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Mysteriously Missing Persons & Abductions

Part 1: Missing From National Parks

Been coming across videos of missing persons of very suspicious circumstances. Many go missing in National Parks of all places. It became clear to me that there was/is a lot in common in much of this. Some other interesting stuff comes up, too. This will likely be a 4 part series. There is a lot to be said and considered. Made even more interesting is the stuff I have been learning from a book by Dave McGowan that shows that most serial killers are Satan worshipers and are often CIA MK-ULTRA victims, and that the press and prosecution hide the Satanic associations. I will be featuring plenty of McGowan in time, as well.

My contention in this 4 part series is that the government is behind much of this, in one way or another. And all governments are ruled by Satan according to the scriptures of the Bible, as God allowed the rebellion and testing and trying of God and His creation, by the slanderous Satan. So mankind has never known a day without Satan. He is behind everything in one way or another. This I will demonstrate in this 4 part series. I gathered this info from 4 videos and treat each one individually. there are many videos of the same type on youtube. They probably say many of the same things

I will ask you to consider this. Lets say you and I were serial killers who just loved to kill, and sacrifice to Satan, too. Would we look for victims on the sidewalks of NYC and do our thing right there? Not likely. We would be seen and caught. But imagine if we were out in the wilderness of a national Park in the USA, in the middle of nowhere and seldom anyone around. Why this would be a serial killer's dream come true. In fact, it might get a lot of guys in the CIA excited, too. They like Satan. They invoke him when programming mind control victims.

So when you think about it, in the deep isolated wilderness of many National Parks, there is no one to hear you scream. This is part of the problem. But there is much more to it, in this 4 part series.

Top 10 National Parks with the Most Disappearances

Rusty West      Published on Feb 4, 2016                18:33 long

Truth1: Missing people are presumed dead, even if remains are not found. Ordinarily, in a murder trial, an assumed victim's body is required as evidence or the case can not be tried as a murder. One must prove there was a death. But in statistics, those who record and publish missing persons stats and deaths, can do whatever they want, according to spin the government wants to put on it.

Law is not consistent, nor is the government or any government, all of whom are owned and controlled by Satan. Never doubt it! The detail into what is going on, is a bit lacking, but I will fix that. As well, I have the benefit of having watched all 4 videos and have other knowledge, too, to go with it. The info below was from the video and my comments added.

Now the reason for changing a person's status from missing to assumed dead, is so that missing persons numbers do not accumulate. Missing people is bad enough, but if the numbers continue to grow, that can really get sticky. So a declaration of death will get a missing person off the list so that people do not see the rising numbers of unaccounted missing persons and that is it very high and with no body or solved crime to show for it. I say I have every right to assume that they fear us knowing how many disappear without a trace.

A problem with this video was not spelling out what I just did. Also, it did not report the unusual details of some of those disappeared in National Parks. Those details are essential. So why did I cover this video? 1st, to address the poor reporting. 2nd, that he neglected to point out that National parks, so often so big and vast, are by nature very dangerous because of the isolation and remoteness that one seeks. You are much easier prey in a wilderness setting. If someone means you harm, or is just looking for some easy prey, a National Park is the perfect place for that.

In fact, this could be the explanation for why so many do disappear in National Parks. But it is not the only reason. What I would say is, never venture alone in a Nation Park. In fact, Only visit with a group. That said, some do disappear while with groups. Its no guarantee. So I provided the list from the video so you can see the vast number of acres an square miles these parks cover.

I should point out that malls are great for rapes and abductions, if not a disappearance once in a while. Lots of people to pick from, and a van makes a great hiding place and convenient confinement vehicle for the victim.

From the video:

10. Denali National Park,

2nd largest in the USA. Established In Alaskan interior in 1917. 4.7 million acres, 7900 sq miles. Only 500,000 visit each year. Mt McKinley there.  Several , (4, I think) disappeared and were not found. Where did the bodies go? One was during a marathon race.

9. Acadia National Park,

Founded in 1919 and renamed in 1929. 75 sq miles 2.6 million visitors in 2014. Earned 35 million dollars. In 2015, dozens of people were reported missing in the park. The majority were never found. Many were hiking alone.
T1: So someone or more, looks for isolated victims, maybe?

8. Zion National Park,

formed in 1919. Utah, Zion Canyon and Mormon country. 3 million visitors each year, making more than 5 million dollars. The canyon has some natural dangers, but there are many who disappear that do not fit the typical accident profile. They vanish without a trace in the more prominent places, no less.

7.Crater Lake National Park,

Founded in 1902, Southern Oregon. Deepest lake in the US. 500 million visit each year. Numerous people have vanished while visiting the park.

Charles McCullar vanished in 1974 while taking pictures. Body found a year later, 12 miles off the trail.

With this case, we do have a body, but it could either be a random serial killer or a targeted hit. Perhaps a murderer who came upon the opportunity and took it. Then this:

A year later on October 13th, 1976, at the end of the season, two hikers from Texas took a wrong turn and ended up in remote canyon along a little used trail in the Sphagnum Bog area of the Park. The two Texans had been hiking the Pacific Crest Trail when they mistakenly took the abandoned spur trail into the bog they stumbled upon an old dirty ripped backpack.

The hikers called in the park rangers and on October 14th, Rangers Larry Smith and Marion Jack mounted a horse patrol, to search the area where the backpack had been found. At 1.30 pm the radio call came that McCullar’s remains had been found, scattered over and down a steep bank of the Bybee Creek drainage, four miles from Lightning Springs and around 12 miles from the trail head. They quickly discover a Volkswagen key in a zippered side pocket. The same distinct key to McCullar’s Volkswagen back in Virginia after comparing with a Xerox copy of a VW key from the Charles McCullar file. The FBI was called in to complete the investigation.

On the day Chuck disappeared there were seven and a half feet of new snow on the ground, given that he didn't have skis or snowshoes how did he travel so much distance?  In 2.6 metres of snow (102 inches) of fresh powder it would be impossible for even a snowmobile to get through. One theory is that McCullar may have followed snowmobile tracks, but the machines are not allowed into remote areas of the Park and secondly, the new snow was so fresh and deep, it would have been impossible for snowmobiles to have travelled the distance.

The skeletal remains were also bizarre. There were foot bones in the socks, but Chucks' jeans were empty except for the broken-off ends of his shin-bones sticking up. The jeans were unbuttoned and the belt left undone. And the rest of him was gone, as if melted away. The crown of his skull was found about 12 feet away but there was no sign of his shirt, coat and importantly his boots. There was just an empty pair of pants sitting on a log, with socks and foot-bones inside! His camera equipment was nowhere to be seen and no money in the pack or on the remains.

Truth1: having read much already, I would say the remains were set up in a particular way to be found. It is a pattern of human tampering and arrangement. Nothing in the jeans but the foot bones in socks. No shirt, coat, or boots. It does not look like an animal attack in any way. Whoever did this wanted us to know it was the work of a killer, not an animal.

The Chicago Mob, according to the book, "What Cops Know," most organized crime gangs like to hide their victims. But the Chicago Mob likes to leave the body in a trunk of a car for the cops to find, as a calling card. They are proud of their work and not concerned about getting caught. Hey! Its Chicago! Things happen!

Many of the victims in National park cases are left with unusual patterns so that no one need doubt that it was deliberate. <<T1 end

But the two really unusual things in this story are the location, and the missing clothes and boots. Just how McCullar was able to get into the Bybee Creek drainage remains a mystery, as does his exact cause of death. The family remains convinced that Chuck McCullar was a victim of foul play because none of his expensive camera equipment was ever found. , "This article was about my brother, Chuck McCullar. Some other details...just prior to his disappearance, he visited a nearby store. The clerk remembered him as upset about something and he bought a needle and thread to repair a tear in his coat. There was no snowmobile involved, he was on foot. The sinister conclusion is the correct one and the idea that he died of natural causes is not plausible. He was two years older than me. Our father never wanted to talk about it and mostly accepted the official explanation. Our mother did not accept the explanation and neither do I."

Truth1: It would appear that dad might have known more than he ever disclosed. But more telling was that Steven and mom believe it was foul play and that the investigation was lacking. Someone was sending a message with this set up crime scene.

My thinking is that animals are out and that dad might know more than he is saying. He accepts the "explanation but mom and brother do not. A discrepancy in a crime case, of what might have happened is usually a sign of someone holding back some info and wanting to let the official explanation stand. But we might be perfectly justified in concluding that this one might have nothing to do with the park and be more circumstantial to Charles and his dad and some other party or parties and interest. It could have been a hit. It does not sound like a random opportunity killing. But there are far too many other missing people in parks to ignore.

Sadly, the video producer did not give us enough and left it to us. Fair enough. Its a start. For that, he deserves our appreciation. Maybe he was even hoping someone would add more. Maybe he was scared to go too far.

6. Olympic National Park,

founded in 1928 in Washington State. Park has 4 regions. 923 thousand acres. 95% of it is designated wilderness. 3 million visitors a year. 300 million in money each year.

When it comes to strange disappearances, there is a cluster of missing people located around a network of hiking trails within the park. This includes the Hurricane Ridge Trail and also the Oset Loop Trail. Some of these disappearances include 71 year old Bryan Johnston (left) and 

47 year old veteran named Gilbert Gilman (right).

T1:According to state law, when somebody goes missing for more than 7 years, they are presumed dead and no longer declared missing.


Bryan Lee Johnston, disappeared August 22, 2013, Ozette trail, Olympic National Park, Washington State.

71-year-old, Bryan Lee Johnston, had planned a two- or three-day hike on the Ozette Loop Trail in the Olympic National Park. The park is on Washington's Olympic Peninsula in the Pacific Northwest. 

The Ozette Trail is a 9-mile loop that follows a predominantly plank trail which heads out for 3 miles northwest to the Pacific Ocean, then turns south along the beach for 3 miles, then follows a second plank trail inland for another 3 miles to the trailhead. 

Bryan got up early on the morning of August 22, 2013, in his home in Port Angeles to the West of Seattle and left his sleeping wife a note and took the Edmonds-Kingston ferry across the water. He was never seen again.

Bryan was an Eagle Scout and a very experienced hiker. He wore his white hair in a ponytail because it was so thick it was easiest to just pull it back and glasses but didn't need them for everyday activities. 

His wife and stepchildren reported him missing to Olympic National Park rangers on Wednesday, August 28th, 2013.

His truck was found parked at the Ozette trailhead and inside rangers found receipts from several Port Angeles businesses dated August 22, 2013, the day he left his Port Angeles home. 

It is difficult to lose yourself on the the plank trail, but the portion of the hike along the beach could be rough, especially if tides are high and one must climb around a couple of steep headlands. It seemed strange that Bryan had got lost on this particular loop.

At least 50 park rangers, along with search teams from Clallam, Grays Harbor and Pierce counties searched for Johnston for three days in and around the Ozette area but found no sign of Bryan. The ground search was called off with no clues. Bryan's family said he didn't plan to disappear but was described as “a quiet man, almost a loner.” When last seen, he was wearing blue jeans and carrying a black day pack.

Despite the search, no sign of Bryan has ever been found. He had disappeared off the face of the earth.

T1: Something tells me that no one dug very deep or hard for answers. Dib Bryan have "debts and obligations" unknown to others? We he giving himself up, to spare his family, who some could have threatened and if so, maybe cops were not too keen in looking too deep, either. I just get the sense that the park was a diversion and nothing more. Only Bryan could tell us.

Gilbert Mark Gilman, disappeared June 24, 2006, Olympic National Park, Washington State

Gilbert Mark Gilman, 47,  went on a visit the Olympic National Park in Washington on June 24, 2006. He was spotted by a Park Ranger, Sanny Lustig,  carrying a camera but not a backpack and was wearing a bright green Hawaiian style floral shirt and khaki shorts with flip flops. Lustig had asked him to turn down his music playing in his convertible car. Given his attire that day, it seemed he was going for more of a stroll and opportunity to take photos in the park rather than a serious hike - you don't wear flip flops on a multi mile hike.  He was described as healthy and athletic, but he was nearly blind without his glasses. This was last time anyone saw him alive.

Truth1: We got a break in the pattern, already. He is not dressed for a big outing and a national park is an odd place for a walk or casual stroll. And he was sitting his car playing music loud. He was waiting for somebody. See how easy that is? <<T1 end

Gilman was a tough guy. He was a U.S. Army paratrooper and had served military duty in Panama, East Africa and Israel. He had combat experience with the 82nd Airborne and received two Bronze Stars. He also had degrees from the London School of Economics, Union College in New York and Solvay Business School in Brussels so he had brains as well as brawn. He also worked as a civilian contractor for a year in Iraq and was an interrogator fluent in Arabic, Russian and Chinese.

Gilbert worked for the United Nations before he came to Washington state to manage the 2004 congressional campaign for Sandy Matheson, director of the state Department of Retirement Systems. He worked under Matheson as deputy director of the retirement systems department since April 2005, advising her on national and local pension issues.

He was supposed to accompany Sandy to a meeting in Spokane, Washington on Sunday, June 25, 2006, the day after he set out for his visit to the Park. When he failed to show up as originally planned, people started getting worried.  Gilman was reported missing that day.

Truth1: This one is too easy. This guy is miles deep into politics. This opens up almost any possibility with death being the outcome in all likelihood. Again, this had nothing to do with the National park, save the possibility that he was done in there and the body made to disappear. The initiating cause was his political entanglements as far as I am concerned. When the guy he was supposed to meet showed up or someone in his place, they might have gone for a walk with a hit team waiting. Case closed  . . . unless you would like to know what really got him killed. That would be a very interesting story. What we can say is that lots of government and political intrigue is involved and this might be a link between Parks and government and the same for Bryan.

And in both cases, no one would ask questions, especially investigators or government park employees. Both seemed to be keeping low profiles and in both cases, they went to this park before disappearing. Same MO and same place. Why we guts ourselves a pattern, boys and girls. How bout dat!

5. Yellowstone National Park,

Founded in 1872, the oldest park in the USA. Spreads across 3 states. Covers more than 2.2 Million acres and 3500 sq miles, more than doubling most of the other parks on this list. Known for the Old Faithful Geyser and Eagle peak, standing at 11,360 foot elevation. More than 4 million people visited last year (assumed 2015). Took in 750 million dollars in 2015. He says, as one would imagine, a park this size has a lot to hide, including the "dozens of people who vanished inside each year."

In 2010, a 50 year old hiker names Stuart Isaac vanished, as well as 47 year old camper, Bruce Parker Pike in 2006. These cases were given plenty of coverage yet many others like these, were brushed under the rug. The West Thumb portion of the park is where a large portion of people have disappeared.

Stuart Isaac, disappeared September 12th 2010, Yellowstone National Park


Stuart Isaac, 48, of Burtonsville in Maryland, was a native of the Republic of Palau in the Pacific. In mid-September 2010, he parked his black 2009 Lexus IS-250 sedan at Craig Pass, eight miles east of the Old Faithful Geyser on Yellowstone National  Park's Grand Loop Road in Wyoming.

Stuart's car was found abandoned during a routine patrol of the parking area on the evening of September 26th by the National Park Service.

A search was started immediately, but repeated ground and air searches failed to find any clues or any sign of him.

One of Isaac's former high school classmates, Matsue Evans, spoke to Stuart on September 24th  at around 6:30 p.m. her time in Guam, which would have been about 3:30 a.m. in Maryland. She said that this last two-hour phone call during which Isaac said he was on his way to Yellowstone, was "kind of odd." "I was kind of surprised to hear from him because he seldom made calls. We text each other and we do email. Now I know that he's missing, why would he call me two days before something happened?"

Stuart was not an experienced hiker or outdoorsman. Why did he decide to go to the Yellowstone National Park that day in September 2010? A hike  that went wrong, suicide or something more sinister? Unfortunately, there was little coverage of this missing persons case in the media and Isaac's remains missing. 

Truth1: As it seems to me, this man is doing something completely out of character. He is going for a different reason, to meet someone just like the previous cases. National parks seem to be a preferred way to get rid of people. Why? The isolation and remoteness and that even if a team were to take him out, no one would see. Employees could temporarily close a trail off or an area. Its all government controlled and owned, to take care of government "business." And that opens many more possibilities. Government has its hand in lots of different things and remote wilderness is the perfect place to do it. And while parks do not allow motor vehicles in the park areas, Park attendees would have no such restrictions. Stuart met up with some sort of judgment. He was from Palau and likely came to the USA by political associations. He was driving luxury Lexus so he was well paid in whatever he did that we are not told. He must have failed to make a "payment" on his car. Politics and money are dangerous games.

 This is also interesting because of the same location for many disappearances. Is there a secret below ground government intelligence facility? Think about it! Who owns this National Park? Why, none other than the government. They could do anything they wanted. And intelligence agencies are well known for child and sex trafficking, prostitution and more. More to come.

Truth1 Out!

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