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Suspicious Non-profits  >Part 2

Now I had said in the previous Part ! of this subject that I would address some things my mother told me in regard to a particular non-profit. It is a religious non-profit as well as charitable. They use military titles rather than typical religious titles. My mother attended an old peoples program where they could gather with other old people for friendship and activities. It was her observations of those in charge of the comings and goings of running the Org in that area from day to day in Portland Maine.

She said there were always good looking young secretaries and different ones coming thru. My mother had "conspiracy videos that I either had DVD or local public cable TV programming. I was not aware of youtube at this time. It took running into a former teen friend on the net who gave my a link to it. Fascinating! 911 videos were the rage then at 2008. The DVDs were of quite a variety. Most interesting to some was the "Zeit Geist, the Movie.

I lent them to my mother and she brought them into her friends among the old. They used to VCR/DVD TV there. Well, the bosses were not crazy about it. They locked up the TV. So my mother brought in a portable. Many efforts were made to stop her and others from watching them.

this Org also had the best of property locations in Southern Maine, having shore front Property on Maine biggest and most popular beach, Old Orchard Beach, Maine. and lake front property on Maine's finest and largest recreational lake, Sebago Lake. There were the playgrounds for the elite of the Maine Org.

In theory, a Non-profit serves the interests of a cause. But the reality is that most non-profits are run by people who are paid enormous annual incomes, while asking the average person to cough up money they can ill afford to give. As well, they nice locations and pretty young things" to adorn the offices, if not a few bedrooms.

Non-profits can be set up so that a company can keep the profit and have to pay like 10% of it per year toward some cause. The irony is that they get to chose where and how the money is spent and not the government. What is more, they can loan money out with interest, making a profit and only spending the 10% of it. They can actually make more profit and only "lose" 10%! how high are your taxes. adding all taxes, hidden and not hidden, you pay at least 50% in the USA. Many if not most celebrities and sports stars start their own non-profits.

As Leona Helmsley once put it, "Only the  little people pay taxes!" The wealthy were mad at her for telling the truth so they gave her a prison sentence.

Non-profits are an outrageous scam as I see it. The rich pay almost nothing. The poor pay little to nothing. The Middle class pays for everyone! They should be banned.

A Dirty Little Secret

There is a secret shadow government says I. We see the every day public governments and their politicians and public servants. But existing side by side are another group of "leaders" specifically chosen to carry out specific duties and instructions when the time finally arrives. They will become operative in the planned crises that will arise as designed to. And in the present, they oversea various matters to being about those future plans.

Satan will not let just anyone in power, nor will he allow just anyone to have great wealth or status. you must give him all that he asks and hold nothing back and even have to sacrifice something or someone very dear to you, in exchange for what you ask. Satan likes to torment even those who obey his every word. He is treacherous, spiteful and mean. His rewards are bitter sweet. They always come with pain. And for many, the rewards, as they look back, were not worth it. Vladimir Lenin expressed this remorse in regards to Satan. Celebrities and musician often express this sentiment. "Relax said the nice man, we are programmed to receive. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave." (Hotel California).

So those who get in power, need to be taken care of and rewarded with nice jobs and good pay, and other perks. So some are CEOs and some run non-profits, some are politicians or members of Intelligence agencies. But all the best paying jobs and benefits are filled with Satan's choices, and not by ordinary merit, other than obedience to Satan.

So non-profits are basically, as far as I am concerned, a means to provide gainful employment to Satan's pets. That means that there is precious good will and lots of scams and deceit and carrying out plans to wipe out most of humanity. How is that for a charitable work? What a sweet heart, huh? All of Satan's network, works together. They know who is who an who is not.

Whether we are talking charities, politics, the military, The multi-generational cults, religions, and more, these all work in secret as one big network. They might pretend to fight with each other so that no one will know they actually are part of one big network who all obey, ultimately, Satan. You can take that or leave it. We see too many things going on to be able to deny it.

Hence, when we see a charity at work, we can only wonder at what might really be going on. That is why I bring up the charity that Alisa might have been used by. What do they really do? We know what Alisa and Gabriel alleged. Should we expect much less with charities or the entertainment industry other other such activities and organization? I think not. They all work for the same master and the same agenda. I am going to try and show this in the next couple of blogs as well.

And as more and more comes out on Hollywood, CIA world wide trafficking and secret advertisements for child prostitution and promotion, we need to be more suspicious of things we see as TV and ads are a big way to get messages out. We see the many celebrities and important people showing hand signs and wearing symbols on their clothing and decorating their homes.

So I have to ask, why was Alisa being shown in a non-profit ad? Why was the girl in the 2018 Talisman video being heavily featured, farm more than any other person in that video. Were they selling her or just using her to let them to where they might look for what they are shopping for. Many would think nothing of the name or word, Talisman. But for the right person informed, they might know that indicates something more.

We live in a world run by Satan and his followers. That being the case, We can better avoid problems and recognize where problems exist.

Why do RD's kids keep coming up in interesting questionable places? It keeps on happening. Everyone bought the lie that they were in foster care. My data suggests he took them out of the UK very early on. What has been going on since? We have been fed nothing but lies to date.

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