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The 1980's Showdown        A call to arms!

  Paganism/Satanism has been around since the beginning of mankind. In fact, its always been popular, common, wide spread, and with enthusiasm. The world had been given over to Satan by Jehovah, the father and God of everyone living thru Adam. But Satan temporarily interrupted his plan in order to corrupt and control and mislead Christians thru their own self-corrupted religion.

But Satan is back on track now. And He seeks to show how utterly pathetic, says he, that God's human creation is; saying this without allowing humans to gain knowledge and instruction before hand. A tactical move, but one that required, that he be able to turn every man away from God. It's the "Every last human" that fouled Satan up. Satan has led away, as best as I can tell, near to 99% of mankind.

It seems impressive until you consider that the 1% or whatever it may be, were royally persecuted from cradle to grave. And now the time has arrived when both sides of the dispute are bring together the forces to force all human being to choose either Jehovah or Satan.

Satan has no respect for human beings and belittles the resistance of a few, saying "they are not perfect." But God knows that. He does not require perfection, and only insists on some important Basics to qualify for either a resurrection or escape death entirely at the Day of Judgment not far away anymore.

So the 1980s were the start for both sides to bring about a showdown between Satan worshippers practicing in secret for some time now, in various degrees of subtlety or boldness at times. The Deal was that they would have to come out into the open, into the light of day. On the other hand, Humanity had to show, as individuals whether they choose God or the Devil. Satan wants to show how pathetic most humans have been, and to this I offer no argument. They are disgusting and stupid beyond belief. Satan already lost the Big Battle in 33 AD, when Jesus could not be broken according agreed upon limits. These agreements were made before anything got started. Terms accepted, the battle of Truth vs. Lies began and was lost to Jesus, fully enduring, without compromise, to his horrific suffering and death.

Hence in the 80s, we saw the appearance of a number of pre-school and day care centers and even babysitting at churches or where ever. Most of these strike me as being quite bold and daring. I think this was required of them, with assurances, possibly, that they would be treated well in prison and not be there long. So between Mind control slaves and systemic nationwide child abuse and exploitation, we have the signs of a war on our kids and on general morality and decency.

Now its our turn from the 80s onward as things get exposed on all sides.

The 1980s brought 2 very special things, slowly to light.

Mind control programming, a practice that is way beyond outrageous and excelling in cruelty beyond any other measure, and thought to be airtight security that could never be broken, started to break down and leak and expose memories of everything that ever went into MK Ultra programming. George Bush wanted to do Brice Taylor in when she started to break down and leak and testify. Near to this time of the early or mid 80s, Kathleen Sullivan was also going the same. Henry Kissinger, no doubt with big backing, would not like George take out Brice Taylor. She may have had God's protection as well, and same for Kathleen. That is my opinion. Many MK slaves were starting to break down. Some slaves were killed off.

But a bigger thing happened. Henry said they need to figure out how to best overcome the multitude of slaves that would soon be flooding psyche wards all across the country and the world. By about1990, they had techniques that became known as False Memory Syndrome Foundation. Never before recognized, unlike Dr. Janov who (re)discovered what is probably most commonly called Recovered Memory therapy, though Janov called his, that he claimed exclusive and exceptional abilities in: Primal Therapy and and the recovered memories as Primal Pain. Freud had discovered it in his day, too, but was urged to renounce it and go in another direction.

There had been recognitions at times that body ailments could have emotional causes and trauma. Certainly in Military situations, but clinical, too, as in early Freud.

Just recent, EC of HX brought up the psycho-somatic concept and name, whereby its suggested that many physical ailments can only be cured by healing psychological damage. Of course, EC denied such a concept.

Despite incredible opposition to therapists all across the country and world, who try to help leaking mind control victims breaking down. Many therapists were unjustly accused and last their licenses and endured threats and attempts to harm them and their patients. Were these truth just false memories that could not be verified, there would be no need to harass and intimidate MK victims and their therapists.

So what we have at our time, is a dispute over whether Mind control programming and brainwashed slaves exist and if memories are real and how to sabotage anyone trying to recover and heal. At stake is the credibility of all psychiatry and psychology as well.

Now lets be clear. This is a losing battle to some degree. Just as God knew he as get people to go His way, He is not expecting a great waking up of the world to MK Ultra and MK slaves and all the horrific Satanic Ritual abuse that goes into an MK slave. This whole practice was no doubt revealed by Satan to his followers, according to agreements in boundaries, between him and Jehovah. Satan controls all the world and that means all nations answer to him and dare not refuse him in the slightest. No nation would dare raise a war against another without Satan's approval. You can damn well take that one to the bank and deposit it!

The Foundation Now Laid

Having established the Basics as they are, for all to be clear on, my next blog will be on the details of how programming works, but also, in words, terms, concepts and ideas that we can all easily grasp, so that no one need doubt the fundamentals of human psychology that are abused in Mind Control Programming. And none have done a better job at this than Brice Taylor and Kathleen Sullivan. In all this field and arena, they are the 2 outstanding witnesses to the horror, yet realities, of Trauma/torture based Mind Control programming.

I have already done one on hypnosis, that includes magicians and their influences.

Over the next few articles, based on a mere seven pages that are in the beginning of Brice Taylor's book, in what would be called the Preface, she addresses, using other therapists as well, why Mind Control works and how it is done, that we understand its not so way out and impossible a thing, but something very common to many, such as children who suffered chronic incest throughout their childhood. Or a soldier coming back from a horrific war with lots battlefield exposure.

EC is determined to make light of all this. Where it will all end, who knows. but I suspect a showdown of some kind, in a battle of ideas and concepts.

So I conclude this foundation setup with the page labeled in Roman numerals in Brice's preface as page XXV (page 15) at the end of it, as the proper start to what will follow in the pieces of the preface of Brice Taylor's Gold Mine, State of the art, book on the most important issue in our day, confronting us all in our world here in the last dying days of humanity. This is just the very last paragraph from page 15 below.

Brice Taylor - Thanks for the Memories page XXV (15)  >>>Truth1: Dr. Green is called a programming alter and credited with the following text. CIA programmers has names and some names have been passed on, either indicating an honor that was bestowed on another programmer, previously, or his position or duties his predecessor had, as some specialized in specific aspects of programming. Many of these programmers did not use their real names, but adopted last names as a color. Green, Black, and Blue were names I have come across. Kathleen related some these. Some of these "doctors" were very famous/notorious. Heinrich Muller was one of them as was Joseph Mengele, and others, too. The credit was given in the statement below, in the manner I have described, possibly. What follows is what I call, a Call to arms and a War Cry.


"If people truly want to combat this phenomenon,

it must be brought out into the public; it must be brought out into the light of day,

and it must be done so very publicly so as to protect the people coming forth.

It cannot be combated just on a national level, because it is international in nature.

Governments work in collusion with other governments throughout the world;

people who want power work in collusion with others;

they use each other to gain social, economic and political power."

-Dr. Green (a programming alter)

>>>Truth1: As you can see, the author of the above recognizes this is a world wide problem involving everyone. The battle is not ours, nor is the victory. Both belong to God and His appointed King/Agent/Son, Jesus. But any who seek to please God and His son, must share in sounding the warning from the city walls and watchtowers.

The next installment will also be from the preface, starting from its beginning, unlike the above at page 15. And as things come up, those will be put in the cue as well. Work is still unpredictable, but I'll do my best.

Truth1 Out!

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