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Suspicious Non-profits


I had noticed on these charity adds that play on youtube before a video, that certain voices were also on other charity adds. They were just actors and not real patients. I saw one face in another add, too. It made me wonder. I looked up a few charities on the net to see what I might find, and I came upon a camp that helped either under-privileged kids or with big health problems or perhaps autism or similar.

While visiting some youtube promos of some camps to help kids with health problems or mental challenges, as well as some web sites, I came across a picture of Alisa that I have since published in HX Watch #6. but I did not immediately do anything with it, when I found it. I had labeled it "kettle girl" but I don't remember why. Its senility kicking in.

It had been a month or two at least, before I put it up. I wanted to be able to show where I had got it from. But I could not find it. It could be that it was taken out of a video or website, but I can not be sure where I first saw it. I looked up my web history, too, and still nothing.

But I did remember a camp that helped autistic people and they had a lot of rope shots. But I note her helmet, the manufacturer being Petzl and in a particular style. And then most curious of all is that white patch label on her shirt. if you look carefully and up close at the label, it appears to impose upon/into the rope. I am not even sure that the rope was in her picture, but might have been added after. I have no explanation. As well, there is tab in the middle left, pointing left.

The tab means I must have been on a website or blog. As well it was a a high resolution photo, unlike you would get from a video, I suspect. But what is this photo trying to hide with the white label. some other manufacturer perhaps. But if you follow this blog which at least 4 to 5 people do, there were suspicious Japanese teens and young adults (in my HX #28 blog) who had ID labels on them.

It is my opinion that this was done in a studio. If that is the case, I think this was done near to the same time as the Audi Superbowl commercial. she appears to be either wearing a hair extension or had her hair long at that time. Its near to the length it was in the Audi commercial.

Now what keeps happening to me is that every time I come across a lead, almost always by accident, it leads to other things. This find was no different.

One of the sites I had visited was a camp in North Carolina that dealt with kids with autism, anger issues, and other such mental challenges. The odd thing is that many with these challenges will also show looks that sort of hint at possible genetic causes as contributing. They do not have the same alertness and ease in their look and manner. This could be relevant as it establishes a pattern that would betray any breaks of pattern, such as a smooth vocal performance and may exceptional looks, too. If so, do they really belong in the commercial and why are they there?

In short, attractive kids and adults will elicit more attraction and sympathy to viewers, which results more donations. It is also why Hollywood seeks attractive stars for their movies, as well as ability to act. but is there possibly another reason for this? I ask because many conspiracy videos claim that actors and actresses have to be available to the big Hollywood moguls and other very wealthy high status people. I have no doubt, myself, about this.

Among the duties of CIA mind control programmers are the creation of "Presidential" mind control sex slaves in what is call by some as Kitten programming, and Monarch (butterfly) programming. "Presidential" as signifying good quality and absolute security and safety. These types of slaves are circulated among all the high ranking people and celebrities. There is lots of sex trafficking supplied by the CIA, which in many respects, they operate a business of supplying sexual servants to please the upper echelons of society and privilege. In fact, there is little that they do not deal in. and always for a price.

This is the reality of our world. There is the open public world that the media portrays and then there is the secret alternative world where no rules apply except those of the chain of command network, ultimately ruled by Satan, but never admitted or spoken in public.

It is in/from this world that we hear of Pizza-gate, Hollywood pedos and child trafficking of the lesser appealing children to the masses, usually via criminal networks and gangs. The quality you get depends on your rank in society. We only have a small glimpse of a small part of all the stuff going on. It is mostly likely that there is a lot more going on, and that if we keep our eyes open, and we become aware of regular patterns, then we might recognize breaks in patterns, that would lead to more discoveries. I have been working on this sort of thing in reviewing and revisiting the past, as we had too little experience when many things of years ago, took place. What is being put over on us right before our eyes and we have not recognized it?

So one of the youtube videos I came across was a Camp called "Talisman Camp" when I first found Alisa's photo. It featured a lot of rope climbing clips, among other things.

Talisman Summer Camp Video

Talisman Camps      Published on Jan 16, 2018               

Now note the definition of Talisman:

Interesting, is it not? Magic powers? Charm? (hypnosis) Good luck? For me, there are few coincidences since 2015. This particular video was posted January of 2018, fairly recently, really. This is not a good sign in my view.

The girl pictured above is highly featured in this video. Is there a reason beyond getting donations? We'll see. Now what first attracted me to this video were all the ropes and climbing in it. Their helmets were exactly like Alisa's.




The girl above left and the camp counselor in orange shirt, white pants and red shoulder straps are wearing the same helmet design as Alisa below right. But the above photo was from the 2012 Talisman video, not the 2018 one. Below left and center, has the same helmet even showing the name, Petzl. But these two pictures were taken from the 2012 Talisman video, not the 2018 one. Alisa below right.


Wherever I got the Alisa photo, it seems to have a lot of similarity with Talisman Summer Camp. I do note that the boy above has a boy scout shirt Pack 445. That's another non-profit that I hold with suspicion. Does this camp allow scouts to have activities here, too? How much do they really carry on in their stated main purpose? How many might make use of this camp for recreation for people other than those specified in their stated mission for which donations are asked. The scouts are non profit, too, but that is not what this camp is said to serve. The shirt might not indicate anything at all, but it could. The boy seems pretty normal.

I am going to be discussing some info my mother passed on to me at one time, but a few more things first.

The 2012 video said the following: They described the camp as "a Scenic mountain campus, and in a Carolina Wilderness. And that would normally not raise concern among most. But once you know who the secret pedophiles and Satan worshipers operate, one can not just take good nature and sincerity for granted. A mountain campus in the wilderness could be a perfect situation for abuse, or sending kids to, to make porn or prostitute them or allow parents to share children in weeks scheduled for that. These are things cults have done many times.

I am not saying there is anything to suggest anything in appropriate, but if their words are true, and I accept they are, it is  situation could easily be abused. Can We afford to just trust, about such matters now? Not in my opinion! but I am sure I am alone in that one.

Also said was: "ages from 8-22." "Each child is placed in age and ability appropriate programs. We know that Alisa and Gabriel alleged that 10 schools were engaging in sex with other school mates and being prostitute to adults in public as well. I am sure such things must be taking place somewhere in the USA at some level. Brice Taylor said it was going on in her little CIA/Satanic community of early 1950s Woodlands California in which both a Baptist church and a Catholic Church were participating as devil worshipers, porn, and prostitution and orgies.

Woodlands California is now a popular place for TV and Hollywood retirees. What do you think? 1950 to 2018?

I believe enough water had gone over the dam to be far more suspicious than than would have been appropriate in 1960 or possible even 1970. Though Horror was going on in many places, no one was aware of it. But that should no longer be the case. We have no excuse for not knowing more now.

The Girl who is the icon for the 2018 Talisman video:

She is photo-genic and attractive. In fact, she strikes me as knowing that she is attractive and she likes to put it out there. She is no stranger to it. she might be a child model or managed and promoted to the movie industry. She would bring in good money for a charity. But she is smooth and relaxed in giving a brief interview. she is clearly NOT a Talisman Camper. What is not clear here is that the blue crescent to the right of her right eye, is a cresent like a sliver of the moon. It will show on another picture below. I suspect the right red crescent may by the same. And I think that is a dripping heart on her left cheek. I would say they are pagan symbols. I'm not impressed. I am concerned at this point. What next? A Pentagram?

Below is either her, (she is labeled further below as Silvan. Or it could be a younger sister.

As you can see below, the red in the hair and the heart is more distinct and does not extend or drip down. If a sister, she was made up to be very similar. Below left, she is looking up at the camera only slightly and then the camera rises steadily in 2 and 3, seemingly playing with her and she grins. To me, her face seems a little bit younger than the first set of 3, but it may not be the case.

I'll give you four more so you can decide. These were from the interview with her in the 2018 video. As you will see, that is a crescent being dissolved by some sweat at the top of it. It could be that the interview was done after the 3 above. They have given her a name, as they did several interviewees.

What I can say is that they give this girl a lot of attention. Perhaps for attracting donations. Maybe an agent wanted to get exposure for her and have something for a resume. But I am most uncomfortable with the pagan symbols. Here is what I know that concerns me.

Brice Taylor said that she had been stretched and injured vaginally, often so that by age 6, she could accommodate any man. Kathleen Sullivan's dad/programmer, along with other CIA programmers, had  stretched a very young Kathleen some and then her dad ripped her open wide at age 6 to create a deliberate and substantial trauma. After that, she had to participate in orgies with adults in dad's cult circle in Pennsylvania and with CIA guys.

This girl Silvyn, if she is all of the abovephotos, is somewhere between 11 and possibly 14 in my estimation. In ritual and cult terms, she would be ready for any sexual duties if any were  required. She would be given a substantial promotion and if the intention happened to be, that she was "available," she would be easily able to take on the "duties." Were she CIA or cult material, she would be forced to do so. Lets hope that is not the case. But I would not rule it out, either. I'd have to study the video of her more to discern if she had the glassy eyed look or some other symptom. I might get around to it.

The main problem is that there are far too many witnesses to what had gone on since the late 1940s onward and really took off in the 1950s. No one knew in the 50s that these programmed people's programming would start to break down in their 30s. Its was briefly a panic when it first began to happen. Eventually, we got the False Memory Syndrome as part of the solution to lie and cover-up.

If Silvan's complexion is fairly genuine, and not makeup, then she certainly would draw lots of attention. And if it were near flawless, she would almost certainly have become a mind control subject as the pure complexion would be sure sign of a strong capable mind (brain circuitry) that could withstand the rigors of torture programming. But what remains is that she is being given special and ample attention. You tell me why!

From the 2012 video, this girl appears and is also given an interview:

The 1st photo is the interview that comes before the 3 screen snaps, that are in order. She looks over at the camera on cue in the middle picture and then looks back to what she was doing. I'd put her at 12/13 at least.


That this girl had the makeup on similar in ways to Sylvan, and that she is named as well, might suggest some concern. Identical patterns. she has a bold way about her with strong expression. She does not hold back. she is subdued in the short interview. And she looks glassy eyed. That's not a good sign. Its not certain, but its not good, either. Red flags go up.


Below, 2 small children. They could be 8, but just barely.


The boy above far right was on a Shriner's hospital commercial for sometime. I  think he has a bit of Gary Coleman's syndrome. He was sophisticated and was portrayed as needing a wheel chair. But as you can see, he is standing. His voice has recently darkened by puberty onset. So they added a smaller little boy along side of him, who is sure to tug on hearts and get money pouring in. There was a somewhat Mexican or Hispanic girl in the same Shriner commercial and I have heard her voice on another commercial, since, as well.

 Now lets summarize what we have so far. A charity, per say in North Carolina. The Little Rascals daycare scandal was in Edenton North Carolina and the court system and government overturned the jury, dully appointed to decide all matters. So we have N.C. as being anti-constitutional and essentially run by they devil and his followers. Strike 1!

We had commie union reps invade in North Carolina, who drove industry out of N.C. Strike 2!

We then have Alisa appearing somewhere on the net and nothing left behind. Evidence cover up and a similarity to a camp with a sinister pagan name, Talisman. Another Devil connection, Strike 3!

Alisa appears with the same helmet and a rope for climbing, so very similar to Talisman. Say its not so, strike 4!

Most unusual is that I discovered Alisa's photo entirely by accident, investigating charities. How does that happen? Only by the will of God, says I!

The camp is located in a wilderness like setting. Many camps in Maine are well settled so that privacy enough to prevent screaming from being heard would not be easy.

That people come from all over, suggests, like some of my other blogs do, that there is a popularity to this place that is a bit much to believe. Word gets around between well connected Satanists. I can only say that Maine and New Hampshire camps are very popular with out-of-staters because those camps and the lakes they are on or near are all beautiful and would offer anyone a good time. It is easy to understand their popularity. But not the Camp at Talisman. There is something else appealing to the supposed many that come. Of course, they could be exaggerating, too. But that would indicate this is about money, and not charity.

I dislike charities for too many reasons. But I am going to stop here, and create a part 2 of Suspicious Non-profits.

This completes my 41st blog. Part 2 will be #42. I will get #42 done and up and then I might miss a month as I have been able to accomplish enough to start the moving process now. Its just hard to say, as things often come up that are not anticipated. I am doing well, so I figure I am due a temporary setback sooner or later. I Hope not!

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