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How Wealth Acquires Power & Control

There is no more important subject that I can bring up than this one. It is the inevitable and unavoidable nature of human beings, who are social creatures of habit. The sad thing is, that under our own power, we can not stop our worst tendencies from ruining us. We have an intellect and intellectual potential, but it always gets sabotaged by instinct driven greed that is never satisfied, though we have, all around us, the things that have satisfied some people in the past, but not many. Not enough! We always self-destruct. ALWAYS! Mankind's history is littered with examples.

But another important reason for this subject is how Satan uses this weakness we have as a species to take over a man of influence and ability, and his family, and that ads other families and their communities, that get linked up to become cities, which then grow to nations and empires and global mercantile empires and eventually, where we are now, the whole work in his power and control. It was a slow gradual process of about 4,368 years to date, 2018, give or take a year or two, perhaps. (Truth1 had the best Bible Chronology in the world).

Hoaxtead declares there is no Satan and that cover-ups are impossible and all authorities, particularly in the UK, are incapable of moral deviance or corruption. However, I'm not one for taking drugs, nor am I persuaded that the Easter bunny is real. My head is on straight and I am not into lies. Hoaxtead knows better, anyway. They just won't admit it.

According to the Bible, Satan has been allowed control of the world to prove his contentions and test all mankind, that we call the human species, to see what they might be made of, as a collective entity and as individuals, too. The only thing remaining is to show just how it is the world is connected and controlled. I have been at this, among other topics, for quite some time. But recently, I came upon a declaration by Stephan Molyneaux, and a video of the expanding upper classes of the San Francisco, and then most recently I came across a video made of Germany's highest levels of wealth and their patterns, which matched up well the San Fran patterns, and boys and girls, its all about patterns and following trails.

So I will start with the German video, which also talked to middle class people to get their side of the struggle. And of course, the upper wealthy of Germany that is making the rest of Germany poor and threatens the nation even as it does in the USA and the UK, too. A huge catastrophic collapse is being engineered by Satan and his earthly stoolies and errand boys. They might not like it, but they dare not oppose it or neglect it.

Inequality - how wealth becomes power | (Poverty Richness Documentary) DW Documentary

One thing I really enjoyed in this video, aside from its being thorough, were labels like "Dynastic Inheritance." It was succinct and it fit in really well with the problem at hand. Molyneaux said about the UK, that he was born in before his mother moved with him to Ontario Canada. He complained that there was no upward mobility in the UK. Where ever what ever position and status you were born into, would be social class and position you would stay in. The reason for that is that Royal families grow, and as they do, positions are made for them in the hierarchy as population grew. And the same for nobles, knights, and lords and and any other aristocrats I might have neglected. If the nation should cease to grow and expend empire, then they must begin to drain the blood, so to speak, (and maybe literally, too!) of the lower classes. You can only fleece the "servants" for so long and then everything collapses.

One thing that often develops is when the growth stops, among peer nations, or even in ones own society, no move can be made without impacting and shifting positions in the hierarchy. when one rises, another will sink. And if someone should sink, his place will be taken by another waiting beneath. These can get pretty ruthless. the best example of these types of shifts is among Mafia Families. Some loose territory to bigger greedier players, and some get fatter with expanded territory and markets. Same for business markets, too.

But the name/label, Dynastic Inheritance, really sums it all up well. To borrow from the laws of inertia, those families in power, tend to stay in power. And those on the bottom who have no say or control, tend to stay at that level. A luck few might move up a little or fall from grace a little. So why are these hierarchies so constant and long lasting? Dynastic Inheritance! Families at the top only get bigger and more powerful. The one thing to alter that would be another powerful family getting ambitious and gaining enough allies to carry out a coup. The reigning family is usually done in and wiped out. But the overall hierarchy usually remains. War and collapse are the most dangerous for a nation and its national social hierarchy.

An Overview

In order to any grouped wealth to advance, flourish and expand, it needs to acquire others who want in on the plan/deal. And their acquired group must become the most ambitious, the most powerful, and above all, the most ruthless.

If one considers the many excavations of the Mideast and Mesopotamian valley, one will see, even as the Bible claims, that the awareness of "gods,' demons was with mankind from the beginning. There are small statues, carved reliefs, written accounts, and prominent in those are the collective family of gods, the Titans, of Celtic and Germanic extraction. Saturn was notorius for sacrificing some of his children in order to get power and glory, with the help of the gods, hence the sacrifices. It was also why Jupiter/Zeus, a son of Saturn/Chronos fought his father and forced him into exile in Italy, Where Janus gave him refuge. This family of gods would become legendary. You can read a lot more about this from one of the best writers/historian/monk in France, Paul Yves Pezron. Its on the 2nd best site on the net ;-)

So for me to  claim that Satan or at least gods, were very much sought out and after, and appeased, is beyond dispute. All the early nations did this and continued to do so, publically, until the so called age of reason, more particularly when the Industrial Revolution began, near to, say, 1840. In a move to both harm God and Hide Satan from the masses, Satan inspired the likes of Lyell, Darwin, Marx, etc. Universities were very Satan friendly, says I. But not by declaration, but by doctrines of Gradualism, evolution and supposed enlightenment of the learned men of the time, who sought to overthrow the conventions of the time.

So what we have from the sons of Gomer and all the offspring of Noah's 3 sons, is the start and progress of Satan acquiring generals, "conquerors become kings" and growing these and growing a vast merchant trading, covering most of the world. In time, the political military kings would end up battling a union/alliance of merchants who gave no allegiance to any particular nation, but to manipulate all nations into becoming, very soon, a one world government kingdom, where loyalty was not be to a nation with heritage but to a world government, ultimately controlled by Satan from the spirit realm, also known as the supernatural realm or paranormal realm.

Call it what you like. Spirits can defy the laws of physics. Humans do not have those extraordinary powers, but demons have been granted the ability to exploit a few of those violations of the laws of physics, making it look like humans are the ones doing it, to convince, if possible, all mankind, that we are really just spirits inside bodies. And after death, we become just as powerful as God and do not have to listen to Him or obey him. That's the lie that will be promoted and has been for a long time. I am sure many demons will pretend to be those humans departed and now existing as "ascended gods." No one need be fooled. God told the truth, but if any go along with the lie, then they will die, never to be brought back to life, ever again.

Yes, I know, I have not addressed the wealthy yet. I needed to establish a brief overview. That having been done I will now tackle Dynastic Inheritance  and the role of wealth it being about a world wide global network, a Secret Cabal. Like Satan, they believe their best interests are served by secrecy so that none will know about them and be clueless as to what they are doing in secret.

Suffice to say, I believe I have shown enough to show how power can be established and expanded. Evidence of this can be seen in San Francisco, and throughout California, the USA, Germany, and all the world. They all work together because they all answer to the very same master.

From the German documentary:

Germany is one of the world’s richest countries, but inequality is on the rise. The wealthy are pulling ahead, while the poor are falling behind. [Online until: 17 September 2018] that's just 3 days away. I have downloaded it, but you should, too. If you get it in time. I stayed very near to the actual narration.

For the middle classes, work is no longer a means of advancement. Instead, they are struggling to maintain their position and status. Young people today have less disposable income than previous generations. This documentary explores the question of inequality in Germany, providing both background analysis and statistics. The filmmakers interview leading researchers and experts on the topic. And they accompany Christoph Gröner, one of Germany’s biggest real estate developers, as he goes about his work. "If you have great wealth, you can’t fritter it away through consumption. If you throw money out the window, it comes back in through the front door,” Gröner says. The real estate developer builds multi-family residential units in cities across Germany, sells condominium apartments, and is involved in planning projects that span entire districts.

"Entrepreneurs are more powerful than politicians, because we’re more independent,” Gröner concludes. Leading researchers and experts on the topic of inequality also weigh in, including Nobel-prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, economist Thomas Piketty, and Brooke Harrington, who carried out extensive field research among investors from the ranks of the international financial elite. Branko Milanović, a former lead economist at the World Bank, says that globalization is playing a role in rising inequality.

The losers of globalization are the lower-middle class of affluent countries like Germany. "These people are earning the same today as 20 years ago," Milanović notes. "Just like a century ago, humankind is standing at a crossroads. Will affluent countries allow rising equality to tear apart the fabric of society? Or will they resist this trend?” _______

Truth1: the decay and dying of the lower middle class is happening in the USA as well as Germany and pretty much all around the world. No one is exempt. <<T1

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Very notable to me were the following:

16:00 Does profit for one mean loss for the others?        Truth1: Yes, it does. That is the problem. What one person or one strata of society does, will affect all the rest. Is it OK to hurt, impoverish, and enslave for the sake of more wealth? Is wealth a right above all other rights. If my "rights" deprive others, are they really rights? Or are they assault and crimes against others for being selfish and not allowing our "neighbors to have what we have?

The elite say they improve the nation and its wealth and unite it. It becomes a battle of investment/profit  vs necessity of housing. The wealthy want to deprive the middle class of their level of lifestyle, so that the wealthy can enable their children to be as rich as they are, at the expense of the middle class.

A middle class man: He is lying. We get divided and lose ground. We have much less now and no end in sight.

What was pointed out in the documentary was that the elite rich were buying up properties, upgrading them, and jacking rents thru the roof. Yes, that is their right in our world today. But the middle class can not afford those rents. the Rich imaging that they can endlessly increase the costs of middle class housing and the middle will always be able to afford it. But the middle class expenses are not keeping up. They salaries do not go up like rich profits do. Something has to give or everything will collapse.

So I ask, Do we let the selfish clueless rich cause the destruction of us all? Or do we restrain them and forbid buying apartment buildings for the sole purpose of raising living comforts to justify bleeding the people, when they would prefer less comfort and cheaper rents.

Governments often justify war by claiming another country bears ill will against us and needs to be stopped. The rich are the enemy who has no concern for how they affect the rest of the people of their nation with their predatory greed for more money, at the expense of the middle class. Its not like they do not have enough wealth already. Its out of control greed. But governments belong to the rich. Politicians are bribed to let the rich run wild and destroy the nation.

I only watched this to 24:00. It goes to 41:50.

The Stratification and Stagnation of a population/society

This is the most important principle you will ever need to understand. It’s natural and its very dangerous and toxic. Once the cycle has reached its peak, it begin to decay and dissolve. It might do so in 40-60 years or Take a thousand like Rome did. Prevention is hard since only a very specific way of living can prevent this natural progression of stagnation and decay. I’m using the experience of Stephan Molyneux for this.

Snobbery and upward mobility

The Truth About Ontario's Debt Crisis. Prepare Yourself.

Stephan Molyneux:

I 1st arrived in Ontario over 40 years ago, and I just fell in love with the place. Fell in love with, I suppose, all of you. (he smiles). I came from London England but there is a lot of class stratification, your  opportunities, your mobility, the connection between work and reward kind of stifled by all of this historical snobbery.

 And I loved the open vistas, the opportunity, the possibilities,  that existed in Canada and in Ontario

He describe those in Ontario (in 1977) as robust with toughness and hard working nature that he loved and respected.

Stephan 1-3 weeks later, I believe, sort back tracked some on the subject, no doubt being made aware by somebody in the know that I had saved and written on it. But then even better videos came along and Stephan ends up with embarrassment and shame, not to mention his "helpers" says I!

And its more than just snobbery in the UK. Its heartless oppression of the lower classes. Stephan is known for sugar coating some things at times. And me? I'm about as subtle as a sledge hammer pounding a nail. I tell it like it is.

A Big problem is that after enough time passes, the bureaucracy that is supported by menial labor has children who they want to reserve the same soft life style for, that they have. But at some point, the labor is fully tapped out and either the children of the elite accept a downgrade in lifestyle or the labor must bare an ever great burden that eventually breaks the labor and cause rebellion and overthrow, if not extinction, as people have long for got how to live directly of the land. And all hell usually breaks loose when soldiers can not longer be paid or fed.

The Shrinking Middle Class

CBS Evening News       Published on Dec 9, 2015              2:06 long.    This had been around for 3 years.



Its not that middle Americans are worse off, its that they are falling behind relative to upper income adults. Lower income tiers have also grown from 16 to 20%, since 1970.

Jobs disappeared and replaced with lesser paying salaries.

Meredith Reilly, 37 year old social worker in New Jersey, used to think of her self as middle class.” It was a great life and now if I don’t go to work, I don’t get paid. Her County job paid $50,000. Recession killed the job. Now works 3 part time jobs. Her parents helped her to prepare for getting a job, but she can not help her kids, 2 girls. She is a single mother.  Been falling steadily since 1971. “I just don’t feel like the jobs are out there.”

The great recession hit the middle class especially hard. Their Median wealthy fell by 28% between 2001 and 2013.  End article info.

Truth1: from 1970 to just before 2016, lower incomes went from 16% to 20% in 48 years. How much did inflation do up. I'll bet it tripled, if not a lot more. So clearly the lower income tier (tears) have taken a huge beating and loss. Not only were they mugged, but they were gang raped. In just 2001 to 2013, the median wealthy fell 28%, in 12 years. What does 48 years look like? You don't want to know. Its outrageous. The woman interviewed can longer get the kind of job she once had. She know it. She works far more for far less pay and travels more between 3 jobs. She has 2 girls.

above falling substantially since 1971 to

Upper brackets rose below to

upper income went from 29% in 70 to 49% in 44 years. upper income is the 9.9% bracket below.

1:27 - Its not that middle Americans are worse off, its that they are falling behind relative to upper income adults.

Not true at all. They are far worse off. Their money buys far less due to inflation. The upper class 9.9% have increased better to cope with the inflation. They can afford McMansions and the property taxes, too, without breaking a sweat. Its good to be on top. Sucks for the middle class, some of whom had to join the class beneath.

I saw Connecticut go thru this. It used to have a lot of defense industry jobs and lost them and the state has never recovered and many many homes are empty, never to be filled again. Many more states will join CT. But the rich are feeling no pain. Get the picture?

The 99% Is a Myth—Here's How It Really Breaks Down

The Atlantic        Published on May 16, 2018

When it comes to the division of wealth, many Americans believe that the country is split between the 1%, which possesses a significant share of the country’s money, and the 99%, or “the people.” In reality, The Atlantic writer Matthew Stewart argues, 9.9% of the population comprises America’s new aristocracy, which often “takes wealth out of productive activities and invests it in walls.” But this group of people is rich in more than mere money, and its constancy poses an insidious threat to the promise of American democracy.

America’s Class Problem with Matthew Stewart

T1: It is thought by many that the 1% rich are the problem. Supposedly we think the good guys are the 99%. I don’t believe that at all. He then states that it is actually the 0.1% who have been the big winners in the past 50 years. I could believe that, but I’ll stick with 1%, unless I get concrete numbers.

Matt: Their share of the pie climbed from 10% in 1963 to more than 22% in 2018. That’s more than double over 55 years. The bottom 90% were the ones the increase came from. In between is a 3rd group that held on to its share year after year.

At 1:07, He calls them the 9.9%. they are rich, but also have lower rates of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. They marry later and have more stable family structures. They live in gilded neighborhoods with 1:20 richer social networks and vastly better educational opportunities.

1:24 And it is able to pass along all of this to their offspring, leaving the bottom 90% in the dust.

T1: It has always been this way for the elites of society. Their advantages reinforce and continue the legacy from generation. It becomes a problem when the labor can not longer bear the ever increasing burden. Until it reaches this point, upward mobility will be impossible.

1:29 we like to pretend that none of this matters because in the land of opportunity, everybody has a chance to make it.  As we will see, that bold text is a myth and lie and has been for 4,368 years.

1:35 But in fact, social mobility is lower here in the USA,  than in many other developed countries, and its been going down.

1:39 Aristocrats take wealth out of productive activities and invest it in walls. They lock themselves and their offspring in place at the expense of other people’s children.

1:50 the Escalating inequality of our time appears new, but if you take in a broad sweep of history, starting, say, with the Great Pyramids of Egypt, inequality looks like the norm of human experience.          Exactly! says T1.

2:01 History tells us that aristocrats come to believe their own propaganda; that their superiority is an artifact of nature.

T1: This is called by several names: Wishful thinking, Delusion, Denial, Clulessness, Psychosis, and Retardation!

2:07 Todays 9.9% has convinced themselves they don’t have any privileges, and the delusions are understandable.

2:16 A strange truth about rising in equality is that even as it locks our privileges in place, it doesn’t seem to make things that much easier. That’s because the greater your inequality, the less your money buys.

T1: This is a misleading statement/error, or even possibly told as a lie. He appears to be unaware of a thing called Inflation. if you earn the same salary over say, 15 years, you can be damn sure that what you could buy with a dollar in the first year, would not buy anything by year 15. Inflation devalues currency. Our Friend Matthew Stewart seemed to have overlooked this. Now this will not harm the wealthy anywhere near as much as they have such an abundance that they can easily adjust to a lowered buying power and what is more, they usually have businesses and can raise prices as they please.

But labor has no such option. Their employers can keep the pay where it is, of keep it there longer than is fair, or they can lay off and pay the more desperate far less. Labor has no rights or options. Wealthy had every option there is. Matt would never dare tell this truth. The Media would not allow it. So Matt says what he can, and it is a help and then I have to finish the job and do the dirty work. But God covers for me, thankfully, or I would be screwed blue!

2:24 Our insecurity grows as the chasm beneath us expands.
Rising inequality leads to political instability and typically ends in catastrophic violence.

T1: Ah, and there is the canker that gnaws! Eventually, it always ends in collapse. Know why? Because those at the top do not want equality and parity with the common people. they are no better than the so called common people. They can't bear to have to share in the labor and the produce. They want far more than most of the rest. This is the real meaning of greed. You want what you are not entitled to and do not deserve. Sharing in all good and all misfortune is unbearable to these upper classes. The only distinctions that should exist are those made or accomplished by Merit, and not by imaginary "rights" or "entitlements." Nobody is entitled unless God says so. God prescribes merit based on devotion to Him, the originator of all life and existence.

2:33 Still, there have been exceptions. America’s founders were mostly 9.9%’ers, but they turned their backs on the man at the top in order to create a government of, by, and for the people.

Matt is lying again, says I! America's founders certainly did not have the luxuries and rank of those back in jolly old England. But what they did have was opportunity to become far more in America than they ever would have had in England. America had huge expansion opportunities that would enable many more to be special, privileged, entitled, wealthy, powerful people that would be left a legacy to be pass on to their offspring. They were rewarded in many ways. They were all Freemason who helped orchestrate and carry out the plan of the ages, crafted by Satan, himself.

Matt really gives no solution to the problem. That’s because there is not solution, except that God becomes our savior from ourselves.

How a new aristocracy's segregation puts stress on society        from PBS News Hour with Judy Woodruff

Taking a look at the new American aristocracy: the 9.9%

Matthew Stewart (again)

0:27 American is going down a path of class stratification, growing inequality. And the consequences of that are more potentially damaging than I think most people appreciate.

0:48 Growing class division is destabilizing our society.

The 9.9% have: Better health, better neighborhoods with less crime to deal with. Better education. They invest more in preserving their position to fend off uprisings from below. It Draws battle lines and created distrust.

Inequality feeds on itself to some degree. Investing in non-financial forms of wealth. Transactional capital. Physiological capital in a certain sense. Lower classes getting less healthy. So its not just a drop in money but in lifestyle and quality of life as well.

Assortative mating  Staying in your class/strata. Significant increase in this pattern.

T1: Rome was notorious for marrying within a class. They tried to pass a law during the Republic years, to forbid marrying out side of your class but the Plebs did not take too well to that, so the Senate gave up on it, or so it appeared. But they continued to marry only in their class. The idea in this is that some feared that a man might feel a soft spot for the lower class family of his lower class wife. Patricians feared a sympathy for the Plebs, as the Plebs were basically the slaves of Rome. Foreign slaves would not come about in greater numbers until the Emperors took over Rome. So from then to know, 2018, nothing has changed. <<T1 end

4:00 as much as a 3rd of the growth in concentration is attributed to this marrying in your "caste".

They noted that this was the established pattern of nobles, royalty and the like.

Keep it all in the group. Class distinctions growing and hardening, reinforcing the divisions.

Marriage is much more unstable in the lower classes because of struggle to get by creating frustration that affects the marriage.

T1: Matt suggests integrated communities, which is an impossibility. Class resentment will not allow it. The difference would be too obvious, rubbed in our faces. Rome was scared of this, too. As well, We want to live with others who share our outlook. Trying to force acceptance of other class levels and disparaging gaps in income and lifestyle would never work. It would be a disaster. The solution is not an easy one. I'll touch on it later.

Our geography is killing us.

Big lie: In American history, public education was absolutely essential in building the middle class.

T1: It was Christians and others looking for upward mobility, that was not available in Europe. Immigrants were motivated to want to succeed. That’s how we got the productive economy in which everyone participates. It gave us a reasonable degree of stability. Now immigrants are not motivated and do not have to work at all. No work ethic? Then fall, Caesar!

You get what you pay for in education. Another lie.

T1: We got bad education because our governments are spiting us and not teaching and letting schools run out of control. Out highest levels of education and literacy were before the 1860 mandatory schooling was passed. So government schools clearly are the cause of us all becoming exceptionally stupid and blind. That is as J D Rockefeller intended.

Regarding poor education, lifetsyle, and segregation: “And that is a recipe for disaster”

Paul Solman: What we are doing is what comes naturally to us, being in a good neighborhood, good schools, a secure neighborhood. You don’t want me to stop doing that, right?

Matt: Just because our individual actions are blameless when we look at them, that does not mean it’s all going to work out for the best. I lived in Mexico, the UK, for a number of years. I’ve seen versions of this progress going on. In Mexico armed military police guarded gated communities.

If we keep going down this path, we will have armed and gated communities.

I Note that the comment section was disabled. End of articles.

The idea that this big problem can be solved, when history shows nothing but the same repeating pattern over and over again, suggests something very dangerous. Now when an addict tries to stop his alcohol abuse or drug habit and keeps relapsing, what does experience show? They often die from overdose or alcohol poisoning. They can't kick the habit. The drug has control of their faculties and they can not bear to stop. And it ends in death.

We have a very similar pattern with wealth and power. These are so addicted that despite all the past historical examples, many of which have left abandoned sites all over the world, that never recovered or got rebuilt. Jericho, Hazor/Hatzor, Cappadocia caves, and many more. Why do civilizations continue to fall, one after another, and never learn, or try to avoid a repeat? I have an answer that got lots of thought. and I have 2 Chinese Scholars/authors to partially thank for their excellent article published in an American book. I have it and my commentary on it.

The Collapse of 1127 AD Bianjing    The collapse of the Northern Song Dynasty and its capital of Bianjing bears an ominous warning of what is likely to come. This one give consideration to psychology and sociology that are hard to escape. You can not afford to ignore this. And it involves Jews in China, but not as the cause of anything, other than being able to pass down history. You should read it, but to sum it up here concisely, living in great wealth and luxury is extremely addictive. One gets so caught up in their own secluded isolated world of having anything they want, that they can not bear to let go of it and embrace a more humble long-term legacy to be proud of. They are extreme addicts to power and privilege. So they end up like all junkies, dead and not legacy to leave in their wake.

In contrast, Rome, for all its faults, did last about 750 BC to 405 AD, about 1050 years. And had Rome been satisfied with a Mediterranean empire and limited their military to enforcement and regulation, with a sustainable economy of inter-empire trade, they might well have lasted even longer. Than again, they might have survived and gone undercover as Venice moving up into Europe and slowly fading, by intent, from the public eye, using others to be the supposed leaders and kings, controlled by "Venice." But then again, Venice might have been an overthrow and take over of Rome. Roman historian Tacitus said that the Tiber (river) flows from the Orantes (river in the mideast) suggesting that foreign admissions into the Roman Senate had allowed Rome to be taken over and Roman Senators replaced by foreigners.

But wealth and success, and stagnation and decadence, left Rome an easy takeover as group left Rome and founded the merchant empire in the image of Carthage to rule the seas and trade.

But what remains is that when luxury and power abound, the slaves and serfs get brutally used and treated till there is nothing left to take or burn and then it all goes to hell like a raging forest fire, never to be seen again. Most of the Aristocratic families die off and if the land is able to recover, which is not always the case,  then new families replace them and they disappear from history.

They can not restrain their desire for plunder. I can not offer any better than this very short book of Habakkuk as for the extreme avarice and wanton greed that knows no limits or boundaries. I dare you!    

Habakkuk 1

Human behavior has always been in jeopardy since the fall to the serpent. The human race followed Satan's malevolent directions, as he bribed them with extreme wealth and power and all that goes with it. But the human species can not sustain that sort of pathological madness which attempts to rule the world. It always fails.

Now to return, to finish up my theory of networks and conspiracies; for one, networks are natural formations of those of common interests. One such interests is a nation or social collective. Perhaps very small or very big like the Phoenician Carthage, who had a vast network of trading partners and allies, as did also, Rome, after defeating Carthage, and Venice after that. Guild and unions have always been around.

Networking existed as soon as we were created. Its in our nature which is why nations form in the first place. So we will put that to bed. The main difference that distinguishes in our day, is the art of covert secrecy. Networks that operate in secret so that no one knows what really goes on. This allows something special in our day and age of global media. Life can be presented falsely thru movies, TV, Video and printed papers, magazine and books. Thru these, a world is portrayed, that does not even really exist. Its all lies and deceit. As an example, I really enjoy old Perry Mason TV episodes. There were syndicated before the show finally was stopped on prime evening TV. But like getting to know some of those old shows, to study their many ways of lying by acting in ways that human do not really act like.

Perry Mason is a monument of solid integrity. No behind the scenes collusions with prosecutors, litigant lawyers, and judges. That would be telling the truth. No! Perry would never do that. But in real life, that is how it is always done. No such thing as justice, ever!

In family shows, they get into family squabbles but by the end of the show, everyone comes to their senses and everything is great again. But it never happens in real life. Real hatreds can develop. In every aspect of life, TV and movies lie about natural human behavior and tell us fairy tales always come true. and out leader are always such caring, self-sacrificing servants of "the people," Nothing but lies and BS, piled high and deep.

But all the while, in secret, our leaders plot our demise and sell us out to the now global rich, who run the world into the ground and celebrated it behind closed doors.

Yes, Virginia, there is a conspiracy operating around the world in secret. And a lot like Santa Claus, no one ever sees them come or go. At least with Santa, we have a name. But the global conspirators? They have no name or identity, other than what we use loosely. They remain in hiding like their master in the spirit world, Satan.

Lets replace "global rich," or "global elite," with "Satanists." Nothing changes. You can all it whatever you want. Some one or group of some ones, is in power and up to no good. That these might be Satanists is no surprise or big stretch. Whether Satanists or not, children are being kidnapped, legally stolen by governments, bred in secret, obtained in trade or under pretense of caring adoption to wealthier families; the kids are being trafficked for sex, for labor and even for sacrifice to imagined or real "gods/demons/whatever." Adults, too.

Every kind of depravity is carried out in secret, well, sort of. There are some tell tale signs that are denied when someone calls them on it, though that seldom happens.  But they really do worship Satan. And even if it is Moloch or Marduk or Saturn, or whoever, those are all Satan's sock puppets. They all represent him. Its another way of fooling or deceiving.

It is my opinion and judgment, that no one can haves wealthy, fame, or power, unless Satan allows it. And he will not allow it unless you make a deal with him. It will come by way of a hank ranking person, in most cases and you have to agree to whatever. The problem is, they always leave something out, some thing usually dreadful or disgusting that leaves you feeling hollow, empty and trapped. Once you are in, you can not leave or back out. You lose the right to have a will of your own. Is that what you want?

So what this means, if my determination/assessment is correct, is that all wealthy people are secretly in bondage to the Devil, and have to do whatever he says. And that gets pretty nasty. Same for powerful people and famous people. Its all comes with a very dear price. Jus say no! Accept a humble modest life and serve God who can preserve our lives or bring them back if first we die.

What this also means is that all wealth and power serve Satan and oppress those who do not join in. And he really sticks it to Authentic Christians, who are few in number and not to be confused with the denominational phonies. All wealth and power are united but they keep it a secret. Another aspect of Satan is that he and his rebellious buddies watch everything that everyone does. constant never-ending- surveillance.

Many thru history have been snagged this way and offered a chance to get off, if they will join and obey Satan and his cause. if they did something really bad, they will likely join. This is why being relatively good is important. You can not cheat. Satan sees everything. The all seeing eye symbols, around from the beginning, is the symbol of that "I, Satan, see everything all the time. Don't even think about it! That goes for his followers, too.

Power and Wealth are real and lead to destruction every time. We are nearing the next big fall/crash and this time, Final destruction of the greatest number of people in all history. This time, not in the millions, but in several billion. It's a record that will never be broken. Beware! Prepare! Seek God and live!

Added Jan. 2019: The Real Wealth Gap — An Immortal Elite  Published on Sep 5, 2018

Truthstream Media

Take a look at all these gated communities in California. They sort of remind me of castle estates surrounded by giant walls and moats.  This sort of housing in growing as more of the grown children of the upper classes acquire wealth at the expense of the middle class.





Goodbye, Middle Class. You been evicted by Dynastic Inheritance.

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