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   Truth is my business!            Hoaxtead Watch No. #53

The Hoaxtead Follies

Truth1 likes to have fun as much as anyone. And my recent discovery of:    Broken down as: London has a secret

I was nothing but joyful and exuberant for Tom. What a great line and idea. All London, and all that could possible mean, it in on the Hampstead Coverup. And Hoaxtead has been getting all the credit. That has to stop. Lets put the blame where it really belongs. I think Tom is doing a wonderful job. I have never been happier. So I simply must celebrate in my own little way. Tell me what ya think, OK?

All aboard the HMS Hoaxtead cruise as we take you on a trip you will never forget . . .  no matter how much you try. We set sail for Never Never Land, being our first stop on this Magical Mystery/Forgery Tour. No refunds. No truth allowed on board this ship. We guarantee this! Nor can we guarantee exactly where this cruise is headed, but come along anyway. What could possibly go wrong, eh? And our Captain for this trip is none other than El Coyote (EC, Duh!) who sometimes feels feminine when trying to fake who he is. If you fall for it, that's you're problem. HX Cruises will not be responsible for the consequences of their deceptions and coverups.

And now EC and company will take us for a ride, only this ship is not going where HX thinks it is going. In fact, I think London might also be in for a surprise, too. I like surprises, don't you?

RD takes a non-cult woman cause he likes her tall stature and somewhat German/Russian mixture to me, and he does not worry about getting the kids when they start behaving very strange, knowing that he can get them at school. Who could have imagined it? Talk about Titanic arrogance. He filmed porn with them and all the schools did it. They prostituted the kids from all the schools or nearly all. Customers said nothing. Everyone was in on it! Local Hampstead residents were among the clientele that bought sex with the kids. Tavistock covered up what was bothering the 2 kids, Alisa and Gabriel Gareeva, called Dearman by the Family court, circumventing the real courts and their more rigorous procedures.

EC: London has assured us there is nothing they can not cover up. They have been doing it since 1066 AD if not a good deal further back. They own the cops, courts, lawyers, politicians, Newspapers, TV stations and channels. The Universities. We can not fail. We are more constant than the north star.

Skeptic: But what if this got loose outside of the UK? EC: It will never happen! Impossible! Skeptic: Yes, and the Titanic is unsinkable, right? EC: Of course! The Titanic was deliberately sunk. Skeptic: Yes, but the people on board did not know that was in the works. EC: who cares about the people. They are for us to tread on and do as we please, says da Kween. Got it?! And you know what Satan says, right?

S: Have we considered the internet and its fast spread of info to the world? EC: What are you so scared for? We got the whole net covered and compromised. You're not getting yellow, are ya, mate? S: Oh no! Not me! But did you notice that we are airborne?
EC: Nah! We are on solid ground! Everything is fine and dandy.

But EC, those videos are a first for this kind of thing. Rock solid proof. And these are not victims now in their 60s. These are young cherub faced, young, pleading, voices and faces. That has always been a powerful motivator. And then there are those medical records, some tests which have never shown up but are always taken. How do we explain it all? The police did nothing! No investigation. If it gets out, we are screwed. Not just we! This is going to hit the throne and all the UK and then spread to other nations. A possible raging forest fire all around the world!

EC: you know, Judas, you ought to be careful talking like that.
S: I only bring it up because I do not want it to happen, and yet, were this to ever get some meaningful publicity, all hell would break loose.  EC: ah, ha, ha, ha. The people wake up or care? Hell will freeze over, first.

S: Well, that does make sense. But what about those prophecies of everything being brought to light that was or had been kept in the dark and secret? EC: Have you suddenly become a Christian, S?
S: No, but this thing is starting to show cracks. Its outlasted JonBent, 4 years to 2. JonBenet had a lot going going for her. She was young, small, pretty, tugged on peoples' hearts. She was the feature in all the tabloids in the USA for 2 years solid. Hampstead is way bigger than JonBenet, by a long ways. And that damned Truth1 wants to resurrect the Jon Benet case, too. That's all we need. EC: You mean Dilly? Yeah, Dilly (Diligence Integrity on Youtube), but its his website I fear, not Youtube. The JonBenet case is hiding a lot of stuff. We are in a free fall and things are piling up.
EC: I am not afraid of JonBenet or Troofer1. S: But you said this Tom Dunn guy was too dumb to come out of the rain. But he seems to be gaining ground on us by the day. His ideas continue to take out chunks of our flesh. Know what I mean? We are bleeding, in case you have not noticed. He is only getting stronger.
S: Another thing that bothers me, EC. Your lies about memory recovery just don't hold water anymore with what Truth1 is putting out. Yeah, people will not notice, but then again, if more people start looking into all this, Its going to be obvious that you're no scientist and that we just putting out lies at every level. Even now, people think we are crying crocodile tears about being afraid, and hiding, taking down our facebook stuff, living in fear. Too many know that we fear nothing. We have all the protection of the police and courts, the press, the government and Intelligence services, too. It this gets out and around, we'll have zero credibility in our defense. The more exposure we get, the less we can hide or lie. Are you sure we are unsinkable and untouchable. It's not feeling like that anymore. Something does not feel right. And why are the floors now slanting down, anyway? Its like we were pointing down or something.


EC: Nonsense, S! Everything is calm on the water and we making good speed. You're getting downright paranoid. S: EC, how come I can't see the sky or stars any more? It seems awful dark out. Maybe we should pay a visit to the bridge. EC: S, you have got to calm down. Everything is fine. S: yeah, that is what they said about the Titanic, too. EC, but we are not on the Titanic. S: I know. I keep telling myself that. Further, I do not think making a martyr of Sabine is a good strategy. I think it could backfire on us. It only reinforces our cover-up. EC: Not if it does not get noticed outside of the UK. No one pays any attention to the UK. S: Never say never.

T1: EC and London and the UK have over extended themselves. It can only be a matter of time.


And congrats to Tom Dunn for the brilliant DNS address, aiming squarely at London and all that stands for. The movement's new blood and ideas. You have brought new life to the cause. Let the praise be to the Father and the son for sending more workers into the harvest. May He continue to do so.

Truth Won Out!

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