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Mysteriously Missing Persons & Abductions

Part 2: Missing From National Parks

I continue from part 1 #58

4. Rocky Mountain National Park,

Created in 1915. Located NW of Boulder Colorado and included the Continental Divide and head waters of the Colorado River. 266,000 acres, 1075 sq miles. 4 million visitors in 2013 and made 3 million dollars. Many have entered never to be seen again. One of the greatest mysteries was in the 1980s, when a Writer Keith Rheinhart began to investigate the strange disappearance of another man, Thomas J. Young, age 47. 22 year old astronomy student Joseph Halpern disappeared, too, 1933.

>>Two men, Tom Young and Keith Reinhard, were both going through mid-life crises. Both of them rented the same retail space in Silver Plume, and both disappeared in the Colorado Rocky Mountains only one year apart. Even stranger was the fact that Keith had delved deeply into Tom’s life and was writing a novel about him. The main character, Guy Gypsum, took on qualities of both men. Although hunters located Tom in 1988, Keith has never been found, and his bizarre case remains open to this day.

Reinhard took a three-month sabbatical from work and departed for Silver Plume. He settled in and found a vacant shop right next to the café on Main Street that he leased in order to sell antiques and matted photographs. Not long after his arrival in the sleepy town, someone mentioned that the previous tenant of the space had disappeared without a trace just a year before. Reinhard considered this to be an ideal story to tell and began to research Tom Young. Curiosity quickly turned into an obsession.<<

Details: On September 7, 1987, Tom Young left his store in Silver Plume, Colorado, with his dog and told his friends he was going on a vacation, but he was never seen again. Months later, a man named Keith Reinhard moved to Silver Plume and opened an antique store at the same building that Tom had his store. He became fascinated with Tom's disappearance and began writing a novel about it. In early 1988, the remains of Tom Young and his dog were discovered in the mountains. Tom's gun was found beside him and authorities ruled that Tom had committed suicide.

Truth1: A suicide, so says the "authorities." He went all the way out into mountains to do it, or so we are asked to believe. I'm not buying it. When Keith came along, he found the case of Tom rather interesting, I gather. Now I am interested, too. He was even going to do a novel on Tom. A Novel? Keith must have discovered some very interesting info if he felt he could make a novel from it. What could it be? Whatever it was, it got him killed.

This is among the biggest reasons why I am going back to many of these unsolved cases, with more experience gained over the years, to recognize now, what we all missed when it first happened.

The Truth wins out! We just needed a little more time. And this is just the beginning. Veil is being rent in two!

3. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park,

Founded 1934, between Tennessee and N. Carolina. The most visited Nat. Park in the USA. In 2015, 10 million visitors and 1 billion dollars, more than any other park brought in.

Since the park opened so many people have vanished, including that of a 16 year old girl, Trenny Gibson,

who disappeared during a class trip in 1976. And a 6 year old boy Dennis Lloyd Martin in 1969, playing hide and seek. It launched one of the largest rescue searches in history.

Teresa "Trenny" Lynn Gibson, Disappeared October 8, 1976, Clingmans dome, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee 

On October 8th, 1976, 16 years old, Teresa  (known as "Trenny") Lynn Gibson went with 35-40 of her classmates from Bearden High School in Knoxville, Tennessee, on a field trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The students were hiking around 1.8 miles to Andrews Bald from Clingmans Dome and then back on the Forney Ridge Trail.

The group separated into small groups when they arrived at the trail depending on how fast they could walk. Despite there being such a large group, there was only one teacher supervising, in addition to the bus driver. According to some accounts, no one was informed by the school where they were going until they actually arrived or were on the way to the trailhead.

Trenny hiked with several different sections of her classmates at different paces during the day. She was last seen at approximately 3:00 p.m. near Clingman's Dome, walking on a moderately steep trail with sharp drop-offs and dense undergrowth on both sides and she was said to have left the path to the right after spotting something. She was wearing a blue blouse, a blue and white striped sweater, a borrowed brown plaid heavy jacket, blue jeans, blue Adidas shoes and a diamond and star sapphire ring. Trenny was never seen again and her body never found.

The trail was popular with walkers and her sudden disappearance was strange given that that she had been with other people and there had been groups of students both in front of them and behind, as well as other hikers.

Because of the weather, helicopters couldn't begin searching for Trenny until the afternoon of October 8th and fall foliage made it harder for search and rescue teams to look down onto the ground.

Searchers used about a half-dozen dog teams with Bloodhounds and German Shepherds to look for Trenny. Three of the tracking dogs picked up her scent at the intersection with the Appalachian Trail. They followed it by Clingmans Dome Tower, Some of the dogs last detected her scent along the roadside about a mile and a half from Newfound Gap but then then the dogs stopped.

Since the dogs led to a local road this gave credence to a theory that she had been abducted but would someone involved with foul play wait in the bushes on a steep slope away from the trail with so many hikers around? Some accounts tell of cigarettes and a beer can found in the area near the road whether the sniffer dog had come to a halt. A second search from April 18th to May 5th 1977 also failed to turn up any leads.

A fellow Student, Robert Simpson was said to have been implicated as Trenny's hair comb was found in his car, but police did not consider him a serious suspect. T1: Were the cops helping to cover?

Parents Robert and Hope Gibson alerted authorities about a past incident in which a young man had tried to break into their home. Hope Gibson shot him, and the young man later threatened to harm Trenny. Knox County deputies looked into the incident, but the lead went nowhere.

One theory goes that Trenny was taken to the Clingman's Dome observation tower and held against her will or voluntarily whilst the area was being searched. The tower itself was not investigated at the time. Subsequently when searchers left, she was taken to the roadside and left by car. 

Truth1: This was a total setup. Only one teacher to watch everyone. In fact, this trip was a total surprise. Had they picked who was going to disappear? Or did they just wait to see who strayed first? She left the path after spotting something. Was someone signaling her to come closer? She veered off. Someone or more likely several some ones, greeted her and sedated her and took her away, says I. Or they threatened her to come along or die. She's gone! What I wonder most is whether she was specifically chosen ahead of time or was just the on the trail path where stalkers were waiting. Her story sounds like many others.

She had on a borrowed brown plaid heavy jacket. It was October and she was not prepared for cold weather. Was the jacket used to identify her as the one? Or did she just happen to be the one to stray? Either way, this looks like the school staff was in on it. Field trips at that time in Maine required signed permission slips from parents to go. But not in this case and locale. Was this standard for Knoxville, Tennessee? I tend to doubt it. If it was not, then its less sinister. If it was, then the staff was in on it.

I will point out that this was the 70s when many of these began to happen. So weird sinister things were going on. Serial killers started their thing by this time, and by 79 or 80, daycare and pre-schools were set up to force small children into porn, sex, and prostitution and watching animal sacrifices, among other things.

So I laugh when Hoaxted/EC/RD says it was nonsense even though it was going on everywhere. Then Alisa and Gabriel say its going on in their school with dad running it all. And he says that these things never happen and it just a Satanic Panic. This after many mysterious murders and disappearances. It would seem that EC is clueless or does nothing but lie. I say both!

 2. Grand Canyon National Park,

Founded 1919, one of the most popular parks in the USA. 1.2 million acres, 1900 sq miles. 4.8 million visit every year. $500 million in revenue.  In recent years a rash of disappearances brought public scrutiny, involving young men of 12-29 years old. In 2015 alone, 30 documented missing persons, including 21 year old hiker Drake Kramer and 22 y.o. park guide Morgan Heimer, and a 27 y.o. named Justin Kramer. Many disappeared around the south rim of the park.

And the circumstances of those disappearances continue to baffle experts.  Truth1: red flags go up when you hear "experts baffled." What that means is they do not want to say what choices are left to conclude on the unusual disappearances. Those might lead in some incriminating directions and conclusions. I might cover some of these in a separate 5th part or do special blogs in particular cases. Interesting here is that many disappeared in the same general area. If there a secret hideaway or tunnel nearby?

1. Yosemite National Park,

Founded 1890, 780,000 acres, 1.2 million sq miles of wilderness to the slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain chain. Each year 4 million visit the park, most of them spending most of their time in the 7 sq miles of Yosemite Valley. Its famous for its cliffs and falls, streams and giant sequoia groves and biological diversity. 95% is designated “Wilderness.” Even though there are many more visitors in other some of the other parks, there are more clusters of missing people in Yosemite than anywhere else in the U.S. Even stranger, the majority of these people vanished in well-known areas of the park. Some of the more well known disappearances include a 14 y.o. girl Stacy Arras, who vanished in 1981, after taking pictures of a nearby lake, and also a 2 y.o. boy, Deorr Kunz jr. who vanished under the nose of his parents. Both cases launched one of the largest rescue efforts in a national park.

Stacey Arras - Strange disappearances from US National Parks

Stacey Arras, Disappeared July 25, 1981, Sunrise High Sierra Camp, Mariposa County, Yosemite National Park, California.

On 25th July 1981, 14 year old, Stacey Arras, from Saratoga, went on a horse riding trip with her father, George, and seven others in the Sunrise Meadows area of Yosemite National Park in California.

After riding a few hours, they stopped at some cabins at Sunrise High Sierra Camp, around 3 miles South East of Tenaya Lake and 1.5 miles from Sunrise Lakes. The group decided to freshen up after the ride, having planned to stay the night. Sunrise camp is  9,400 feet above sea level and the last one on the fifty-mile High Sierra Camp Loop. Nine cabins provide beds for 34 guests and it is set against a lovely alpine meadow facing Mt. Florence and Mt. Clark. Later that day after going on a short hike, close to the cabin area, she was never seen again.

Stacey cleaned up, showered and changed clothes. An older member of the group, Gerald Stuart (70-77 years, age unclear) was sitting on a boulder about 100 feet away from the cabins. Stacey told her Dad she would go for a walk close to where Gerald was sitting to stretch her legs after the horse ride and to take some pictures of the views. She asked her Dad if he wanted to go with her but he told her he'd pass on this occasion. The last conversation she had with her Dad related to her footwear, where he advised her to change from her flip-flops/thongs to hiking boots. She was wearing an off-white, pullover windbreaker, white jersey blouse, leggings, grey hiking boots and also had metal braces on her teeth.

Everybody saw her go walking over to the boulder with the man and take some pictures. Subsequently, she told Gerald she was going to take a walk to a nearby lake or body of water. This was either a few hundred yards to flooded (lower) Long Meadow or the longer walk to Sunrise lakes 1.5 miles away (exact destination unclear). Stacey planned to take some more pictures of the lake and he offered to accompany her.

After a little while down the hill the elderly man felt tired and sat down, the rest of the group watching from up above saw the man sit down. They all watched as Stacey went on a little further towards the lake, go behind some trees and eventually disappear from sight. This was the last time she was ever seen. After a while when Stacey didn't return, Gerald got concerned and returned back towards the cabin area and gathered the group for a search. The horse riding group had no luck, reported her missing and summoned search and rescue. Gerald told park officials that he had spoken to a group of people coming from the direction that Stacey had taken, but they had not seen the girl.

A huge search involving up to 100-150 people (including 67 Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) volunteers representing most of the Region's teams) and sniffer dogs were deployed over 10 days, concentrating on a 3-5 square mile area around Sunrise Lakes . Three helicopters were also used in the search, with the park's own contract chopper in the air for over 40 hours. Despite the efforts of SAR teams, the only thing ever found was the lens cap from Stacey's camera, just inside the tree line from where she walked in to the area by the lake.

Since she was wearing tooth braces, if her skeleton is ever found it will be easier to identify, but 36 years on no sign has ever been found of Stacey, her camera or her clothing.

It seems likely she was abducted given no signs of animal attack or her camera and given the proximity of Stacey's hike to the camp it would be implausible she was lost on her way to the lake. The Fresno Bee reported on July 28th, 1981 that Stacey was having some family or school troubles and was missing her boyfriend, but if she was intending to disappear why did she originally leave the camp in completely inappropriate footwear before her father intervened? A very strange disappearance from Yosemite. <<End of Video Article

The lens cap was found just where she had last been seen. Clearly, the group had been stalked, though they were not aware of it. Stacey strayed from the pack, making her the perfect prey. She entirely disappeared. An animal would have left a carcass. No body or body parts. She was either told to come along by 1 or more persons, or mouth covered while several took her away. This was not just an opportunity stumbled upon. It was a planned, if the right situation presented itself, which it did. But who would do something like this? If more than one person was involved, then we have a coordinated gang with some sort of purpose and a way to get a body, alive or unconscious, far away from the point of abduction. This was a professional operation. It narrows things down quite a bit. Is there a crew working at the park, who really works for a more sinister purpose and not the cover of park employees.

There is virtually no other possibility. Would they have taken a man? Would they have ignored the prey if it had been a man? Was she, being young and attractive, the kind of target they were looking for? Or would they accept anything?

The next question would be if park employees were fully in on it, looking for desirable targets. Is it something organized? This much is certain. Who does that leave as suspects? The park workers, all government employees on government controlled property. See how simple this all is? That is why some choose to call it mysterious and perplexing, "unexplainable!"

Now that you and I know this, its no mystery at all. The suspects could only be government associated people. Even a retard could figure it out. Most all cases have a similar conclusion. It is the missing bodies that solve this. These are abductions, pure and simple.

Added to this, This is in California, where the CIA runs major Mind Control Programming operations and blackmailing operations as well. And you have the Hollywood and music industry Mobs, too. This eliminates any doubt whatsoever. My advice to all, is, stay the hell out of National Parks if you know what is good for ya!

Were you to look up some of the other above mentioned cases, you would see similar patterns of no bodies and often disappearing while among a group or group activity. Stalkers could be and likely are, among the park staff who then relay messages to the Abduction Team and even keep watch on the group being followed.

 Video says: This kind of thing is going on in other parks and places all over the world, like Canada, UK, Australia and Japan.

The next blog in this series is the disappearance of entire groups or significant numbers at the same time.

I must repeat myself. Statistics are meaningless without the details. There are also a number of videos done by David Paulides going by the name of Missing 411 on youtube. These go into detail.

David Paulides | Missing 411: The National Parks Conspiracy & Strange Disappearances Within Them            1 hour and 20 minutes

I took this comment below, off this link/video just above.

I once knew a group of men who had a HUGE business breeding & training canine cops &  tracking dogs.  They told me AMAZING stories like dogs who in cars on interstates would SUDDENLY know you drove past where the missing victim was taken inland.  & when you read of these driven animals during a tracking suddenly sitting down & refusing to continue it is a HUGE DETAIL worth study. These dogs are fanatic trackers. To refuse to continue seems to say, "I AM AFRAID"
The CanAm Missing Project

The first website dedicated to understanding the complexity and issues of searching, rescuing and investigating people missing in the wilds of north America.


 Truth1 Out!

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