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Satanists & Serial Killers

  Well, well, well, its the night before Halloween and the last few days were interesting while I was working. I had the TV turned on to the justice network over the last 3 or 4 days. WOW!

A woman in Macon County, Georgia, ended up poisoning 4 people in a family, over time. This was in 1958. She practiced Voodoo. She poisoned with arsenic. Bodies were exhumed to prove it was poison and not disease. She was quite confident that she was going to get off. Now why would she think that? She was not big deal in the community. But she was convicted and sentenced to death by Electric chair. She was stunned.

But not to Worry. Satan looks after his own. The governor had her declared insane and put in a mental facility. So the Governor was sympathetic to Satanic murderers. Not a surprise. All politician have to serve Satan in one way or another. How bout that? Membership has its privileges, eh?

Just today (the 29th), A serial killer was loose in Australia in the 80s. I did not get the exact time. Young people were flocking to the Aussies to hike the outback wilderness. But many were disappearing. Eventually some remains were found. A family of weirdoes lived along the highway that many were hiking. As remains were discovered and with some lucky breaks like a buy who been attacked and was going to be shot and fought and got away and went to police. They were not on to that, at the time, early in the events. But this guy killing kept coming up as not being at work when disappearances were happening.

Police were having problems finding enough against the killer as far as actions or evidence on remains. They did have a particular 22 cal. bullet typically used. They decided there would be a good probability that the killer would keep souvenirs of his victims. They knew from evidence all over the world that serial killers get quite the high doing what they do and they celebrate it and relive it thru mementos. Some even revisit murder sites and relive their "fond" memories.

So the police got warrants and formed teams that got other police agencies to help, by searching all the family to disguise that the real guy was the suspect, exclusively. They subdued him and search the house carefully and sure enough, souvenirs and momentos. more evidence was reexamined from the past and photos showed hikers and their equipment that turned up at the killer's place. It was about a hour later and it suddenly hit me.

Abe, Ella, and the Kids in Retrospect.

Satanists are killers, over and over and over again with their sacrifices. Murder is the real term. Alisa and Gabriel mentioned the many babies imported and killed, and eaten. And what else? They reveled in their fierce sacrifices and saved momentos of their deeds that they were to proud of. I am talking about the baby skulls.

Now in the last 4 days or so, EC has been suggesting on HX, that those 2 scheming diabolical people (Abe/Ella) can be seen in Jean Clements recordings that they planned and orchestrated the whole supposed fraud.

I know! I laugh my @$$ off just thinking how absurd the twisted reasoning of EC is. He is desperate.

but lets be clear here. No one has ever made a link between Satanic sacrifices and serial killing but they are identical. And they delight and revel in what they do. Such nice people!
I have recently purchased Dave McGowan's book, "

Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder

." I have not read it, yet, but in the book, he points out the many serial killers and other violent killers confessed to Satan/Devil worship or other similar "religions," that prosecutors hide these associations. Gee! I wonder why? You see, its not just governors. Prosecutors and District attorneys and many police also help in cover-ups.

JonBenet's  murder was covered up by a smooth DA and divisions among police. Its very difficult to get justice when Satan, the ruler of this world by the permission/agreement with God to try and prove bad motives on God's part.

So let it be said here that as far as I am concerned, though exonerated by a UK family court, when it should have been in criminal court, that the court in question was covering for a brutal cult that practiced murder as a major part of their "religion." not to mention whole sale rape and forced prostitution. For that matter, some allege Royalty doing the very same. This is not laughing matter.

Now neither Abe or Ella ever made this sort of charge that I make above, because they had not thought of it. They knew almost nothing of what they had stumbled on to, thru the kids. Had they been looking for angles to get the kids or make money, they missed this. I would say the only good explanation is that Abe and Ella were 100% legit. They had to remind the kids of what to bring up, as the kids were not as focused. But upon being asked or reminded, the kids could handle it from there, quite well.

And lets be real clear about this. There is not a shred sold tangible evidence that That A & E ever made up anything or plotted anything other than trying to keep Ella's kids. Its that simple. More obvious are the many cover-ups carried out by police and the courts.

But HX does nothing but trying to cause doubt and spread lies in hopes of fooling someone. But as tends to apparent, all the lies in the world are not stopping this case. Just last night I read a small amount of the Book in JonBenet's murder that the DA released some misleading information to see if anyone cared about the case any more. Responses seemed to indicate that after 2 years, few noticed or cared any more.

The Hampstead case of Feb, 2015? its still going strong in late 2018, nearly 4 years now. JonBenet was easy to cover up by comparison. There was a lot less to go on, although the truth is that all the evidence that does exist, convinced most Americans that the parents did it. But the legal system buried it all in legal circles, though the public knows the truth. Eventually, I write about the JonBenet case. It is remarkable.

EC and all those trying to keep Hampstead buried, its not looking good for you. You might get away with it, but my hunch says you won't.

All things must be exposed, according to God's will, again, as part of that early agreement tween God and Satan.

 Truth won out! . . . Again!

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