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"EC" Struggles with Satanic Panic

  Based on recent HX article: "How to stop the satanic panic"  Nov. 18, 2018


EC kept the article to a modest size so as to not lose his audience. Kudos to that aspect. But otherwise, he ignores the Dinosaur in the living room.

The article was nothing more than further denial of the psycho-somatic fundamentals that were getting more attention in the 70s, before the so-called “Satanic Panic. In fact, psycho-somatic fundamentals go back farther, long before the falsely called Satanic Panic came along in the 80s. I provide a modest list from Amazon of books dealing with Psycho-Somatics a little later.

Psycho (Psyche) referring to the mind and Somatic referring to the body (Soma) from the Greek language. it has been well recognized by now how much the mind and body affect each other. In particular, how the traumas (often not recognized as such in the past) in the mind, as well as lesser "mind injuries" affect the body, often producing what appear to be physical problems, which they are, but the problems are actually caused by the mind, and not the body or a physical cause. Too many times throughout the ages, the occasional physician would recognize mental causes for physical ailments.

This is fundamental aspect of the human being. Hurt feelings and cruel harsh treatment could easily be called mental injuries or perhaps more accurately as feeling injuries or emotional injuries and their affect can be deadly over a period of time, affecting health, longevity, and social interactions that could lead to isolation and rejection or turning to crime, or neglecting one's self, or abusing one's self, if not resorting to suicide.

EC is determined to try and deny the very obvious and impossible to ignore psycho-somatic nature of the human being. It is as I said at the beginning, like ignoring a Dinosaur in the living room. Its a total rejection and denial of reality. A clear form of intellectual psychosis. EC has gone off his rocker.

What EC Really Fears!

EC and all Satanists, Cultists, extreme abusers of all types and shades, are terrified that the human mind records everything and is capable of playing it all back if the sub-conscious feels safe enough in the current environment he is in, and feels supported, then he has the ability and potential to start experiencing what happened in the past. As a general rule, the most recent injuries and traumas come out first and then work backward in to the patient's past. This means that a surviving victim could end up revealing many things that happened, that were assumed to be buried and beyond recovery.

This reverse process is handled completely by the instinct/sub-conscious. No one can force anything. The instinct is built into our DNA. Its the way we work. The only influence a loved one, or a friend, or a therapist can have, is making the "patient" feel safe, accepted, supported, and capable. The instinct takes care of everything else be programs that were part of our "inherited as a species" DNA. There is nothing manufactured except the evil creators and promoters of the False Memory Foundation and its fictional False Memory Syndrome.

In fact, the absolute truth is that it was the discovery of secret government mind control programmers in the 1980s that this could happen as mind control slaves' minds began to break down and memories started to leak out and expose their past abuse right back to infancy. So Henry Kissinger, who made important use of mind slaves like Brice Taylor and ran much of the mind control operations that were major CIA governmental assets. Bob Hope was also a big player in this field.

So EC is not alone in his fears. The CIA sponsored and funded a group to create the False Memory Foundation in response. The entire goal of FMS is to deny that traumatic memories are recorded and can be recovered, or more appropriately described as the subconscious finally allowing the intellectual consciousness/reason to finally be allowed to experience what the sub-conscious withheld from the mind because it was too much to process and deal with. Too much for a young vulnerable mind or just too horrific for an adult mind.

So EC, the CIA, and legions of Satan Worshippers are terrified to death that this might get better known the common people.

But lets be clear here. No matter how much EC denies recorded traumas, they still exist and literally, at least a few million people have experienced the recovery of former experiences hidden from them by their own instinctive protective minds.

The Amazon List

The following were obtain from Amazon by me a night or so ago. They did not start in the 80s, but much earlier.

Sex and Psycho-Somatology: A Study of the Various Aspects of the Relation of Psycho-Somatic Medicine to Sexuality and Sexual Disorders, Including Important Endocrine Data

1947      by D. O. Cauldwell      Paperback        $10.00(1 used & new offers)       

Truth1: this was from 1947. Likely aided by mentally wounded soldiers that came back from WWII. Think how many soldiers the USA Veterans Administrations have had to deal with from then and thru the Korean and Viet Nam wars as well as more recent ones. This is not a 1980s panic. It is long verified result of a few thousand years of wars and/or sexual dysfuntion. But Dinosaurs are far from extinct in the Mind of EC and all his buddies around the world, united in their devotion to Satan, in my opinion.


1959       by Edward Griffith           $6.18(1 used & new offers)    Truth1: 1959 here. Got another 21 years before The McMartin scandal would come along.

Ridding Yourself of Psycho-Somatic Health-Wreckers

1967       by Alfred J. Cantor           Hardcover           $6.74  (5 used & new offers)

This one looks interesting to me. I might have to look into it. It recognizes, I would say, that he either indicates phony doctors and psychiatrists or recognizing that mental and psychological abuse will or can literally wreck your health and even lead to early premature death.



Hardcover           $7.19(2 used & new offers)

Put another way, how to treat psycho somatic injuries.

I bring this one up because my mother was big on this in the mid 70s, say 1974 on.

Psycho-Cybernetics: A New Technique for Using Your Subconscious Power

1970      by Maxwell Maltz        Paperback      $33.28

The idea of it was, among other things, that we could overcome many of our obstacles by choosing to see it in a different way. It's a matter of perception and outlook. My mother shared with a woman who was an older sister of a friend of my brother and mine, he much young than his oldest brother and sister. Her admission was that she was little put off at first. I remember the encounter was with reluctance. But she read it anyway and low and behold, She was swept off her feet by it. She was crippled. She walked with crutches and was generally depressed and sullen . . . well, until the book. She ended up getting noticed by her doctors and nurse and others and ended in the Portland Maine paper and maybe even the local evening news.

The idea of cybernetics, devices that help people with defects to live more normally and independently, was that our minds could set us free in a way that liberated the entire person and their outlook, regardless of handicaps and disabilities.   This concludes this section.

EC's ID Indicated!

EC's obsession with the denial of recovered memories and the vast amount of testimony by children into the many thousands, often in court as matter of public record, and "libraries" of info provided by former MK slaves like Brice Taylor and Kathleen and many other sources, that EC appears irrational and if not experiencing a bad case of psychosis (bull goose looney, says Ken Kesey). What really scares EC is the remote possibility (in theory) that Alisa might ever be enabled to recover what was done to her when the children were taken by police and social services at the end of the 2nd police interview. He wakes up from a nightmare, sweating profusely because of the possibility.

It is my firm conviction, based on the police interviews, especially the 3rd one, that Alisa suffered a horrendous, extremely abusive rape at the hands of more then one person and one person in particular, too. I am basing this on non-verbal communication of Alisa and her extreme mood swings and behavior that in no way resembles any behavior of hers in the 1st two interviews with police.

Now, someone of intelligence and perspective, might find better tings to focus on, than the existence or not, of Recovered Memories, Dissociation, and similar, that have long been demonstrated and proved. The CIA and FMS Promoting FMFS are beating a dead horse while standing at the back of Titanic's stern, waiting to take her trip to the bottom of the sea.

What this all indicates to me that EC could only be RD. No one else would be so scared and fighting in vain to persuade anyone intelligent that FMS is real and Dissociation and recovered Memories are fairy tales. In fact, he looks very silly arguing this all the time. So don't let EC kid you that EC is another in London or Hampstead or is Karen Irving or some other crap.

Next Subject I will be presenting. I'm still reorganizing after moving and still wrapping up some work details. But I should be able to squeeze in more time now, though not nearly as much as the 1st 50 blogs I did. Now in an effort to show everyone in simple, yet thorough detail, from Brice Taylor's book, "Thanks for the Memories," 7 pages that really show in easy to see language, the whole scope of Dissociation and Programming fundamentals. EC will never be able to legitimately deny or refute even one single aspect of anything dealing with this subject. I will present it in several Blog posts, because of my commentary weaved into it as well. This may also be important because JonBenet may have been programmed to some degree. Parents who belong to the CIA programming network always have a big part in programming, including many rapes and tortures and passing their kids around, too.

And I am very near to publishing some big stuff on her soon.   Time has come! You'll love this song link:  Judgment must be served!  This JonBenet case is going to push the doors wide open. The Flood Gates of heaven will be ripped open. Grab a rain coat and get yourself a good boat!

 Truth1 Out!

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