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Mysteriously Missing Persons & Abductions

Part 2: Entire Groups Missing


This next Video was fascinating. I had never heard some of this before.

People Are VANISHING into THIN AIR All Across America (2017-2018)

Hacking the Headlines

Published on Oct 24, 2017

The following were statements made in the video:

Why are so many people (especially children) suddenly disappearing all over America?”

70 foster kids disappeared  in the state of Kansas. Unaccounted for. Supposed runaways.

Oregon case of disappearance in national park not solved. It happens in many national parks.

A Little toddler walking out of the fog with no clothes on.

Every month in almost every state, people walk into the wilderness and don’t come out.

Researcher David Paulides:  Discovered over 400 cases of people who wandered into the wilderness and never came back. “there are so many missing kids in Oregon, its ridiculous.”

On rare occasions found in ways that defy logic. These were unusual things that don’t make sense that happened to cluster together, clustered together in 3 to 4 , sometimes as many as 20-30.

In the 3-5 minute range of the video, are shelters housing victims of flooding in Texas, but in the background of 2 to 4 different shelters, there no people, just empty cots.

A reporter interviews a man (Jake and his dog bubba )  “Jake, who is homeless, you have helped yourself to some shelter here, why are you outside during this entire hurricane?

Well, I chose not to go inside yesterday because the Salvation Army and the Russian Winds homeless shelter where they were accepting people were caught killing everybody that was in there. I’m sorry . . . Ed: It cut out at that point.

Truth1: Was this homeless looking sort of guy telling the truth? At this same point before and after we see a black women who entertained those in staying in the shelters. But there were only 3 or 4 people in these shelters. Where were the people? A number of witnesses claimed that the Army engineers exploded some of the retaining walls that caused a far greater disaster than Hurricane Katrina had to be, in 2005. There was a tremendous loss of life in that disaster? Was it aided by the military? Are people rounded up for sacrifices? Likely! could the guy be a little crazy? I can not rule that out. But I'd like to know where all the people seeking shelter are. Why does it all look fake and contrived? << T1 end

6:24  (an authority speaking on the Gulf catastrophe) Gulf coast catastrophe: is because some of these people that will be (pause and restart from her) this is . . . this is a new normal. They’re never going to go back home so they (the goverment) want to help them . . .  as much so . . . that they’re never just walking out of here and coming back.

They are going back onto the street. They’ve worked with them throughout the process here to help them adjust to this new world order that they are, they’re going to be living in, after this.

Truth1: Do you have any idea of the implications of what this bitch just said? None of these "barely getting by people," formerly living in very small humble homes were going to be allowed back to rebuild or restore. Somebody else, somewhere else, wanted all those homes and properties. So I have no doubt that the military engineers detonated some of the retaining walls, which also cause a lot of lives lost.

So killing and stealing just is routine for the government and big business and all governments do it. So there is no question that they are willing to kill and kill many, as evidenced by 2 world wars and many other "smaller ones" and using famine and starvation, too. Jonestown Guyana was a CIA Operation with Jim Jones being the patsy. What else goes on in Haiti, Puerto Rico and other disaster areas. Are people killed? Is land stolen? We know children are stolen. How depraved and ruthless have governments become?

 Here is a 15:00 video of a humble section of New Orleans maybe 2 or 3 years after Katrina:

New Orleans' scenery by Michal Flisiuk.

 Was this the result of government "Urban renewal?" Planned for the future? << T1 end

6:38 right now there are more than 4000 people who are missing in our state not all their stories are in the headlines but for their families nothing is more important than finding them. In a matter of two weeks close to 20 Black and Latino girls went missing here in the District of Columbia now, and it gained little to no attention from the media.

Some of the girls have returned home, however the majority are still missing. Law makers are now calling in the FBI to “use their time wisely” to look for the girls. They are asking Jeff Sessions and James Comey to determine whether these events are an anomaly or whether they are indicative of an underlying trend that must be addressed. These kind of cases are still under reported. Why is that?

Ah, I  think that would . . .  that what’s happening is that they’ve made this correlation to the missing persons as if it is not that the missing runaway is not as valid. Determining whether they are a runaway or abducted is not important.

So she did an independent investigation and we went to the website and it had not been updated in 3 years. She was cut off by the TV anchor. This was in DC TVSGT Report is played: 100’s of children missing in Virginia, neighbor to DC and home of the CIA, among others. The number of kids disappearing “balloons” around Halloween. And what is Satan’s favorite Holiday? Yep! Halloween!

2016 numbers missing: March, no photos attached: 182 missing kids, which are way higher than any other state of the Union. Lets start with March.

March, 5 missing
April, 1,
May, 6,
June, 7,
July, 3,
August, 8,
September, 23,
October, 40,
November, 74
December, not given.

They start "harvesting" victims in September and October for the big Halloween blood bath of October 31. November is a big month since they need sacrifices for the winter solstice and festival of Saturnalia.

The man providing the statistics finds the reporting of kids found or returned to be questionable and unverifiable. He thinks its just a smoke screen and nothing is done.

There is enough evidence to conclude that lives do not matter, and if you accept that Satanism and sacrifices are real, then nothing I have presented need be doubted as to its possibility. Absolute proof of any particular event is not certain. But all of it together begs for more explanation. Why are missing persons not kept in that status and instead, wiped out of the records?

They do not want you to know the many thousands if not into the low millions, that go missing every day, or in large numbers at the border, or in shelters, or disasters, or war zones and so may other situations where plunder, exploitation, kidnapping and murder could take place without notice or accounting. We live in a world of evil, thanks to that "non-existent Satan" that HX claims not to believe in or serve.

And to any believing them, I still have condos on the dark side of the moon (not really so dark. We guts us electricity up there, ya know!) that you can buy or lease for out of this world prices. And the Military says I can lease their older UFOs for a modest fee. Call today!

I have a couple videos to yet address on National Park disappearances. These might the most interesting. I will still be on the look out for interesting cases of missing people. But the McMartin case has swept me off my feet. And I am at work on Joseph son of Jacob, leaving tons of evidence behind in the Egyptian Delta region. I might even clean up the mess academia has made of chronology and dating. Well, Somebody's gotta do it, right?

And there is always the surprises that come along and have to be addressed.

 Truth1 Out!

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