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The Case of Ellen Janov 1976

 I discovered this several months back in July. It stunned me as she was the daughter of none other than the Famous Therapist/Psychologist, Arthur Janov Ph.D. Janov has been heavily featured on my site in the Psychology and his work has a huge impact on the understanding of recovered/retrieved memories once deeply buried by the sub-conscious or instinct, if you prefer. he has been a big part of understanding how epigenes/epegentics records the hidden traumas that are too much to cope with consciously. Recording these Traumas allows the mind to wait for a better time to bring the trauma out and reset the epigenes that recorded the trauma in the first place.

As well, the trauma can be experiences in smaller pieces that can be handled by the conscious mind. Its a fascinating realization and eliminates any possibility of error as the epigenes operate on their own. We have no control how they get recorded or how they come out or even if they come out at all. You can not fake Epigenes.

As well, I got to know Dr. Janov on his blog that I think I discovered in 2008. I would discover that he was a very flawed man. He wanted to be able to  control and be the exclusive provider of Primal Therapy and prevent anyone else from claiming they offered the same. Nor did he liked being challenged on his "infalibility claim" and being the only one capable of doing this therapy, unless he trains them thoroughly. In this respect, he struck me as being like the Pope. So I had number of confrontations with him. I had letter sent to him discussing some things in 1994, and that was disappointing, too.

I found this former Primal Therapist who had worked with Arthur J. and also with his ex-wife Vivian Janov, owner, I assume, in divorce, of The Primal Institute. I inquired of her if there were any professional differences with her former husband. Never got an answer. Knecht has a lot of good info as well.

I do not know what cause of the divorce was, but the timing could suggest that it might have had something to do with Ellen Janov. I never knew they had a daughter. So now I want to show the brief and intriguing story of her meteoric rise to brief stardom in Hollywood, California, Satan's favorite hangout as well as the CIA's. My father as a building inspector in the late 70s or early 80s, met a contractor who had moved to Maine from California. the guy said that wives often offered sex when he was contracted to do some work there . . . by her husband. But he refused. He said there was something strangely odd about the people and place but it was hard to put a finger on. He was very grateful to be in Maine.

Ellen Janov

From: IMDB  Ellen was born to Arthur Janov and Vivian Glickstein on 22 April 1953, in Los Angeles County, California.

"She attended Rexford High School in Beverly Hills in 1969, and probably graduated in 1970." (T1>> 71 if she graduated at 18<<)

She also was a singer, and was discovered by a Disney exec while singing in a club in Palm Springs. It was from that singing appearance, that she went on to do a screen test for Disney and subsequently won the part in the movie 'Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit.' It is believed that Ellen sang under the name of Ellie Janov, and recorded the songs 'Portobello Road'

The song was released on the Capitol Records label.

Ellen later left the acting profession and became a 'primal therapist' in the Los Angeles area. She passed away as a result of a tragic house fire on 7 January 1976, in Los Angeles County.

I think it is important to follow the dates carefully at this point.

Vivian Janov is 89 years old and was born on 11/28/1928. Currently, she lives in Los Angeles, CA Beverly Hills, CA.

Arthur Janov: From Wikipedia: Arthur Janov August 21, 1924 – October 1, 2017)  He was 4 years older than his wife.

 Janov earned his psychology Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate School and had worked as a conventional psychologist for 17 years when he hit on the basis for primal therapy. This initial discovery by means of a patient “Releasing” took place in 1965, by his own writing. He began trying the triggers to others.

paxvet Published on Mar 13, 2012

Janov refined the technique, then shut down his regular practice in 1968 and staked everything on helping patients relive their early childhood traumas.

The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit (1968)  filmed in 67 maybe

Notable actors: Dean Jones,     Kurt Russell     Morey Amsterdam   (from Dick Van Dyke)   . . . And Ellen Janov in a fairly prominent role in that movie.

It is interesting that Both Arthur's new career starts in the same year that his daughter was discovered and given a recording contract with Capitol Records, likely near to 1967 and gets discovered by Disney executives with a substantial role in a Disney Movie the same year or close. The movie was released in 1968. This was meteoric rise, practically overnight. Dr. Janov would soon experience his own fame when his book, "The Primal Scream" hit the stands in 1970, 2 years after the Disney Movie release.

After the Movie, Ellen "attended Rexford High School in Beverly Hills in 1969, and probably graduated in 1970." (T1>> 71 if she graduated at 18<<). Perhaps she graduated early. It's never said anywhere what she did after the movie. All is quiet. Too quiet, really. Why did she stop acting/singing? And when?  She becomes a Primal Therapist with mom and dad, but no date for this, either. She graduates in 70 or 71.

My guess is that she stopped acting soon after the movie release. there is no other movie or TV roles showing according to

No more record releases, either. It was very abrupt. I say it was soon after, for what she experienced after, was likely being passed around in  Hollywood as most who get big breaks end up having to do. Did she make a deal with the devil, thru The movie executives? Of did someone else make a deal with the devil? Ellen was:

Ellie Janov - Portobello Road

"Ellie Janov - Portobello Road (Capitol 1967) 14-year old daughter of Dr Arthur Janov ("Primal Scream") turns out mighty fine slice ..."

I discovered this when i heard Rodney Bingenheimer play it earlier this century. A guy used to have a website about her but now i don't see it. This is from 1967, a single on the Capitol label, she was about 14 when she recorded it. Written by Cat Stevens & Kim Fowley, it's the B-side of Cat's very 1st single. Here's some pics of her taken the year she recorded this:

If she was 14 in 67, then that was when she began the movie, which was then released in 68 when she 15. Her parents had to approve her contracts. Were any deals made. The problem is that most who deal with Hollywood do not realize how treacherous and ruthless that industry is. Many sell their kids without realizing what those kids will go thru. Some don't even want to know. Did Ellen make any deals?

We have no way of knowing, but it seems to me that she goes back to school and becomes a therapist after graduation, perhaps. From 70-71 we next get the the following news:

She passed away as a result of a tragic house fire on 7 January 1976, in Los Angeles County, California. So within 6 years of graduation, she is dead in a house fire we nothing about. I tried to get public library to see it a library in LA would be able to search LA Times papers to find out the cause of the fire. No luck. Not even a "can't do it." Total silence. I have had difficulty obtaining "sensitive" subjects. I got a hold of a psychological study of children testifying and child consent (or not). Big guide lines for courts and lawyers from a legal journal. I'll be publishing it after I get resettled during my moving.

My gut suspicion is that Ellen backed out of an agreement to the "monsters" of Hollywood, who if she or her parents had backed out, would likely have "sacrificed her" for backing out on a deal. Nobody backs out of a deal in Hollywood. Its either prison or death.

Having approached the Primal Institute that Vivian runs, and get ignored, and Arthur now dead, No is likely to talk. She has a old brother, Rick, who remains with Vivian's Primal Institute. Further, were they to squeal, they might turn up dead, too. So I saw no point in trying to talk to anyone.

Maybe someone in California will be able to search for info on how the fire started. But I do not believe her death was an accident. No one leaves after the big sudden rise she had. something went wrong. In Hollywood, everything is wrong. Its Satan's favorite handout, although he makes trips to the east coast in Washington D.C. And don't forget his world tours, either.

The Movie

The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit  1968


Take a good look at this picture! Ellen in the Middle as the Big feature as it looks to me. And it was her 1st picture. That is quite the lucky break, if it had no strings attached. But there are always strings attached.


Ellen Below The poor kid had no idea what she was in for.


Next are photos promoting her singing career and perhaps some modeling, too. She looks older (much taller) below right




It was not right what was done to this girl. Satan is an asshole. So are the Hollywood Moguls. Her death must be avenged and exposed. My condolences to her brother. I don't know who was responsible for her her contracts and agreements, but the two were married, so assuming both is reasonable. I am always open to communication, if anyone wants to set anything straight. I reserve the right to form my own opinions along with any suggestions that might come forth, though I doubt any will.  No one wants to talk about these kinds of things.

New info, supposedly, on JonBenet, according to the National Enquirer. I saw it today buying some groceries. This since I started suggesting in the last few weeks that John and Patsy did it at the orders of Satan. She was sacrificed by her parents. Satan is a sick psychopath who loves to cause even his most loyal followers in credible pain and grief, because Satan hates all humans. He offers benefits but then exacts a very heavy toll for what he offers. He is an SOB of the highest order.

Note Proverbs 10: 22, first from NKJV:

22  The blessing of the LORD makes one rich, And He adds no sorrow with it.
I like Young's use of God's name in his literal translation:

22  The blessing of Jehovah — it maketh rich, And He addeth no grief with it.

Jehovah blesses and he does not add grief to it, or tricks or lies or witholding things from humans. He does not reward only to make one regret having gotten that reward. That is for the treacherous Satan to do.

I believe many things have happened in the past, that we did not recognize, then. We were too naive and innocent. But with all that has come out in recent years, we need to frequently revisit those former years with a far greater Scrutiny. two such cases that will show what I refer to, are the Murder of Jon Benet and the, says I, sacrifice of Elizabeth Smart who was then replaced by substitute. And more cases like Ellen Janov. There is a deep dark past and it needs to be exposed.

Truth1 (won) out!

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