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Sabine, the Victim of the Corrupt UK

I was reading the HX accounting of the trial of day 13 and since 13 is favorite among Esoterics and Occultists, and since I was getting sick by this point, 12/6/2018 9:42:06 PM  EST, following this outrageous pathetic excuse for a Court and trial, well, as Popeye would have put it:

I've stood all I can stands and I can't stands no more. The gloves are OFF, and Someone's going to get an @$$ kicking!!

First of all, this case has never been anything but a disgraceful coverup by the most arrogant haughty and abusive nation and government on earth. There was never even the slightest attempt at an investigation, nor of any laws of the UK to begin to attempt to govern and administrate law and justice with anything but malice toward the people they govern, and to allow the greatest of atrocities to be carried out by all the elites of the UK, right up to the very top, and continue right into the realm of Satan. There is no legitimate law carried out in the UK. About the only thing that can be said is that the UK is not alone in these crime, and course of conduct. Pretty much every nation on earth does the very same, although I

think the UK does stand out among the rest of the nations. What has been going on at this trial is a thinly veiled, if not rather transparent assumption that a UK court is not capable of error or deliberate falsification of a trial and court, that care about justice. Nothing could be further from the truth. The only reason that Sabine said or did anything was because the court and various offices of investigation and enforcement of abomination that they call a family court, leading to exonerating all kinds of evil by many parties, that the very worst of atrocities were carried out on all citizens, but especially those most vulnerable to not being able to defend themselves, the babies and children and the many parents bereaved of their children. Every institution in the UK cooperated in this unspeakable evil, from businesses, the Media, politicians and more. There is no outlet or escape for any caught in its web. All become prey, who are not party to the conspiracy.

It is not Sabine, nor anyone else who has supported Alisa and Gabriel and their mother, Ella, that is a criminal. They were trying to defend the law on on the books, which has been ignored from its beginning, at least since 1066 AD.

The truth and reality is that none of those laws mean anything to those in power. And all the weak, the poor, the powerless, and those who might have something that the elite predators would like to prey on, exist, it would appear, to satisfy the many predators in power, that prey on these defenseless ones. These powerless, defense less ones all belong to God, the Father of us all, Jehovah by Name at least since 1209 AD by legitimate tradition and translation, to be received by that self same God and Father as legitimate; for it was the Father who created all nations, peoples, and languages, and respects anyone in any nation and language that approaches Him and seeks Him out. It is not the form of the written name He cares about, but the state of the heart and spirit of the one approaching Him.

The trial of Sabine is the manifestation of the pleading of the people of the UK to have those who rule over them, respect the laws an enforce them, for for these of power to stop preying upon their defenseless peoples. The people are crying out for mercy. I beg my Heavenly Father, in the name of His son, Jesus, that He might give attention to the abomination and height arrogance that offends His laws and devours the weak, the defenseless and powerless, in the UK, as evidenced by the Trial of Sabine and the whole of the conduct against Alisa and Gabriel and so many others in the UK.

I beg my Father that He might allow much more to come to light and expose the evil to the eyes of all, so that none may be unaware of the evil that has gone on in secret for so long.

Sabine is innocent of any wrong doing. She was trying her best, in my assessment, to defend those who had no other defense. This is what I want to come from this trial. Its not Sabine on Trial, it is the UK governing that is the real evil and that is on trial, for the world to see, if it dares to open its eyes for even a few seconds. This trial is yet more evidence of the the very same that so many children and bereaved parents have fallen prey to; in this case, more particularly, to Alisa and Gabriel, who represent the most documented case of evil that I have ever seen in existence. May Jehovah take notice!

May this trial end up being the demise of the UK and its arrogance and disregard for its own published laws and procedures.

What we have seen is the badgering and bullying of Sabine in this court so far. What a disgrace to the legitimate operation of law. I ask for mercy for Sabine, for her good intentions. While she is not, that I know, a consecrated baptized servant of My Lord, and Father, she was and is the voice of pleading and mercy for a most vile and wicked nation for which I, myself, have been prosecuting in God's behalf. Her soul and her well being are most important to me. For this, I ask. And as important, all who have suffered so much, so severely, for so long, in this most arrogant evil nation.

I grieve that so few have come to know about this case. May it be, that it become far more known, that Sabine's torment may end up being what leads to far more publicity.

Meanwhile, should Sabine renounce some or all of her actions, I will have nothing but understanding. Prison is not fit place for decent woman like her, who dared to care. Recall that the police made Alisa and Gabriel recant in the 3rd police interview, AFTER they had been taken prisoner, ultimately, by Satan, thru the police and social services. Note that they were taken into custody on 9/11 of 2014, 13 years after the NYC 911 Twin (two witnesses) Towers came down. It is Satan behind this, ultimately. But God is also in on this one. Do not doubt it!

So let the Trial go where ever it wants. That Sabine might renounce it all, just like the kids had to, does not change anything. The UK will soon find that out. God will not turn a blind eye to this. The UK is showing off a repeating pattern of imprisonment and subsequent recanting and regret for what they said and did. Evidently, the Hoaxtead does not see the further vindication of the kids supposedly recanting after being taken into "protective" custody, though I say, taken prisoner and being forced to recant. They do not understand that any confession obtained under duress, imprisonment, and torture or strong intimidation, is meaningless. But every abusive power does it.

I leave this all in the hands of the Heavenly Father.

 Truth1 Out!

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