and then make sure it disappeared, although it might be on the wayback machine, but I would expect them to get rid of that, too, just like they did with Hampstead Research articles.

And you have to admit that this was quite the piece of evidence, seemingly cementing Jacqui as an authentic crusader. I fell for it.

So now HX uses this to pretend they are unfairly treated. Not hardly. They were never accused and its been nearly 4 years. In fact no investigation was really done on any of them. So its all just an act. John was used, because he was also an agent who knew what boundaries need to be respected and he was and is a very capable and knowledgeable programmer and even hacker in my opinion/experience. <<< T1 end

What’s on Angela’s PC?

It’s been very clear for some time that at least two members of the early “Hampstead Research” group (which had a home on Facebook under the name “HRes”) were engaged in searching the dark web for child sexual abuse images, describing what they found there, and sharing the links with other group members.

Truth1: I was not aware of this at all. I don't recall Jacqui even mentioning this. In fact, she pretended to be afraid of Face Book. What I did not know is that she had an existing account on FB with the name Bridget Yorke that had minor activity in 2014, I believe. Araya Soma and Brian Gerrish were names on it. Very little activity. I remain skeptical of HX's claim of HRes. <<< T1 end

We suspect, though, that those people won’t be terribly happy to discover that Angela has brought all that back into the public sphere.

Will the police find evidence of this illegal activity on Angela’s seized computers? If so, some of her erstwhile friends might have reason to seriously regret their association with her. As the countdown continues to the police laying charges, things could get very interesting indeed.

<<End of HX blog.

Truth1: given the numerous contradictions and high number of shills likely involved with Angela, I doubt that anything will come out, or that only little people will get pinched. I think HX is just trying to scare people and make Angela look even worse, further casting doubt on the Hampstead 2 case. One thing for sure is that whatever it is, HX is just playing games with us all. That's what they do.

12:44 AM 9-11 2018: HX posts Belinda claiming Sabine might be getting many charges dropped and with a new representative. I can only hope this is true. But I wonder as I completed this blog early yesterday, as to whether the likes of MI5 did not want Belinda to look like she helped get Sabine to come back to get screwed. But I will not a gift horse in the mouth. If Sabine is let off, I'll at least not fault Belinda. I'll go quiet there. If not, my contention stands.

Sabine is the only one I see as 100% legit and the concept of putting her in a hard core prison when minimum security would have been more than enough for someone who has not even been tried and who suffers from ailments that require medical aids denied to her, as if she had been tried and convicted. Of course, I am not surprised the UK does this. That is S.O.P. for them. But a fair court would not do so, at least till a conviction was obtained. Even then, the crutches/walking poles should be allowed. It is my deepest hope that Sabine might be shown mercy and if it were to happen, that she might consider keeping clear of the likes of Angie unless she can show a major change and definitely avoid Jake the Snake, the publically professed Luciferian, and he is not the only one to have spoken some good words about Lucifer. I'll leave it at that.


Oh, and one more thing. NYC 911 was a total conspiracy with the building saturated with explosives that ended up murdering at least 30,000 people and who aftermath caused many more to die of cancer and lung diseases, so that maniacal sadists in power could have more excuse to turn the US into a police state. Working at the Portland ME Jetport was delightful until that day. That day weather was beautiful, too. What a contrast. I will never for get it. I got calls from several friends that morning up to noon time when my boss sent us all home. I knew instinctively is was a farce but it took till 2008 for the hard facts to prove it. Thank God for Youtube, even if it is run by Satan. Cheers All!  Truth1 out!

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