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The SRA Case of Jaryd Atadero 1999

I came across this researching missing people in USA National Parks. It has so much in common with the SRA Jon Benet case/murder. So I decided to give Jaryd, age 3 when he went missing, his own article to avenge his murder and possible sacrifice to Satan at the age of 3. It needs to be known. While I know that this casts suspicion on the parents and church members, I do not believe the circumstances can just be written off as they are.

I caution all readers to keep in mind that the parents and church have never been charged or perhaps even held in suspicion. Yet I do not, without reason and evidence, suggest that there are many guilty parties involved in this case of "hard to explain actions and circumstances" and I suggest the case be re-opened and revisited. If not, I express my right to discuss the case and circumstances that involve possible murder, perhaps to carry out a sacrifice to Satan, despite claims of being Christians. Many churches across the USA, use the church as a cover for their hideous activities. If my suggestions are true, our nation faces a great danger. I am carrying out a civic duty with every good intention.

An interesting thing happened on my website on Dec. 15, 2018. I got 2 visits from Colorado. I mused that RD was fleeing the burning caldron of the California forests and settling in Colorado now. But then I discovered this case of Jaryd on Dec. 18. And as well, I was talking about JonBenet to my friend before Dec. 15. Now any or all of those could have some bearing on the Dec. 15 visits, at about 2PM EST, I assume, and 4PM.

But that I should discover this Jaryd Atadero case 3 days later, started me to wonder, is there a connection in timing, and where might all this lead? So I put it here since one never knows these things for sure. Time will tell. Were the Ataderos alerted by someone. Was it JonBent that might have elicited a warning and a viewing? Anyway, I got it up and its in God's hands at all times, anyway. He is running the show.

October 5, 1999
Web posted at: 1:17 a.m. EDT (0517 GMT)

FORT COLLINS, Colorado (CNN) -- As temperatures dipped below freezing for the third straight night, searchers remained optimistic they will find a 3-year-old boy missing since a hike on Saturday. ( this was in October )

Six rescuers early Tuesday were searching a steep, rocky region of Colorado's Roosevelt National Forest at an altitude of about 9,000 feet. T1: Lost at Comanche Peak Wilderness of Northern Colorado, in the park, Larimer County, CO.

Truth1: Why were they searching a steep rocky region of 9000 feet elevation in October?? You had a 3 year old kid with you way up there? Are you for real? No Way! These parents should be in prison, along with church members. How did he become lost? This was 4 years after Jon Benet's murder/sacrifice, says I, in the same general region. Jon Benet was covered up. I think we have another, now.

"It's getting to be a long time, but we haven't given up hope and we're going to continue our search," said Cindy Gordon, a deputy sheriff for Larimer County.

The search for Jaryd Atadero began after he was reported missing during a hike on Saturday. The search has focused on a 4-square-mile area, about 50 miles west of Fort Collins.

The child was last seen wearing a hooded sweatshirt, sweatpants and a fleece jacket. He disappeared while hiking with 11 or 12 people in a church group from Littleton, Colorado, that included friends of the boy's father. Truth1: John and Patsy Ramsey went to church, too. Littleton, Colorado was home to the Columbine High mass shooting by Kleybold and Harris. This one is real interesting, indeed. Jaryd could have been murdered/sacrificed and covered over, as that is in style there.

The group of hikers, who were staying at the Poudre River Resort run by the boy's father, had asked if the boy and his 6-year-old sister could go on the hike Saturday.  Truth1: So Dad has money and owns a resort right near the National Park. Isn't that convenient. A national park in the wilderness and isolation. A Satanist's dream come true, no? Satanists have lots of money, too. Beware of money and riches. Its a sign! I also ask, what was the church group doing all together, and Jaryd's dad hosting the occasion? It seems to me that this was an event for the whole church or specially chosen members. What was the occasion for this gathering?

Truth1: Now this is a serious scandal turned up by none other than Truth1. Shocking, is it not? Why did the group want to take a 3 year old boy to 9000 feet in elevation, in October? What could go wrong there? The parents were not even there with them.<<T1 end

The hikers split into two groups, and the boy was last seen after getting permission to leave one group to join the other. The boy's parents were not among those hiking. His sister returned safely.

In the aftermath of JonBenet, I would see keeping the parents out of this as protective on the part of the "church," but that does not mean they were not in on this whole thing. It relieves the parents of direct guilt/involvement.

"He's a fighter. He's very athletic already. He's a very strong-willed kid," the boy's father, Allyn Atadero, told CNN late Monday, as he fought back tears. "My gut feeling is I hope my little boy is hanging in."  T1: Crocodile tears!

Gordon said the Big South trail the hikers used is narrow, and the terrain is rugged and dangerous, lined with rocks. The trail parallels the Poudre River, and Gordon says there are many areas where the child could easily fall into the water.

Truth1: Did you see that? The trail is narrow, rugged and dangerous and so are the parents and church members. Below, the temperatures were in the 20s. Holy Crap! This is way beyond reckless. The group and the parents should be in prison for reckless endangerment and possible murder. Coming up is a video showing the area so you can judge for yourself.<<T1 end

Gordon said rescuers were concerned about temperatures in the 20s, and the fact that the boy has not eaten for three days.

"He's a little boy and he's had no food," she said.

Earlier, about 30 to 40 searchers using a helicopter and sniffing dogs combed the rugged region in search of the boy. Officials scaled back the search as darkness fell. The helicopter will not be used in the night search.

"It is just way too dangerous to fly up there at night," Gordon said.

She said four canine teams, comprised of 8-10 people and two or three dogs, were to join the search in the morning. Rescuers will also hold a brainstorming session early Tuesday to review what's been covered and decide what else they need to do, if the boy has not been found by then, Gordon said.

Truth1: Coming up is a video with much additional information, that for some reason, CNN could not find. You tell me! You're not going to believe what follows. Its a line very similar to what Patsy Ramsey said when interviewed by the press.<<T1 end

"Those of you out there that have little ones, give them a kiss goodnight, give them a kiss in the morning, don't take anything for granted, because right now I'd give anything in the world to kiss my son right now," said Atadero. Truth1: You'd still have him if you were not set on sending  him out in a dangerous place at a dangerous time. There is no excuse.

They call this Duping Delight. She imitates Patsy Ramsey, who I say, along with hubby, sacrificed their daughter to the devil. Its been going on for 6000 years. Its not new, and sadly, far from uncommon. On Sunday, an Air Force helicopter joining in the search crashed. The five aboard were taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries; three were treated and released. << end of article.

Truth1: In the video to follow, I am setting up the circumstances before anything else so you can see how insane this whole affair was.

Video on Jaryd:

Jaryd Atadero Case - Missing 411

Isn't it ironic that the 2 nations supporting this are also great for every sort of abduction and trafficking activity thru their intelligence agencies. Oh, the irony! As I think about it, I don't think this website is government sponsored. I think it it primarily David, below left.

at 1:14 Jaryd's remains were discovered 4 years later, and 550 feet above the trail where he as last seen, wearing a sweat shirt. The case remains unsolved. This is the fish hatchery  point he (David) refers to. At 2:00 a researcher makes it clear that many large dangerous animals (mountain lions and bears for starters) are found in the area where Jaryd was taken and lost. Jaryd's pants were turned inside out. Shoes looked almost new, not showing 4 winters of exposure. How did boy get up the 550 feet? 2 men had all they could do to do it themselves. They put equipment down and saw a rubix cube with considerable wear on it. Why was it there? I will have some suggestions to come.

David Paulides is a former police detective who is now an investigator and writer known primarily for his self-published books, one dedicated to proving the reality of Bigfoot, and his Missing 411 series of books, in which he documents the disappearance of people in national parks and elsewhere. Paulides attributes mysterious, unspecified causes to these disappearances, while data analysis suggests that these disappearances are not statistically mysterious or unexpected.

Truth1: This one just broke open the floodgates of SRA. I have the benefit of having studied the cases of Jon Benet and Elizabeth Smart. It would be my contention, that if one digs deep enough, you might find that the church is composed of Satanists, who with the parents' permission, sacrificed the boy or secreted him away to be sacrificed elsewhere. There is no good excuse for taking that boy on a very dangerous excursion. It was done to give plausible explanation for why the boy was/is gone. No body ever found! Just a tooth and clothing. In the general locale of the biggest satanic coverup, says I, of the 90s and onward for its publicity and atrocity in it being covered up by prosecutors in Boulder City Colorado, to say nothing of a lot left unanswered in the Columbine high shooting massacre. Colorado is an interesting place.

This is among the biggest reasons why I am going back to many of these unsolved cases, with more experience gained over the years, to recognize now, what we all missed when it first happened. This also strikes me as possibly being similar to the disappearance of Madeline McCann. I think the parents were involved in some way with the disappearance of their daughter, along with some others.

How Dangerous is it?

I was hoping you would ask. Below right, David call this location 2, where the trail begins at the fish hatchery.


right next to this sign not far, is this:

Dangerous or not? You decide.

The group decided at this point to take the south trail

   and headed to the trail head below left. Note the instruction/message board and I'll give you a close up of it:


This sign was put up in 2000,  after Jaryd disappeared in 1999. Below left, is where the journey began for Jaryd and the church group.

Just to David's right on the left, is the view below:


below camp ground no. 2


this is 40 minutes into the trail and Jaryd is said to have come walking alone and asked 2 fisherman if there were any bears along the trail. They said they had not seen any bears and they had not known of any bears on these trails. Jaryd nodded to them and they did not stop him or inquire further and the boy continued down the trail. All this near point 2. The two men were the last to see Jaryd alive.

Below, David is hiking a trail tough for anyone to walk. It would be grueling for anyone. I don't think Jaryd could make this for long. I don't believe he was ever here and I don't believe the men, either. I think they were part of a coverup to make it look like he was there and was murdered. I think he had been taken by someone who knew him. He was only 3 years old! Is that sinking in yet? I don't believe any of this story at its face value.

Below, 9125 feet elevation. and about 550 feet above the tail where Jaryd disappeard. And this where they found Jaryd's "remains," 4 years later. When they say "remains," we are talking a tooth, the top of a piece of a cranium and a shirt and 2 shoes in good condition after being here for 4 winters. Bullshit! Hey, if you believe that, I'd like to be the first to offer you great deal on a condo or time share on the dark side of the moon. Call me! Call 1-800-they-lie.

Above David says his partner and him had to climb on hands and knees to get up this 550 feet. They had to stop numerous times to get up with the equipment. It was quite the struggle. Below is the tooth found. I wonder if they matched it to dental records. How does a tooth survive and a piece of cranium, which again, was it DNA tested? Does it match. I have no evidence of either.

Jaryd's clothing: two shoes apart from each other.


The sneakers look great for 4 winters beating on them with snow, rain, freezing and heat. Tell me the brand so I can buy some.

I say these were planted on the scene, long after 1999. The clothing was like it was when he was first taken, I suspect, by someone he knew, who cared about him and kept his clothing. The pants were turned inside out. Perhaps it was also kept for an intended coverup as they play cat and mouse with police and the public.

The remains, says David, made it up the side of the hill and that it does not make sense. No animal could or would have done that. It was all planted, again with duping delight.

Here is how I think it went: "They are all too stupid to figure this out. And we got everybody in on the coverup, unlike the JonBenet case." And Indeed, that does seem to be the case as no one has asked any tough questions. David is an ex-cop. He knows what to ask and he is not asking it. and specializing in mysterious National Park cases puts him in place to conceal, if that were necessary. I have no evidence that this is the case, but his lack of a few questions and no suspecting the parents in this does not set well with me.

After getting to the top, they put their equipment down and noticed the well worn, weathered Rubix Cube.

Odd that the cube was really weathered but not the shoes. Had the cube been analyzed? Was the cube left as a momento by the perpetrator(s)? Was it left to suggest that the whole thing was a puzzle to be solved if investigators were up to it. Or maybe it was a sign that one would ever solve the puzzle. You got a better Idea?

To quote David here: And that ends the story on a puzzling note as to how that got here. And I, Truth1, add, Or why it was there in the first place? A rubix cube on a rugged hike? Not likely! Can you see how the perpetrators are baiting us? They are teasing and daring us. I accept the challenge.

And there it ends.

Here is my scenario. David is an interesting character. Does he know more than he is telling. Was he used by someone else to drop hints? Who wanted the boy dead and why? I say the parents and the church were in on it. Like JonBenet, Jaryd was to be a sacrificial lamb, required of the Atadero parents by Satan for the good fortune they have been allowed to have, even as it was with JonBenet says I. all the church is likely in on it, every last step. It is a cult disguised as Christians. As well, as the JonBenet case was a testing for how well the coverup mechanisms would work or not and how to improve them if they lacked an aspect or two.

But what is interesting to me is the location of this cult/church by a National Park, which offers seclusion, secrecy, and privacy with almost failproof secrecy and the help of park staff, all government employees, and law enforcement, too. This begs to know how far this circle of conspirators goes. Is this going on in other National Parks? I believe it is the door to Pandora's box, complete with the key to unlock it and much more.

While David asks or points out good things, it seems to me he accepts way too much or does not dare to ask or point out more. I can not fault him for that. It is a great risk. I have enough of a relationship with the Heavenly Father and His son that maybe I receive some protection that is not granted to all, but only a few.

Good investigators ask tough questions of anyone and everyone, parents included. Too many occult activities have been exposed or alleged to not take these factors into consideration in all earnestness.

The danger and recklessness of this case can not be overestimated. The impossibility of the crime evidence suggests a cat and mouse game on the part of someone or some group with lots of participants in the coverup. It is covered up no more!

 The Truth wins out! We just needed a little more time. And this is just the beginning. Veil is being rent in two!

Beg the Lord of the Harvest to send more workers into the field.

Also coming very soon is my first installment of  the JonBenet Ramsey Case, 1995/6.

 Truth Won Out!

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