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Sep. 20 Gossip, Speculation

Well, It has been a busy week, has it not? Belinda's suggestion that Sabine might have a number of charges dropped before her trial. Belinda then partially retracted. But then I would ask, why ever motivated her to say it in the first place? this is what I call an earth tremor or rumbling as the fault lines battle it out, deeper in the earth or in supernatural, for all we know. This in itself would be something very unusual, but With Abe suddenly turning up again, That at least sounds like a 4.0 earth quake. Only a day or two apart. And it seemed to me like Hoaxtead was a bit concerned. Two commenters said that when this was all said, done, and wrapped up, they were going to have a few things to day about it all. To me, that has the slight aroma of, well, shall we say, concern. I think something is brewing. But we got a lot more to talk about.

How did Wesley Hall become a member the Hampstead kids supporters?  Just mentioning it does not qualify. To me, Wesley is a non-issue and non-concern. But EC brings him into the fold, or anyone, who acts a bit looney or disgraceful. This is  why I say HX loves Angie when I would think some of her behavior is simply sad and certainly not to take seriously. And given what is likely her past, I would be slow to hold her overly accountable. While many are those who have been programmed to some degree or extremely abused, few are the ones who come out of it, unscathed, and well on the way to healing. Overcoming those odds are far from certain. More an Angie further down.

I have a favor to ask of Abe. Abe, You the potential to accomplish some good. Anyone can hurl accusations and insults, But what is most effective, I would think, would be exposing past SRA scandals or learning more about real, clinical hypnosis and Mind Control programming. You can always contract me for directions to go in. Too many people know nothing about MK CIA activities, which you can be sure, MI5/6 do, too. Certainly the Hampstead arena is full of drama and gossip. But we can do better. And I am not saying that some gossip is not relevant, but HX tends to overindulge in that sort of stuff.

If you will forgive my lack of modesty, but most relevant new discoveries come from me. I found Hollings house. I discerned the significant possibility of Alisa having been raped. I never fell for the "kids are in foster care." I knew better. Kris Costa, aka Jacqui Farmer, insisted Alisa was not in the Superbowl commercial, I defiantly insisted she was, And that Jessi was not in it. Who proved to be right? I did! The Ebay Commercial settled a lot of things and brought many back, having shown themselves to be wrong, previously. But I knew it all along.

I feel that I have earned some credibility and that one might do well to at least consider anything I might have to say. I believe I have shown a fair amount of knowledge in all things SRA and Mind control oriented, and psychology, too.

For the rest, my concern about Abe is that I have contended that he and Ella were paid off by the UK in exchange for taking a fall and recanting some things. My fear is that Abe has come back as part of his agreement, to make himself and Ella look bad in exchange for the sweet payoff. So Abe will be one to watch closely.

You will all note that shortly after the Ebay come out, What would appear to be Ella posting  as Atya Sca, was upset how her kids were being treated by RD. EC basically told her to shut up and back off as a warning.

Now we come to dear Angie, who I asked a lot of questions on HX #34, uploaded Sep 11, 2018. Angie had claimed that Hampstead Research had about 30 people going a great job investigating the case. The Queen Bee and sole proprietor of Hampstead Research (HR), Charlotte/Jacqui, who I could call "Legion" for all the identities she has and uses, was boss, leader, and gatekeeper of HR. She was an arch shill who worked for many agencies who were paid by the Home Office in the UK. The MI5 budget also is funded by the Home Office.

Angela was deeply involved with them. As it is said, birds of a feather flock together. So when Angie says that she knows them all, she is not kidding. I myself vouch for it. Angie could answer, with good knowledge, who was who and who was the fake phony Arendale and the supposed Asher Arendale whose face is that of the well known Black Pigeon Speaks, identified by face comparisons and voice comparisons and "work history" in the Navy.

But Angie has avoided answering or explaining anything, from Sep 11 to now, Sep 20, 9 days later. The truth is that most IDs that posted on HR were just Jacqui. Other than that, there were 2- 5 people who posted there, on and off. M was Maria McMahon, who had a girl crush on Jacqui and Jacqui for her, too. And when Jacqui/Jacob farmer activated the Kris Costa name, Maria went over to her as did many after Angie went sort of nuts. So why would Angie, who to this very time, praises Jacqui, who many have turned on, remain loyal to her, especially since Kris Costa chewed Angie out and rejected her, and Kris is Jacqui.

Boys and girls, what you got to get thru your heads is what a sick little game is being played upon you by government Cointel operations. All the shills try to keep you confused by creating names and IDs and putting on fake fights and squabbles, and switching sides back and forth. Eventually, I will publish a couple of really interesting incidents that exposed everything in the shill community operating in the Hampstead Arena. And this way back in the early days of 2015, when this case broke out.

And Hoaxtead is a big part of that, as they threw rocks at Maria and yet weep and cry at her passing, too. HX paints Angie black when she is the best thing that ever happened to them. There is no one anywhere who gets more coverage and attention than dear Angie. But you will note that nothing ever happens to Angie and I say nothing ever will, either. She continues to visit my site with Mac OS and Safari browser with Ireland origin. So now HX will have to criticize the police and nothing will come from it.

My advice is to take everything Hampstead, very lightly. Its smoke screens and mirrors, along with lots of fake ID's and Drama. Angie is a high ranking shill. Make no mistake about that. You could not slide a piece of paper between her and HX. How's that for a scary image?

So Angie, in refusing any info on the many shills cooperating with Jacqui, makes herself a certified shill, who also acts outrageous in order to discredit anyone supporting the 2 kids and their cause, while pretending to be their supporter. Jacqui/Charlotte did this, too. She released the Jean Clement tapes with out permission in order to sabotage Abe/Ella. Then as Kris Costa, she sabotaged Alisa being in the Audi Superbowl Commercial, not to mention, trying to feed me BS info to make me look foolish. But I never bought any of it. I saw thru her actions, but had not quite at that time caught on yet, that it was Charlotte/Jacqui. Ella helped clear that up as well.

So no one need take Angela seriously. She is a shill like any other shill. That is why HX gives her so much love and attention. Word in the street is that EC has a crush on her. I have not been able to verify or deny it. Since they are living in places a full 8 hours of separated time zones, there will be no consummation of that relationship. Lucky for EC.

But be advised one and all, that many who work as Cointelpro agents in the Hampstead affair also have the support of those in the USA and Canada, if not a lot more, agents who operate in political manipulation thru youtube videos and perhaps some blogs, too. Sonya lives in Australia, and she is an agent. This whole Hampstead and SRA arena, are full of agents working in multiple arenas. Open you eyes and start looking deeper or you fall prey to them. I only know of one fully legitimate conspiracy site on youtube, that being Xendrius.

Many channels have good content, but they also mix in lots of confused info and wait for the chance lead you off in the wrong direction. You are all being tested for intellectual fitness.

To the right, is a screen save of my shills folder, that I keep backed up. Half a gig of memory taken up and in that folder are over 5000 screen saves. Truth1, takes his Job serious. The question is, what have I got in that 5354 screen saves. Wouldn't you like to know. Much of it is just a matter of record, but I could reveal much easily. But you can be sure, that when I say I got proof, you best believe it. Sooner or later you will see much of it, or future generations will ;-)

My last thoughts are with the Fresh Fart Stoundation, I mean Fresh Start Foundation. As I considered many of the characters in that, who did not have much to show for themselves when some participated in the Hampstead case, allegedly as supporters, when they, in reality might be a bit different. Still, that they gave the Hampstead cause some support, is appreciated by me, but I just think Brian's gang might be working both sides of the fence, as (Brian) a former member, I have heard, of Naval Intelligence. If I am wrong, I would appreciate knowing that.

But any organized support need to be taken with a lot of skepticism. I had some hope for it, but that is quickly disappearing. The best way to hinder a cause is to become a part of it and earn some trust and then knife everyone in the back. I hope that is not the case, but I do not trust them. How much do they really know and are their hands tied? For myself, I continue to work alone. Its the safest way to go.

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