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Beware of Fraud!

 I have reviewed an article about DID & MPD Fraud on Hoaxtead over the last 2 nights. I believe there is reason for concern as I have always been skeptical of people claiming they were mind control victims. I watched 7 minutes of the woman who with purple and blue hair, a warning sign right off, and nothing she said rang true. I will address those points. I did not bother to go further, because I had more than enough to firmly convict of what is, in my opinion, Fraud!

Dissociating for dollars


The video was labeled as MedCircle: "Living with Dissociative Identity Disorder" - "What its like to live with DID" EC says: The video was posted in early July 2018, and to date has accrued 1,457,626 views, along with 6,020 comments, the vast majority of them positive. He’s interviewing a woman named Encina Severa, who believes she has 11 “alters”, including a three-year-old girl who conveniently makes an appearance during the interview.

She said she was experiencing some "amnesia things" not being able to remember yesterday morning or things like that. quite some time passed and she went to therapy and was eventually diagnosed with Dissociative Indentity Disorder, DID. its used to be called MPD, Multiple personality disorder.

"It's hard to explain until you’re really going thru it."

T1: real DID mind control victims have no problem telling/explaining what they went thru. The Memories are very clear and vivid.

 She was seeing therapists regularly and 11 other alters (personalities) were found.

T1: You need to understand that anyone can Dissociate. But multiple personalites are primarily a result of Mind control programming. Some might develop 1 alternate personality if serverely abused, But more then two, and all with different personalities and ID's? I'll say impossible. MPD is a result of deliberate programming. And the programming has specigic goals and design. Its is not random or an accident accept for the single alter scenario, which is also very rare. MPD is not rare.

She as 5 primary alters, she says.

"I would switch with everyday, hours and days at a time. Its gonna sound kind of weird."

T1: its not only weird. I say its a lie. Switching is something that is programmed for something specific. for instance, in certain types of dangers or Crises, an alter designed to handle that kind of stuff will be switch to "front presenting," meaning that it takes control at that point. many personalities (alters) are created for special circumstances. As an example, a presidential sex slave will have a personality designed for that duty. An assassin with have various alters for the various tasks to be carried out. They all switch in and out when triggered by a situation or a specific duty or function. During programming, any alter can be called up.

That Encina would just switch with no apparent purpose or reason, is NOT believeable. When you know the subject as well as I do, then you recognize a fake in a second.

She says that Repetitive super traumatic things that happen over and over again (but she never specified what any of those things might be, that cause major trauma). Dr. Janov does say that when a serious need such as love or security, or neglect, constant hunger or similar are continually experienced, that with enough of those neglects, that the brain will cut off as some point, and store it somewhere where it can not be accessed, unless a programmer were to go into that person's mind.

But this sort of cumulative is what many experience and it does not create personalities with it. It just hides it. These are what Janov helped bring into the conscious for experiencing and releasing so that the mind could now grown from that point.

She says you get DID and MPD when newborn to 6 or 7 years old and that "You can’t get DID after that time."

You can get traumatized and dissociate at any time in your life. MPD is a result of programming. It can not happen by accident. She blew this one but good. Total lie, says I.

She fidgets a lot. I take that to be discomfort and a possible result of lying. her non-verbal is not comfortable with what she is doing. Some call it a conscience. I do!

"Everybody starts out with Multiple personalities," she says. I have never come across that, ever. Pure nonsense.

"As you get older, they come into one person."   T1: then we are not talking about DID and MPD. She is talking about integration. That is a completely different subject. She is a phony in my eyes.

"If you experience re-occurring trauma, your personalities stay split." I don't even know where to start. She has this all messed up. Re-occurring traumas only add more stored trauma. A trauma is a split, a hiding, more appropriately, of the experience of the trauma. She does not seem to have any understanding of what she is talking about.

"The various traumas are going to create these different personalities. Different alters if you will."   T1: Traumas do not create personalities. They remain hidden. Programmers create personalities out of the area where the trauma is stored. She is a fraud, 100% as I see it.

"Alters that are animals & Non-living things like rocks." There are times when a personality is created with the purpose of stripping the person of a valid ID and feelings of deserving respect and decent treatment. they are told they are a fish or a tree and they could do rock, too. But these are not used but a few times. It might only be done during hypnosis, too. Again, programmers do this. Its not an accident.

"The alters become protectors."    T1: What? alters are whatever they are programmed to be. They can be quite harmful, if the programmer says so. Alters can be used as guards in the mind, to watch for bad thoughts and if the person starts thinking in the wrong direction, the alter can take control and call and report what is happening, and the person will get further programming to stop the bad thoughts of, say, rebellion.

"They are not a bad thing."       I just showed that is wrong. Some people create imaginary friends and comforters. But this is not DID or MPD. It is a step taken to cope with the overwhelming. Some people just get a cat or dog for that.

"I don’t remember the majority of my life up to 6 years old."      T1: How odd! Real alters could tell you every detail, if you could get that alter to come to the front and talk to you. That takes special therapy and knowledge. If she does not remember, then what ever is missing is buried inside her and will not come out normally. Or she could be lying.

"It was a small sexual abuse thing, my father, along with some of his friends." T1: If it was real and was small, then it was not a trauma or she would not remember it. It would be hidden away. That she did not give any details suggests to me that it was a lie.

"You can never get rid of an alter. They are always going to be there.   T1: WRONG! Once an alter shares the experience of the trauma that formed in the area made into that alter, the memory and area are integrated into the rest of the person's experience. The sectioned off alter is not there as separate and distinct, but its experience/memory is blended into the rest of the brain, and will always be with you.

Hoaxtead has good reason in this instance to be skeptical and angry.  I'm angry cause this bitch and the people giving her the time of day on video are liars and hurting the credibility of real victims of mind control. But as well, this kind of fake crap is just what Hoaxtead likes. Then they have an excuse to say everything is a Hoax and a lie.

I will warn all that there is far more fraud out there, then there are genuine real MK ULTRA victims. Let the buyer beware. You can do no better than read Kathleen Sullivan's "Unshackled" and Brice Taylor's "Thanks For The Memories." Two witnesses! The two best! Why are they the best. When you carry mountains of pain and suffering in you, you are dying to get it out. To illustrate: Ever has to piss real bad? Weren't you dying to relieve yourself? Harmed people do not wan to have to hide anything and it is natural to want to tell and expose those who hurt you. Its only natural.

Both Kathleen and Brice wrote huge books. You have to understand that there is little chance of making any substantial money writing about what they write about. No one wants to hear or realize that things like that go on. So neither is going to make much money. So why do they do it? To warn all and get it out of their system. Writing and Telling help the healing process and warn others of impending danger going on all around them and that threatens us all and there are at least several million (and possibly more) victims of CIA Mind control. Most every nation practices it now. Satan would not have it any other way.

But it is a sad fact that Mind Control will be with us Till the Real Jesus takes the final last actions. Only a small percentage of people will be able to see thru things and care.

 Now while I am here, I have a few observations for consideration. That this video gets 1.5 million views clearly indicates Youtube promotion and Intelligence Agency promotion, too. Hoaxtead needs help fast. Truth 1 has them of the ropes And they are groggy with their arms up around their head to vainly try to hold off the blows. Everything is spinning for them and they are going down for the 8 count. So the powers that be will flood the market with liars.

And I do believe that Becki Perci is also a Fraud. Kerth Barker is a phony. Cathy O'Brien works for the government to this day. I have seen a video clip of her flashing a 666 hand sign several times. As I said earlier, not who say they are MK'd or were trafficked or whatever, are nearly all, likely frauds. One has to remain fairly critical/skeptical. We live in a world of lies and deceit. After all, Satan is in power for at least 8-10 more years, minimum.

I find some recent developments very interesting. Abe returning to twitter is interesting. Rumors of leniency to Sabine are also of interest. Its not business as usual. I'll take a look at it all next. As well, as this is working season for me so My blogs will be shorter as I clean out my closet full of goodies I have saved over the last 3.5 years. So I will be posting some interesting short pieces that expose the under-belly of the beast. They might be short, but loaded with ammo.

And anything that comes up of interest, I will add that in, too. Like the blog topic in this issue.

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