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HX Claims Victory Over Tom Dunn

 Well, I must have watched a different video than HX did. From the following HX Blog:

Hellbound Heathen schools Dunn

El Coyote / 4 hours ago

Yesterday morning Thomas Dunn got his arse handed to him on a platter. There really is no other way to describe this YouTube video interview conducted by Hellbound Heathen”.  (HH from here on in)

I did not see it that way at all. Tom Dunn explained that he felt the videos of the kids were credible and that the 3rd interview showed evidence of coercion by the police officer. That's the way it looks to me, too. And many people into the thousands, if not ten or hundreds of thousands.

HH says RD is receiving death threats and has to hide and had to change his name. I seriously doubt the death threats, unless he got some of his cult buddies to put in fake calls. I do know that Satanists like to lie, especially when they have no truth to support their side of things. RD then replied:

Then I told couple friends that RD said he was getting death threats and asked if they believed him. Their reaction follows:

No! Truth1! Stop! You're killing us! We'll believe RD when hell freezes or you get married.

So its not just me. No one but Satanists will believe that crap.

RD and HX are getting desperate. HH says people are acting on what Tom Dunn says. Prove it! Play me a death threat recording and show me they are serious. At least show me RD filed complaints with the LA city or county authorities or where ever else he claims to be. Tom did not tell anyone to threaten or kill RD. If anyone did issue a threat, It was not Tom's fault for his conviction and mine, too, for that matter, that we have expressed. Find those threatening and prosecute them. There! See how easy that is, HH, you forked-tongue freak from hell.

HX is trying to twist what appears to me to be a successful to some degree, campaign in behalf of 2 kids grossly screwed over the corrupt UK and its Satanic loving courts. They are trying to intimidate Tom Dunn. Tom Dunn, you need not fear. You are not to blame for crazy people, if by some miracle someone did make a threat. You have the right to free speech and to make judgments or form opinions based on the evidence you have encountered, and to share those with others. Its called Free Speech. RD is unfamiliar with it because they do not have Freedom of Speech in the UK. The devil does not allow it.

HX is suggesting that Tom is responsible for any wacko or looney in existence. Its utterly absurd like anything that comes from HX/EC/RD/HH. This campaign is deeply disturbing to them. Its has potential and They know it.

This from the Oct. 14 HX blog:

It seems that Tom & Jared are still-minor but rising stars in the oddball world of “fundamentalist end-times Christianity meets science fiction meets conspiracy theories“, as described by Barths Notes.

This sounds easy to mock, but dragging the Hampstead SRA hoax into this toxic and potentially lucrative milieu could prove extremely dangerous. 

Now they say, Tom is making big money, or might be or could be.

OK. Lets entertain that. He has made up various campaign banners and similar, for people to use to promote and advertise to get people to look into the Hampstead case. Most people don't know what to do to help. They would like to do something. But what?

 Tom has provided a practical way to enable people to make some small contribution to making the Hampstead known to the world they live in. I'm all for it. Most people are going to do what I do. So Tom gave them a way to do something. I applaud him! He seems to understand the nature of people, being a bit dull. So Tom keeps it simple. Put a sticker on you car Or banner somewhere or the other he suggests. Maybe he is smarter than the previous campaigners have been, including yours truly. But I have my duties to fulfill, and Tom has his.

HX: Tom is using the kids and case to become filthy rich. Truth1: I  hardly think he will get rich. SRA is not a very popular subject and most don't care about anything. Some are terrified of it. If Tom was looking to get rich, He sure picked the wrong case for that. I do not know what Tom does with the money. Make more kits? Develop more strategies to get the message out? Paul said that the worker was worthy of his wages. I am not aware of any wrong doing. Tom knows that God is a harsh judge of those who abuse His work. Unless I have evidence to the contrary, I assume Tom is legit. There is always potential for abuse. But to be honest, if his campaign succeeds, I'll do nothing but cheer and thank God that another soul has joined the battle and accomplished a victory, with the help of the Heavenly Father. Go Tom, Go!

Another thing going for Tom and noted by HX on the Oct 14 article or the one this article starts out on, is, as EC says, Tom is not a slick professional at what he does. God usually chooses the humble, the simple, the ordinary, to carry out His will. Besides that, any that are well known with big backing Professional quality productions and big money backing, all belong to the Devil/Satan. So this is in Tom's favor, too. EC notes Oct 15 that Jim Bakker was a fraud. Indeed, I think so, too. But Jim had big backing. Tom does not even come close. Another point for Tom.

The Blame Game

HX claims that Tom is a dullard or slow on the uptake. I have not seen adequate evidence for that, at all. I thought Tom made a good defense for why he believes. At 1:12:40, HH says that if the accusations are not 100% the way you believe it, then you are perpetuating a lie. HH is such a liar. He is suggesting that if Tom can not be 100% certain, then he should not say anything. But Tom did not fall for it and nor do I. We have a right to hear and to judge as we see fit. We are happy to take responsibility. We do not make our accusations lightly.

On the other hand, Dumbo, ah, HH, Does not want to address the fact that the kids are very convincing, perhaps 99.9% so. Maybe the truth is that RD really did do what they said he did. Instead of blaming Tom, HH needs to blame RD for being so damned arrogant as to think that he and his partners in crime could do all they did, with the 2 kids in their mother's care, who is not a cult member as the kids made clear before being kidnapped. RD was sure he could keep this up forever.

Whether Ella was bright or not, is not a concern. One should not be shamed for trusting in the decency of people. But we do need to wake up. The kids went to Tavistock, who should have clearly known what the problem was, and they did know, but they did not tell Ella what they knew. So they sent her off, without meaningful help.

What no one counted on was Abraham coming along. He got to the bottom of it all. I am sure that he used pressure and threats. Any Psychiatric facility would do the same thing. HX/RD turns it into torture of the highest degree. Psyche facilities can use force and pressure. Parents are not allowed to, by Satan-protecting governments. The government wants their guys to be in control of your kids so they can cover things up. All psychiatric facilities, all around the world do this. HH does not want to talk about this. By the way, he does look a bit like the devil, doesn't he?

What HH and RD will never admit is that the truth is beyond any covering up. This case is now unstoppable and its only a matter of time before there will be a reckoning of all the Hampstead cult. Hence, the shills call for forgiveness and amnesty for the cult. I say, hell no. But lets hang Pauffley first. Then RD, Hollings, the Nurse and the former head of the school. Dog face, whatever her name is.

HH, you're in on it, now. If it all goes down, you're going with it. Keep that in mind, hot shot!

HH suggests Tom is making blood money. Evidence, HH? Oh! I forgot. Satanists and leftists don't deal in evidence. Only lies. My bad. Tom criticizes RD in the RD BBC interview. Awesome! It was so phony. I don't think they should have done it. Silence is usually best for criminals. I might point out there are a lot of good recent analyses of that interview on several different youtube channels. Do a youtube search and check them out. Some might be Jacqui's doing, but she did a good job on them, so I will be silent and recommend them.   Mine is here:

HH says, truth is  truth. How in the hell would he know what truth is? He's never dealt with it in his whole life. What he does not admit that is that truth can be disputed by subversive liars and deceivers like himself and RD. He says there is subjective and objective truth. Yes, but we will not get either of those from HH. And he is still saying they recanted, but has not addressed why the kids were so much different in the "Recant" videos. Alisa, in particular was a mess and as far as I am concerned, she had been traumatized and quite possibly raped, perhaps by multiple people and with viciousness. All I know is she was a wreck in that final interview. Mood swings, fits of despair, and more. What a difference from her 1st 2 interviews.

But of course, HH would never lie to us. He is a paragon of virtue and integrity that would never leave out any detail. He only looks like Satan. He says the investigation was thorough. Well that settles it. Who needs facts. We got Devil face's word on it. We can all go home now.

If he for real? Sadly, yes. Hey, HH! What about those non-verified or non-denied tattoos? You're a joke, HH. Only you're not funny. Get a new job, Joker.

A Recommendation to Christians

I watched: VFTB 405: Jared Chrestman and Tom Dunn - This is a War

I watched up to 25:33. I saw no problems. We are fighting a real invisible war between Good (God) and Evil (Satan). Satan wants to get people to reject God, or better, not even Believe in Him. The goal on the part of both parties, due to an agreement made, that allowed the testing of Adam and Eve and all the ensuing descendants, to test the creation belonging to God, and in that way, also test God for fitness. Its a battle for souls. An event will be brought about where everyone will have to choose one side or the other. The choice will be tough as some will have to die at the hand of Satan if they choose God. Others who choose God, will face 3.5 years on concentration camps and prisons.

Keep up the good work, Tom. And God will do as He pleases.

I would ask Tom and all who might come after him, to not do interviews with those who side with Satan.

The problem is that Satanists will never address valid points or stick to facts. In fact, they will avoid those. They will make baseless claims and bold-face lie to you. Leftists and Feminists do this, too. I watched some women who either worked for the BBC or some Newspaper or magazine interview Jordan Peterson, and every time he addressed something, she would change the subject or reword and take it in another direction. Her aim was never to address anything because she could not refute him on even one point.

In fact, leftists and feminists are great for defining something in a way that is contrary to the way it used to be defined. For instance, George Orwell sows the double-speak of authority in his tale of 1984, calling the enforcement agency the "Ministry of Love." And its love today, and tomorrow it will be equality for all, except those not going along with the new political policies.

I notice with Jordan Peterson, the lady was changing meanings in every other sentence. if you don't like a particular meaning, just give them a few sentences and it will change again. You pin them down on anything. They will run, or change the subject or meaning, or ignore and attack you, without addressing your point. This is what Jesus' enemies would try to do to him.

He would say, tear down this "temple," and in 3 days I will raise it up. They knew he was talking about hid body and life. But they ran off to Pilate or Herod or just spread lies, saying, He said if you tear the temple down, He will rebuild it in 3 days. They knew better. But they were from their father the Devil and lied like he does. The Proof of this is that when Jesus did die, they ran to Pilate and said, you got to put guards around his tomb for while he was alive, he did say that he would dis and that in 3 days he would rise. See! they knew what he meant.

Whether leftists, Academics, Doctors, Lawyers, Politicians, or Satanists, they all imitate the devil and lie big and often and without shame.

So don't give them the opportunity to lie. Got a youtube channel and videos? Either be vigilant and diligent (like Me, right?) in deleting posts from obvious shills and trolls or or disable comments. Your video will deliver the message so you don't need comments.

Jesus often refuses to answer the Pharisees, Sadducees, and even Pilate and Herod. They would say, show or give us a sign. But Jesus showed plenty of signs. He refused them. He was famous throughout Galilee and in Jerusalem, too.

Please, Tom, do not let them post comments on your videos and spread their lies. We do not work for Satan. We work for Christ and the Father. The trolls/Satanists lie enough on their own blog. Let that suffice for them.

Perhaps you noted or heard HH interview the supposed EC, the woman. Bullsh!T. I hope you are not believing it. Another smoke screen from the liars. Whether it was Scarlette Scoop, El Coyote, or whatever other names have come and gone, The writer of the blog has always had the same style and manner of writing. The personality comes thru loud and clear. But the shills will pretend that they are not sure. believe what you want. but I was the one who said they are in California and RD had the kids. Sure enough. Why, its almost as if I were psychic or something. A message from God? How did I get it right? Cause I know patterns and logic. That's all ya need, along with God's spirit. And I don't listen to liars like the UK or RD or HH!

 Truth1 out !!!

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