published  Dec. 29, 2018                                                 

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On the Sabine Trial, & Related

It has been my opinion that the court and Hoaxtead have been working together, even as they always have. I note that the whiz typist, EC, is why we get the detailed account of the trial proceedings. The court stenographer might pass on a copy of the transcript or HX might be allowed to record the audio. I know, officially, those monuments of integrity, the judges and courts of the Crown, would never dream of doing that. Sure, and I believe in the fairy Godmother and the Easter bunny, too.

I also note that HX has been taking some serious time off the last few days. I suspect a secret pow-wow tween the court and other UK concerns, which very much include those darling baby importers of Hampstead. Satan cares about his made men like RD. They enjoy help from MI5 and MI6 and all the media, too. So the HX blog remains idle.

This is no small pow-wow, either. There is a lot at stake. They have suffered bad publicity in many nations, but most particularly in the USA, especially with Tom Dunn's recent activities. And now Sabine appears to be yet another victim of being silenced by prosecution and prison. Many are ones who tried to blow the whistle on their tormenters in high places. Can you say Alisa and Gabriel? The world might be at a point that is near to making far bigger discoveries that focus on London proper. Can you say:  I know I can! If the judgment and sentencing are harsh, as many of us suspect it will be, the world is apt to look at the UK differently after this. I know they have experts who study these possibilities. There would have to be some concern. The sentencing of Sabine has bee postponed till Jan 9, is it? That was unusual and interesting, too.

then there is the apparent drop off in HX checking me out. Did they just get tired of reading truth or having their eyes sting? Or are they preoccupied with other matters. I go with the latter. And a few days ago or so, someone I got an email from a few times claiming to be a fan  (hint: I don't have any fans, just haters and watchers) and he suddenly writes after maybe 6 months silence? And he says that the many hits coming from the same UK location were him. I can not say how it is that I know better, but they are all Hoaxtead or related to them, like MI5 or cult members, etc. I like to keep my secrets so that they do not know how I can tell and then change their tactics.

What is more, is that over the last 3 days or 4, they have been doing searches on google for my site. Why do that when they either used a bookmark or typed in the URL in the past? What are they trying to discern from Google? Well, I had to find out, so I did a search on me. Wow! OK! now I know why, maybe. They wanted to know what they are up against or someone asked them to do a search, or they were hiding thru Google. I was pleasantly surprised at who my many pictures have proliferated, although the ones that did, were surprising. Not sure what else they might have turned up. But it is a break in pattern, taking place during the postponement of Sabine's sentencing and HX's vacation as well.

I would unfair to disregard the winter solstice and Xmas taking place doing this time. I wonder what the cult was doing on Dec. 21 or 24, for that matter. A bit of celebrating, perhaps. I call it torture and more. Satan is a sick master. But not for much longer.

On yet another matter, I have come across fascinating info on the McMartin pre-school investigation and trial that left me shocked. McMartin has never gotten the publictity that it and its young victims deserved. People were murdered to stop them from testifying. The press, the prosecution, so many parties involved in coverup. I would say that this case is more telling than Hampstead. But what Hampstead has that McMartin does not, is videotaped victims giving testimony and video footage from the BBC, police, tabloids. Hampstead has great documentation. But McMartin's activities took place all over California and taught many investigators how to recognize SRA and their traits and tendencies. This a story that needs to be told again, only better. So that will be one of my next things to pursue, before or after, what I had been working on.

Exciting times as more and more comes to light.

 Truth1 Out!

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