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Cults & Orgies . . . And an update

  Ah, it is the big #50 for Truth1's Hoaxtead Watch Blog, which you could call and SRA blog, too. I was watching Star Trek Next Generation a week ago, while denied my computer in the moving process. Some Crew members were sent down to a planet where everyone was fit and beautiful and no sexual restraints at all. In this aspect, it reminded me of what Alisa and Gabriel spoke about "everyone doing it to everyone."

To be fair to the cult, orgies and wife swapping and for some, sharing their children with each other, too, when sex is not restrained, you pretty much end up with no boundaries at all. One Amazon tribe I saw on NatGeo maybe like 2004, allowed more than one wife, but did not do it since resources were scarce. Another tribe, shared wives and kept those the children born to the wife.

It seems to be me that if one is to have an open society of no jealousy and prevent jealousy of some not being desireable, then voluntary or forced rotation of sharing with all, does seem fair. But then, this is ignoring a lot.

That is always ends up preying in the children is wrong. I did not see it on NatGeo, but among cults, its standard and mandatory, as it also is with Mind control families, who also revere Satan.

The Dangers

The problem I have is that while Star Trek made it all look so nice, that is not the real reality. In any group of people, the Majority are unstable and capable of extremes and crime. I have many written many articles on Sex, since it is such a problem. Sexual Topics Page  @ Truth1

With Humans being so unstable, and childhood so extremely important a growth and nurturing stage, a consistent stable set of parents is essential, and yet the essential is rare. A child will naturally change in personality and body at the time we call puberty. It does not need help but is also does not deserve to persecuted and denied in its urges. In our screwed up society, to mess with a teen is considered barbaric according to our superficial laws. But in secret, many partake of such "forbidden fruit."

The real problem of free sex in a society, especially in a fairly dense population and mixed cultures, you end up with lots of chaos and disorder. Sex is very much a drug that delivers a potent high. The result is that sex preoccupies much of their time and raises hell with their behavior. They are very unstable.

Societies do not last long when moral boundaries break down. Family units are the first to suffer. Either populations dwindle, and become vulnerable to attacking armies, and productivity suffers, including food production, and all social boundaries tend to suffer, and eventually, another nation attacks and puts the sex addicted society out of its misery or it dies of starvation and famine.

And this brings us to Hampstead, again. RD sought a relationship with a non-cult member. The problem there was that he had 2 children with her and was doing all kinds of things to them at their school, he being the alleged cult leader of a group controlling all or nearly so so the what we would call public schools in the USA, in the Hampstead area and the cults was importing babies for sacrifice.

The end result was the intense exposure of many alleged atrocities, all of which I believe. RD got careless as sex tends to take over good judgment and make on prone to taking changes, too much and too often. You can't stop it. Of course, if it comes down to authorities wanting to "sacrifice" RD in some way as to blame and punishment, to take one for the team and cause, then RD will be made the scapegoat, possibly. But the truth is that any man or women is bound to get in trouble when sex rules their lives and impulses and choices. Society can not function that way and neither can cults.

But if blame is to be served, it will not be RD that deserves primary blame, though he is the alleged cult boss of very high standing as I would see it, anyone is bound to have problems when sex controls their brains.

My View

Life is meant to be a variety varying activities that are carried out in a balanced way. Sex brings people to marry. The sex is great, but only for an hour maybe. And with several kids in tow, and with pregnancy being a very frequent occurrence, and children needing lots of attention, sex is apt to be rather scarce at times. Of course, the world God (Jehovah) intended was an easy one of abundant food without hard work.

But all our various activities are to be carried in a balanced way. Focusing on getting laid all the time by every good looking thing we see, is not the way to carry on a good life of stability and longevity.

Idealist have long sough to present sex as something harmless and good. But without the boundaries set up by God, that focus on what is best for the children (* Note: post pubescent so-called "children" are NOT Children.) God gave you all the signs that they were and are now ready to breed, and the sooner the better, as sexual desire is not going to be held off for very long.

But we are a fallen messed up species, lost and with not clue as to what is in our best interests. But God knows. He made us and knows what we need.

My Upcoming Plans

I have nearly finished A great book on the Murder of JonBenet Ramsey, covered widely in tabloids in the USA and and around the world for at least 2 years. What I  have uncovered is unbelieveable. My dream come true. In extreme detail are shown exactly who and how carry out a coverup of a Satanic Sacrifice. And a way to cover it has come to me as well. I will be putting up Key parts of the case, to show there never was any other legitimate suspects other than the Ramsey family. Yet some in politics insisted on an intruder when there was zero evidence for it.

A story that needs to be told and known and understood. How to cover up a Satanic operation in detail. Then you, too, can try your hand at it, if you are in a cult and need help.

The Time frame is hard to give. My moving and work has brought challenges and strain, but it will slowly recover and I will publish various stages of the coverup. This way will let people pick and choose what to read or not and in small doses that do not intimidate and scare people away due to size. I will try to condense as well.

And I still want to get to the #Exodus and the very real evidence supporting it as the real event it really was/is.

Truth1 Out!

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