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Mind Control 101   part 1 of 2 

 From Brice Taylor's book: Thanks for the Memories     Preface pages 19-21 (xix-xxi)

Truth1 Intro:

I wanted to keep my blogs fairly small. But it may not possible here. In Brice's Preface were many good things in the pages of 19-26, 6 pages in all. I split it into Blogs of 3 pages each. but my own injections also expanded it. I feel that as a 'lay" psychologist since the early 80s, that I could actually improve what has already been written. You can be the judge of my success or failure.

Because this subject is so important, being brief in the length of this blog issue, the necessity of understanding does demand a bit of length. If that causes many to not bother with all of it, that is fine. And those not willing to approach this subject at all, are not my concern, anyway. <<T1 end

page xix (19)

Preview by therapist working with mind control victims:


"If the child has survived the initial trials, and if they also prove intelligent but malleable, then if the programming goes right, a very, very small infant that has been conditioned from day one is a powerful weapon, because if you get a mind that early, as anyone knows, you can, 9 times out of 10, I would say, determine the general behaviors of that child and the adult that they will become." 

--"Gloria"--A former patient, and mind control subject

Truth1: Not just anyone can be a super slave. It takes a very good specimen with an exceptional brain to handle the great stress placed upon the mind, derived from the conditioning (torture). But Intelligence Agencies also have lots of use for minds with lesser ability.

But mind control has a lot in common with normal childhood bringing-up. Parents can make or brake a child. Same for Programmers. Some have made mistakes in the past that needed corrective programming, often done by someone else. <<T1 end

Author Unspecified:

My first experience with a patient who had been involved in mind control experimentation began when "Gloria" initially called me, looking for a therapist who accepted Medicare insurance. She said she had been sexually abused as a child and had been in therapy periodically for a number of years. I was not a Medicare provider, but agreed to see her temporarily while she looked for someone else. On the day of our first appointment, I walked into the waiting room to greet her and asked for "Gloria."

A woman looked up from a corner, and slowly, shyly, with head lowered and eyes looking up, shuffled toward me. In a child-like voice, she held both of  her hands together tightly, hunched her shoulders and said, with a sweet smile, "Gloria asked me to come; I'm Sally." She then twirled on her toes and pointed to a plant on the table, saying again in a child-like voice, "That sure is pretty!" Puzzled, I smiled and asked her to follow me to my office. During the course of that one hour, 4 different personalities, with different ages and genders, presented themselves to me. We would be talking about some topic, and suddenly, a switch would occur, and someone else's voice, mannerisms, and way of sitting and speaking would present. It was as though 4 different people were in my room, although all were housed in the same body! 

Although I had heard of Multiple Personality Disorder, or MPD, before, I had never seen it, and had been told in graduate school that it was very rare. I remember thinking after Gloria left, that if she were faking it (as patients are often accused of doing by clinicians who don't understand) she would have to have the mimicking abilities of a Billy Crystal, and the acting abilities of a Meryl Streep, to consistently stay in character for each of these personalities! For, before we were through, I had met 27 'inside people' (also referred to as alters) within Gloria, and learned about the names and roles of literally hundreds more!

Truth1: It is a fact of human nature that most people do not believe in anything they have not experienced. That is not such a bad thing at times, yet there might be instances that will be missed if one is overly skeptical just because its not in their experience. On the same hand, one does not want to believe every single thing they here without any critical analysis.

But I am not going to ask you to be either of those. Instead, I will use what you are almost certain to have experienced in your past that will be very similar to MPD, at its roots. Ever see mood swings in people? Ever see a child act like a baby when the child is perhaps 7 or 8? Ever seen a person act with irrational fear? Ever witnesses contradictory behavior? Ever seen a person yelling, pick up the phone and answer in the sweetest voice or yell at someone and then be sweet to someone more important? Ever see someone act in a play or play parts in a movie?

We have all been different people at one time or another. and we have seen it in others. I'm am only asking you to go one step further. Consider a man coming back from war with PTSD and jump with fear when boy of  say 12 sets off a firecracker. That bang would not be that disturbing to most, who have no experience such in a battle situation.

But this is not the only factor to consider. There are literally thousands who turn up at psyche wards all over the USA, acting as a few or many different individuals. You might never meet them in every day life, but if you worked in a psyche ward, you would likely have had a number of these experiences or your co-workers would have. Its hard to deny an experience that many have had. What you will find if you follow this blog, are that many aspects of MPD are had in various moods we have felt/experienced.

Consider also the imaginary possibility that someone could go into our brain and switch off some of our memories and experience. Hypnotists can do that. They even do it on stage for all to see. If you are missing some memories and experience, those might be ones you learned from and acquired skills with. Turn them off and now you don't have that skill or feeling or the like.

In a programmed mind, your experiences are assigned to some identities and not others. So they don't all have the same feelings. They don't all have the same skills and knowledge. They can be told they are any sex, any age, any  animal; anything you want them to think they are. With such options, you have the making of any kind of personality you want, as a programmer. Normal people have all their knowledge and feelings available to them for recall.  This is not the case with the core, normally front-presenting personality. The many IDs are controlled by a set of instructions as to who gets to control the body and decisions. Programmers and handlers can call up other personalities, called alters, in the "industry."

The experience of MPDs is not that far removed from what we experience or witness at times. We just need to give it some consideration. What sets Mind Control programming apart from say, a PTSD victim, is the programing of distinct unique personalities created for various purposes. All our moods are part of us and accessible.  << end T1.

Unspecified: Since that introduction to MPD (now known as DID, or Dissociative Identity Disorder), I have worked with dozens of patients with that diagnosis, and have consulted with other clinicians and their patients so often, I have lost count. These patients have taught me so very much about the human mind, and have challenged me to learn about topics I have never thought to explore. In my efforts to convince myself, "surely what these people are saying cannot be true," I have researched and studied both scientific and popular literature in a variety of fields, and have time and again, come to the conclusion that what they are reporting could, indeed, be true. The historical background, technology, methodology, motivation, funding, and opportunity are all in place. My task now is to help others understand and believe.

xx (20)

I'd like to define some terms that you will hear when learning about people with "multiple personalities." Dissociation is a key term that refers to the ability of the mind to "cut off' a part of itself from conscious awareness. An everyday example of this ability, which we all have in varying degrees, is the experience of driving down the freeway and missing the exit you take everyday because you are thinking about something else. You "come to" an exit or two later and realize you have missed your exit, even noticing that you "saw" the exit sign but it didn't "register" within you to take it! Part of your mind was dissociated, or separated from, the real world around you while you focused on internal thoughts. Another example is reading every word on a page in a book, then realizing you had not comprehended a single word, because you were thinking of something else. All of us have had these experiences.

This ability of the mind to detach from itself is a brilliant coping mechanism that the mind uses in situations of extreme threat as a way to protect itself from the full awareness of a traumatic situation. You may recall reading about Vietnam veterans, who had amnesia for their war experiences, but would have difficulty coping with life. They would feel detached or estranged from others; they would have difficulty feeling any kind of feelings, except for outbursts of anger; they would have difficulty concentrating, would feel anxious and on edge without knowing why, and would have an exaggerated startle response (over-responsive to stimuli). These are all characteristics of the diagnosis "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" or PTSD.

Truth1: What needs to be appreciated is that life can be unbearable and traumatic if one does not have the experience, the wisdom, and the maturity to put suffering or pain in a proper context and view. We don't acquire that till middle age and many never acquire it. Without the acquired wisdom and outlook, a child could not cope with knowing he/she is not loved. Or that a rape must go thru a process to be overcome and become more wise and better prepared for prevention and may even helping others to see, as well. So Dissociation blocks the experience from the conscious mind, awaiting a time when the conscious mind will have the circumstances that will enable wisdom and healing, if the person ever manages to get to that point. It was and is God's intention that we get to that point, either in this life, or the one to come, where those accepting God will have 1000 years to acquire what Satan prevented in the Garden of Eden and many times over in many places, times, and circumstances.

We are supposed to learn from experience, but when young, we don't the "tools" nor circumstances to be able to integrate shock and trauma. So they are hidden away for the time when we do finally have the tools and circumstances to heal and integrate.

I use a lot of info from Dr. Janov's work. His patients were not programmed. They simply experienced single big traumas that get hidden away or chronic extreme long term abuse such as say, 12 years of constant abusive incest. But while they are hidden away, they still often make their feelings known in subtle or not so subtle: irritations, short temper, unexplained feelings of anxiety or stress. They can manifest themselves in a person's feelings and affect their behavior, even to extreme degrees. They can cause any number of health problems. These "disguised feelings that affect behavior are what often cause us to act and behave and react, in what seem to be very irrational ways that defy explanation.

So when I say hidden events, that has to be clarified as its not fully entirely hidden as to effects, signs, signals, and behavior. But any actual precise memory of the original traumatic event or sum of similar events will be hidden completely, with the possibility remaining that a time might come when the person will feel, subconsciously, that the person is safe and supported by someone they trust to be able to help them psychologically to heal such as Janov's Primal Center or Vivian Janov's Primal Institute. There are quite a few now who treat Mind Control victims and SRA victims. And by the way, all mind control victims are SRA victims as well, as SRA is a consistent feature of all mind control programming.

Those who treat Mind Control victims have found that support groups and having other available to you, whenever feelings start to try to come out or you have a flashback, they can be of comfort and help to you. Of all the things to overcome, nothing is more challenging to a human being than overcoming the programming and hidden memories so full of fear, pain, and terror.

But MPD and mind control victims will need a far greater form of therapy as the programming was/is far more horrific and terrifying when it happend, and far more of it, than what a person would experience with a long term bout with say chronic incest. In Dr. Janov's writings, he identifies Chronic incest as the most severe kind of experience that takes the most time to work thru and release. << end T1.

Unspecified: In addition, these veterans would have sudden memories of the horrors of war. These memories would be "triggered" by something that reminded their unconscious mind of the war experience (for example, the sound of a car backfiring, reminding them of gunfire). In these sudden memories, they felt as if they were actually re-living the experience, smelling, tasting, feeling, hearing and seeing in vivid detail everything they went through during an actual battle.

These memories, complete with all the sensory memories, are called flashbacks. During those flashbacks, the veteran would be out of touch with the reality around them; they would no longer know it was 1985 and they were in America; they would think it was 1968, and they were in the jungle, reliving a particular battle. They were totally dissociated from reality, and were reliving a past reality that was now only in their minds. Later, in processing these experiences, the soldiers would report that during the actual battle, they would feel very detached, even numb, from what was happening, even though they may have been wounded themselves.

At times, they reported feeling as though they were standing outside of themselves, observing themselves going through the trauma of the battle, but not feeling anything They were dissociated from their reality. But their brain was recording all of the experience, exactly as it occurred, and those "mind and body" memories were being re-experienced during a flashback.

Truth1: These flashbacks give us more insight into how we work. We have a few various modes we operate in. For instance, an athlete practices by recreating what he will be facing in competition. For instance, in tennis, you learn by doing. The brain needs the feedback of your muscles, your eyes, strategy, etc. Most of these require exceptional speed in their reactions and decisions and control of the racket. What goes on is too fast for the intellectual side of the brain. So the practice will focus around conditioning thru repeated drills and some experimentation, too. After a lot of playing and training, the part of the brain that deals with motor skills and high speed instinctive reaction will develop the speed and skill needed to compete at any given level of training.

The truth is, that its almost as if another person were taking over during a match. Its not really another person, but another part of the brain, better designed for faster performance in mind, reaction, and body.

In a time of panic, crisis, or extreme danger, much of that automatic reaction will be used to protect or react. The intellectual mind is used for slow careful analysis. For that job, it does well. But for a crisis, automatic reactions are programed into our DNA and result in the instinctive sub-conscious part of the brain. << end T1.

Unspecified: When someone is exposed to a "psychologically distressing event that is outside the range of usual human usually experienced with intense fear, terror, and helplessness," (DSM III) then dissociation usually occurs as a way for the mind to process the event without overwhelming the person. Parts of the experience (either knowledge of what happened; the emotional feelings associated with the event; the sensory experiences of the event, or the behaviors expressed during the event) become separated from one's conscious awareness. The more frequent the trauma, the more dissociation occurs. This phenomenon is why children who have been severely sexually abused and tortured, are amnesic for those events. In a landmark university study by Linda Williams hundreds of children brought into a hospital emergency room who received medical confirmation of sexual abuse, were contacted at intervals throughout a 20-year period. Only one-third of these children, when reaching adulthood, retained conscious

 xxi (21)

memories of the sexual abuse--all others had repressed, or dissociated, those awful memories. Such is the power of the mind to block out painful experiences.

Truth1: I do want to point out that the purpose of the brain in blocking it out, is because first, the experience is too much, completely overwhelming. But that experience is still vitally important to remember and makes sense of, when you are better able to make sense of it, in adulthood, most likely.

So the trauma is diverted by the instinct to a part of the brain where that memory will be hidden until the time when one has enough support and IQ and good sense and desire to understand why the person behaves as he or she does. When that time comes, the sub-conscious will begin to communicate symbolic dreams and maybe reacting more to present events that are similar to the original trauma injury.  this is when flashbacks might begin, as well as other triggers.

So the ultimate purpose of Dissociation (disconnect, anyone?) is to save the memory in every aspect, so that at a better time, we can process it and learn from that experience. We are experience machines. Our primary way of learning is thru our experience. Its vital. Memory is what we are all about. Its built into our DNA and every cell in our body. All the cells have genes and what was once called "junk" DNA. They are now known as epigenes and epigenetics and they record any changes due to an experienced trauma. And once the trauma been allowed into the consciousness for experience, the epigenes get switched back to the pre-trauma state of the mind and body. Back to normal!  << end T1.

Unspecified: During times of torture and extreme physical and emotional pain, the mind is in an altered state, as it dissociates itself from reality. But there are other ways to alter the mindstate, for example, by sensory deprivation, or meditation, whereby one focuses internally, with sensory stimulation from the outside minimized or eliminated. You may recall in the 1980's that "float tanks" were popular. In a float tank, you are floating on very heavily salted water; you are enclosed in a totally darkened metal tank, and you float for an hour without any sensory stimulation. Many people felt claustrophobic, and couldn't take it. But if you could stand it, you would eventually report having an euphoric experience.

If you had been hooked up to a brain wave machine (EEG), your brain would no longer be producing beta waves (the brain state associated with usual waking activity). Instead you would be in a theta state, the state associated with deep relaxation, as when you are just about ready to fall asleep (the twilight state). In this state, the brain produces lots of endorphins, the body's natural "feel good" chemicals that give you a profound sense of well-being. It is important to note than this twilight state is associated with the ability to rapidly absorb and learn information. Without the "filtering" mechanism of the conscious waking mind, information seen or heard "pours" into the subconscious mind.

Biofeedback expert Thomas Budzynski of the University of Colorado Medical Center reports, "We take advantage of the fact that the twilight state, between waking and sleep, has these properties of uncritical acceptance of verbal material, or almost any material it can process; it is in such "altered" states of consciousness that a lot of work gets done very quickly." (For much more information about brain research and technology associated with producing altered states, read the fascinating book Mega Brain, by Michael Hutchison.) Other methods used to alter brainwave states include, but are not limited to, rapidly flashing lights, drugs, phased sound waves, negative ions (electromagnetic energy fields), electroshock, alterations in gravity in the cerebellum (spinning), microwave emitters, and lasers.

It is vitally important to understand about dissociation, because in learning about how someone's mind can actually be controlled by someone else, you must understand how it is possible to program the human mind as you would a computer. "Programming" is a fairly recent term in the history of mind control (and is of course associated with computer technology). Perhaps you'd recognize it better as "brainwashing." 

In the POW camps, captors would refer to "freezing," a term used to destroy the person's identity. Using food and sleep deprivation, isolation, torture, chronic assault on a person's values, and instilling total dependence on the captor's for survival, a person's whole sense of self would be destroyed. They would be totally helpless, broken, with no will of their own left. They would then be ready for the "brainwashing," or "refreezing" whereby a new value system and a new identity would be put in through reward and punishment, conditioning or "programming" that person to believe or do only what the captors wanted them to believe or do.

(For more information on brainwashing, including USA and Canadian government experimentation, read:

Brain Control - by Eliot Vallenstein;
    Deep Self - by John C. Lilly;
        Inside the Black Room - by Jack Vernon;

In Search of the Manchurian Candidate - by John Marks;
    Journey Into Madness - by Gordon Thomas;
        I Swear by Apollo--author unknown--published by Canadian publisher.)

Just as it is possible to break down a person in order to create someone you can control (by getting them to do anything you want them to do), so it is possible to program a part of a person's mind (a dissociated part that is split off, by trauma or other means, from connection with reality). You can "teach" that part of the mind to do what you want it to do without the

part of -- -- To be continued in Part 2 of Mind Control 101 . . .

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