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I posted on Jon Rappoport's blog tonight on the paranormal, Sep. 27, 2018, moderation pending.

The taboo against paranormal experience is a taboo against freedom

I was pleased enough with it, that I thought it would be good for my blog, too. And I wanted to give my opponents warning and time to perhaps explain why I might be wrong, if I am wrong. I publish being confident that I am right and am not taking unjust liberty in my analysis and conclusions. Speak or forever hold your peace, who ever you may be. Truth 1 post Begins:


What I say, I say without malice. Jon, you have in my view, expanded the definition of paranormal. I see it as a realm where non-material entities exist, being extremely intelligent but also full of malice toward humans. These spirits can cause us to have "paranormal experiences," that can be quite amazing. But this is used to impress us and trick us into going along with them, Cause they care so much about us you know. But for 6000 years they have been making deals with people in exchange for 100% Obedience and they want a lot in return for the wealth or status or talent we might ask for. They will expect a big sacrifice from any who make a deal with them.

The Classic case is Jon Benet Ramsey. I say, based on the big book I have read, that theparents made a pact with these beings and John had to give up his adult daughter and then Jon Benet. Patsy, too. The loss was far more devastating to her, than to him. The things found around Jon Benet, like the garrote, the rope, the duct tape, the taser, golf club and whatever else I forgot; These all had special significance in the ceremony they performed on her, to take her life. Both participated together says I. The FBI analysis (made to Boulder City police) was very accurate in my eyes.

These are the ways that these spirits trick you into harming yourself and others and promoting their cause rather than yours and causing you great misery and pain for it. Despite this, many continue to take the offer, not fully appreciating that They are not being told What will eventually be required of them. make no mistake about this. I am certain both Jon and Patsy were devastated that they had to give up their daughter. Patsy put everything into the girl, to the point of hardly noticing Burke, their son. They had bought books on how to cope with grieving with the 1st daughter and the 2nd. John and Patsy did not dare refuse what was required. They know far better than you, what will happen if you refuse these spirits. They knew better than to say no.

I would also suggest Elizabeth Smart was given for a sacrifice and was replaced by a substitute, who at first looked nothing like the original but over time adopted the look more similar to Elizabeth I. The mother was devastated. But like Patsy, she dared not say no, but she bawled her eyes out. The loss was devastating to her.

The problem, Jon, is you only see the nice side, the sweet side. You have not flipped the coin over to the dark side. Throughout the last 6000 years, these spirits have seduced humans into joining them, with rewards of victory, power, wealthy, women, but paying a very dear price for it all.

My urgent plea to all! Do not go anywhere near these super cruel hateful entities in the paranormal. God tried to warn us all of these very dangerous courting of the rebel sons of God thru the paranormal practices and black arts that allow these spirits various prerogatives with you. Stay away from them and their lies, entirely.

I will be, in time, publishing far more detail that leads me to the conclusions I have stated here, on the two cases I referred to, tonight on this blog, Sep. 27, 2018, that are likely appear a day later.

 That is all I am going to say. These spirits are pure concentrated evil.

I have corrected grammar, spelling ( I hope) and punctuation but now want to add a few more things to be considered.

First, let me stress that those who sacrificed their children, whether recent or any time in history, Did not necessarily do this without remorse and great pain. In the two cases I mentioned, I am fully persuaded that the mother of Elizabeth was devastated afterword. It sunk in and she was beside herself. I do not doubt that in the least.

I do believe that John and Patsy were both very grieved, but Patsy more so. Jon Benet was every thing to her. To have to give up Jon Benet, who Patsy spent her every effort on behalf of her daughter, wanting to see Jon Benet win pageants. Patsy lived thru her daughter. Her whole Identity was wrapped up in her girl. This is often the case in those mothers who push their daughters into these pageants.

Patsy had overcome cancer once previously. But after the loss of Jon Benet, she was unable to hold off the cancer, likely amplified by her loss and resulting depression. I think Patsy dies of cancer in June 2006, 10 years after Jon Benet was murdered, as a sacrifice, in my opinion and analysis. As I see it, Patsy died of a broken heart.

I realize that many might say, "Good!" She deserved it!" But I would ask that you might tone the anger down, though it is justified. Patsy did not want to do what she HAD to do. She made a deal with a very powerful and hateful entity. She, like all who make deals with the devil, had no idea that that SOB in the spirit realm would pull anything like this. But he does this all the time.

Satan is a liar and the father of the lie. He never tells the whole truth. He always leaves things out. It is possible that Patsy and John might have refused Satan, had they better understood the cost involved with that deal. But then again, I suspect many would have taken the deal, anyway.

But in the eyes of God, they broke the law and they must answer, unless fully and sincerely repentant and they will likely have to die if they turn to God, as Satan will not let anyone off easy. A lot of gangs kill any who tries to leave the gang, or at least beat the living hell out of them. But as it is, most do not have any expectation of being brought back to life or can not bear having to trust God that He will bring them back for their repentance. but I do believe it is possible, but not likely. But the door has to be left open.

Making a deal with Satan is very hard back out of when you have gone that far. Most will just continue and deny the fate that truly awaits them; that being permanent death. I do not believe the bible supports a supposed hell. Just permanent oblivion.

I believe all who murder another as a sacrifice to Satan should die. But also let me be clear that it is possible to repent, but it will come with a dear cost. I don't envy anyone in that position.

That Brings me to RD. We would do well to keep in mind that he was once a child, even as his kids were, in their videos, when stolen by the UK government. RD was put thru all the miseries that anyone in a multi-generational cult would be. He was encouraged by Satan et al, to act impulsively, and with cruelty and no compassion. And he complied. He must have done well and been rather capable just the same. He was given a very important responsibility in the importing operations and probably all the schools of Hampstead. He has a lot power, as I see it. He could go nearly anywhere and be received and cared for. To not do so, would likely incur the wrath of Satan.

What strikes me with this Hampstead case is that so much is involved and at stake. And just as John and Patsy were expected to obey Satan, and they knew they would have to suffer a lot in the press, in grieving, police investigations, and more, and be forced to trust that Satan would ultimately come thru, was a huge test for them or anyone. Those who follow God are also tried by Satan.

In some measure, RD is undergoing quite the trial. Whether he foresaw it or not, he is in quite quagmire now. Is he being tried, with eventual victory, though at quite the toll, or is he going to be sold out, which is not an uncommon thing for Satan. Many kings and armies went up at the direction of the oracles of the "gods," ultimately all accountable to Satan. Oracles were often given to both kings, but only one can win and the other must lose. One or the other would be betrayed.

Of course, I have every confidence in God, Jehovah. and RD likely has confidence in Satan and may not see any threat in my God. but I don't think he ever thought that this whole affair would go this far. I don't think John and Patsy thought their case would get such huge interest and anger. Police, prosecutors and law are all held in far greater suspicion now, because of the coverup of Jon Benet's murder. It's never really gone away and what I am writing proves that. I think RD will fine himself ever haunted by his case. It is never fully going to go away and it may even lead to a big fall out, exposing the underbelly of the Satanic beast system.

So this blog serves as as sort of notice that Jon Benet is not over yet, nor is the Elizabeth Smart case, either. And the same goes for Hampstead. The scales of justice may yet require an accounting.

 Truth1 (won) out!

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