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Ella's Polygraph & Other Gossip


OK, we need some truth injected into this arena. Not only am I very well read in psychology, including polygraphs and hand writing analysis and theory, but at age 18 or 19 (just after the dinos went extinct in 1978), the hotel I worked at as a night auditor got burglarized and I was grilled (in a nice way) along with 3 others. So let me explain how this all works. I start with hand writing analysis (Graphology) since the rules that apply to that fit it with Polygraph testing.

In writing analysis, you need a sample that can be sworn to be from the person it is claimed to come from. As well, moods affect writing. It can vary, some just a little and some more pronounced in variance. Writing Analysis was a big part of the Jon Benet Ramsey murder as well. In order for a sampled analysis to be credible, a number so samples must be taken. A large sample will give you a base and a number of large samples in crease the surety and certainty, unless where was a strong variance, which would then weaken certainty.

Even in a textual analysis done to determine who might have written something or not, you need to read quite a bit to get a baseline for an author, which is then compared to another work. Kris Costa tried to claim a sentence was all one needed. Any fool could see thru that. Kristy Sue is really Charlotte, an agent for the British government, paid to lie and deceive. She should find dumber guys than me when she tries to do that.

It is the same with the polygraph test. When they hooked me up, they gave questions that they knew were true, to get a baseline for that. Then they ask you to lie an see what results. They will ask things not related to the investigation that might bring up some discomfort. "Have you ever cheated a friend or betrayed someone's confidence? Have you ever taken any money from an employer in the past or stolen something? After doing 5 or 10 of each type, they now have a baseline expectation of what to expect or not. They will continue to ask some questions of the past to see if they get get a stronger response or a lesser one. Then come the precise questions pertaining to the missing money at the hotel. It ended up being the dish washer in the hotel's restaurant.

Without the long broad scale of testing, you really have nothing to really go on. In the case of Ella, which involves just 3 questions and if no previous questions  used to get a baseline are presented, then the 3 questions answered, are entire meaningless and are not evidence for anything, either way. EC should have mentioned that. It was just smoke and mirrors.

That leaves us with rules of evidence and non-verbal (body language) communication. So we can put this one to bed now.

On the other hand, we do have the ample police interviews & testimony of the kids and numerous refusals by authorities to investigate evidence and testimony, like those tattoos, who more certainly establish the truth of the kids and the deceit and treachery of the police and social dis-services, as well as missing medical tests for drugs and diseases. Case closed. Judge Truth1 finds all the accused and those not accused, but who should have been accused, as all being guilty. Life in prison!

In other news, the UK decided Jake Clarke was guilty of harassment against two unnamed persons. Un-named? Are you kidding me? Oh! I forgot! The UK does not recognize proper legitimate legal procedure. My verdict? Jehovah has preempted me on this one. He said he wanted all the fun on this one. I did not dare to ask for a variance.

Not noted was that Jake Clarke is a publically professed Luciferian and does not in any way represent the Hampstead Kids whose enemies include Lucifer and Satan de Devil. Let him rot in prison for all I care. Same for all shills.


Now we come to some interesting developments in regards to Belinda and maybe a few others, calling for amnesty and forgiveness for all cult members and Satanist who are wiling to come forth and confess, in a fashion once done in S. Africa. Of course, S. Africa has since backed off on forgiveness and is stealing all white farmers' lands and killing off whites. Now who is Apartheid and racist?

This is not an accident. You can be damn sure it came from someone higher than Belinda. But she is the one bringing the deal. In the "Godfather," the one who brings the deal is the sell out. Its a good rule of evidence.

But this is not the 1st time this has happened. Way back in March 2015, around the time of the London Protest, calls for amnesty and forgiveness were being supported by, among others, Belinda, Sabine, Angela, and Araya was sort of going along with it, reluctantly. Charlotte was a big supporter of it. I used to harass her blog, HR, promoting no forgiveness and honoring the laws in place at the time the laws were broken.

I will state briefly that the honor of a people and their law, and its credibility, depend on sticking to the law as it is written with no changes or exceptions, once it is installed. If you do not think the law is right, then change it. But crimes committed under it should be supported  To not do so is to make a mockery of law and honor. You can judge the character of people on this one. Belinda it making it clear where she has stood all along.

It is my suspicion that her previous announcement that Sabine might be getting come charges dropped, might well have something to do with this. Maybe Sabine will join in the effort to forgive and allow amnesty in exchange. I can not fault a poor decent woman rotting in a prison, if they were to do this. But then if this is what is to become, then she should go silent about the Hampstead affair and law as well. And she should pursue God and confess her sins to Him and repent with silence.

It is a perilous thing to pursue Satan without some protection from God, due to service to Him and knowledge of Him. And in the end, God will decide all things.

But meanwhile, Truth1 will not relent or stop for the cause of God's Kingdom. All abusers of Humanity must be made to account for themselves. Their judgment is well on its way. There was news about the testimony of Steve Martin in the Jake the Snake trial (Angela's boyfriend some tell me.).

It requires a separate blog. I am busy so I can not guarantee when. I was lucky to get this one up.

 Truth1 out!

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