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A Few Brief Updates

Also: Abe & Ella Separated?

It's funny how driving up and down a 20 mile highway and solitary working and moving, too, give you lots of time to reflect. Its been 6 days since my last article on the unfortunate demise of a girl too young and unaware of what she and her parents (I assume) were getting into with Hollywood and Disney. Disney ( the Corporate Disney ) had a halo and angels' wings made for it. The pervading spirit and authority of the Establishment or Status quo, if you prefer, Make Disney the equivalent of America and beautiful, with baseball and apple pie and everything wholesome and good. And NOTHING could be further from the TRUTH.

Disney began in California, as did Hollywood, perhaps by the turn of the 19th century or early 1900's. But between Disney and Hollywood, to say nothing of the music industry, became a full branch of the US Military. I am talking joined at the hip Siamese twins. It was the perfect recipe for cravings and desires, enticements, corruption, lust, treachery and so much more. And Certainly wealth and Blackmailing. The CIA's home away from home (Langley, Virginia) became California, especially in the south. The CIA had so many things going on and the environment that developed was absolutely toxic.

I know I have referred to Bob Hope previously in HX#21. Bob Hope was like the Jimmy Savile of the BBC and British Royalty connections. Only Bob was much bigger and more important. Bob worked for the CIA's most important operation of blackmail operations with parties Bob hosted for various prospects to blackmail with Prostitutes, children or what ever you wanted. Bob rented and sold mind control slaves to various bidders, who were allowed to use these programmed slaves when the CIA was not using them. Of course, there were limits. The investment making a mind control slave in money and time (years) means no one better mess up the CIA's investment

Let me put it this way. When Bob died, he did so with 2 billion dollars to his name. That is huge, by any measure. So it is quite evident to me that someone was impressed enough with Bob's service that they help him obtain an amazing amount of money. As I see it, Bob was a Member of the CIA, especially since he was the coordinator of many of mind control slaves. His Hollywood career was the cover for what he really did, and the same for Disney, Where Disney Land and later, the even bigger Disney World, were full of accommodations to the CIA and mind control programming.

And really, the whole world is a lot like Disney in that while powers and authorities Praise the "saintly" Disney, the paragon of virtue and benevolence, the reality is that kids are raped, tortured, prostituted, programmed and used to further the causes of evil. Everything about our world is a lie and a pretext.

Fritz Springmeier has written extensively on the history of Walt Disney and the Corporation that grew from that. His 2 books on Mind Control Programming, both cover Disney well. I might try to find links and post them, eventually.

It is amazing how desireable the celebrity status and recognition is to so many and how they react to it. Satan plies his wares well, using them against our delicate vulnerable nature.

My Exodus Project

I thought about my direction in writing, wanting badly, to get into the Exodus of the Bible and the astonishing amount of real physical evidence for it that has turned up in more recent years.

I started my research and investigation in earnest in 1990. I came up with a lot. But that said, what has come along since, to this date, 2018, is far more and staggering. But they are missing a lot, too. But there are some very good youtube channels exposing the frauds of academia and Egyptologists of the past. More excavations have been done since I was investigating in the 90s. And its all been put in video form, and pictorial form as well. So much more available than before. So this is where my heart kind of lingers on. If you saw HX#31, on Magicians, where I did a comparison of the 4 sarcophagi (supposedly) of King Tut, I suggested they had been intended for Amenhotep IV, who changed his name to Akhenaten, supposedly.

I started writing Religious articles on Doctrine, Bible Philosophy and Psychology, Prophecy and much more. So the Exodus remained on the "shelf" for the right time to come. I think it is now. Another on the shelf project would be a careful analysis of the Eusebius Chronicles, which are accountings of nations and rulers and their time lines, and see if there might not be more agreement with these and the bible accounting, which is the most thorough of any in existence, due to the fact that I think God/Moses/Israel invented the alphabet form of writing and recording as well as the medium of Sheep's vellum parchment, as well as papyrus used in Alexandria and Greece and around.

On my sister site:

 There many more surprises in store on this strange period in time, that the Bible indicates happened in 1500 BC but Academia says 1352 BC. So I want to give this more focus and it will diminish, but not eliminate, coverage on HX Watch. So there might be some changes. New news that is news worthy will certainly get my attention. To that end . . .

Abe and Ella separated?

HX on Oct. 26, 2018, wondered and speculated about the couple, and weather they have split or not. Its funny, because I had wondered about that, back when they were interviewed in separate locations it was said. And then Ella was interviewed alone with Sophia Smallstorm as well as SGT Report and then Nathan Stupidman, aka LTV. I have little to add to HX speculation other then I think they are likely right.

Its the never ending saga of the 2 kids and all the continual aftermath. Abe may end up Irrelevant in the end. He was a necessary element in getting the kids to tell what was really going on. The kids had problems dating way back, long before Abe came along. Neither Ella or Abe had the skills needed to guide the case well. That is not a criticism on my part, but just a fact. In fact, I don't know anyone that would have been prepared for that. It thought Sabine was a much better representative for the case as she was of sound and careful words. She had restraint, a bit like Belinda. And I respect Belinda for that, even if I believe that she is not quite who she presents herself to be. But she behaves respectable, and measures her words carefully. She has a lot of skill as a sort of diplomat. Nothing wrong with that.

Ultimately, God will have to be the one to guide this to a proper conclusion, whatever conclusion God decides for it. God has everything well in hand.

I see my work load as remaining heavy but I hope to get a few things in, just the same. I'm sure HX will not be upset with my temporary slow down. If HX wants to see more of me ( I would not recommend that), then it will be up to them to give me good fodder to pick at. And maybe I'll work in the Fritz links on Walt Disney and the corporation that carried on. Again, I would suggest that Disney might very well be a CIA front or at least and very close asset to them. Also this is #48. #50 could happen at any time, after #49 of course.

Till then, Truth1 out!

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