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Steve Martin in Trouble?

 Whenever I hear that name in Hampstead circles, I think of the Hollywood Steve Martin, who is a comedian, but the UK Steve Martin is just a bad joke that goes over like a lead balloon. News of him comes from Hoaxtead, the paragon of virtue, honesty, and accuracy, no? Not!

Jake Clarke found guilty of harassment

But the article is not the amazing thing here. It is the comments section where all the gold is it to be found. I was very intrigued. Talk about cracks in the foundation. And this goes right along with the sudden "lets give Amnesty to the cult/Satanists/Luciferians/Devil worshipers!" That, and Steve Martin together can be no coincidence.


I chose to use the copied text to save memory and minimize the space used. You can always check their blog, too.

Regarding Jake being found guilty, but not sentenced yet:


04/10/2018 at 5:26 pm

I’ve re-read that several times. Could anyone point out the “small victory”?

However, max sentence is 6 months so I don’t expect what the man on the Clapham omnibus would call a deterrent to these loons.

04/10/2018 at 5:37 pm

I don’t really see a victory here either, small or otherwise.

I do hope this verdict sends a message to others who seem to be continuing along his path.

04/10/2018 at 5:38 pm

It won’t send a message to the core group as they’re all bonkers.


04/10/2018 at 5:26 pm

I’ve reread that several times. Could anyone point out the “small victory”?

However, max sentence is 6 months so I don’t expect what the man on the Clapham omnibus would call a deterrent to these loons.

  • El Coyote
  • 04/10/2018 at 5:37 pm

    I don’t really see a victory here either, small or otherwise.

    I do hope this verdict sends a message to others who seem to be continuing along his path.

    04/10/2018 at 5:38 pm

    It won’t send a message to the core group as they’re all bonkers.

    Common Porpoise

    04/10/2018 at 8:17 pm

    Freedom of speech to harass people? Another awesome bit of lawyering. SMH

    PS: I’d like to express my freedom of speech and state that Jake Clarke is an utter twat. There, I said it.

    04/10/2018 at 8:20 pm


    Truth1: to this point, they are not thrilled with the mere 6 month Max penalty, with the possibility it being less then 6 months. Could this end up being a similar fate for Sabine? Is that what they really fear? It this were to be the case, then something has changed in the spirit world court battle. Is there going to be a change in the "weather?"

    What follows is even more fascinating. I was surprised to read it. << end T1

    04/10/2018 at 8:27 pm

    “Could DC Steve Martin be finally cracking up over this horrible case?”

    Hmm. Probably not. He’s probably just bored with dealing with you you feckin’ eejits. Dream on, Bellender

    El Coyote

    04/10/2018 at 10:34 pm

    “Could he finally be cracking up?” asks the woman who wants to put paedophiles in zoos until they cry, and believes in something called the “umbilic part of the brain”.


    04/10/2018 at 10:47 pm

    Wants to put them in zoos AND offer them amnesty. She’s really thought that through, hasn’t she.

    Truth1: I think Hoaxtead actually likes this idea. But if they said that, many would say no. So Belinda does it for them. See who she works for now? the next comment is noteworthy, too.

    04/10/2018 at 8:36 pm

    Another bandwagon-jumping fruitloop to report and vote down:

    Thanks to Special Agent J for alerting me to this one

    Hempstead Must See Justice

    Lexie Hall

    Published on Oct 3, 2018

     Truth1: if you follow the link to the youtube video and go to the channel link, the channel is owned/run by Charlotte/Jackie. What showed 2 nights ago or so, on the channel page, was the flowers in the upper left of the graphic below.

    As of writing 11:47 Oct. 7, 2018 this is what I get now:

    Now the girl is not Charlotte. The girl is merely the face/voice that Charlotte is making use of or at least advising.

    You should all know that if I am not monitored by the minute, I am tracked at all times and when I see something, they change it. This will probably get changed, too. So this is no big deal. Any publicity for the 2 kids is fine by me, even with Charlotte. Charlotte has inside info that we would not. She may know what has changed and is now being prepared for public release. Its yet another sign that things are brewing and stewing.

    You might do well to check this out:   Its all about British agent Charlotte Ward, who goes by way too many aliases to list here. Kris Costa was among the more notable in recent times as she tried to hide the fact the kids in were Audi commerical and in Dad's custody. So you can see her close intimate relationship with Hoaxtead and MI5/6 and disinfo tactics on the net.

    But HX helps her out by throwing rotten tomatoes and insults at her and pretending they hate her. You know, the same as they do for Angela, their favorite and preferred agent of choice.

    Now ask yourself, why are they so interested in hiding from Truth1? Why do my observations always end up being the inspiration for sudden changes?

    Let move on to more interesting info.

    Below was converted from a screen save to text, from the above link. It is said to come via Belinda. I am sure the accounting is fairly credible.

    "Hence a small victory in the ongoing fight for improved police reaction to allegations of crimes against children, including proper forensics ie. seizing of suspects' computers and phones has been one.


    Is this a level playing-field?of course not! Furthermore, it is EXTREMELY RARE that allegations of crimes against children are brought by CHILDREN THEMSELVES at the time they are still suffering the abuse/crimes, as most as most small/young children are terrorised into keeping quiet about what is being done to them by adults ...

    It has furthermore been noted by those whose attended court at Willesden yesterday that the Officer in the Case (01C),

    DC Steve Martin, performed badly in his witness evidence against Jake Clarke.

    He mumbled his words, kept his head down and seemed ill-at-ease. I myself was not in court yesterday so this is only what I've heard, but could DC Steve Martin be finally cracking up over this horrible case?? Sentencing will be on 17th October, until then Jake remains on bail and subject to certain restrictions on his actions & activity.

    Truth1: This is a remarkable report. DC Steve sounds like something is really bothering him. Mumbling words? Can't he talk? He had no problem talking in the kids' police interviews. He kept his head down. Why? Who or what was bothering him? Who was he trying to avoid looking at? He "seemed ill at ease."  I am going to speculate a little. Has he been told that not all is well and that some people could end up having to take some heat and blame for the Hampstead case that looks like it will be going public?

    Regardless of what is behind it, Steve is not happy right now. Something is up. I feel like a shark getting excited over the scent of blood.

    Here is the thing to consider. When one is assured of the protection from a "network," one can feel confident and secure as they ruthlessly carry out their duties given by the network. But should things go wrong, that were not imagined possible, and some called to suffer some blame and be willing to "take one for the team . . . well, no one wants to be a scape goat. But too many times in history, people have had to take blame for things they did not authorize and had every assurance they would be fine, only to end up in prison or done in. In the JFK Assassination, 50 men involved in it were "silenced," just as a safety precaution.

    Those who make the network decisions and order executions have no appreciation or loyalty to anyone. Everyone who joins a fraternity, a network, a political party, never imagines that their loyalty will be repaid with harm, punishment, or even death. 50 men betrayed, most of whom might not have ever squealed but were killed anyway, just to make sure.

    Yet it also has to be said, that each man who joins a "brotherhood" knows that they must be willing to die for the cause, if necessary. Every soldier joining an army, knows he is not guaranteed his life. But he imagines that it will never be him. But as he lays there on the battle field badly wounded and knowing that he only has minutes to seconds left. He will either be very grieved and full of regret, or even be angry, or go into denial till he loses consciousness and dies.

    It is my contention that this case is going to become very public. How or why, I do not know, but I feel like many are getting very nervous now. Things are not going like they used to. Something is up. Cases like this typically do not last more than a year or two. Jon Benet was just a little over 2 years.

    Its not those at the top that want that. But if God says its coming out, then Satan will  have to decide who he will make as the scape goats to take the heat for the extreme treachery that has been carried out against so many innocent children and former children, and so many parents, too. Satan appoints sacrifices and scape goats to take the fall, and blame, while the rest swear they had no part or sharing with the "fall guys and gals."

    This may be why Steve is not so happy right now. He got a promotion for covering over for the network and screwing Alisa & Gabriel over. As the saying goes, some can dish it out, but they they can not take it as they give it. Perhaps Steve's number has come up, and maybe RD's, too. Only time will tell. Exciting times.

    Angela Waffles & Probes


    Her information comes right from the mouth of the UK. Now what are the chances you are going to get an honest answer from the UK? Wasn't it the UK that covered all this up in the first place? Then why would a credible researcher then believe the UK, as to who is caring for the 2 kids? HX/EC suggested that she is a bit scared now, but I don't believe that is it. She is shilling since I called for her to reveal the ID of Arendale, who used to post on Hampstead Research, so called, all the time. This is to try to refute my claims. Now let me show you how stupid that is and how Angela and many others, are!

    The kids had such explosive information and I am sure there far more things to tell if they had remained free. This is why they were kidnapped by police and social services in the 1st place! So now we are to believe that the kids are in foster care, where they can continue to talk and reveal things, right? And what about going to school and squealing to other kids? There is no way that the UK could leave the kids in foster care. Recall that Carol was taking notes of what the kids were telling her. The UK knew it had a big problem. The kids had to be kept from the public. Who better than alleged (By his own kids) child beater and raper, RD!

    That was the only solution that was going to work. Prison for the kids was out of the question, though living with dad sounds like prison to me. So the kids had to be given to RD. But they could not stay in the UK, where too many knew them. Another country would be the obvious solution since the condos on Mars have not been completed yet. So RD and kids would have to be in some foreign country. There is no other solution. To stay in Hampstead would bring many to question the school and its operations and fitness. So then the only question would be, what country are they living in. Rumors in 2015 said RD was thinking about California. You can doubt Cali is you like, but there is no way that foster parents would have those two kids. But shills lie and people are stupid and gullible. Right Angie? That's your best info because you can not read the handwriting on the wall. Not my problem.

    Now in my HX #2 blog, I showed the patterns of posting of EC. They were very regular, same general posting upload of a new article, and then 2-3 hours later, the first set of comments would appear, very near to each other in time. Than 5-8 hours later, a second set of comments would come in, all near to the same time. My assessment is that RD posted his article and all the initial posts. Then when the UK gang awoke in the morning for them, they would post or it could be mixed with them and more comments from RD/EC sock puppets. RD has a style. We all do. What that is, is for you to figure out. I don't want to tell him how I tell. That these all took place in concentrated periods of time say it is largely staged/faked. Most comments are RD, I suspect. They are perhaps 2 or 3 others at best. Its also an indication that this is a regular routine ang job for EC. and the times best fit with a USA Pacific time slot.

    If Angie and the other shills had bothered to discern the significance of my tracking of HX for 30 days in Sep/Oct 2017, as well as HX's efforts to change their pattern 2 or 3 times, reducing comments to near zero on the day of posting and post them all the next day instead. The first time it happened, I accepted it since the comments had begun to shrink over a few days. But then it dawned on me to go back and see it anyone ever bothered to post. Sure enough, lots of comments appeared then. Again, all in a day, skipping a day. Somehow, they were aware I was typing/saving the posting times. That is what fascinated me. How was what I did, selecting an article, any different from any other viewer? How did they know I was saving the time showing? Any answers?

    How did they know I was not just reading and was typing in posting times in a Word doc? They tried everything they could but they had been figured out by me. But they were not worried. They were quite confident that not another soul would be able to see what I was pointing out. But I have to do my job. Now Angie's 2nd part again:

    Metadata proof? Now this is funny. For one, all shills and tricksters use hoards of sock puppets. That is standard operation. One man or women becomes a crowd. They call it astro-turfing. All it really is, is lying. Why would RD suddenly give that up? I have no sophisticated abilities as to programming, or knowing the in's and out's of internet protocols. Besides, most IP addresses and the like can be faked. But personality patterns are much more difficult to hide and easier to spot.

    So Angela, on the off chance that you want something on RD, you would need the services of someone such as those in police capacities and intelligence operations who can track and hunt down ID's. I can not do that and would not bother, anyway. Patterns are all I look for. And I use logic and reason. The kids would have to remain with dad to be kept quiet and hidden; and suffering and crying in silence.

    Then there is the sudden change in many shills in their youtube comments. They are suddenly mimicking me and my article material and all seem to now agree that the kids are with dad. All it took was seeing them. I want to point out, Angie, that I did not see or hear the kids and yet I knew they were with dad and in California. As Jesus said to Thomas, "happy are those who do not see, and yet believe." The uploading of HX articles made that clear enough to me. You will note that my uploads vary quite a bit. Might be late night, mid afternoon or early in the day. Whenever I get around to it. But the HX, it's a regular steady job with a fair amount of consistency. That means he has lots of financial support, possibly involving certain types of porn the kids have alleged. So money is not a worry for him.

    The enemies of Jesus would say to him, despite all his previous miracles, "Show us a sign." "Give us a sign." Jesus basically said, "the only sign you are going to get out of me is the sign of Jonah," who was in sheol, so to speak, in the, what I assume, is a whale, for 3 days. And Jesus would be in sheol, so to speak, as his body was placed in a tomb, for 3 days, before he rose.

    All shills had been in denial of the kids being with dad, prior to the Ebay release. I was the only one who never got fooled. I would suggest this, Angela. You need God's protection but He does not grant that if one is not behaving according to the standards that God demands of us. Even then, I am not free from persecution and opposition. It comes with the job.

    But I am in doubt that you really need protection. With the many things you have broadcast, I marvel at how nothing happens to you. The Irish police have not stopped your activity  and I do not expect them to. I said that as soon as it happened. You were the one that broke the story of the kids being in the Audi Superbowl commercial. That was a pretty big accomplishment. Someone had to inform you. I'd like to know that story.

    As for the kids, and the final outcome, only God's son can fix that. You and I are both powerless in that respect. It is God that makes things prosper and succeed, or not. Its His show. I hope no harm comes to you or anyone involved in this case in well meaning ways. But I try to keep my distance from most of the crowd. The friends you keep can say a lot about you. People can and will assume that birds of a feather flock together. That is what Machiavelli said. And I agree with him.

    Of interesting note, EC reports on Tom Dunn and his promotion of the Hampstead cause. I applaud Tom. I hope the publicity prospers. But what I want point out is that I had published right here on Hoaxtead Watch #16, a loose transcription of a radio show hosted by Russ Dizdar with his guest, none other than Tom Dunn. I had contacted Russ for more info on a video that Tom had made. I likely included my website, too. I never miss a chance to be a ham, ya know! To me, the close connection between that, sometime in July 2018, and now, October  2018, would be a more likely stimulus for what has taken place since, 4 months to now. But I don't know how long this promotion has been going on. Anyway, His (God's) truth is marching on.

    Tom has interviews of the kids involved in the SRA abuse case in the Mansfield Ohio, Presbyterian church. The problem is everywhere. But EC will likely deny that its true.

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