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EC & Karen Irving the Same?

Yesterdays (Sep 21 018) was entertaining as hell but I don't believe even one word of it. So let me explain a few things for all.

First off, this is a new and recent development, but perhaps planned for some special purpose. And what would that be?

Do any of you have any idea how bad RD/EC wants to discredit that he and the kids left for Cali sometime in early 2016, if not late 2015? And they are there to this very minute as I write. The UK would also like to discredit this assertion since it proves beyond all doubt that the UK and its courts are far more than corrupt and speak nothing but lies. This is a huge embarrassment. And nor is anyone in HX too happy about people thinking that most posting ID's are just RD with maybe 5 others also adding more posts, if that much, on a regular basis.

It is a bit concerning for me that WildCat was the one to 1st suggest that Karen Irving was EC. And EC either decided it was great and is now promoting that idea, or he was the one that thought it up in the first place. The worst thing about this is that, if this is true, it puts WildCat in league with HX. Its not that such things don't regularly occur but I hate to keep seeing it happen over and over again. I  hope she just jumped the gun and then EC got a brain storm.

EC Patterns

EC left definitive patterns that I tracked from Sep. 10, 2017 to Oct. 10, 2017 that you can review here with Hoaxtead Watch #2. He would upload in late afternoon, Pacific time, and then upload comments 2 to 3 hours later. If he were in the Central time, you would add two hours. So 4 PM upload would be 6 PM and 3 more hours for posts would be 9PM. Then there was a 5-7 hour lag, I think it was,  and others would post with more time separation and different names. Given his kids are with him, the more reasonable time zone would be west coast Pacific time. About  mid way thru my writing down times, they somehow figured out what I was doing. Either government spooks watch my every key stroke, or Satan himself keeps them informed.  EC mentions a couple of times that the late night shift was killing him. But it was not late night for him. It would be late night for the UK/London. That is what he wanted me to believe, but what about all those sock puppets? And what about the rest who posted like at 7 AM or later in the UK?

I have been following EC for a long time on and off in later 2015 and on/off in 2016 and steady in 2017. EC is about the only one who haunts youtube videos that deal with his kids and loves to harass and threaten me. He would save email notifications that I had posted on, when when he wanted to take a jab at me, he would use the email link, I suspect, to oppose my comments and insult me. Its not like that does not happen often to me. He'll have to get in line. He as 2 modes he posts in.

If one were to observe HX regularly, you would note that EC gets a lot of respect from his buddies. Its pretty much a reverence they show him. If they are uncertain about some policy, they would ask EC what he thought and his answer would be their duty to observe.

So when did Karen Irving take over, if that is the case? And by the way, I do dig that last name. But . . . usually people with that last name are, well, brilliant to a fault and almost always irresistible, handsome, witty, talented and draw the hate of the envious and jealous ones. But who can blame them!

Now Karen says that she went to Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Its just so happens that I have spent a fair of time there, at Dalhousie, doing legal research and even visit the regular library.  My father and I spent 3 weeks there in 2007. I know Halifax very well. My relatives live in Nova Scotia. My first ancestor to move from Belfast N. Ireland settled in Scots Bay, Nova Scotia. My father was born there and then came to the USA in 1947. I know Nova Scotia, up and down, east and west. Karen would have been at Dalhousie perhaps, in the late 60s or early 70s. Though it has changed quite a bit since 2013, I knew it before and after. I could quiz her and she would know some stuff. But if it were RD, he would be stumped. Skype calls, anyone? With video transmission?

Don't kid yourselves. Karen is NOT EC. I'll put lots of money on that one. Another thing to consider. Quite often EC would say, that everyone has to draw straws to see who would attend a court appearance so they could report back. Or watch an Angie video and report. See! They even torture their own with assignments like that that. I'd rather jump into the Thames and end it all.

The point is that RD never made appearances in 2016 onward, that I am aware. What I remember is that Carol would not continue in foster care and Ella was forbidden to see the kids as they were happy to see her. The prison Guard, I mean sadistic social worker, removed the kids, being well aware that such a scene was a bold contradiction of the supposed unsolicited retractions, which we have all seen in those phony retraction police videos.

Then there is a supposed 3rd foster care mother, but that was RD getting the kids. Anyone want to take bets with me? Was that like June 2015 or so?

Now I am assuming that even morons can see that a Canadian becoming the head of Hoaxtead is beyond absurd. And why the reverence to "her?"

It makes no sense. So why don't we setup up a 3 way skype with video, R.D., K.I. and that handsome devil, Truth1. Oh, and he's very humble, too. I didn't want to leave that out. So you two pick a good time that works for you both, And I'll be there. That will solve this whole thing quickly.

I think the problem here is that no one has really carefully looked at what I have been publishing. The patterns are solid and backed at every juncture. Truth1 might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he is fairly Diligent and even comes with some integrity, too. And most of all, I am the only one in the entire Hampstead Arena, who never gave up or fell the UK lies that the kids were in foster care and that the 2 kids were in the Audi commercial and so was daddy dearest, himself, walking Alisa to the car. That old Ebay commercial sure embarrassed a lot of shills. Now Truth1 is the only 1 never to get fooled and always be right! You really want to go up against a track record like that? You're dumber than I thought.

I got an interesting short blog to come next, if something more pressing does not come along, first. It touches on trafficking in an unusual way, perhaps. It will certainly be a good lesson in patterns. Tomorrow, (Oh, hell! its already here.) After today, OK? I guts me physical manual work. Oh, the indignity. Its been with me since my birth. Cheers!  Truth won out!

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